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tv   ABC7 News Weekly  ABC  January 10, 2016 11:35pm-12:06am EST

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kimberly: a former cop who sparked an explosion while trying to make meth in federal months sentenced to 41
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in prison. christopher bartley pled guilty to the incident at the national institute of standards and technology headquarters in gaithersburg. tom roussey reports. walkedristopher bartley out of the federal courthouse a free man, but in march she will begin a nearly three and a half year prison sentence. this is all he said. last chance before you go to prison to say something to the public. >> no, sir. tom: on a saturday night last july, his attempt to make meth a caused anaithersburg explosion. his attorney insists he was still doing a secret police training exercise. >> there was no attempt to sell and no indication he had ever used. possibleare only two options, one he was seeking to
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make it to drive for the first time or he was doing a training program. >> it's a sham. the judge said the story is delusional. tom: the u.s. attorney said the 41-month sentences just. come exposedself others to harm, and he lied. tom: when making his case before the judge, bartley through tears told him it was a good man who made a big mistake. the judge for his part compared him unfavorably to the character walter white, who made meth on the tv show "breaking bad." outside the federal courthouse in greenbelt, tom roussey, abc 7 news. a former prince george's county police officer convicted of assault and misconduct now sentenced to five years in prison. santiago was found guilty after a 2014 confrontation where he held a gun to a man's head repeatedly. the victim testified in the
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trial. much of the evidence was from this video recorded by cunningham's cousin. the netflix series "making a many," has captivated including a response from the white house. people signed a petition to have steven avery pardon. he was exonerated for sexual assault after spending 18 years behind bars and was later convicted of murder. the white house responded and said a pardon would have to come at the state level. the scots and scott walker says that will not happen. >>b the bottom line it was a crime committed a decade ago. there is a system, a judicial system process by which individuals can petition the courts to get relief, as others have in the past. if there is new information that shows somebody might be an instant. but i'm not going to override the system that's already in place. kimberly: governor walker admits
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he does not seen the series. avery's nephew was also serving life in prison for the murder. aning up, why there will be empty seat at this week prostate of the union. plus, a new year, new airline fees.
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kimberly: the u.s. capitol will
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be the site of president obama's final state of the union this tuesday at 9:00. expect gun control to be a major topic according to the white house. the president plans to leave one empty seat in the first lady's guest box to represent the wind -- the victims of gun violence to no longer have a voice. anlier this week he signed executive order to among other things, require stricter background checks at gun shows. some taxpayers will be waiting longer to cash tax refunds this year thanks to new efforts from the irs and state tax authorities to catch tax fraud. a spike of suspicious returns during last filing season is to blame. about 90%pects to pay of tax refunds within their typical three-week timeframe. 7 on your side with a consumer alert. airlines hike fares. delta said they would raise rates by three dollars for each one-way flight.
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virgin america, and others followed suit. it is not clear when this takes effect for other airlines, but you will pay more. don't get you, fees might. warns you.porter christmas travel in the rearview mirror, many people are starting to make 2016 travel plans. he for you book a spring vacation flight that looks cheap, a fee could make it more expensive. so you found a great price on a flight? don't celebrate. "usa today" says the fees could $100 per fare to per ticket. even your carry-on bag can cost. among the biggest add-on fees, checked bags, $25 at most airlines now except southwest and jetblue.
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booking by phone, $15 at most airlines. nowng an economy ticket, hundreds of dollars. in-flight wi-fi, five dollars to $10. but the most hated of the new for your carry-on. frontier, allegiance, and spirit $75charge between $10 and for a bag in the overhead bin. are notr airlines charging that fee yet, but it's probably giving them some ideas. thek the baggage fees at time that you book your ticket, not when you arrive at the airport. still ahead -- bei bei makes his debut to a select group of people at the national zoo. and the forecast.
