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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  January 14, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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described what she experienced. >> it looked terrible. it looked like a movie. it really did. i have never seen it before. don't want to see it again. brad: so, as we said, the maryland state police are investigating this. charges are pending against 34-year-old juan sanchez. it turns out he was driving without a license. we'll have much more on that aspect of the story when we come back at 5:00. in largo, brad bell, abc7 news. jonathan: thanks. this was a terrifying scene that played out life last night on abc7 news at 5:30. firefighters had to rescue people from an apartment building that was fully engulfed in flamed. the top unit was cooking. michelle: absolutely. today, the people who call that adelphi apartment complex home are picking up the pieces. diane cho has been speaking to the victims there and joins us live now from the scene with the latest. diane?
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diane: the crews are on the roof as we speak working on this building right now. today residents were allowed to go back in, only to grab a few of their personal belongings. many of them we saw carrying bags and suitcases out. not knowing how much longer it would be before they are allowed back in. now restoration drews have been out here throughout the day. we have been here and they said fire station 34 is here to help the families throughout the process. firefighters say four or five units with significant fire smoke when this arrived last night, there were flames from the roof. they found two people on the balcony that needed to be rescued. another man dropped from the fourth store balcony and assisted them out through the
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stairwell. >> it was very scary. first of all, they weren't able to come down. then when the fire department did a great job and it was difficult for them to come down to ladder because they are stuck. diane: the fire caused estimated $200,000 in damage. it appears to be accidental. under investigation now. coming up all new at 5:00, we hear from the firefighters who helped rescue the people from the balcony last night. in prince george's county, diane cho, abc7 news. jonathan: they did an amazing job. thanks. update now from the breaking news from yesterday. the object that prompted evacuation of a dozen homes in northwest washington was part of a rocket propelled grenade. found in the backyard of a vacant home in the neighborhood but they aren't saying where the object came from or who it may belong to or who left it there.
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the investigation is still ongoing. the federal report says that inadequate safety inspection led to the death of a virginia man last august. daniel potter died in a silo collapse in the quarry in ashburn. they failed to followup on an investigation that found the silo bulk head corroded. michelle: a serious incident at daycare center. the development center was evacuated because of what is described as a carbon monoxide incident. no one had to go to the hospital. but several people were evaluated from possible c.o. poisoning. the center notified parents answer children were sent home early. jonathan: we are getting reprieve from the bitter cold air from the last few days but it does not mean the weekend is picture perfect. doug hill has a look at what to expect. doug: at the moment it's perfect perfect outside the belfort furniture weather center. most ofiary where clear skies.
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but temperatures are so much warmer than yesterday. look at the numbers. reagan national airport, staying at 52. leesburg as well. 56 in charlottesville. the current 4:00 temperatures are 21 degrees warmer than they were yesterday in washington. 23 warmer in manassas and andrews. 25 degrees warmer in fredericks than this time yesterday. so tonight is not as cold. 28 to 35 degrees the overnight lows with the light winds. we are watching two systems. one in the north will continue to move across pennsylvania. another to the south building out of the gulf of mexico. what we find happen in the day tomorrow the low pressure center over the southeastern section of south dakota move to the lakes. low pressure moves northeast. the high moves out of the way. the net result is increasing cloudiness and a good chance of rain tomorrow night. that shows up in the day planner. plenty of sunshine through late morning but the clouds noticeably increased in the afternoon. highs near 53.
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likelihood rain will arrive from the south after sunset. the weekend in detail in a few minutes. michelle: thank you. the search is on for the owners of three tickets, everyone in america wishes was in their hands. each one worth a half million dollars. a lot of celebrating there. party went through the night at the 7-eleven in chino hills, california. the first location known to have sold a winning ticket. but it wasn't the only one. winning tickets were also sold at a public grocery store in melbourne beach, florida, and small town of munford in western tennessee. so far the winners have not come forward. >> it's crazy that everyone gather around the place where it was sold and so connection. michelle: rooting on the store owner who gets a cut. jonathan: maybe free coffee. michelle: no one here woke up a billionaire but we have a millionaire.
