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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  January 14, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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leon: first, preyed on my end it it in a thief. now a victim is speaking out. suspects group of filed 12,000 fraudulent income tax returns for up to $40 million. leon: richard reeve has the story that you will see only on 7. 25-year-old is a
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single mother who is trying to rebuild her life after a troubled past. during her teens, she was in and out of juvenile custody for five years. until recently, she had no idea her identity was used to steal millions in bogus tax refunds. >> i feel violated. richard: she never thought she would be a victim of identity theft. social to dosed my false tax returns. this letter from federal prosecutors was her first inkling something was wrong. juvenilemong 645 in detention whose identity was stolen as part of a multibillion-dollar tax fraud scheme. one of the people violating her trust, 49-year-old mark bell, an employee at the d.c. department of youth and rehabilitation services. eight years he
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stole names and social security numbers. that was used to file 12,000 bogus tax return seeking refunds of $40 million. >> somebody entrusted with the care of people, to do that, is extremely disappointing. out of juvenile detention between the ages of 15 21 because of fights with her mother, she had no idea. are helpinghorities her repair her damaged credit. >> i just want to put this chapter behind me. richard: since the scheme was made public, dps services says they have tight security, tightened access to the youth database, heightened employee screenings, and new security training. she hopes to become a medical assistant and a doctor's office. richard reeve, abc 7 news.
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alison: rich, thank you. it was a terrifying condo fire that played out yesterday. now we are hearing incredible stories of rescues from this fire.i building amazingly, nobody was seriously hurt, thanks to the brave first responders. jay korff has some of those accounts tonight. jay? jay: while we do not know the cause of the fire, the one thing that we are certain of is that a couple of very heroic firefighters went up there and plucked folks out. >> ok, do you see flames or smoke? >> yeah, a lot of flames and smoke. jay: as fire raced through this adelphi condo complex wednesday night, frantic 911 calls came in. two elderly residents were trapped. chillumrefighters from
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firefighting use the long reach of their ladder to get to the couple before the flames got to the couple's apartment. 40 feet in the air, bitter cold conditions, flames roaring away, they carefully guided the husband and wife down. >> i do not care about the fire. these two people needed to get on the ground. jay: in the midst of the rescue, both residents had to be maneuvered into this basket. the elderly woman had significant mobility issues. her husband cannot move more from exhaustion. the whole time, i love coming to the united states. they did not have this kind of service where i came from. jay: there is pride at the station tonight. their training paid off. of theseot be prouder
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guys. these are some of the most severe circumstances many of them have seen. of thel 101 residents building remained displaced. they are hoping at some point tomorrow they will find out how many get to go back of those who live in areas that were not damaged. jay korff, abc 7 news. time for the gop presidential candidates to get there messages out -- their messages out, weeks away from the iowa caucuses. tonight they sparred in charleston, where chief political correspondent scott thuman is with a look at the highlights. we were expecting battlelines to be drawn. did it meet expectations? scott: if you want it back and forth, it only took about 30 seconds. they went after each other, but first it was one of those few times where we see consensus from this group, the group of
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seven, when asked the same target, that being president obama as well as his potential successor, hillary clinton. they were really attacking this administration for what they said was a lack of seriousness in national security, and they pointed to the president's state of the union speech tuesday night, many candidates saying the president failed to acknowledge, at least out loud, there were u.s. sailors that had been taken into iranian captivity by the military there. and although they have been since released, it is still an issue. on this stage in particular. now a sample of this group going after president obama as well as hillary clinton. i watched night storytime with barack obama, and i have to tell you, it sounded like everything in the world was amazing. herf she gets elected, first 100 days come instead of
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setting an agenda, she might be going back-and-forth between the white house and the courthouse. >> the good news is the next commander-in-chief is standing on the stage. an easy applause line for ted cruz, who for the very first time in this campaign really sought to go head-to-head with donald trump, who he is jockeying with four first position in national and iowa polls. leon, the large number of buses behind me, no indication of where we are outside the coliseum. the debate is about to let out and people are about to load up and take off. ,e are getting down to the wire less than three weeks before iowa votes in the second to last gop debate before that day. it is certainly getting more tense on the campaign trail. back to you. leon: thank you, scott.
