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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  January 19, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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leon: first, a stormwatch alert is what everybody is talking about, the potential of major snowfall at the end of the week. alison: we are tracking the models for the timeline and accumulation. before we get there, we are looking at extreme cold and wind chill. right now fromld
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the belfort furniture weather center, the temperatures not quite as cold as last night, but still a chill in the air. outside at this hour, 19 falls church and springfield and centreville, and ashburn. the windchill factor, the wind has eased, mainly in the teens. to the north and west, feels like 2 in hagerstown, 7 frederick. elkins, west virginia, it feels well below zero. mainly clear right now, the clouds increasing through the part ofrning tomorrow, system number one over illinois right now. that will bring us no showers, snow flurries tomorrow afternoon and evening. the main event everyone has been talking about is still well a ways away, just entering the pacific northwest. this will jet across the country and likely bring substantial snowfall as early as friday
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afternoon, friday evening. more on that and what to expect for the upcoming weekend coming up. leon: stay with abc 7 and as we monitor this possible snow event. sign up for text alerts. just go to alison: the big weather headline is the cold tonight, the windchill in the single digits in some spots, but where are the worst places for the icy air? tom roussey is live to explain. tonight i've already got butabc 7 stormwatch shovel, we don't need that tonight. distance a the couple minutes ago said 20 degrees, but everyone who lives here knows that in d.c., it's not the temperature, it's the windchill. on a frigident down tuesday, rock creek was starting to freeze.
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the trees helped protect this manyfrom the wind, unlike other parts in d.c., which is notorious for windchill, but were they were spots? two tried to determine the coldest spot, right along the waterfront of potomac in georgetown. we got readings as low as 12 degrees on this device. that said, i wonder if it's not even colder on the exposed key bridge. we are up on the key bridge to find out. the wind gust of appear, readings as low as seven degrees. we had a sneaky suspicion, however, the hill where the washington monument stands would be the worst because there is always a lot of wind here. right, this is colder, three degrees of windchill. after registering three degrees, we met thompson, how jogging -- in shorts! he says it is not as bad as you
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might think. >> crisp and it feels good. tom: right after we talked to him, we did another windchill reading. -2. live, the person in the distance is bundled up. most of the folks that we have talked to tonight, i have seen some folks walking around in shorts. what are they thinking? i don't know. the focus right now is cold, but it will later turn to snow, the focus will. tom roussey, abc 7 news. alison: tom, thank you. a police are on the scene of a homicide in camp springs. these are live pictures from west village avenue. no word on the circumstances or the identity of the victim. stay with abc 7 for updates. leon: one year after a deadly fire a common effort to prevent another deadly tragedy.
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six people, including four anldren died because of overheated electrical outlet and a dried out christmas tree. richard: they are hoping that a current law stays in place. fire's are required in any new sprinklers-- fire are required in any new homes that are built. exactly a year after the thisble mansion fire, woman still has nightmares. >> there is no way. my life has changed forever. richard: her brother, his wife, and four young grandchildren perished in the flames. the house had state-of-the-art fire detection and alarms, butcolor system. which is why they are in annapolis, meeting with firefighters and lawmakers,
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lobbying to keep a state law in place requiring all new homes to have sparklers systems. >> the fire sprinkler buys time. calls for new bill counties to be able to opt out of the requirement. the delegate says that will add $6,000 to the cost of a new home. >> to go backwards does not make sense. the maryland state firemen's association says a fire sprinkler costs about $30 per month on a 30-your mortgage. since 1992, 700 fires have activated fires in montgomery county with zero fidelity's, but there is a flip side. >> we have had 6000 other fires non-sprinkler residents with 50 fatalities. says that a atf
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sprinkler system may not have not had an effect for the intensity of the fire. there will likely be a heated and emotional debate on the house floor. richard reeve, abc 7 news. right now, the police are searching for a damaged garbage truck believed to be involved in a deadly hit and run crash. a woman was killed this morning on the beltway unforced phil and the driver of the truck that hit her car is on the loose. jay korff has the investigation right now. familyile this victim's is grieving, they are also outraged and they want the trash truck driver to come forward. these people met 20 years ago, had four children, and build a life together in upper marlboro that many only dream of. >> i had the best wife ever. jay: the family was unexpectedly
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torn apart tuesday morning. a garbage truck collided with the pickup truck that she was driving on pennsylvania avenue near 495. into a pole.lammed the 37-year-old mother died at the scene. >> she was phenomenal. she will be missed. her husband said the appearing of support from friends is allowing him to cope, but he is dreading what comes next -- telling his youngest children their mother has died. >> i'm still trying to figure out, how do i explain that to them. that your mom will never walk through that door again. it hurts. jay: the driver of the trash truck kept driving, never stopped. this husband, mourning the loss of the love of his life, is calling on the person responsible to ease the pain. >> i just hope that the person that is responsible for it will come forward and bring closure.
