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tv   ABC7 News at Noon  ABC  January 14, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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>> from abc 7 news, this is a breaking news alert. now, crews are investigating a serious crash in prince george's county. seven cars involved in this potentially fatal crash at largo and lots roads. our camera shows the mess of tangled metal, leaving at least one person with critical injuries. brad bell is live at the scene. brad: one person, an adult female we were told she was
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pregnant, suffered life-threatening injuries. trucks in that red pickup up on its side. as you can see, it was slammed into by this black pickup truck which is over on a tow truck. we can show you all of the cars involved, the pickup truck, the one behind it, all seven of them are still here on scene. we want to show you some of that video for news chopper seven of what it looked like when this crash had just happened. it was literally a pile of cars at this intersection, and what we have been told by witnesses is that black pickup was southbound on 202 and for some reason lost control, traveling at a very high rate of speed, and it slammed into these vehicles that were on the crossroads. one of the victims of the accident who was able to walk away and tell her story says it was like a movie scene, terrible.
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>> i was scared. it looked terrible, it looked like a movie. i have never seen it before and never want to see it again. brad: that is something we heard from just about everybody out here. we are waiting for word on the condition of a woman who was taken out of that pickup truck, waiting to get word on her condition as well as the condition of her unborn baby. maryland state police investigating this crash, trying to figure out exactly why that black pickup truck when out of control. we saw the driver on scene, they were questioning him. but we will try to have more little bit later on at 4:00 and 5:00. in largo, brad bell. autria: as you can see from the life shot, they have at least part of the intersection shut down.
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jamie sullivan is checking on the traffic impact all of this. 202 is blocked off between mccormick road and lottsburg road, and will probably be closed for quite a while. 95, weare traveling on look pretty good right now in virginia on 95, 66 in great shape. once you get inside the beltway through arlington, or getting into arlington, no problems whatsoever. we look good on the gw parkway, nothing to worry about in d.c. regarding crashes, delays. any midday roadwork we have in place will not be a big issue for you. as we talk about the capital beltway, a crash is being reported by the american legion bridge. let's take a live look, because even though we have a crush reported, you can see we look great on both the inner loop and outer loop. delays causing any
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besides that closure that we have in largo. that is a look at traffic. autria: new information about the motorcyclist killed in yesterday's fatal crash in herndon. he has been identified as stephen braddock of ashburn. drivingies say he was on monroe street when he crashed with another vehicle. so far no charges have been filed and the accident remains .nder investigation a sad day in the entertainment world, beloved british actor alan has died. rickman has died. he appeared in "robin hood, prince of thieves," and "love people familiar with his career said he had been battling cancer. he was 69 years old, and his death came the same week that david bowie died of cancer also
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at the age of 69. arlington fire crews are at fort meyer assisting with a carbon monoxide incident. four to five people are being evaluated after reports of high levels of the gas. we are working to get more information. the roller coaster temperatures continue. we are seeing a 15 to 20 degree difference from yesterday's arctic hare. doug hill has a look at your forecast. doug: temperatures noticeably warmer than this time yesterday as the cold air is moving out. check out the numbers right now. as of noon time, 50 degrees in cumberland and charlottesville, 49 in fredericksburg. reagan national at 42 degrees. southwest south and will hit the low 50's this afternoon, and a lot of sunshine. an increasing area of cloudiness from the gulf coast is an area
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of rain, and futurecast shows it is moving in our direction. increasing cloudiness early tomorrow morning, but as the system gets organized it is going to be rain in the area tomorrow night, especially the further south and east you are. getting out early on saturday morning, and back to sunshine, mild temperatures for the short-term. it will be cold again and i will tell you when that will happen. autria: investigators trying to figure out what caused a huge condo fire yesterday in a delphi. more than one hundred people were displaced, and as suzanne kennedy reports, it might be a wild before they are able to go home. : residents are out of their homes in definitely and restoration crews are on the scene. tenants were hoping to get back into their units today to salvage belongings, but that
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will not happen until firefighters determine it is safe. it started on the fourth floor the 9200 block of new hampshire avenue. firefighters-- 80 responded, working to get residents safely out. i got my son's stuff. when i came out, i see there is a huge fire. >> big damage. i did not see anything yesterday, but now. i am really surprised. suzanne: the fire did about $200,000 in damage. authorities do not know what caused it, but they believe it was accidental.
