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tv   ABC7 News at Noon  ABC  January 13, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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with internet fast enough for everyone, your guemis might get a bit carried away. get out of the past. get fios. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> from abc 7 news, this is a breaking news alert. breaking news happening now in alexandria. police have arrested a teenager in connection to a homicide at a park. the 17-year-old suspect killed josé perez on november 9. his body was found at the beverly park off overlook drive. that is a place called "the pit." police are not releasing his
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name because he is a juvenile. stay with us right here on abc 7 for the latest. the sun is shining out there this noon, but don't be fooled -- the arctic hare has definitely arrived. it is only going to reach the low-to-mid 30's today. the wind will make it feel even colder. doug hill is here with a look at the chilly forecast. doug: i would call this ineffective sunshine. a lot of places won't even get to 32. let's get you a big look at laurel, maryland. 24 degrees, the wind is west at 7. the windchill stands at 18 degrees. we will have a cold day area -wise. degrees in only 15 west virginia. that is midwinter cold. 23, cumberland. 22, hagerstown. fredericksburg, 31 degrees.
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it feels like 20 in manassas. the windchill is 18 in the nation's capital. we will struggle through the upper 20's. the temperatures will drop off tonight and we will see a little bit of cloudiness move in tomorrow. the next weather event is going to be friday. we will take you with those possibilities are in a few minutes. jummy: the cold start today for times for schools -- be the first to know about all of the closings at your school. logon to and click on text alerts and you can get updates sent straight to your phone. is causingeeze problems, especially after yesterday's rain and flurries. josh knight is in northeast d.c. where wet roadways are causing slick conditions. josh: good afternoon.
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after the first snowflakes, the big, cold air is settling in. digits.l in the single most places, there was not enough precipitation to cause any problems, but in one spot, crews needed to do some salting. what happened here in this area -- we are right on eastern avenue under the railroad tracks -- under here, the pumps stopped working overnight. they normally pump the water out of the area. because the circuit tripped, we had some buildup of water. any cars that drove through that water trafficked off the road and that created some icy conditions on both sides of that underpass. crews were able to get out here early to start working. >> we are trying to make the public safe, get out here as soon as we can, solve the problem. doug: this is a relatively short-lived cold snap. knight,east d.c., josh
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abc 7 news. jummy: police are investigating two early-morning accidents on the inner loop. one of them is deadly. also happening on the inner loop, three people were rushed to the hospital. all of this happened between connecticut avenue and georgia avenue. two of the victims were pinned. all of the injuries are considered non-life-threatening. things have gotten better on the roadways. jamie sullivan joins us with a check of traffic. jamie: we are seeing not as many accidents as we had this morning. you 395.s
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we are starting to move well. we do have a little bit of construction in place. do have an accident that did clear away, but we are seeing a little bit of volume. for the most part, we are ok as you leave the city. because of that construction and the earlier accident on 395 southbound, we dropped down to 11 miles per hour. as you get closer to the pentagon, we are ok. yourconstruction in place 450 and greenbelt. on 270, we are in nice shape through germantown. we are averaging in the 40's to the 50's. we are really good. we are clear. it will take you 20 minutes. we have just some residual delays. back to you. jummy: thank you. developing now, the tables turned on a suspected intruder. a suspect is recovering in the
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hospital after he was shot trying to break into a home in temple hill. brianne carter has the latest. ianne: it all happened here along this busy road in temple hills before 2:00 this morning. that is when, according to police, a man tried to make it forced entry into this home. you can see bullet holes in this door. police were called out here to a report of a shooting. officers found a man suffering from a gunshot wound. according to a preliminary investigation, the man allegedly tried to force his way into the home. the homeowner confronted the man. the homeowner, fearing for his life, shot the suspect. the homeowner and his wife were said to be the only two home at the time. neither one of them was injured. as for that suspect, we do understand that he was taken to an area hospital and was said to
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be in fair condition at last check. this is part of the preliminary investigation that is still ongoing. in temple hill, brianne carter. jummy: a bizarre twist in the case of a woman charged with twerking and sexual abuse. manis seen twerking into a that appears to be just waving her off. she was nabbed in california in early december. initially, she pleaded guilty to the same charge. she wants to change her plea. said they have agreed to release charles for time served. behind barsremain until april while awaiting that trial. this noon, we are following new developments in the middle east. 10 american sailors are free. they were taken into custody
