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tv   World News Now  ABC  January 19, 2016 3:30am-4:01am EST

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>> this morning this morning on world news de now deep freeze. the latest forecast and when relief may be coming just ahead. remembering an eagle, the sad passing of glenn frey, founder of the eagles, his death at the age of 67 marking another iconic voice loss early this year, what being an eagle meant to him in his own words. and new this half hour, hollywood under fresh fire from within. >> just weeks away from this year's academy award, growing anger over what's being called the lack of diversity within this year's class of nominees, has at least two black stars saying they plan to boycott the oscars. fresh drama has unfolded in
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week three of the bachelor with one hopeful contestant getting a rose from ben and another finding a target on her back. we'll have a complete wrap up from our bachelor analyst in the skenny on this tuesday january 19th. i watched "the bachelor". >> i love it. >> so happy the black girl got her own single date. it's like reality chance, i have a better chance of getting an oscar nomination than she does, black girls never win. that's great. >> really? >> no. >> this could be the season. >> we'll see. that's progress. jack will give us real update. >> we look forward to senior analyst. >> is this all for yourself to be a bachelor. >> i'm hoping. >> is that what this is about? >> no. >> well, we'll get right to our top story, chillier story, the
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arctic blast gripping the midwest and spreading east ward, thermometers posting single digit temperatures. >> winter has arrived, folks. it is only getting started with us. we'll get some more now from gi gi gino. >> freezing guardrails on great lakes, steam rising from the ice as this vessel comes in. pipe freezing dangerous cold marching east for the first real snow fall of the season finally hit this weekend from massachusetts to new york, more than enough to wreak havoc on road, in yonkers, new york. >> you'll have to be extra careful on the bridges and overpasses, they can be up to six degrees cooler. it gets slick and icy up there first. >> in michigan police say drivers following too closely led to deadly pile ups.
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>> what i saw were people that were traveling with less than one car length between them and the vehicle in front of them. >> abc news, new york. that cold weather is going to stick around for a while. actually see snow. >> let's get the complete forecast from paul williams, good morning, paul. >> thanks kendis, you know, in the deep south they might call this cold air down right rude, hoping the mother nature raised this air -- it reaches out towards the mid south and down towards the deep south and stay at least chilly and cool conditions will persist throughout florida. now, the evening time the coldest of air will lift to the north, milder air that will move towards the lower mississippi valley region, more snow showers to the northeast, more snow showers to the west and the northern rocky mountain states and range along the west coast that's going to keep california along the wet side.
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additional showers between 3-6 inches reaching down towards st. louis, kendis. >> thank you. days after the deaths of natalie cole, fans now mourning another music legends, eels' cofounder glenn frey who died yesterday. he cowrote one of the group's mega hits including "take it easy" he was only 67. he had faced several health challenges, we'll have more reaction to the death coming up later this half hour. mayor in flint, michigan will be in washington today seeking help with the city's water crisis. back in flint two class action lawsuits will be announced holding the state officials responsible amid a citifinancial crisis. in april 2014 the state decided to save money by switching the water supply to flint river. protesters caused a rush hour nightmare in the san
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francisco bay area, the protest froze traffic on one side of the bay bridge, members of black sea, which is an off chute of "black life matters" drove five cars on to the bridge and stopped one in each lane. the groups demands include the firing of city officials in san francisco. >> politics now first donald trump at liberty university, raised an eyebrow by referring to a bible verse as "2 corinthians" it's usually called 2 corinthians. he used the word "hell" the audience mostly forgave his politically incorrect moments. >> new testament, it's sequel. the british parliament were debating to ban trump. they did so because half a million people sign add petition
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asking he be excluded over his calls to ban muslims in the u.s. debate was required. vote wasn't. so trump is still free to visit. >> still have to go to the new testament, sequel. >> you crack yourself up, right. >> sorry. the firing from sunday night's democratic debate are still echoing, no name calling but some loud back and forth, with the iowa caucuses less than two weeks away now, the clinton camp knows it's going to be a nail biter. >> reporter: bernie sanders saying those attacks nothing personal. >> hillary clinton and i have differences of opinions, it's call democracy. >> but the sharp words in south carolina -- >> a sign of just how tight this race is and the bitter battle ahead. for hillary clinton, the strategy boiled down to one name. >> president obama has led our country out of the great
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recession, that is one of the greatest accomplishments of president obama. i'm going to defend president obama. >> she referenced president obama 13 times, trying to tap into his popularity with the democratic race. clinton making a big push for african-american voters, supporting black lives matter and addressing that water crisis in flint, michigan. >> i think every single american should be outraged. we've had a city in the united states of america where the population, which is poor in many ways and majority african-american, has been drinking and bathing in led-contaminated water. >> reporter: sanders coming down hard on clinton with his key issue, wall street's hold on washington. >> secretary clinton, you're not the only one, i don't mean to point the figure at you, you've received over $600,000 from in speaking fees from goldman sachs in one year.