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suzanne kennedy, abc 7 news. autria: isis claiming responsibility for the deadly terror attack on the streets of jakarta writes out of starbucks in the heart of the city. authorities are calling it a paris-style attack. jeannette reyes has the latest. jeanette: explosions heard around jakarta. attackers wearing suicide belts and weapons targeted this commercial hub, where people were eating, shopping, going to the movies. >> we heard a third explosion, a fourth, fifth, and sixth, and gunfire. jeanette: bombs exploding in front of the starbucks, leaving bodies scattered. theified workers throughout city barricaded themselves in their offices and watched in terror. the attack, which was meant to paris, the attacks in
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left several people dead. have madeate backers a claim of responsibility. autria: coming up on abc 7 news at noon, we have a winner, actually three of them. where the look he are that sold those million-dollar tickets. gop candidates going head-to-head again. scott thuman is in charleston with what makes tonight's debate a standout. later, a huge day for film stars in hollywood. who got the love and who got snubbed for oscar nominations. doug is looking ahead to our weekend forecast, when you may need that umbrella when we come back.
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newia: we are back with developments in the investigation into the murder of an american woman in italy. police have arrested a 25-year-old migrant on suspicion of murder. ashley olsen was found dead in her apartment in florence on saturday. an autopsy reveals she was strangled with a wire or record after taking part in a consensual erotic sex game. the suspect is known to police for drug related issues. seven republican presidential candidates will be on the made stage for tonight's debate. souththuman is an carolina with how this debate could be different. scott: if you are wondering why we are not wearing heavy jackets , it is because we have shifted south. we are in charleston for the
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next republican debate. iowa and new hampshire vote first, but folks here will like to tell you they are first in the south. this is a state that has often served as a tiebreaker after i went and new hampshire. in almost every election, south carolina has correctly chosen the eventual gop nominee. you cannot ignore the fact that immediately after the state of the union address, it was the republican governor of south carolina who delivered the response. this is a state that has power and is at play. debate,ot a bit of there are only going to be seven candidates on the main stage. the subject matter may focus a little more on domestic issues. there is a strong population of african-american voters who believe that income inequality needs to be discussed further. if you will stay with us, we
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will have complete debate coverage from before, and of course analysis after from scott -- from charleston, south carolina. i'm scott thuman. autria: the fourth democratic debate will also be held in charleston. on the stage will be hillary clinton, bernie sanders, and martin o'malley. stay with abc seven for complete coverage on sunday. 1.6 billion dollar powerball jackpot will be split at least three ways. winning tickets were sold in california, tennessee, and florida. 8:37, --ng numbers are a massive crowd gathered outside the store that sold the winning ticket in chino hills, california. >> i am very happy and i am really appreciative. celebrating in the store. i am very proud and excited. autria: he is not the winner
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even though it may look like it. no one has come forward to claim their share of the prize, but winners can opt for annual payments were an immediate lump sum payout. millionre that sold a -- a winning ticket gets $1 million. while nobody around here woke up a billionaire, there are people who are a million dollars richer. twoirginia, they were tickets that matched five numbers in salem and virginia three and in maryland tickets were sold. john gonzalez is there, but the store owner who is also celebrating. one won the big $1.6 do havejackpot, but we a handful of millionaires here in the area. in maryland, three stores sold a million dollar ticket, including this 7-eleven in bladensburg off
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of annapolis road. this is hussein, the owner. you are hoping to be the million-dollar winner? >> i wish i was. i would've tried to help a lot of people. john: you were looking at your tickets before we got the answer. he got two power balls, eight dollars. >> i am happy with that, a b . -- maybe next time. >> we were here when you arrived, and you started checking your ticket. >> i checked my ticket. i won four dollars. the store gets about $2500 for selling that million dollar ticket. how excited are you? >> i am so excited and appreciative of my customers. guestsys try to help the