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that's the right thing to do and the only thing to do. jay: the authorities say it is possible because of the size of the garbage truck that the driver may not have realized he hit another vehicle. truck may, the trash be gray with red lettering with possible damage on the passenger side. a truck matching that description, call the authorities. jay korff, abc 7 news. grandparents and twin grandchildren are dead after flames were through their house and prince george's county. the flames were shooting out the windows of the home in chillum. includingle escape, the children's mother. the cause of the fire is under investigation. alison: metro needs your help identifying a flasher. the police say he is known to use the green line and is exposed himself more than once. the suspect frequents the greenbelt station.
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if you have information, metro police want to talk with you. the tro police have arrested the first suspect in an assault on the red line last month -- metro police have arrested for first suspect in an assault on red line last month. a rider was struck in the face of knocked unconscious, one a string of violent metro attacks that are still under investigation. leon: 7 on your side with a consumer alert and a new warning as tax season begins. the biggest phone scam in irs history. almost one million threatening calls were made by people purporting to be from the irs. they say that you have to pay back taxes or go to jail. the on high alert. the irs says it does not threaten, and if they need to reach you, they always send a letter first. palin,n news -- sarah former alaska governor and
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presidential candidate, has endorsed donald trump. said in a statement that sarah palin is someone "he has great respect for." carson torced dr. ben cancel his campaign event. a campaign volunteer was killed in a car crash. iceon said that a van hit and flipped onto its side. carson is traveling to nebraska to be with the victim and his family. he says his heart goes out to everyone involved. still ahead -- a water crisis in flint michigan. the governor gives his state of the state. what he is saying about the water and the lawsuits being launched. alison: jamie foxx may have saved a leon: an inside look at
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unprecedented security measures , back in side
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the prison where you state from. security guards are wearing helmet cameras, motion sensors are checking for underground activity, and the cell floors are reinforced with steel. they are trying to extradite him to the united states for prosecution. alison: in michigan, they have for weeksut water now, the water supply in flint, michigan, contaminated with lead. tonight residents are launching lawsuits. leon: jonathan elias has the developments. jonathan: today the mayor of full it met with president obama -- the mayor of flint met with president obama. the state is under investigation because the city changed its water source from lake huron to the flint river to save money. officials are accused of winning five months before warning the public about dangerous levels of lead. >> i let you down. you deserve better.