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>> promising not to throw any personal attacks. >> that question annoys me, i cannot walk down the street, secretary clinton knows this, without being told how much i have to attack secretary clinton. we've been through this, yes, his behavior was deplorable, have i ever once said a word about that, no i have not. i'm going to debate on the issues facing the american people, not bill clinton's personal behavior. >> hillary clinton was asked what kind of role her husband would play in her administration, she said his place in the white house would start right with her right at the kitchen table and they would figure it out from there. abc news, new york. >> new details about what mexico is doing to keep elchapo from escaping. it's our first look since his recapture 11 days ago since his first five nights he was moved seven times. there are more than 30 cells he can be moved by guards with
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cameras on their helmets. new surveillance cameras make sure there are no blind spots. american pie singer, don mcclain has been arrested for domestic violence. police in maine say they were called to his home early monday morning, after his arrest, he posted $10,000 bail and was released, "american pie" was a more hit back in the early '70s. former super model stephanie seymore arrested for dui. she was drunk when she backed her range rover into another car on highway exit ramp friday night. she'll be back in court early next morning. >> she was the bride in guns n roses one of my favorite music video. i don't think's appropriate when someone is arrested to run music video. it was a rematch of last
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spring nba championship series it didn't go well. before the game golden state steph curry posted about winning the title saying "he hoped he still smelled the champagne in the visitor's locker room" no surprise that he and cavs star lebron james got into it, it didn't matter, curry finished with 35 points as warriors thoroughly conquered the beat down on the cavs 132-98. >> okay. >> and this grab, pretty much sums up sports in cleveland. >> oh, that's so wrong. >> one fan there at the game dozing off, the other one picking a winner, or maybe he's indicating that, you know, they'll get the second pick of the draft. >> number one. >> that's what he was saying, we're number one, caught him at a bad angle. >> the drama gets real, last night's episode "the bachelor"
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group date to the hot tub. >> cleveland rocks. the growing controversy, brewing more of hollywood's elite threatening to boycott the oscars over this year's nominees. >> world news now weather brought to you by lysol wipes. human coronavirus... hepati- >>c virus. there are a lot of different kinds of yucky germs. but not all disinfecting wipes... are approved to kill the same number of them. lysol wipes are approved to kill more types of germs than clorox. don't pick just any wipe. try that one! this cold and flu season lysol that. >> i'm alex trebek. if you're age 50 to 85, this is an important message. so please, write down the number on your screen.
