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tv   World News Now  ABC  January 21, 2016 3:00am-3:31am EST

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this morning on "world news now," the major storm slamming the east. >> the winter weather system crippling parts of the midwest and the south. taking aim at the east coast. the nation's capital already feeling it. traffic stuck for hours and the real snow hasn't even arrived yet. >> on the trail with donald trump. now boosted in the polls. he's taking to the road living iowa and enjoying sarah palin's endorsement while the former governor addresses the elephant in the room regarding her own family. trapped underneath. a snow boarder caught florida an avalanche lucky to make it out alive as the snow catches him from behind and nearly buries him. the major risk in the west this season. and a long lost love found. the reunion 70 years in the making for this veteran and his wartime girlfriend. look at that.
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reconnecting on skype well after he stormed the beaches of normandy and why desperately wants to see her in person. it is thursday, january 21st. . >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> hey, everyone. good morning. i'm marci gonzalez in for reena ninan. >> i'm kendis gibson. and to welcome you, i shut point out. >> my goodness. >> got some popcorn for you. >> this -- that's just mean. i actually would probably pick some of this off and still eat it. why is this here. >> it's just a prop. >> keep it there just to get my hopes up? >> yeah, exactly. >> thanks. >> that's typical for me. a lot of people over the next few days will need comfort food because of the weather and then some. the folks in the nation's capital really needing comfort about now. the massive snowstorm is taking aim at i an huge part of the eestsern u.s. this weekend. >> areas that could get six
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inches or more extend from near the mississippi river all the way to cape cod with two feet possible in some areas. more than 50 million people who will see significant snowfall which could bring traffic in the region to a halt. >> here's the deal. it's already had a big impact in the nation's capital. and the big storm hasn't even arrived yet. had the washington, d.c. area got less than two inches of snow last night. it caught commuters by surprise even president obama's helicopter couldn't take off in snow and the normal motorcade that you see here that takes about 25 minutes from andrews took more than an hour. traffic all over the area at a standstill. >> there's just crashes all over the place. it's nuts. this is our news vehicle right here. we've been here for 3 1/2 to 4 hours. have not moved an inch. we're going to walk a little bit and i'm going to show you, i mean, it's just miles and miles of cars in fact, if we go up here a little bit, you can see people are now starting to get out of their vehicles.
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maybe they want to stretch their legs and there's another person who is hanging out outside of his car down here. this is perfectly say. dulles toll road almost at i-66 has not moved for hours. >> that's incredible. >> what a nightmare. >> it's an absolute nightmare. where yea is that highway it's a major highway in the d.c. area. a suburban maryland fire and rescue squad said it was getting one call per minute from stranded drivers. >> wow. >> in virginia, there were hundreds of accidents including at least one fatality. we'll get a live update on the mess in our next half hour. >> and earlier the sneak storm caused dozens accidents we were just talking about in western north carolina near the tennessee border. the problem overnight is black ice. several school districts called off classes or sent students home early. the next storm is about to move into the south and that is the big one. >> that really should be the one that's a problem. we'll get details from
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accuweather's justin povick. good morning. >> kendis, marci and good morning to you, as well. very actub conditions over the middle atlantic states into the weekend. we are concerned about a major snowstorm. low pressure takes a trek to the north and east. on the northwestern flanks, the potential for significant snow amounts. i'm talking over a foot of snow, perhaps even local amounts to two feet in and around baltimore and d.c. kendis and marci, back over to you. >> all right. thanks, justin. forecast is sunny and clear for donald trump at least according to the latest poll numbers. he now holds his biggest lead yet in the latest new hampshire poll. but as abc's tom llamas reports, the first day on the campaign trail for the trump/palin tag team didn't go exactly as planned. >> our vets deserve a commander in chief who will let them do their job and go kick isis ass.
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>> mama grizzly echoing her roaring endorsement for the republican front runner. >> are you ready to make america great again? >> giving her fans some of the greatest hits. >> so no, we're not going to chill. in fact, it's time to drill, baby, drill down and hold these folks accountable. >> reporter: but not everything going as planned. the trump campaign announcing palin would be at a morning rally in iowa, the tickets even promising a special guest. but no sign of sarah. >> we were hoping sarah palin would be here. >> and what happened? no show. >> i was looking forward to seeing her wondering where she went>> and palin's surprises didn't end there. in tulsa, she brought up her 26-year-old son track's arrest this week for allegedly assaulting his girlfriend. >> i guess it's the kind of elephant in the room>> police say track palin threatened to shoot himself with an ar-15 assault weapon, palin revealing her son is coping with ptsd
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saying vets wonder if the president knows what they're going through. >> but my son like so many others they come back a bit different. they come back hardened. i can certainly relate with other families who kind of feel these ramifications of some ptsd and some of the woundedness that our soldiers do return with. >> reporter: the politics turned reality star. >> you can see russia from here. almost. >> reporter: now helping the reality star turn politician. >> you're fired. you're fired. you're fired>> trump grateful though he hedged when pressed whether he would pick palin as his running mate. >> i don't think she would want to do it and you know, i really don't get into the it right now. i don't even think about vp right now. i just want to bin>> putting on a brave face, senator ted cruz. >> i love sarah palin>> cruz's answer to the palin endorsement, two rallies saturday with conservative firebrand glenn beck and this ad.