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jonathan: three tickets worth $1 million each sold in maryland in frederick. the walker hill amaco and the 7-eleven on annapolis road in bladensburg. john gonzalez was there as people rushed to see if they were rich. john: no one in d.c. won the big $1.5 billion, almost $1.6 billion jackpot but we have a handful of millionaires in the area. in maryland, three stores sold a million-dollar ticket including this 7-eleven in bladensburg off of annapolis road. this is hussein, the owner of the place. you are hoping to be the million-dollar winner. >> i wish i was a millionaire. i'd try to help a lot of people with the money that i would have won from the powerball. john: you were looking at tickets before we got the answer saying it look like you won two powerball. getting the powerball twice so $8. you got $8. not bad. >> well, i'm happy with that.
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maybe the next time. john: let's talk to hussein. we were here when you arrived. you didn't even know at the time. what did you do? you started to check your tickets. >> i was excited. i check my ticket. i won $4. john: not too bad. the store gets $2,500 for selling the $1 million ticket. how exciting is it for you as the owner? >> really excited. appreciate all my customers. i mean, you know, we always say, we always try to help the guests, and to be one of the winners the $1 million is not bad. good luck for the winner. i hope i can see them and shake hands. john: become friends. the store averages $150 a day in lotto sales, hussein tells. this week they made $3,000 in sales. back to you inside. jonathan: amazing how many tickets were sold. how much money was raised.
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two $1 million tickets sold in virginia, one in salem and the other in virginia beach. michelle: we want to know how you fared. right now we are asking on facebook how much did you win and what are you going to do with the winnings? weigh in right now on facebook or wjla tv. we will hear the answers later in the newscast. jonathan: back to reality now. the race for the white house is kicking into high gear with over two weeks to go before the primary season begins. tonight the republican candidates will be squaring off again and they are facing a lot of big questions. abc7 chief political correspondent scott thuman joining us from north charlotteston. that's where the debate is held. what are we looking for specifically? scott: jonathan, this is to the wire. there are only two debates left including tonight on the republican side before we see caucusing in iowa. it's time to separate if you are a candidate. move up or move out, right? three things to keep an eye on. sidebar issues but are likely
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to come up. first, birther 2.0. remember the term "birther" when people questioned where president obama was born. now another controversy. this one is riled up mostly by donald trump. he is talking about ted cruz born to an american mother but while in canada. he and others are saying out loud is he able to be president. and you have three governors who argue that because they can run a state they can run the nation. we are talking about jeb bush, john kasich and chris christie. they have to do something to move up to the top three. finally, the carson camp. last week we talked to dr. carson about the fact that his campaign chairman stepped down, they have five staffers in total that quit that week. we are talking to them because the finance chair re-signed.
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the -- finance chair resigned. carson said it's about value over volume. their likability and favorability is high. resonate with the voters to get the policy issue out there. three of the things to keep an eye on closely tonight. live in north charleston, scott thuman, abc7 news. michelle: thank you, scott. the national park service about to drain the lincoln memorial as part of the cleaning that is done every year. the work is expected to take between 30 and 60 days. the reflecting pool is 150 feet wide and 22,000 feet long and holds 6.7 million gallons of water. jonathan: coming up for us here at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- the list is out. oscar nomination and the big snubs. plus, who are kidd o'shea's -- what does he think about the golden globes and how they chancer if to oscar gold -- transfer to oscar gold? michelle: new look at the self-driving cars. out often the person behind the wheel had to take control
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to avert disaster. >> michelle, coming up after the break we will talk about brand new benefits for d.c. residents that would be the best benefit as far as family and medical leave go in the entire country. i'm sam ford in northwest. i will tell you who is for it and w
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michelle: the ability to take time off work when you're sick or a loved one has a baby is a luxury a lot of people don't have. d.c. is weighing legislation to change that. both sides got a chance to weigh in today. sam sweeney has a look at the complicated issue. sam? sam: michelle, a hearing today that went back and forth. this bill would give d.c. residents and those who work here some of the best medical and family leave benefit in the country. 16 weeks in total. a complex bill. i will cost hundred of billions of dollars. many family groups support it but there are those who caution against it. national experts and member of the bowser administration spoke about the bill and answered questions for hours today. the primary focus is how the new fund will be paid for and what the benefits may be.
