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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  January 8, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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scott: officer hartnett fired back hitting the suspect caught and according to police made a startling admission. >> he confessed to committing this cowardly act in the name of islam. according to him he believes that the police defend laws contrary to the teachings of the quran. >> the "philadelphia inquirer" report 30-year-old edward averageer mother claims her son is a devout muslim and had recently been hearing voices in his head. >> he states he pledges allegiance to the islamic states and false allah. that is why he was called upon to do this. scott: officer hartnett escaped for the most part with major injuries to his arm. >> he is waking up. i love him and i'm proud of him. >> happy he is alive. there are too many guns on the streets. >> in this case the gun reportedly a police firearm stolen from an officer's home in 2013.
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>> the f.b.i. and home security are joining the police to execute two search warrants apt properties with a connection to averageer. officer hartnett hit three times in the arm and is expected to be okay. leon? leon: thank you. two refugees one from iraq and another from syria arrested on charges of trying to help isis. police say that al-jaab tried to convince hardan to travel to syria. al-jaab from california accused to travel twice to syria and fight along sigh analysis. hardan arrested in texas did not reach syria. both charged with supporting terror. maureen: six months after breaking out of a mexican prison, joaquin "el chapo" guzman is back in custody. this video just in to the newsroom that shows guzman escorted to an airplane. "el chapo" was recaptured in
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his home state. there was a shoot-out in the recapture. five people were killed protecting the drug kingpin and six others arrested. leon: closer to home now. former prince george's county police officer is sentenced for putting a gun to a maryland man's head. brad bell with how much time he will serve and the jailhouse phone call. >> then, the police officer screaming at william cunningham. sticking his gun in his mouth and trying to provoke a fight. >> how dare you [bleep] fight me, son. >> today, william cunningham whose only crime was getting out of a car at his own home saw former officer jencesky santiago sentenced to five years for his crimes.
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>> i don't know if he will get it. hopefully five years will allow him time to reflect. i don't know. >> in today's hearing the prosecutors dropping judicial bombshell, telling the court that santiago remains without remorse. proven by the intercepted phone call between santiago and his mother. >> they should be saying sorry to me. all they want is a paycheck. >> states attorney angela alsobrooks says it proves that santiago was never fit to be a cop. >> his mind set is dangerous. before we pursue charges we believe that the mind set continues to be that. >> he was sentenced to five years today and santiago will have to serve all that time. he is not eligible for parole because he used a handgun in the commission of a crime. in upper marlboro, brad bell, abc7 news. maureen: thank you, brad. a 19-year-old woman is dead after being hit by a car in
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laurel. helene ngassa was hit in the northbound lanes of route 197 near morris drive this morning. witnesses told police the driver had a steady green light at the time of the crash. and the victim was not using the crosswalk. leon: the driver stayed and was cooperative. the district top transportation officials say he is considering amending the higher traffic fines proposed by d.c. mayor bowser. the $1,000 ticket for speeding. the transportation director defended his plan because said there is no correlation between the higher fine and diminished behavior. it has eight penalties for a dozen traffic offenses, some are including if you are driving 25 miles per hour above the post speed limit the fine would be $1,000. it's currently $300.
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hitting a cyclist will go from $50 to $500. failure to stop on red would go to $500. driving on a median would go to $500. tonight they are starting patrol on the red line. maureen: this is after metro reported two attacks on riders. one on the red line and the other on the green line. we are live with the story. roz plater? roz: the members are beginning to gather here where they are launching weekend of the patrol on the redline train wearing the familiar red berets. they hope to serve as a deterrent to crime. this follows string of recent assault on the rails. monday, the metro transit police released the surveillance pictures we will show you here. from a vicious attack on a red line train near the station on
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christmas. on tuesday a man was slashed at an attempted robbery. last summer, 24-year-old southerland was stabbed to death on a redline train as well. there have been a hundred assaults a year on metro. some passengers asked them back and their goal is to work with the police. >> we are not police officers but we respect and work with the police. we are citizens that stand up for what we believe in. roz: a spokesman says if they are riding the system they are riding as or passengers would be riding the rail. they are not law enforcement. and any riders who need help should contact metro transit police. live in northwest d.c., roz plater, abc7 news. leon: thank you. ahead at 6:00 tonight. up, up, up it goes. where it stops nobody knows.