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cruz in camo, hunting with reality superstar phil robertson from "duck dynasty." >> ted cruz is my man. he fits the bill. he's the man for the job and he will go duck hunting>> tom llamas, des moines iowa. >> hilarious. >> hillary clinton is struggling against glowing support for busy, especially in new hampshire. she appealed to vote erspointing to the trump/palin partnership saying it was up to them to make sure it doesn't become a real-life version of a bad saturday night live skit. she debuted a new ad highlighting her experience. >> the real issue is, who can win the election. who is prepared to do the job. >> sanders responded by saying yes, experience is important. dick cheney had a lot of experience but experience doesn't always mean someone has the right judgment.
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another slump on wall street. the dow ending up losing 249 points after being down more than 500 at one point during the day. the s&p 500 closed at its lowest point in nearly two years. investors are getting more worried about economic growth after oil prices had their worst one-day drop in several months. president obama was sounding upbeat about the auto industry during a visit to detroit. the president said one reason for his stop at the auto show was to look at new cars for when his term ends next year. on a serious note, the president said he was concerned about the water crisis in flint. >> i know that if i was a parent up there, i would be beside myself that my kid's health could be at risk. >> and according to e-mails just released by the michigan governor, his staff initially tried to avoid responsibility for the crisis in flint. a day after doctors reported high levels of lead in flint, children, the governor's top
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aide told him the real responsibility for the city's water issues rested with local government officials. this proved not to be the case since the state treasurer was the official who signed off on the change in water supply. while the auto industry may be doing better in detroit, the school system is not. nearly all schools closed yesterday due to a mario masicout by protesting teachers and the head of the teachers union is threatening another mario masicout for today despite the school district going to court to stop it. the teachers say they are trying to draw attention to the poor conditions of the schools including safety has affords and super sized classes. we've got a startling new video to show you about a snow boarder on a run as he triggers an avalanche. it's bringing some new attention to the dangers on the slopes and it's getting the guy in a lot of hot water. here's abc's clayton sandell. >> reporter: just seven seconds snowboarder christian michael mares' downhill run, an avalanche. >> yis christian?
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>> reporter: narrowly missing trees. tumbling downhill, shaken, but alive. >> reporter: conditions across the west are ripe for avalanches. two people have been killed this week. bringing the recent total to seven. every winter, an average of 27 people die in avalanches. in california, the ski resort says he and his pals were trespassing in a closed area. the local sheriff says mares may be prosecuted. mares says he didn't know the area was closed. the avalanche last week near lake tahoe is in the same area where teams have now called off the search for a ski instructor carson may, missing since thursday. avalanche experts tell us the danger doesn't pass when the storm passes. some areas have seen deadly avalanches triggered in late spring and even early summer. >> and with bone chilling cold and a massive snowstorm for much of the country, it may be hard to remember but last year was the warmest year on record.
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2014 had been the record holder and scientists predict this year will be even warmer than last year. that would make this the first time there have been three record years in a row. so think those warm thoughts as you deal with all this cold and snow. >> in the next couple of days. we'll see. >> so jami keyton a guy in illinois who is making a living off a mysterious medical condition. objects like cans stick to the skin. this is so weird. >> it's so bizarre. >> his doctor says he isn't sick and is in pretty good shape. >> his skin acts like the suckers on the tentacles of an octopus. he says his talent works with any nonporous material including keys, bottles and cell phones and he's making a living entertaining people with this unique talent. how did he first learn this? this is just so fascinating me. >> apparently he learned when he was at a baseball game after he
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shaved his head, he tried to catch a ball, hit into the stands and he said let's go for drinks and he couldn't find it. it was stuck to -- it was stuck to his ahead. >> you're a man with all the answers. he makes a living. he makes like $1,000 a day doing appearances. >> good for him. coming up later, pants that can help you work out smarter and harder. >> but first, will these milk shakes bring all the boys to your yard? they look good but they're going to cost you. see why some think this shake craze is just too crazy. >> and the latest on the oscars' backlash. newest voices to join the debate on raisin including some academy members outraged at what some people are saying about them. also check out our behind the scenes picks on instagram abcwnn. you are watching "world news now." human coronavirus... hepati-
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♪ my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard ♪ >> crowds in new york seem to think so. they're waiting in line in the cold weather as much as two hours to buy one of these. they're foot tall. >> oh, my goodness. >> they do cost $15. black tap restaurant usually has three varieties available at a time. sometimes a seasonal flavor. interest exploded when the owner posted pics on instagram. they look great. >> of course. oh, my gosh, when we were
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talking about this before and i heard $15 a thought that's kind of ridiculous. that's a lot more than a milkshake. that's a work of art. >> take me to the yard. that song is about something else. that song is about something else. we could take this conversation a whole other direction but we'll just move on. there are major changes coming to more than 507 prominent colleges and universities. >> as any recent college graduate or college student knows, the application process, of course, can be overwhelmingly stressful but the tide is about to turn. abc's juju chang explains>> it's nos secret, college applications seem scarier than ever. i recent study showing teens even more stressed out than adults. a new report released by the harvard based group making caring common is trying to tackle the issue. the report endorsed by more than 50 colleges including the entire ivy league says the teens are taught to emphasize personal success rather than concern for others.