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the fourth democratic debate will be held in north charleston, south carolina, sunday evening. on the stage will be the usual competitors, hillary clinton, senator bernie sanders, and former governor martin o'malley. swung: the temperatures into warmer territory today and they will stay that way tomorrow. that is good news, but there is rain in the forecast in the weekend. let's get the timeline from meteorologist steve rudin. hi, steve. steve: hi, alison. withs beautiful to day temperatures well above average for this time of year. now the temperatures are falling, 45 in northeast d.c., 34 burke, virginia, and we stay cool overnight, but not as cold as it was earlier this morning. middle 40's byg, noon time, the rain on the way by tomorrow evening. i will give you the timing, what
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to expect, much to expect in just a few minutes from the belfort furniture weather center. leon: developing now come a woman is dead after a seven-car crash in largo. a truck driver was speeding when he lost control on route 202, went into the air, and hit another vehicle. that truck drivers under arrest. we are digging into possible prior offenses for that driver. tom roussey has the investigation. sanchez,name is juan and maryland state police say this morning he was driving southeast on 202 landover road when he lost control, wound up hitting a total of eight other vehicles at the intersection of lots for road. maryland state police say that juan sanchez was driving a blue chevy silverado when the crash. >> he was just hitting and bouncing off cars. median, flipped,
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and crashed into eight cars. the 34-year-old sanchez lives in the unit block of fairview road in laurel. and state records, we found a 34-year-old sanchez on that block with a worn for driving under the hall. he never appeared for scheduled arraignment in 2014. claimed oneh woman's life, 53-year-old angela jefferson from springdale was in a red pickup truck that bore the worst of the accident. >> i've never seen that and never want to see it again. tom: the accident happened in largo, just outside the capital beltway. jefferson, the woman who passed away, only lived a few miles from the scene. sanchez lives all the way up in east laurel, 15 miles away from where the crash happened. the police say he was taken to the hospital after this happened. they plan to charge him. tom roussey, abc 7 news.
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alison: happening now, arlington police are urging possible sexual assault victims to come forward after arresting two men on rape charges. they allegedly entered a woman's hotel room and raped her at knife point tuesday. the victim was an escort and she does not speak english. they think there may be other victims who are afraid to talk, and they are urging them to contact the police. secrettill ahead -- videos that put planned parenthood at the center of a national controversy. now there is a lawsuit. alison: plus, giving d.c. the best family leave policy and the country? the proposal on the table, and why some say it has a downside. leon: and amazon prime is about to get a little cheaper.
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parenthood profited i selling fetal tissues from abortions. the lawsuit alleges fraud, violation of privacy, and trespassing. some have called the lawsuit frivolous. protesters are calling on rick snyder to resign over the drinking water crisis in flint, michigan. ignored that snyder reports of lead contamination in the water. the water became tainted after the city switch to a different source to save money in 2014. the national guard has been handing out bottled water to citizens. the city water may not be clear for several months. leon: the d.c. council is debating a bill that would give city residents the most generous family and medical leave in the country, calling for 17 weeks for the birth or adoption of a child. mayor bowser's administration supports the bill, but they are concerned about the cost and the possible effect on job growth. alison: 7 on your side with a
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consumer alert, atm and overdraft fees are now a presidential campaign issue. three big banks made more than $6 billion in fees last year, more than $5 billion from overdraft alone. democratic candidates are speaking up. hillary clinton hinted that these fees could be illegal. bernie sanders fouled if elected he will cap them at two dollars, instead of the average four dollars being charged. amazon is dropping the price of a prime minister -- prime membership. instead of $99, it will cost $73 this weekend. 11:59 p.m.ntil sunday. the promotion is to celebrate amazon's win of two golden globe awards. alison: lots of people
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celebrating oscar nominations. could it be leonardo dicaprio's year. his movie, "the remnants," led nominations. oscar station, and kidd o'shea will be heading to hollywood for all the glitz and glam. sunday,e oscars february 28. byn: that will be hosted chris rock. cannot wait to hear what he says. alison: the weather, it was nice. steve: so much nicer than yesterday. today's high was 53, a big change from yesterday, and just thank the wind direction for that. tomorrow, one more day of mild temperatures. skies national at 42, mainly clear overnight. the high temperature, 53. in 1932.d, 76
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the weatherbug network in the district, 44 degrees right now, but the wind out of the south. 28leesburg, 30 frederick, manassas, 32 culpeper, luray lower 40's. if you have to take the dog out for a late night while, you will notice the temperatures impaired with yesterday are about 15 -- compared with yesterday are about 15 degrees milder. the wind out of the south overnight, but they will ease through the early morning. the temperatures stay cold, rebounding nicely tomorrow afternoon as we look at the conditions gradually deteriorating as clouds increase. nothing in terms of cloud cover, but that will change the next 24 hours or so. overnight, mainly clear skies, light wind out of the south. waking up tomorrow morning, grab the sunglasses.