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experts from several non-profit say the benefit include more family stability, better productivity in the work place. less dependence on government assistance after the leave end and lower rate of the workplace turnover. calling it a win-win for everybody. the bowser administration says the program could run a deficit of more than $400 million and stun job growth. something they say is unsustainable. >> under either analysis, however, the proposed pay leave program would not be financially sustainable without significant changes to the structure or significant subsidy by the district government. >> this is a really great opportunity to do something that is vital both for d.c. and to set the stage around the country for a billion that really will make a difference. sam: the city administration on behalf of the bowser administration reiterated at the end of the speech that the administrfation does support the fundamentals of the bill,
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but they have to iron out the financial details to make it sustainable. coming up at 5:00, i will break down the numbers and how much you'd get away on leave and how it would affect the d.c. residents who live here but work in either virginia or maryland. reporting live in northwest, sam sweeney, abc7 news. jonathan: thank you. self-driving cars are a hot trend at this week's detroit auto show. according to the california department of motor vehicles people can't really nod off in the driver's seat, at least not yet. seven companies received permission to test prototypes in public. nissan reported 106 cases where the driver had to take control of the vehicle. google which conducted a bunch more tests said humans needed to take over 341 times. so that translates to ten times per vehicle. not a good ratio. you have to hang on to the wheel tight. but you aren't going very fast. jamie sullivan keeping an eye on the roads. it's slow-going out there.
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jamie: it is. we are in bumper to bumper traffic on the inner loop of the capital beltway. this is slow near connecticut avenue but extends to virginia. that is where we start to see the delay. some good news. earlier crash up ahead as we move to the maps. that is right near connecticut avenue. we had different crashes recorded in the area. now all of our lanes are open. you see a solid red line. this is a ten-mile backup. this is where we see the traffic. but you continue closer toward old georgetown to get to chevy chase and bethesda. you really see the heavy traffic get better past connecticut avenue. that is where the crash was. a lot of the of people are rubbernecking. nothing to worry about on the other side. it's typical. in the single digits as you cross the freeway to the 11th street bridge. heading on 395 closer toward the 14th street bridge.
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that is a look at traffic. back to you. jonathan: thanks. michelle: cold out there but the sunshine feels good. when you walk outside. doug: temperatures are 20, 25 degrees warmer than yesterday. it has warmed up nicely. expect changes again. this is the active weather pattern we are in. day-to-day changes in the next several days. start with the time lapse. from damascus elementary school in montgomery county. 48 there now. beautiful sunrise. through the day we enjoyed the clear blue skies and a nice rise in temperatures. there will be a high cloudiness from time to time and tomorrow. mostly clear. the temperatures across the mountains to the midwest. nice to me.
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60 in charlotte. it's cooler but it's not cold at all. the lower lakes that area with the low pressure and clouds will rotate northeast. we'll get in on a continued push from the winds from the south/southwest and the mild temperatures through tomorrow. it will change. we mentioned a moment ago how much warmer we are than this time yesterday. 21 degrees warmer at reagan national this moment than 4:19 yesterday. same for the numbers in the positive value. indianapolis is 30 degrees warmer now than 24 hours ago. the disturbance will move out. then the attention is drawn south. that's where we find the storms. we have the first hurricane of the new year. this is hurricane alex. the first in the atlantic in january since 1730. it's moving to northwest to affect greenland. huge rainstorm.
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crazy stuff indeed. the forecast here is not as nutty but up and down. look at the numbers. 80% chance of rain tomorrow night after an increasing cloud. predawn showers saturday. partly sunny and breezy. 51. windy and chilly on sunday. dr. martin luther king day. it's a warmer trend for the balance of nxt week. the storm tomorrow is not a major storm. 12 hours of rain and that's it. maybe ten hours. michelle: give or take. thank you, doug. still ahead at 4:00 -- the surprise nominees and the surprise snubs as the academy award nominations are unveiled. jonathan: plus, remembering alan rickman. the tributes for the actor who was so good at playing characters you loved to hate.