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>> achievement is clearly important but it has to be balanced with concern for others and concern for the common good. we can't just reward those who achieve. >> change cag the college application process they say would send a strong message to young people. >> this is the first time in history that colleges have banded together across the country and said that ethical character is important>> m.i.t., one of the reports endorserser has already begun to make changes. >> you changed your essay question to involve community as opposed to some sort of achievement highlight. >> that's right. we want to know how have you affected those around you and made those around you better. because that's important. >> reporter: the report calling for reducing the number of a.p. classes and extra curricular activities even making some s.a.t. scores optional. sherry falco's son chris is shooting to harvard. " can of the track and debate teams he volunteers oodles of hours and takes five a.p. classes.
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>> do you worry about the toll the stress takes on him. >> yeah, he doesn't sleep. you see fatigue. i don't know if he knows how to have a good time. i'm hoping he knows what that means>> juju chang, abc news, new york. >> kendis is still ghouling what that song was. >> let's hope he learns from that. wasn't.
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. >> the direct remember spike lee weighing in on the oscar bab lash. >> he's call the whole controversy a misdirection play as members of the academy take offense as being labeled as racist. here's abc's linsey davis. >> reporter: academy members are speaking out, some defending the now controversial oscar votes. access pennel leeann miller saying to imply that this is because all of us are racists is
3:21 am
extremely offensive. but quincy jones says all-white nominees for the second year in a row is another embarrassing hollywood sequel. >> got to find a solution to fix it because it's been going on too long. >> reporter: oscar winner lupita nyong'o says it has her thinking about unconscious prejudice. and what merits prestige in our culture. while many suggest the academy's 93% white membership plays a role, others suggest looking at the big picture. >> it goes further than the academy awards. it goes back to the gatekeepers. >> the studios. >> yes. what we're making, what we're not making. >> reporter: on monday, the academy president saying they're taking dramatic steps to alter the makeup of the membership. but changing the complexion of the academy will take some time. there are more than 6,200 oscar voters, predominantly older white men and they serve for life. linsey davis, abc news, new york. and this is a big deal.
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for anyone who loves a good love story or who thinks the news is all negative. >> yeah. >> a really nice story here. >> you're into this. >> this is my favorite story of the day. there's a couple who dated during world war ii. they met in london. their romance survived him parachuting to normandy. they ended up breaking up up after the war. well, now, 70 decades later they decided to look each other up and found each other all these years later. this is them having their first skype conversation after all of those years. they talked for two hours and then decided it will be really nice to see each other face to face. she lives in australia and he
3:26 am
lives in virginia beach. people raised money to help them fly to see each other. an airline gave them first class ticket funds now they're going to see each other and spend valentine's day together. >> what did his wife say about it? >> that's a good one. this is a really nice little story. >> it's cute. all right. good. >> you're not feeling love? >> no, love is fantastic after seven decades. take a look at these pants. they talk and they vibrate. they are yoga pants that actually. >> why do they vibrate? >> it's part of this company that's selling them right now on presay. they're by wearable experiments. and when you do did the proper form when your form is correct, it will make the calming ohm. >> what if you do it wrong? what do they say? >> then it's like ooh. >> oh, really? well, then. >> make a completely different sound. i know how much you love the
3:27 am
man bun. >> the man bun is cool. >> it's a look you have rocked before. >> yeah. >> that's a great look. well, now the man bun has some competition. it is the man braid. apparently this is a thing now. the guys are doing. they are braiding their hair. they say it's versatile, it's functional. i don't know. who decides that this is a trend? >> i don't know. >> apparently you do. you're an early adopter of the man braid. i could star in "hamilton." i have seriously worn more wigs than a drag queen on this show. what a deal. >> please do the rest of the show. don't take it off. >> no, sorry. there is no hair after all. take a look at there really cool shot to get me out of this. >> change the subject. >> look at this kid. this is the best trick shot you will see. he scores a basket off his has face. >> ouch. >> that is pretty cool. >> i mean, it's cool how but embarrassing for this kid. he kept on going. i'm going to rock this out.
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>> thank
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this morning on "world news now," going nowhere fast. a traffic nightmare in d.c. as cars and trucks slide all over the beltway. the roads an absolute mess and only an inch of snow and now two feet could be on the way. we're live from the capital. >> and the january stock slump continues. the average 401(k) losing thousands nearly every day this month. but can americans find relief elsewhere as investors hope for a turnaround. >> and new this half hour, cracking down on hoverboards. >> yeah, absolutely. we've seen the dangers of the popular toys which have burst into flames. now the government wants to take drastic action. >> and "star wars" fans will have to wait a little bit longer for their next intergalactic fix as theel


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