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, and to be one of the winners, one million is not bad. good luck for the winner, and i hope i can see him and shake his hand. us the store tells averages about $150 a day in votto sales. this week, they were making about $3000 in sales. autria: turning them out fast. we were just doing some googling , there are six states he will lead you to remain anonymous and maryland is one of those. doug: i think if i ever got lucky, i would not want anyone to know. autria: i would fly under the radar. what is your radar showing today? doug: clear skies. we will start with the time lapse from frederick maryland. this is a live shot, 43 degrees in frederick. we will enjoy the sunshine for the day, maybe even leftover
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tomorrow morning before the next storm system comes to town from the southwest bringing clouds and rain. it is 50 in cumberland, 49 in fredericksburg. the core of the cold air is here to the northeast but slowly through the day the cold air will move out, and temperatures make a nice recovery into the upper 40's with lots of sunshine. the further south, southwest you are, the warmer it will be. , someite shows the tail lake-effect snow on the shore of lake erie and ontario. the natch -- the next batch of cloudiness gathers in the gulf of mexico. is going to move from southwest to northeast, so that trajectory will bring us rain tomorrow night, but the heaviest rain i think we'll stay to the south and east of the metro. steady rain, heavier rain.
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as we go overnight, the heaviest rain will shift off the eastern lingering showers saturday morning, and that to sunshine and mild temperatures for saturday afternoon. it will get colder starting sunday, and monday and tuesday we will be lucky to get up to 32 degrees. remember we showed you tropical storm alex. it has become a hurricane. in january. it is the first time since 1938 that a hurricane has formed in the atlantic ocean in january. it is passing the azores and if it stays together, it will probably be close to greenland as it moves eventually more to the northwest. since 1938, form the first to occur in january since alice, which formed in late december and continued into january in the atlantic. warm water, warm air, long-term
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crazy things happen. tomorrow with the rain moving in tomorrow night, lingering into saturday afternoon -- saturday morning. sunday will be cooler, highs near 40, and dropping in the afternoon. martin luther king day on monday will be sunny and cold, and colder on tuesday. it is getting so predictable. autria: you should get a vacation. doug: we are warming above average, and then it gets really cold. autria: coming up on abc seven news at noon, a popular lip balm comes under fire. the countdown to oscar sunday is on.
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autria: oscar nominations are leaving"the revenant" -- leaving the pack with 12 nominations. jennifer lawrence received her third best actress nomination in sylvester for "joy." stallone is nominated for best ,"pporting actor for "creed playing the same character he played in 1977. you can watch that on fedora 28th. a consumer alert about a popular celebrity loved lip balm. brand eos suing the after having a bad reaction. she claimed it caused her skin to crack, believe it, and blister. she is calling for a class
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with xarelto® there is no regular blood monitoring and no known dietary restrictions. treatment with xarelto® was the right move for us. ask your doctor about xarelto®. autria: tech giant intel set a
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guinness world record for the most unmanned vehicles flown simultaneously, and they did it with class. 100 drones soared in the sky set to beethoven's symphony. it ended with the formation of the company's logo. a new guinness world record, most drones. doug: weather-wise, we are in good shape. we will show you the three day forecast. with 40's, same tomorrow rain likely tomorrow night into saturday. highs 48, and we will turn colder with a flurry or sprinkle sunday, much colder to round out the holiday weekend on monday. autria: you will tinker with that and have the latest for us
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>> hey, everybody. you'u're invited to sit back and watch as our players today are faced with some of the most important decisions of their lives. 14 questions, 14 answers, and $1 million in the balance. this is "who wants to be a miionaire." [dramatic music] ♪ hi, everybody. i'm chris harrison. welcome to the show. are you guys ready to play "who wants to be a millionaire" today? [cheers and applause] all right, let's do it. a returning contestant who's been trying to get on "millionaire" for years and has picked up some really odd jobs in the meantime. i got to find out what those are. will it help him today, though? he's from skokie, illinois. please welcome back mitchell ost. [cheers and applause] what's up, buddy? welcome back.


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