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you news my spells against you. i'm the hawk's blood prince. michelle: beloved british actor alan rickman has died. he was known for the rules in "die hard" and professor snape in the "harry potter" series. he was also in "love actually"
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and he had been battling cancer. he was 69 years old. jonathan: talented actor. news of his death came as hollywood preparing to celebrate the oscar nominations. michelle: as the saying goes, the show must go on. this year there is already criticism of some of the oscar nods. kidd o'shea has a look at the picks and the snubs. kidd: we'll get to the snubs in a second. the biggest award when it comes to movies. this morning many in hollywood woke up to good news. "the revenant" leads the pack receiving 12 oscar nomination nominations. followed by the action flick "mad max: fury road" with ten. both films are among the eight nominated for best picture. >> the nominees are -- leonardo dicaprio and "the revenant." kidd: golden globe winner leonardo dicaprio is among a-list group for best actor, including bryan cranston, matt
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damon, michael fassbender and eddie redmayne for his role in "the danish girl." eddie took home an oscar last year. nominated for best actress, brie larson who spoke to "good morning america" after the announcement. >> i'm shaking right now. i'm confused. >> i mean it's the highest form of flattery in my field. >> she is competing against cate blanchett, jennifer lawrence, charlotte rampling and saoirse ronan. >> it should be pointed out, it's a whitewash in the acting character. >> white actors representing all 20 acting nominations again this year. the blockbuster "star wars: the force awakens" received five nods in the technical category but not for best picture. and now the countdown is on to oscar sunday. right here on abc7 with your host chris rock. with the snubs a lot of people think will smith for "concussion" in acting was
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missed. jonathan: "the martian" and the director. kidd: my pick is "the revenant" for best picture. i was hollywood and everyone there is saying the same thing. amazing film. what makes it a great picture, it's visually a great picture and the acting in there. cinematography. i think it wins for directing as well. best actor goes to leo. i a eshis year. i pick jennifer lawrence for the best actress. "joy" didn't get nominated because it wasn't that good of a film but she owns it. hollywood likes her story. mark ruffalo for best supporting actor but it could go to sylvester stallone for "creed." i hope it does. but i root for mark ruffalo. best supporting actress is rachial mcadams for "spotlight" as well. she is phenomenal. jonathan: in "true detective." she is great. you give it to the hometown. >> i am going with the hometown but great to see sylvester stallone win. michelle: now we have plenty
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of films to see. michelle: a basketball prodigy put to the test. what happened when a fifth grader played "horse" with robert burton. jonathan: a unique way high school is dealing with bully. >> a woman is sexually assaulted and held at knifepoint and her life threatened. police are looking to the possibility it could be connected to human trafficking. i'm jeff goldberg. we'l
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announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 4:00". on your side. jonathan: isis claiming responsibility for deadly attack in the indonesian capital of jakarta. several grenade bombs exploded outside a coffee shop and gunman attacked a police station nearby. two people were killed. 19 others wounded. nearly instant response by police and the military is credited with saving even more lives. five attackers were killed. indonesia is the world's most populous muslim country. michelle: a search is underway for more possible victims after two men were arrested in a violent sexual assault. the attack happened in a hotel in south arlington. northern virginia bureau chief jeff goldberg is in our newsroom and jeff, i understand that police are concerned sex trafficking may be involved in this. jeff: that is a possibility. arlington police are investigating whether or not sex trafficking is related here. as the sexual assault was
4:31 pm
discovered. while the officers were working a separate plain-clothes investigation on columbia pike. the result two suspects charged with rape and robbery. jose guevara-rodriquez and elmer lopez-velasquez both of alexandria being held in arlington without bond. tuesday night, again, while the officers were on the plain-clothes detail they witnessed two men acting suspiciously outside a motel on columbia pike. one of the men knocked on a motel room door repeatedly before a woman let him inside. the other man soon followed. the police say they held the woman at knifepoint and threatened her life and sexual assaulted her. the whole attack did not last long. after leaving room with a stolen ipad, the men were soon arrested on foot by police near the motel. woman was an escort in her mid-40's. the police believe the victims knew who they were targeting. >> they were targeting a certain population. they were targeting a
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vulnerable population. the victim was involved in escort-related activities, a non-english speaker. >> i don't like it. i hope it is one incident. random that happened here. jeff: police do believe the crime was targeted they also believe other victims could be out there and have not yet come forward out of fear. police are asking any potential victims to come forward. this attack is a shock for a neighborhood where business is growing fast. more on that part of the story coming up at 6:00. until then, live in the newsroom, jeff goldberg, abc7 news. jonathan: thank you. you know it's close to quitting time on thursday and that has a lot of people thinking about the start of the weekend. be honest, you were thinking about the weekend monday or tuesday. chief meteorologist doug hill joining us now. when is rain moving in? are we going to get some? doug: you are asking tough questions, mr. anchorman. tomorrow night. and the weekend looks good but for now a time lapse of what it looks like this morning.