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the powerball million is up for grabs on saturday. maureen: a kidnapping attempt foiled at the white house. the up likely target of the plot. >> guys, moody, shifty. leon: tip of the iceberg. maine's governor in hot water for making remarks. hear what he said and his apology coming up. doug: drizzle, fog, patches of light rain tonight. big weather changes over the weekend. complete forecast to come here on "abc7 news at 6:00". stay with us.
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maureen: the great escape that captured the attention of everybody in the region. remember rusty the rid panda? he escaped from the national zoo and got the way to adam more gang. there have been no red pandas at the zoo since then but now they are back at the zoo today. there she is. 1-year-olds. rusty is still with at the conservation biology institute in virginia where he is being rehabilitated. a north dakota man is urn
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arrest for plans to steal one of the white house dogs bo or sunny. leon: 49-year-old scott stackard arrested wednesday at hampton inn hotel. service agents got an alert he was driving to the district to steal the dog. agents stopped him and searched the pickup truck where they recovered a .12-game pump shotgun, bolt action rifle, machete, billy club and 350 rounds of oom in addition. he said he was jesus christ and his parents were john f. kennedy and marilyn monroe and said, "you picked the wrong person to mess with." maureen: now to a "7 on your side" consumer alert. auto maker massachusettsda is expanding a recall of the passenger air bags. nearly 400,000 vehicles are added to the list. they include 2003-2008 mazda six models.
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2006-2007 mazda speed six models. small number of rx models from 2004. officials say the air bag can inflate with force and spew metal fragments in the vehicle. one of a dozen recalling the air bag made my takata. leon: coming up tonight. list d.c. does not want to be on. the powerball coming up. robert: i'm the winner. i'm kidding. why the linemen send a warning to green bay. so far, john wall is not on for the girl scout meeting... okay. for the soccer team...
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mhm. i just bought a hammer. with internet fast enough for everyone, your guests might get a bit carried away. get out of the past. get fios. >> guys by the name of z-money, smoothie, shifty, the guys that come from connecticut and new york. they come up here and sell their heroin and then they go back home. incidentally, half the time they impregnate a young white girl before they leave.
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leon: that is the maine republican governor who is under fire for making the racially charged comments. they were made wednesday. here he is today. >> i was going impromptu and my main didn't catch up to my mouth. instead of saying maine women i said white women. i am not apologizing for the main women for that. if you go to maine we are 95% white. this is not the first time the republican has been under fire for making racially tinged remarks. in 2013 he told a private flux that president obama hates white people. several confirmed he made the remark which the governor denied. maureen: the economic policy
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says the district is the most expensive place in america to raise a family of four. a family of four needs $106,000 just to get by. child care is pricy up to $31,000 a year on average. that is the highest in the country. the study looked at 618 metro areas and calculated the cost of lividding in each based on the cost of the housing, child care, field, transportation, healthcare and other necessities including taxes. d.c. is more expensei than new york. i was fourth on the list. san francisco was ninth on the list. leon: why do you think so many folks here are playing powerball? maureen: we need the money. once again the powerball jackpot jumped. leon: it's up to $800 million now. i could be higher than that by the time we get to drawing tomorrow.
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this is the highest on record. want a tip to beat the odds? the majority have quick picks to choose the number. 70% of the recent winners used quick picks. maureen: so using your birthday is not a good thing. leon: not necessarily a winner. doug: birthdays aral up to 31. maureen: you are not going to win anyway. maureen: we are stuck with the low clouds and the fog. doug: number wise put another one in the book for you. the high an the low it is 43 and 40. chilly day. we had little change so it was above average day.