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i'm increasing the support from the michigan national guard starting tomorrow to ensure that every home in flint gets visited as soon as possible. jonathan: president obama declared a state of emergency. have filedm families three separate class-action lawsuits. the epa is defending its handling of the crisis. they blame michigan officials for failing to work with federal regulators. it is a mess that is not getting better. jamie foxx has been hailed for a real-life rescue. a man was speeding in los angeles when his car flipped over and burst into flames last night. officers say that two witnesses jumped into action. according to his spokesman, jamie foxx was one of them. april the window and cut the victim out of his seat belt to get him out. the driver was later arrested at
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the hospital for driving under the influence. we have a story to tell. we want details. steve: a lot of new models in the last hour and a half, and it's only tuesday night. , it is at model crushing storm for the metro area. a lot can change and we will keep you updated. hourif you live by a 24- supermarket and you are judging by this model, i would suggest going there tonight to get your best selection of milk and told the paper, bread, all that stuff. this will be a prolonged snow event for the mid-atlantic. 24 right now, the daytime high 28. the average this time of year in 1951.ecord 71 it is cold but not nearly as
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cold as light. 21 leesburg in frederick. southern maryland in the lower 20's. the satellite and radar, not a lot going on at this hour, clear skies, the clouds building early tomorrow morning. the approaching system to the west. .çthis is not the big snow maker that will impact us for the upcoming weekend. ,his will move off to the east likely bringing snow showers in flores noontime tomorrow, but no accumulation. mainlyme lows, 12 to 20, clear and cold, increasing clouds in the morning. tomorrow, clouds increase during the midday, 31, 32 degrees by lunchtime. skies, snowy flurries by 4:00 in the afternoon with temperatures in the middle 30's. where is the big storm right now? will to the north and west come over portland, dipping to the south, across the country the next 48 hours. that should arrive here with
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snow as early as midday, early afternoon friday. it's too early to tell exactly how much we will see, but so much as determined by the tracking of the system and how it moves in. some models have it slowing down, some have its beating up, but this is what we have tomorrow-- flurries night, the quiet before the storm. then friday afternoon, looks like schools, if they choose to open, will have to close early on cancel activities friday night. heavy, heavy snow, especially north and west of d.c. parts of western maryland, they could see upwards -- not measuring and inches but feet of snow. some models suggest this store 36, maybe even 40 hours. the best chance of heavy snow
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frederick, hagerstown, the panhandle of west virginia. this is all subject to change the next couple days. 95, could have mixing, but right now a lot of cold air. mainly a snow event. a lot of questions for southern maryland -- snow, a mixture of snow or rain, or mainly rain. you haveseven days, if weekend plans, probably not the best time to do outdoor activities. i don't think saturday as the day to take down the christmas lights. alison: do it now. steve: middle 40's monday and tuesday. eileen whelan will be in bright and early, doug will be in. it will be a busy week. leon: if you still have christmas lights up, you won't be up to find them. alison: that sounds pretty amazing. keep us posted. erin: maryland started off slow and they do not score in the
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final minutes of regulation, so would they be up to hold off northwestern?
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>> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. games, the 46 capitals are three wins shy of their 2013-2014 win total. playconds into the power in the second, alex ovechkin finds the back of the net, 3-1 caps. later, nicklas backstrom camps out in front. makes it look easy. caps up 4-1 and they go on to win 6-3. arthwestern gave the terps big scare tonight, but maryland approved how good they are. there down two late in
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second, but not for long. trimble, heelo absolutely took over. first, the drive, then the dish to robert carter junior maryland up 1. work so well, why not again. melo trimble to diamond stone. maryland avoids the upset with the overtime win. yas upset number five xavier on the road tonight. hoyas turning on the defense, back to back, the one-man fastbreak. nice job, fellas. later, smith-rivera shows off his range. from nba range. hoyas win 81-72. 13th-ranked virginia hosting clemson. steps back and drains the three.
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he finished with 20. later, the cavaliers showing off nice ball movement. mike tobey with the jam. cavs win 69-62. tissue ready for the patriots-broncos afc championship game. with tom brady and the patriots set to visit denver, antonio called tom brady a crybaby. that is like poking the bear. you don't want to make him mad. pete rose will be inducted into the hall of fame. not that hall of fame -- the cincinnati reds hall of fame. they will also retire his number 14. leon: now he will get all the free chili he wants. coming up, a bold new menu item
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from mcdonald's.
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leon: mcdonald's is making a unique move in the desert realm, their fries covered in chocolate, only in japan. they will be covered in white chocolate sauce.
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they say that the mixture of sweet and salty makes for a harmonious taste. i both said wed would like it. sounds good to us. leon: you let me know. alison: maybe they will del
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alison: the last word? steve: all the models came in this evening and not a good change. and we are hoping they will change a little more, but right now it appears midday friday, some parts of the viewing area, from the south and west, charlottesville towards the district, bwi, that is how it is moving, the heaviest know friday night into the day friday. a prolonged event. eileen whelan will be in bright and early. leon: jimmy
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- zach galifianakis. from "dirty grandpa," aubrey plaza. and music fr w weezer. with cleto and the cletones. and now, you may or may not know, here's jimmy kimmel! ♪ [ applause ]


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