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yesterdaafter their training ran into trouble and drifted into irani and water. -- iranian water. there is no indication they were harmed during their time in iranian custody. president obama hitting the road today to promote progress and goals laid out in his final state of the union address. the president was not shy about taking on the republicans and they are firing back. jeannette reyes takes a closer look. this is likely the largest audience the president will have for the remainder of his time in office. regreted a rare flash of and took on republicans that are hoping to replace him. let's take you straight to social media. "theyor mike huckabee -- are like tsa pat downs, painfully bad." "thed trump weighed in -- state of the union speech was
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one of the most boring, rambling, and non-substantive i have heard in a long time. south carolina governor nikki haley was not as one-sided. she actually called out donald trump. governor haley: it can be tempting to follow the siren call of the angriest voices. we must resist that temptation. on the democratic side, hillary clinton said america is better because of potus's leadership. she also posted a picture of her and president obama. lastly, bernie sanders said, "tonight's speech was important -- the president reminded us not to be afraid of change." most of the candidates did weigh in and it was pretty divided along party lines. again, everyone loving the speech or not so much. reporting in the newsroom, jeannette reyes. jummy: happening right now, the
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2016 maryland general assembly just gaveled into session. expecting big debates between republican governor hogan and the democratic controlled legislature. the 90-day session runs through march. virginia's general assembly also reconvenes today for its 2016 legislative session. one of the biggest items is to debate the $109 billion state spending plan proposed by governor terry mcauliffe last month. also happening today in virginia, governor mcauliffe will deliver his state of the commonwealth address. it is set for 7:00 tonight and you can watch the entire address on news channel 8. coming up, bill cosby in court today. what he is trying to keep the public from hearing. vote 2016 -- how the latest poll has trumped faring in iowa and how it compares to a new poll of favorable candidates. dreaming about that powerball
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win. the drawing tonight on the historic jackpot and what you could buy around here if you are tonight's billionaire. your luck may be changing in the weather department. doug will be back with the warm
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jummy: right now, a federal magistrate is hearing arguments on a proposed confidentiality agreement involving bill cosby. seven william -- women claim he sexually assaulted them decades ago and are suing him for defamation. cosby wants information gathered in the suit kept from the public eye. iowa and the race for the white house.
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a new poll finding senator ted cruz maintaining his lead in the state. "the des moines register" trumped inoll has second place. marco rubio is in third place. the other candidates are in single digits. senator bernie sanders is pushing back at claims by hillary clinton's campaign that he would dismantle the affordable care act. he said he wants to expand medicare coverage to every american. new pollsism comes as shows the race tightening in iowa and new hampshire on the democratic side. clinton received the endorsement of former attorney general eric holder. he plans to campaign for clinton in south carolina. despite the tightening race, clinton remains more popular among democrats than sanders. 84% of democrats have a clinton. view of
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sanders has a 58% favorability rating. dr. ben carson remains the most popular on the republican side with 62% for his rating. new jersey governor chris christie's favorability grew to 53% in the past three months. presidential primary is set for march 1. fairfax county public schools are not likely to close that days despite any rumors you may hear. that is the word from the superintendent. schools are being used from polling places. a recent "washington post" article said that trump supporters may cause mayhem. sayingas sued the state the pledge violates voters' civil rights. >> election officials know you cannot have a ballot -- that is about the most contentious thing you can say to a voter on election day. jummy: the chairman of trump's
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virginia campaign issued a statement saying that people are trying to characterize trump supporters as unhinged, right-wing, fanatical, angry, violent people. he says that is completely preposterous. the search resumes for the missing malaysian flight that disappeared in 2014. they ended up finding a 200-year-old shipwreck. it likely dates back to the turn of the 19th century. all right, folks. it all comes down to tonight. we are less than 11 hours away from the powerball drawing. it has grown to $1.5 billion and is still growing. some ofzalez shows us the things you can buy if you are the big winner. john: are you feeling lucky this afternoon? your lucky number may be a 2 or a 6.
