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tv   World News Now  ABC  January 12, 2016 3:00am-3:31am EST

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this morning on "world news now," deadly fire fight. >> the gunfire, grenades and military might. to take-down. [ applause ] . new video and inside information about the drug lord's arrest and when he'll be sent to the u.s. >> tight races from the democrats exchanging words to donald trump taking his campaign to a new direction. new surprises from the iowa, new hampshire polls. national champions. alabama's exciting win last night over undefeated clemson. the big plays that led to a crimson tide victory. and remembering david bowie. his unforgettable music and his constantly changing style. the tributes coming in on this tuesday, january 12th. ♪
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♪ and the stars look very different today ♪ >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." we do say good morning to you, everyone on this relatively busy tuesday morning. i'm kendis gibson. >> i'm reena ninan. we begin with new details about the dramatic take-down of one of the world's most wanted men. >> we're getting our first look at the mugshot for one of el chapo, the day he arrived at that maximum security prison in mexico on friday, his hair and afraid mark mustache shaved off. >> we're also seeing pictures of the intense raid and the fire fight that ultimately took down the notorious drug lord. abc's bazi kanani has the latest. >> reporter: the daring attempt to recapture el chapo. this newly released video shows mexican marines going after the infamous drug lord, guns
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blazing. at other times, crouched down taking cover while lobbing a grenade into the next room. [ explosion ] >> reporter: the shoot-out killed five of el chapo's plen. his safehouse left battle scarred and ransacked by marines checking for narcotics. abc's matt gutman got an inside look at the escape route through a hidden tunnel. >> reporter: hundreds of yards el chapo crueled through here. >> reporter: el chapo is now back inside mexico's highest security prison, the same one he managed to escape from six months ago but this time he is being held in solitary confinement. this interview is what led to his recapture audio according to officials. academy award-winning actor sean penn questioned the drug lord for "rolling stone" magazine three months ago. el chapo was trying to land a movie deal about his life, shopping the idea around to hollywood producers and akers recording this video. [ speaking foreign language ]
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but mexican authority were tracking penn during his visit with el chapo. penn is now defending his interview with the drug lord telling the "associated press" he has nothing to hide. the white house has commended mexican authorities for their bravery in the attempt to recapture el chapo. they say it has been a high priority for both governments. reena, kendis? >> thank you. president obama is taking a no traditional approach to his final state of the union address. in this video, he explains he won't zero in on past progress or goals for the year ahead but plans to focus on his optimistic vision for the country. that seems to be an attempt to frame the presidential election just before the first primary votes are cast. coverage of tonight's state of the unioncracy begins rights here on abc at 9:00 eastern time. we'll have reaction tomorrow morning on "world news now." the democratic race for the white house is becoming more of a horse race every day. hillary clinton is now suddenly in a fight to hold on to iowa
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where she and bernie sanders are in a statistical dead heat. and over in new hampshire, sanders is leading by four points at a forum for the democratic candidates in des moines hosted by our sister network fusion, both sanders and clinton were sounding fairly confident. >> it could be that the inevitable candidate for the democratic nomination may into the be so inevitable today. >> anybody can win. i mean this is -- who would have thought donald trump would be leading in national polls. >> i mean, for those of you who ever thought about running for president, take heart. i mean -- >> clinton may be laughing now but her team is confessing in a recent e-mail to supporters that they are nervous. the race is also heating up on the republican side. the latest numbers out of iowa shows donald trump still in the lead but texas senator ted cruz is following very close behind with rubio a distant third, jeb bush isn't even on the map.
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abc's tom llamas is in new hampshire. >> reporter: for the first time, donald trump marching into new territory, a local diner in new hampshire. >> sorry, folks, to bother you. >> reporter: the anti-politician admitting this textbook campaign move is not his style. >> the reason the other people do the small diners and everything is because they can't get anybody to show up. >> reporter: the new hampshire front-runner posing for photos -- >> that was the greatest looking hamburger. >> reporter: -- and ordering in true trump fashion. earlier, in his element on a big stage. trump, who has been ripping into hillary clinton, now revealing he'd much rather run against her opponent. >> oh, would i love to run against bernie. i would love -- oh. i mean, can you imagine? fbi, please, go after hillary. i want to run against bernie! >> reporter: but he'll have to get by a surging senator ted cruz first. so, trump is now hammering the birther issue that cruz was born in canada. and this birther issue is not going away anytime soon for senator ted cruz. iowa's republican governor now
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weighing in, saying the question is fair and ultimately voters g' will decide. tom llamas mass abc news. >> now to a message from isis after a deadly attack on a shopping mall in baghdad. at least 18 people were killed in that attack that ended after a nearly two-hour gun battles. attackers targeted an area where many shiite muslims were known to gather. the group warned worse attacks were to come. >> needed food and medical help is reaching several communities in syria cut off by fighting. aid worker who's reached one village described horrible conditions with 400 people in a hospital suffering malnutrition and near star vision. the urn says nearly 4 million syrians are in need of humanitarian blade. >> oscar pistorius wants to appeal his murder conviction. last month an appeals court threw out his manslaughter conviction and found him guilty of the murder of his girlfriend two years ago.