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start this early before sunrise. 43 degrees now. see the snow on the ground? this was sunrise below freezing. during the day, see if it melts away. a little bit on the rooftop. temperatures briefly hit 50. now at 43 with the clouds moving in. the temperatures today have been terrific. we have managed to jump in the lower 50's. 52 in reagan national and leesburg. 55 in fredericksburg. another couple of mild days heading our way as well. but rain is part of the future. tomorrow morning we will wake up to the temperatures about freezing. a little below north and west of the metro washington area. above freezing, 34, 35 over the eastern suburbs. the future cast shows how things will change. clear skies through the overnight and early morning. then late morning clouds roll in likely to bring rain in tomorrow evening and especially tomorrow night. this model brings the rain overhead through the overhead hours, briefly heavy. by 11:30 at night the bulk should be east of the metro area. clearing out overnight. time to get to saturday, rain is gone, sunshine is here. more changes to come on
4:34 pm
sunday. we will highlight the holiday weekend forecast and the next seven days coming up for you in a couple of minutes. jonathan: thank you. c.d.c. report shows one in five children have been bullied in school in the past year. one in five. nearly all report experiencing online bullying as well. now students at one school are trying a new approach to fight back. alison starling shows us how it's working out. alison: the key to this is starting a conversation. for some, the best way to do that is on a stage. >> start a conversation. to give a voice. that is why we are on the stage. i spoke to us in more than one way. >> remember, protection, energy -- alison: this high school production of the bullying collection is based on real-life stories from several different playwrights. some are funny. others are all too real. but the drama students acting
4:35 pm
out the scenes say it also draws from their own lives. some were victims themselves. >> it was a lot from a lot of people. range from small insults to go kill yourself. >> i was always the guy that tried to be with the cool kid group. i changed my personality enough to fit in. alison: that came as a shock to the teacher. >> some kids that you might look at them and think to yourself, wow, they have it all together. sometimes that kid is hurting the most. alison: the students admitted to standing by and watching as others were building. if you see somebody being bullying, say something. your words have an affect on
4:36 pm
somebody. michelle: thank you. to baltimore now where they will spend $200,000 to improve safety of the police vans. freddie grey suffered fatal injuries in the back of one of the vans. the design change creates more space in the prisoner area and includes seats accessible from the inside instead of the back. there will also be bumpy, keeping the prisoners from sliding around. and strapping to hang on to while handcuffs. jonathan: auto shop owner in california tackled a man running from police. all of it caught on camera. they stopped a man for a traffic violation. the suspect took off running. he jumped into action tackling this guy. holding him for the officers. >> i held him down, he was trying to get away. he was trying to fight his way free. jonathan: this is an interesting story himself. he was a few survivor of the
4:37 pm
1978 jonestown massacre and he credits that experience with why he felt the need to get involved and act. michelle: brave man. wow! jonathan: no kidding. michelle: still ahead at 4:00 -- warning for pet owners. what you need to know about a strain of food targeting dogs around the country. jonathan: he has the moves to go viral. can a fifth grader who had steph curry's game outplay our
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is right for you. jonathan: four months ago we introduced you to noah cutler. the kid is awesome. that was steph curry. that is him. now the fifth grader has gone viral with a video showing him pull off a spot-on imitation of nba steph curry's moves. and steph curry is very good. so that got abc7 sports robert burton thinking hmm, could a six and a half foot tall former college basketball star beat this kid in sports? that description is robert, himself. he wrote that. i just read it. you said basketball star. robert: did i say "star"? jonathan: you squared off in a game of horse. he is that tall. he has incredible moves. that kid is playing basketball, nobody can compete with him in the age range.