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whatever it is, what can it by you? you could buy 10,000 of these tesla roadsters. >> a red one. john: a red one? the lights are already on, ready to go. >> i like that one. 38-acreu could buy a island in the bahamas. you could buy the wizards. and they are pretty darn good. >> i would spend some of that money here. john: you had better odds of getting hit by lightning and getting struck by a meteor in your lifetime, but i'm looking at the menu -- a blt steak -- you could order a 12 ounce kobe ribeye steak dinner 10 million times. if it is meant to be, one ticket, boom. >> one for me, one for the wife.
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john: the billionaire has to sleep, right? a sweet at the luxurious k adams will cost you $2000 per night. you could stay here about 500,000 times with the jackpot tonight. chi i'mnde skinny drinking? you can have it 250 million times if you win. someone has to win, right? jummy: yes. when i win, i'm going to buy an island in the caribbean to escape the cold weather. you can join. doug: is it called jummy island? jummy: jummy island. right around st. thomas. [laughter] doug: give me a call. i will come visit. wintertime is here. , year after year, it is the coldest of the entire year. this is when we have the lowest average temperatures.
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it is living up to the billing today. a look from nashville -- nationals park. a few more months and we will be playing ball. my goodness. skies.unrise, clear blue that is about it. the big deal today will be a bit of a breeze and cold temperatures. between now and january 22, we have an average high of 43 and an average low of 28. that is the coldest statistical stretch in the washington area every year. it corresponds with the most snow on average in the same time period. we are always looking at computer models to see what they have to say. noontime temperatures, 22 in hagerstown. 27, baltimore. 28, reagan national. the wind chill is still a factor.
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it feels like 18 in washington. it feels like a nice toasty 21 degrees in fredericksburg. overnight tonight, temperatures will fall pretty quickly. our highs will be so low. 29, aspen hill. 31, largo. dupont circle, 31 degrees. the real drop in temperatures may be offset by a little bit of cloudiness moving in tonight. that is all we expect -- just a little bit of cloudiness. it will be milder in the afternoon. as we move through the next several days, hero the changes headed our way. friday, we will warm up to the upper 40's. a good chance of rain friday night and saturday morning. sunday may be a passing flurry. , 32.nshine breaks out 33 on tuesday.
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it will stay chilly for the better part of next week, as well. jummy: looks good. a bad mugshots and selfie lead to handcuffs for an ohio man. we will explain coming up. you may have missed your chance to become a volunteer goat cutler, but there is still a chance to hang out with these kids. kids. you knowit's a qr code. to find out if the food we buy is genetically engineered, big food and chemical companies want us to scan qr codes with our smart phones... but only half of rural and lower income americans -- and 64% of all americans-- even own a smart phone. only one fifth have a qr reader app, and only 2% of those people use it. the truth? these companies wa to hide their genetically engineered ingredients behind qr codes. tell your senator -- label it.
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jummy: if you don't like your mug shot, you can send police a new picture, but it might not help them catch you much faster. in ohio, this man was arrested in florida after he became set -- upset with his wanted poster. he said police a selfie saying, "here is a better photo of me --
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terrible." it went viral after police posted it on their facebook page and police in florida helped catch the man. a farm is overwhelmed with people volunteering to be goat cuddlers. the slots filled up almost immediately. >> this is terrible." kidding season. it is going to be a happy and hectic time. jummy: the farm decided to invite everyone to come see those baby goats. they are calling it goat-a-pal ooza. it will be april 3. slightly warmer
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and no known dietary restrictions. treatment with xarelto® was the right move for us. ask your doctor about xarelto®. jummy: definitely still cold out there. a warm up on the way? doug: a little bit. it will be a bit milder the next couple of days. both areas -- most areas will stay below freezing today. we will warm up tomorrow, thursday, and friday. a good chance of rain friday night and saturday. much colder as we kick off the holiday week on monday. jummy: thank you.
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>> just moments from now, another player will attempt to fight their way question by question to that ultimate prize of $1 million. will they make it? let's find out on "who wants to be a millionaire." [applause] [dramatic music] ♪ thank you very much. i'm chris harrison. welcome to the show. are you guys ready to play "who wants to be a millionaire"? [applause] how about we continue to play it? because having traveled the world, you'd think our returning contestant would've seen it all. i don't think she's ever seen a million dollars. i hope she does today. from golden canyon, arizona, please welcome back elham jazab. [applause] hello, my dear. >> lovely to see you. >> lovely to see you. thank you for coming back.


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