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we are at the same place temperature wise we have been since noon today. we are stable in the atmosphere. we have clouds and moisture and drizzle and fog. the temperatures across the area are holding steady. we have patchy fog and a easterly flow off the atlantic ocean. showers are moving up to the southern end of the shenandoah valley. the heaviest ones will stay north of the metro. but this patch at this speed and this angling at 8:00 or 9:00 could move through the metro. the widest area of rain is north. the future cast will track this and keep us cloudy through the easter winds.
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through the day not much in rain. it will likely happen tomorrow night. because of a storm system that is moving up from the southern central appalachians brimming rain to the area. we expect it to clear out in the morning. as we get through the afternoon passing shower. this model at 4:30 we have the west/southwesterly winds. to keep us in the 50's maybe near 60 sundays afternoon. a cold front will come through with the gusty winds out of the west. colder temperatures starting to move in. the weekend outlook is 53. ever 0 by late sunday morning. sunday afternoon. the key for sunday is gusty winds at fedex field and around the area. 4:40 kickoff time and breezy and mild. it may be close to 60 for kickoff but drop to 40's with
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gusty winds. gusting to 30 miles per hour. that could have an effect on some long kicks and eld goals. 80% probability tomorrow. showers ending sunday morning. breezy and cooler monday. we have flurries! flurries! clear and cold weather through the middle and the end of next week. back to you. leon: nice move. maureen: are you okay? leon: speaking of move. john wall putting on the moves but not getting love. robert: kyrie irving only seven games. popularity contest. the all-star doesn't have him as a starter but irving it. skins lineman saying try me if you want. sports is
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robert: countdown to kickoff. moment of truth. we have seen good things, one is the defense that has made so much improvement with new additions and better pieces like lineman nighton who knows what a super bowl feels like and whoever is challenging him on sunday better understand that. >> i feel whoever lines up in front of me is in for a long day. i don't care who it is. what number they have on.
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that is the mentality we have. in the d-line room. this is the can feel team i have been on. we had a team meeting earlier in the year and we talk about playing for each other and doing it for guy next to you. robert: another tough eastern conference matchup for the wizards. they will host toronto. another battle going on. john wall has been amazing this season. ifed the all-star game was this weekend cavs guard kyrie irving would be starting instead of john wall but he only played seven games. is this fair? we took to twitter and a lot of you say john wall should be starting. we're in d.c. but still. not fair. hit me up to let me know hat you think. a lot of you like john wall starting. don't forget the high school sports final. scott abraham is hanging to
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langley for the girls basketball. highlights tonight on the sports final on news channel 8 at 11:30. wild card weekend starts tomorrow. texans-chiefs here on abc7. leon: wizards fans can fix that problem. get out and vote. robert: just vote! maureen: what is 2 latest? democracy drizzle and nothing -- doug: drizzle and heavy rain tomorrow but clear and breezy. mild sunny. devon lucie in for steve rudin tonight at 11:00 and he whether update the forecast for the game at fedex. morning wake-up weather and more stuff. leon: all right. sounds good. maureen: "world news tonight" with david muir is coming up next. leon: join us at 11:00.
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breaking news tonight. the video just released. the american police officer ambushed. the man taking aim and shooting right into the car. authorities say he pledged allegiance to isis. also breaking tonight, the bloody shootout. el chapo captured. how they got him. and this question now. will he be brought to the u.s.? multiple terror arrests right here in america. two refugees living in the u.s. with suspected ties to terrorism captured tonight in california and texas. authorities revealing why they were so concerned. the mid-air meltdown. the woman who demanded to get off the plane mid-flight. the chaos. and tonight you will hear from passengers who helped tie her hands and feet. and powerball hits 800 million tonight, but will it h


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