4:41 pm
robert: you know when people say, "don't try this at home?" i'm not kidding. do not try it. he is 11 and has received an offer from a prep school. he has skill. the only thing he can't do that the nba star steph curry can shoot nba three. so today we played "horse" and best of two out of three. it went to a tie-breaker. reverse layup, crossovers. behind the back and between the legs. i was gassed. in sports at 5:00, we will show you who won the showdown and give you highlights. i'm exhausted, by the way. did i mention that? jonathan: i need to ask. i was in my office and i had the tv on. you didn't know this but everyone in the newsroom watched you square off. this guy with a smile on his face, not even a drop of sweat on his brow. you were sweating like a pig. i thought the oxygen cart was coming out.
4:42 pm
robert: if you have any bengay in my office, send it my way. i'm going to wobble off the set. jonathan: ice machine. robert: goodness! jonathan: take it back. sweating again. robert: goodness. michelle: all right. we look forward to that. the first graders who supported minnesota vikings kicker blair walsh had a special visit today. he visited the class this afternoon. teacher at north point elementary school wanted to use the miss as a teachable moment in empathy. a child wrote, "i know it can be hard to get through things that are sad but -- but you have to try and try again as well." maybe robert will get the notes from kids as well. [laughter] jonathan: you know what? i feel so bad for the young man. great job.
4:43 pm
michelle: the one kick. jonathan: just ahead for us at 4:00, abc7 veterinarian doctor katie nelson has what you need to know about dog flu making the rounds. michelle: next a look for new millionaires. look at where a powerball ticket worth $500 m caring for someone with alzheimer's means
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i am a lot of things.
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i am his sunshine. i am his advocate. so i asked about adding once-daily namenda xr to his current treatment for moderate to severe alzheimer's. it works differently. when added to another alzheimer's treatment, it may improve overall function and cognition. and may slow the worsening of symptoms for a while. vo: namenda xr doesn't change how the disease progresses. it shouldn't be taken by anyone allergic to memantine, or who's had a bad reaction to namenda xr or its ingredients. before starting treatment, tell their doctor if they have, or ever had, a seizure disorder, difficulty passing urine, liver, kidney or bladder problems, and about medications they're taking. certain medications, changes in diet, or medical conditions may affect the amount of namenda xr in the body and may increase side effects. the most common side effects are headache, diarrhea, and dizziness. he's always been my everything. now i am giving back. ask their doctor about once-daily namenda xr and learn about a free trial offer at
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michelle: somewhere out there, there are three tickets worth half a billion dollars each. earlier we showed you where one was sold in california. now thomas forester has the response from another winning location in melbourne beach, florida. >> one of the three jackpot ticket sold in the powerball state was bought here in melbourne beach. no word if the winning ticket was a quick pick or the player's own numbers but he or she is rich. for some people this morning who bought tickets timing is everything. >> if you don't buy a ticket, you won't win. this is close to home. i hope the winner that comes
4:47 pm
forward is a friend of mine. >> odds of winning is 1 in 395 million. they will get $500 million each. they will get $100,000 from selling winning ticket. >> with that, almost all of us had a ticket or were part of a pool or both. jonathan: we got fantastic responses. jim turned $80 in tickets to $6. he is celebrating with ramen. michelle: a feeling that most of us had, he had the powerball.
4:48 pm
he bought coffee and a bagel and it has changed his life forever. join the conversation go to the facebook page. jonathan: the biggest winer that responded was $16. michelle: we didn't do well either. jonathan: no, we didn't. michelle: coming up a "7 on your side" health matter alert. about a popular lip balm. a won is suing evolution of smooth after she says she had a bad reaction. she claims after using it for the first time it called her skin to crack, bleed, blister. she is not alone. she received frenzy of responses from people two who have had similar experiences.
4:49 pm
>> i couldn't smile because it would bleed. >> we can't toco late people with similar --co lathe people with similar complaints. michelle: they believe it's without merit and say the complaint rate is .001. the ingredients are not unusual and add that further investigation is needed. jonathan: warning for the pet owners tonight. michelle: there are outbreaks in maryland. what you need to know is veterinarian katie nelson. there are folks that are concerned. >> absolutely. since march of 2015 there have been 2,000 cases of the new strain. this is a form in korea.