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so your love for dark clothes will never fade. woolite darks. driver of the capitol beltway barely escaping serious injury, that's piercing the roof of his prius, you see that? the man said the pole was about six inches from his head at impact. he said it was god that saved
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his life. look at that. >> wow. >> wow. >> you're right. hollywood is facing growing outrage from within as its high days of award season draws ever closer. spike lee and jada pin ket smith are saying they're boycotting the oscars. here is lindsey davis. >> more stars choose martin luther king day to take a stand about the lack of diversity in this year's nominations. >> i won't be watching or at the academy awards. >> she's expressing her plans to boycott the show. also not attending director spike lee released a statement how it is possible for the second consecutive year all 20 contenders are white. the #oscars so white is trending again. the revelation after the second year in a row only white actors are being considered for the most coveted award in, snubbed
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for nominations, edris, will smith and bikele b. jordan, the only nominee from predominant black cast is sylvester stallone, who decides the nominee, long held secret. in 2012 los angeles times investigation found academy voters are nearly 94% caucasian and 77% male with blacks accounting for about 2%. the big screen has a lot of catching up to do when it comes to tv where a record 18 black performers got nominated last year for emmy awards. linsey davis, abc news, new york. first african-american in that job, cheryl released a statement saying while they celebrate the extraordinary achievements of this year's nominees, she is quoted here frustrated. >> she went on to say academy is taking dramatic steps to alter
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the make up. >> tyler perry nomination next year, when we come back, we'll get the who got the rose last night. night. the story behind
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time now for the skinny. we'll start with the drama unfolding. >> joining us with the details, senior bachelor analyst. >> we'll get straight to it here. >> 17 women started the broadcast last night, first off we had the one on one date lauren b., she's a fight attendant. she knows her way around, you know, a plane or two. these two, they really hit it off up there. and then when they got back on the ground, they wound up in a hot tub in the middle of nowhere. of course, they did. lauren b. is the analyst picked to get the ring at the end of this whole ordeal. she's going far, she got the rose on the date. >> good thing she packed bikini. >> group date was hosted at the l.a. memorial coliseum over the 1932 and 1984 olympic games, as
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well as numerous notre dame football victories over the years. this had nothing to do with that. the girls were playing soccer. folks, this was not the barclays premier league by any stretch of the imagination. the team with the stretchers wound up winning 4-3. amber got the rose on the group date. now we had the one on one date with jubilee, they took off in helicopter. she wasn't too thrilled about all of that, let's say, but things started to warm up between the two of them. they fly off. there was no sun set, but you get the idea. when they got back on the ground, things really started to heat up. they're back in the hot tub, so jubilee kicked up a bit of a fuss when she got back in the mansion, it's fine, jubilee is still in the house, she's all good, she got the rose. >> lace, she was controversial from the start, you can love her off the show, because she took
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herself out of the competition, so much for lace. all right, so lace is gone. excuse me, there were no roses for jamie and tushana. there were 14 women left. as for the kiss count, it stops at six. so that's pretty good. week three, three words, vegas, baby, vegas, analyst, out. >> all right. pack your bikinis and hot tops, folks. >> there could be rose in the future of rhianna. >> leo and rhianna are sparking rumors. the two spotted together in paris sunday night, eyewitness report sweet moment that includes, yes, a kiss. >> he went from model kelly last hung out with rhianna on february, dancing close, nice. >> as for sunday night, a source says the two arrived at the club
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and i enjoy it. feel the difference with k-y ultragel. ♪ by the time i got to new york, i was living like a king ♪ >> "black star" has debuted at number one. it's giving him his number one ever. he died two days after the album was released. of course, on the heals of his death comes the news of the loss of another giant in the world of music. >> glenn frey, one of the founding members of the eagles has died at the age of 67. complications of rheumatoid arthritis, intestinal issues and pneumonia. >> we're looking back from 1998
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when frey made a passionate acceptance speech during the induction rock 'n' roll hall of fame. >> we got along fine, we just disagreed a lot. tell me one worthwhile relationship that has not had peaks and vallies. you know, that's really what we're talking about, here, and you cannot play music with people for very long if you don't genuinely like them and i guarantee you that over the nine years that the eagles were together during the '70s, over the three years we were together during our reunion, the best of times rank in the 95th percentile. the rest of it ranked everybody dwelled on for a long, long time, get over it. [ cheering and applause ] >> on behalf of all the people,
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we're so lucky to be in shrined with the people we admire, you honor us, therefore you honor yourselves, thank you. >> tribute poignant all over the world. >> celebrities of all stripes have been taking to tweeter. >> "god bless glenn frey, peace and love to all his family and friends". >> simple r.i.p. glenn frey, peace and love to all his family and friends. >> so sad to hear of the loss of glenn frey, the eagles played a great part in my love of music. >> i thought it was called "the eagles" it's actually just "eagles". >> years ago when they broke up, they said famously said hell would have to freeze for them to reunit, it did freeze. >> incredible loss and
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making news in america this morning, final stretch. just 13 days to go until the first voters have their say in this 2016 race. the candidates going head-to-head. trump fumbling a bible verse as the british parliament debates banning the billionaire. major american cities waking up to the coldest temperatures this season and the west coast preparing for another round of rain. we are tracking it all. close call. a driver heading down a highway when a light pole comes crashing through. and king james beaten badly. scuffling with steph curry in the biggest blow-out of his career and the reaction from cavs fans saying it all.


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