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pistorious claimed he thought he was shooting an intruder at the 2012olympics, pistorious was the first amputee sprinter to compete against able-bodied athletes. staying over overseas for the first time, a member of spain's royal family on trial. princess cristina accused of taking part in a massive embezzlement scam that involved her husband and 16 others. she is the sister of the king of spain and sixth in line to the throne. if convicted she faces eight years behind bars. the trial resumes next month. >> new details in the spree of jewelry store robberies in five states across the southeast. abigail lee kemp made her first court appearance yesterday and it was revealed she told fbi agents that lewis jones iii was also involved in the robberies. their arrests came just days after the fbi asked for the public's help. more than $2 million in jewelry were taken during the crime spree. >> some 71 stories above the
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streets of downtown houston for two window washers horrifying. they were stranded nearly a thousand feet up after a motor malfunction left their scaffolding hanging from the building at a precarious angle and they were left clinging for 45 minutes. >> they're holding on for dear life for sure. they were facing the building looking in. so i'm sure that everybody inside the chase tower was probably freaking out. >> well, the building windows aren't designed to open up but they can removed in an emergency and eventually the window washers were safely brought inside. >> oh, what a great story. i like it ended that way. >> needed a change of underwear after that. >> oh. well, hope someone got to them. this morning the nfl is closer than ever to putting a team back in los angeles. for the first time in 21 years, how has it been 21 years? owners are in houston today for two days of meetings to consider relocating the team to l.a. raiders, rams and chargers petitioned the old league to
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leave their current homes. the times reports a con sense is building for rams and chargers to share a stadium in englewood. a decision is expect this had week. >> bart of it is because college football is so popular in los angeles with ufc and ucla. speaking of college football, well, the fans got exactly what they were hoping for last night. it was really an amazing national championship game. a classic one. the trophy is heading back to tuscaloosa as alabama is the national champ this morning. >> this was like a real game. >> yeah. the crimson tide defeated top ranked clemson 45-40 in a game with big plays on special teams. it was the fourth title -- look at them coming down -- for alabama in the past skempb years but also the toughest. head coach nick saban showing rare emotion. said it was a great challenge for bama. >> there weren't very many people early in the season that thought this team could do it and this team made a tremendous commitment to one another and
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did it together. i've never been prouder of a group of young guys. that's why i'm so happy for these players. >> so this is what they're talking about. >> i didn't mean obama. i meant bama. >> with 10:30 minutes in had the game and the score tied, saban called for an unsidekick that was absolutely amazing. and successful. marion humphrey caught it in midfield. that changed the momentum for the game. man, they were pumped up. >> they were. >> there's a difference between bama and boma. >> i'm getting into the state of the union. the bamas confuse me with the obama. >> there's a different meaning for what bama is. >> i don't know where you're going with that one. >> urban dictionary. >> coming up "the mix," forget everything you know about slicing a pizza. there is actually a scientific approach to it. >> i believe you'll give that to us. also ahead, tomorrow's powerball jackpot. it's growing day by day.
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but he feels he would blow our minds ♪ ♪ >> take a look at the many faces and images of david bowie. of course, the world said good-bye to the starman yesterday. or sunday. now quietly battling cancer before passing away. >> bowie had just released a new album days before his death so the news sent a shock wave of grief for many fans and friends. with more on his incredible life, here's abc's david wright. >> reporter: having styled himself like a pop star from another planet, david bowie went back to the mothership. diagnosed with cancer 18 months ago, he'd kept it private. in l.a.,ew york and london, fans are in shock paying tribute and grieving. >> i just loved his music. i loved him.
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>> reporter: he was born david jones, and took the stage name "bowie," because the davey jones of the monkees got there first. his first big hit -- "space oddity." ♪ this is ground control to major tom ♪ >> reporter: inspired by the apollo space program. influenced by andy warhol, bowie came up with the concept for ziggy stardust, a rock band from outer space. that other worldly, androgynous look, positioning him as the outsider. ♪ now ziggy played guitar >> i felt really comfortable going on stage as somebody else. and it seemed a rational decision to keep on doing that. ♪ ch-ch-changes >> reporter: like his anthem "changes," bowie was famously hard to pin down. his image and his music constantly changing. that chameleon persona in turn inspired generations of performers from kiss to kanye to lady gaga.