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if you are not home until the evening, also grabbed the umbrella. you will need one later in the day. 33 fairfax, 34 waking up in waldorf. through the daytime hours tomorrow, waking up to lots of sunshine, but don't be full. clouds arrive by noontime, 1:00 in the afternoon mostly cloudy montgomery county, gaithersburg, .ermantown, fredericksburg martinsburg, west virginia, mostly cloudy. through the evening, just in time for the rush-hour commute, showers and rain overspread. it looks like the heaviest of the rain will be suppressed to the south come across southern maryland. st. mary's county, la plata, leonardtown looking at heavier rain. all of this moves out by 11:00 tomorrow night, the district dries out, same fairfax and loudoun county. skies clear out nicely saturday, but the temperatures cooler. another shot of cold air early next week.
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tomorrow, noontime, upper 40's, clouds increase. mostly cloudy by 4:00, lower 50's. the- next seven days, predawn showers early saturday morning. a chance of snow flurries sunday, lower 40's. martin luther king jr. day monday, daytime high of only 30 degrees. it is wintertime, though. alison: yes, really not that bad. thank you. leon: a lot going on tonight. and i goeah, the caps, one on one with an 11-year-old. leon: we cannot see enough of that. robert: and we will watch it again. i take on an 11-year-old in a game of horse. it he is not your average 11-year-old.
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>> and now the toyota sports
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desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. robert: the caps hosting vancouver at the phone boots and, alex ovechkin being honored player inng the 43rd nhl history to score 500 calls. in the second, the caps on the attack. smooth as silk. 1-0 caps. later in the third, the caps up 2-0, the no look pass. caps win 4-1. breakoutrk cousins' season, seems like the redskins have found their franchise quarterback. one problem, he is a free agent. what is he worth? joe theismann said he thinks kirk cousins deserves an $80 million to 100 million dollar deal. that's a lot of cash. it was rgk cousins,
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iii, before his redskins career derailed because of injuries and ineffectiveness. we caught up with mark rypien in his thoughts. >> i think he is an opportunity somewhere else. we are hoping it's not the nfc east. and he was good, when he was healthy, he was better. i think this year of rest, an opportunity to re-energize, when he is pulling at a high level, he is fun to watch. we just hope it's not against us and snakebite us in the years ahead. robert: we will see. the terps women on the road, in michigan. second half, tori walker-kimbrough, the tough jumper with a hand in her face. nice moves. she had 18. scored eight of her 13 in the fourth quarter. 74-67.old off michigan,
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in case you did not know, there was an epic battle, the best of the best. cutter-old phenom noah from leesburg. he has gone viral twice because of how he handles the basketball. i challenge him to a game of force. when he did that, it was over. won thee first game, he second. he started dribbling with two balls. congrats to noah. leon: he was touring with you. debut sportsy, we sunday. [] robert: stop it, steve. --[laughter] robert: stop it, steve. either way, steve was making faces at me, he was teasing me because i lost to noah. it's not fair.
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he's good. steve: i just cannot wait for the sports show on sunday. robert: whatever. my goodness. how old this woman is. plus, you may like her secret to longevity. for the girl scout meeting...
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okay. for the soccer team... for the girl scout meeting... how many meetings are you having?! at giant, prices are down. savings are up. which makes the checkout lane, victory lane. my giant. alison: the oldest teacher in
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america is 102 and her students all call her granny. she spent most of her life as a stay-at-home mom. it was not until she turned 80 that she became a cooking and ewing teacher.
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alison: another decent day tomorrow. steve: yes, similar to today, lower 50's. rain by by late evening, into early saturday morning. leon: jimmy kimmel live is next. early saturday morning. leon: jimmy kimmel live is next.
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and now, abc's "jimmy kimmel live." >> dicky: from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, leslie mann, ariana grande, "this week in unnecessary censorship" and music from charlie puth with cleto and the cletones. and now, look up, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪


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