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escape that capture the attention of the entire region. rusty the red panda made his way all to adams morgan. two years later, red pandas are back at the nationals do. -- at the national zoo. they will stay at the small mammal house until appraiser
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made to their pen this summer. everyone lately is watching little bei bei. will go onanda cub display to the general public next weekend, but friends of the national zoo did not have to wait that long. as mike carter-conneen reports, nobody puts bei bei in a corner. this is the very first time zoo visitors are getting up close and personal with baby bei bei. this is a very big crowd of friends of the national zoo members, many of them lining up, some of them traveling far, taking days off from work to be here. in the last few months, bei bei has transformed from a pink hairless cub weighing five white the way black and cub now capable of crawling, sometimes walking on his own. as is looking on with pride
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all the visitors are excited to see him. many are marking their calendars for this day. why are you here today? >> to see the panda. i love the panda. >> iwatch it midday, 2:00 the morning. you get magnetized what he is doing with his mom. opd. montgomery county obsessive panda -- mike: obsessive panda disorder. he is larger than his siblings at the same age. membersview for fonz continues through friday the 15th. the general public it's their first chance to see bei bei saturday the 16th. kimberly: there is no better video on tv than watching the giant panda cub rollaround. are cooling off after the stronghold from come even
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colder wednesday this week. that is the coldest day we have. it will be the coldest day we have had all season. national harbor, live look, clouds and the distance, clear skies. area i saw some people in shorts and t-shirts today and rosslyn. tonight, but feels even colder. sustained wind 15 to 25. at times when the gusts near 40. feels like it is in the 20's and the colder spots in the northwest. the wind really does not go away. it is not a strong tomorrow as today, but they went back up. the cold front came through earlier today at about 4:00. the wind sticks around. tomorrow the wind is more from a westerly direction. in the wind will start to subside in the morning.
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the next couple days, tons of sunshine, a breeze. the winds shifting tuesday, not as cold but still chilly. arctic cold mr. front wednesday. reset the forecast now, going back overnight towards the morning. air temperature tomorrow morning,25 to 30. feels colder when you factor in the wind. in thes not a cloud sky tomorrow. it will hit 42, but it will feel like the 20's. look for the arctic front comes in. there is the front coming in. if you look to the guidance to the south, there could be some snow showers, even a snow squall
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that will be brief, little or no accumulation. that will be after the evening rush tuesday. briefly back to the mid 40's, but taking into account the wind it will feel colder. skycast, clouds coming back around tomorrow morning, sunrise 30 degrees. 22 in thet spots, furthest out suburbs. that will feel like 18. by the afternoon, blue skies, 42 officially on the books, but it will feel like 35. monday, tuesday, wednesday, wind chill for step there is the arctic front coming through, dropping the high temperature to freezing. it will he feel like low 20's, to teens. the temperatures moderate a
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little bit next weekend. if you are thinking you are commutewith the tomorrow, heavy coats coming back. sunshine in northern virginia. think about the sunglasses, the sun glare. gear,ll the winter especially all those getting to the office. kimberly: it's always upsetting when you see the temperatures and then you have to knock off 15 degrees. he donated his car, but got billed for thousands of dollars in tickets.
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kimberly: it is a fairly common practice at the end of the year, donate your old car to charity. but one man's gift turned into thousands and tickets years later. horace: robert thought he was doing a good thing rallyers ago when he made a donation to the vietnam veterans of american association. the donation was his 1999 ford this he took off the license plates, the title, and
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organization took the vehicle come out of sight, out of mind. until this year. forcar had been impounded unpaid parking tickets in baltimore and stated he had 11 days to contact the city and satisfy the fines before it would put a hold on his ability to register any vehicle in maryland. that started a barrage of theers between dwyer and city of baltimore's telling division. in november he received this letter that stated, "your case has been deleted from liability files and no further action needs to be taken." he thought he was in the clear. in december he received another letter stating the car had collected $2300 in tickets. >> somebody out of state bought it. he says he has no problems with the vietnam
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veterans association, but after checking with the maryland mva, extreme of ownership had stopped with dwyer. called theide baltimore city towing division and said the letter was sent in december in error and no further action will be taken. not confident. he says he will not know for sure until he has to renew the registration on the vehicles he has now. at that point, he does not know what will happen. horace holmes, abc 7 news.
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kimberly: are we still abnormal normal for january with the cold temperatures? devon: 42 is just below. but that feels like 35 with the wind. ands the average low that is the lowest that it goes. we have actually been really warm so far. , a big plunge, wednesday. every day after that above it. eileen whelan is in bright and early. kimberly: thank you so much for joining us. don't cry too hard into your pillow tonight.
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