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madonna posted, "david bowie changed the course of my life forever." ♪ fame >> reporter: bowie co-wrote "fame" with john lennon. and "under pressure" with freddie mercury of queen. ♪ pressure >> reporter: mick jagger tweeted this picture, calling bowie "an inspiration and a true original." his final album, number 26, released just last week. the songs and videos recorded while bowie was fighting his mysterious illness. ♪ look up here ♪ i'm in heaven >> reporter: this song, "lazarus," in retrospect sounds like good-bye. the song now rising up the charts after bowie is gone. david wright, abc news, new york. so many when someone of his stature passes you learn so much you didn't realize before. i forgot he had played florida pontius pilate in the "last
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temptation of christ." i didn't remember that either. >> there are so many variables to him. many fans are paying tribute. his new album that was just released is probably going to be number one in the uk and probably here in the states, as well this week. >> you know, he got into a fight with his friend george underwood. one of his eyes permanently dilated because he was punch there had. >> i was wondering about that. >> coming up, we'll continue to pay tribute to him, of course. coming up in our next half hour, out on bond. the mother of the so-called affluenza teen ethan couch set to be released. her bail drastically reduced. the latest on the case sparking outrage across the country. >> but first powerball pipe dreams. the jackpot keeps ticking. so with all that money, how could you handle holding a winning ticket. we'll explain. you're watching "world news now." >> millionaire.
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>> forget being a millionaire, kendis. just put that out of your mind. the real question is who wants to be a billionaire. >> we all do. yeah, i think. as the powerball jackpot creeps higher, there are indications that even if you do win it all, you might want to be careful about what you wish for. abc's lauren lyster has the story. >> your winning powerball numbers. >> the grand prize climbing to $1.4 billion monday. after no one matched all six numbers to score saturday's $949 million prize. there were some million dollar winners though. someone in massachusetts. >> hopefully it's one of our regulars. >> reporter: in suffolk, virginia, too. >> it may be me. i come here all the time. >> reporter: others still thinking how they would spend the big wings. >> pay off bills.
3:21 am
live comfortably for the rest of my life. >> pass the money around. you can't spend it all. >> reporter: it turns out winning a stash of megalottery cash can be squandered with stunning speed. 70% of people who hit it big lose big within just a few years. the odds of winning are still one in 292 million. yes, you're still more likely to get attacked about a shark or struck by lightning but here's a virginia man whose car was struck by lightning and who is playing powerball with a message of hope. >> the reality is, people do get hitly lightning. they get bit by sharks. so it is possible to be that one in 200 million person who wins. >> reporter: don't be fooled by billboards or signs saying the prize is just $999 million. weld this record-breaking jackpot of over a billion bucks, the issue is those signs weren't made to display a prize that big. lauren lyster, abc news, los angeles. reena, kendis. >> thank you so much.
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lauren, coming up phantom phone vibrations. >> and the perfect way to slice a pizza. "the mix" next.
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okay. now it's time for "the mix." apparently nine in ten americans have what's called the phantom ring. i guess you could call it maybe a syndrome possibly. you think that your cell phone is vibrating and you're getting a call but it turns out to be a muscle spasm. >> what? >> yeah, so you think that your phone is ringing and you feel this like twitch in your muscle. you think it's ringing. you check your phone and it's not. >> so you scloe logically have gotten yourself and you're so used to vibrations down there that wherever you keep your phone. >> what's going on with you? >> that it's not that you're happy to see. >> do you suffer from this phantom ring. >> i don't think i've had it, but i guess it happens to all the guys, rights?
3:26 am
not everybody's -- are we talking about the same thing. >> well, hello. i guess when you're hot line blings, that can only mean one thing. kendis hasn't got no phantom ring. did i just drop drake. >> give me a call, drake. >> that's interesting to note. it's always a debate, how do you cut a pizza slice. we always get the same slices from domino's but there are a bunch of scientists in liverpool who have come up with the ideal way to cut a pizza pie. this is it. and this apparently makes all those fussy eaters who love crust and hate crust makes them happy. they call the slicing recipe known as a month heed dral disk tiling. > mon who dral? >> who can produce 12 identically sized pieces. six forming in a star in the center and six dividing up the crust. >> i like to point this out.
3:27 am
there was a big discussion in the newsroom today. who is going to eat a pizza without crust you? want the crust on your pizza. >> there are some people who are crust haters. you all know who you are. >> 1%. >> they're the 1% of society. >> all right. >> so there you go. definitive proof. >> this could be the 1% of dogs. take a look at this dog who smiles on cue. you just tell him, cheese, and he's got this big cheesy grin just on command. impressive. >> say cheese. >> it's either cheesy or creepy. >> it was posted and over 7 million views already. >> a spectacular view out of germany. this took place in november. the video was just released. 100 drones rigged with lights and synced up to play with beethoven's 9th symphony. >> that's impressive. >> it's a world record. apparently intel folks are saying this is the fireworks of
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the future.
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this morning on "world news now," neck and neck. from bernie sanders and hillary clinton exchanging words to donald trump going after ted cruz. new challenges for both parties in iowa and new hampshire. caught on camera, the violent take-down of mexico's el chapo. new video showing the gun battle. new details about the drug lord's capture. >> and flu this half hour, drama on the streets. >> a police officer's dashcam capturing the scene of a man clinging to the hood of a car before it hits a squad car. the pictures and the explanation. >> and later on in "the skinny," awkward first dates "the bachelor" last night. our senior analyst is here with us with his insight and the exclusive kiss count on this tuesday, january 12th. >> announcer: from abc news,


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