4:50 pm
avian influenza to the dog population. we have had the k9 flu in 2004. but it was a different strain. this is h3n2. we had vaccine against the other ones but as of november 15, the usda has given conditional approval to h3n2 vaccine so we have a vaccine against the strain. jonathan: if you have a dog what do you look for? what are the signs? michelle: flu in humans. upper respiratory, coughing, fever, lethargy. this is a conditional disease. if your dog goes in the high population where we like a doggie daycare and a lot of grooming. michelle: dog park. >> absolutely. that is where the maryland came from. this is in 40 states since the district of columbia since
4:51 pm
march of 2015. this is out there and spreading. he's contagious. this is transferred by clothing, and object and surfaces. this is something to be careful for. if you think your dog might have it, don't take them to the veterinarian. call ahead. jonathan: we appreciate you taking the time. thank you. >> if you get outside you think i don't need this big heavy jacket. >> the difference is the wind direction. this is great out there. look outside.
4:52 pm
a beautiful sunset. 4:52. the temperature at the reagan national is 52. look for clouds later tonight. 35 degrees in downtown d.c. winds pick up heading through the day tomorrow. increasing clouds by midday. take you through the extended holiday weekend. saturday with a high of 51 degrees. these are flurries that you see that won't amount to a lot. dr. martin luther king day, temperatures of 30 degrees. tuesday and wednesday next week is 30. 40 by thursday next week. no big snowstorms on the
4:53 pm
horizon. check on traffic with jamie. jamie: we have the sun glare still. look at new hampshire avenue. we have the sun glare. let's move to the maps. we had a crash near connecticut avenue. but the delay remains. georgetown pike you hit the thick of it. you continue through maryland. 33 minutes is what it will take you from 270 near the spurt to 95. heading to baltimore 95 is what you want to take. we have a crash there. with the left lane blocked we have a big backup already. this is building.
4:54 pm
you can see how clear 95 is. 95 from d.c. is the best option. we'll have more a across america, people like basketball hall of famer
4:55 pm
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jonathan: a local town hope a new approach will help residents help them fight back against crime. michelle: it works by building a list of who has security cameras and where they are. montgomery county reporter kevin lewis explains. ref the police are -- kevin: the police are touting a crime-fighting tool called "safe cam." businesses and residents register surveillance system with the police department. when there is a crime officers check data base to find catalog of the cameras nearby. >> it daves them a lot of time. kevin: they join four other police departments across the u.s. in california, kansas, louisiana, pennsylvania. all utilize the safe cam
4:58 pm
program. philadelphia p.d. says safecam have helped detectives solve 900 crimes. they even offer a tax credit. >> hopefully the crime goes down because of the program and there is more community involvement with the police department and deterring crime. kevin: the problem is only five signed up. it's free and easy to do. for a link to the sign-up page go to leon: tonight. >> looked like a movie. leon: a vehicle goes airborne and a woman dies. >> i have never seen it before and i don't want to see it again. >> what they learned about the man that caused the pileup. dramatic fire rescue and look
4:59 pm
at the damage. >> it's become toxic. >> the kids call at it princess castle. adults call it out of bounds. is it causing a treehouse war. >> "abc7 news at 5:00" on your side. leon: a woman died after a serious seven-car crash in largo. alison: the driver of the truck that caused the crash is in police custody. it happened in rush hour on largo road at lottsford road. maryland bureau chief brad bell has been on the scene all day. why was the driver arrested? brad: he did not have a driver's license and he had an open warrant for the arrest. that driver, juan sanchez seen weaving in and out of the traffic down 202 at a high rate of speed. when right here at lottsford road he slammed in the side of another pickup truck.
5:00 pm
they went flying in the cars. >> seven vehicles smashed together. in the middle of the heap remains of a pickup shattered in pieces. barely recognizable as what it was. another truck, the black one, that is the one witnesses say caused the crash. >> it was unreal. brad: is survivor of the crash barely. she says the truck raced past her on 202 out of control. >> bouncing off the guardrail. not the guardrail, the curve. bouncing. hit and then bouncing. he hit one more time at the median. >> the driver of the pickup truck taking the worst of it. hitting angela jefferson broadside at high rate of


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