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tv   World News Now  ABC  January 22, 2016 2:37am-3:01am EST

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healthy, and with my head held high. i appreciate everyone's support once again. >> convicted by an iranian court of spying and sentenced to death in 2012 he was later retired and given a ten-year sentence on a lesser charge. he spent more than four years in prison before being freed last weekend. >> a lot of excited people to see him come home. greece's coast guard says at least 21 people have died in two separate sinkings of boats smuggling migrants. several have died. a search and rescue operation is under way for more potential survivors. children were among the dead. officials say two human smugglers were arrested right after the drowning. macedonian authorities reopened their borders to migrants and refugees heading north to wealthier european countries but they were only letting in people who stated final destinations were germany or austria. about 1,700 people were stranded
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for up to two days in freezing temperatures at greece's northern border with macedonia. an oklahoma judge is showing no mercy to a former police officer convicted of raping women he was supposed to protect, handing count a sentence of 263 years to be served consecutively. it's a small measure of justice for the victims including the grandmother who turned him in. abc's pierre thomas has the details. >> reporter: former officer led to court in handcuffs and inside receiving a sentence to fit his horrific crimes. his eyes closed in court as a judge condemned him to 263 years in prison. this is him when he was first convicted. >> the defendant is guilty of the crime. >> reporter: bursting into tears, guilting of assaulting and raping eight women during his patrols as a cop. the attacks had gone on for months with many of the victims poor and black, with criminal
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records afraid to come forward. >> i was scared. i didn't know what to do. >> reporter: that was until he abused this grandmother. >> he picked the wrong lady to stop that night. reporter: it was a jury that commended the 263-year ntence. e judge agreed showing no mercy. pierre thomas, abc news, washington. an oklahoma bank president has been shot to death during a robbery attempt. officials say a man walked into the bank and killed randy patterson. another employee was injured. the suspect fled in an suv. he was later killed in a shootout with troopers. scary moments for a workers at the los angeles zoo. one employee fell into the gorilla enclosure while working on a sprinkler system. he was later rescued by the fire department. zoo officials say the four gor ril a gorillas were in their bedrooms and the worker was never in any danger. the workers on the streets of new york city did more than a few double-takes when necessity saw a cow on the loose in queens. >> is this real? >> the runaway bovine -- yeah --
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>> muss have sensed impending doom. police managed to corral it inside a parking garage but not before taking an nypd selfie. >> oh, i hope he escaped. i hope he doesn't have to -- >> that he's not dinner yet. poor guy. >> maybe he just didn't have enough milk for the snowmageddon this weekend. >> but how about that selfie? a slightly more dangerous critter rattling a florida family waking up to find a crocodile in their swimming pool. >> what's wrong with that? >> so the homeowners had just moved from -- south from pennsylvania not realizing they had a squatter. it languished in the pool until wildlife workers came to remove it and return it to its native habitat. >> it's a crocodile. us florida folks they just came to say hello. just keep a healthy distance, that's all. >> i would be moving back
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maedly. >> it is scary but it happens very often in florida, i will say as a resident floridan all my life. >> a whole lot of crazy stuff happens in florida. >> i know. you like to make fun of me for my home state. i stand by that florida and i'm very proud of my state. >> crocodiles. >> i'm not running for office any time soon either. coming up, the woman who finally broke the grass ceiling. >> the grass ceiling is key. >> thehistoric hire. first ever first nfl coach. who is she and how did they do it? that's ahead. breaking the century barrier. the man named the world's oldest working barber. how old is he really and what does he plan to do on his birthday coming up. you're watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by mucinex sinus max. so how ya doing? enough pressure in here for ya? ugh. my sinuses are killing me. yeah...just wait 'til we hit ten thousand feet. i'm gonna take mucinex sinus-max. too late, we're about to take off. these dissolve fast.
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your clever moves won't stop the cold and flu. but disinfecting with lysol can. because lysol wipes and spray are approved to kill more types of germs than clorox. including those that can make you sick. for a healthy home this cold and flu season... lysol that. be set this weekend with two conference title games. by the time the arizona
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cardinals play the carolina panthers on sunday the weather should be manageable. the question is are the panthers manageable? you recall they went on a 123-game winning streak at the start of the season. the patriots are getting out of new england for tomorrow's game in denver. for sunday's game. the pass are always pretty intense in their game prep but especially so for this qb. >> there's no player off our team that i have any more respect for than peyton manning. so, you know, his preparation, his consistency, his skills, i would never, ever underestimate him under any circumstances. >> coach belichick is pumped about it. but manning has had arm trouble all season. he missed six games and has thrown 17 interceptions. it should be a classic match-up between manning and brady. their 17th time going at each other. the nfl is also making some historic news off the field with
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a woman breaking through the grass ceiling and becoming the league's first full-time nfl coach. >> i'm super psyched. i said last year was the year of the female athlete. >> and 2016 is the year of the male athlete. no? >> no. >> kathryn smith is doing great. her promotion comes after more than a decade of dedication to the league and draws her high praise. here's abc's ryan smith. >> reporter: the nfl making history. the buffalo bills tweeting the revolutionary bill. breaking:kathryn smith is the bills' new special teams quality control coach. the first full-time female nfl coach. the new coach started as an intern for the new york jets in 2013. spending 12 seasons with the team working her way up to be an assistant to head coach rex ryan. ryan sending smith his well wishes saying, kathryn smith is going to do an outstanding job, based on her knowledge and commitment. i'm excited and proud of her with this opportunity.
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smith is the latest woman to make strides in the world of sports. just last year the nfl breaking down boundaries by bringing the first ever female ref, sara thomas to the football field. >> put your guard up. >> reporter: the nba making huge strides in 2014 when they hired becky hammond, the first female assistant coach in the league's history. >> i'm just incredibly grateful obviously, for the organization. >> reporter: as for kathryn smith, football and female fans alike all seem on board. with tweets reading, love this and, about time. ryan smith, abc news, new york. >> look forward to the day this isn't news and it's just the norm. >> that's absolutely right. also for women who don't -- who aren't really into the nfl, i would watch these games now just to watch her. i'm quite curious. coming up breaking the century barrier. >> meet the man who has been cutting hair professionally since before the great depression and he's still going strong. that's next. you don't want to miss it. >> announcer: "world news now"
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and get a real job ♪ so over the years we've done a lot of amazing stories on senior citizens remaining active, well into their 90s and beyond. but wait until you meet anthony mancinelli who has been named the oldest working barber in the
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world. >> he lives an hour north of new york city and he's been on the job since calvin coolidge was in office. >> reporter: every barber shop or salon is a community. but not every community has an elder statesman like anthony mancinelli. >> hours don't matter to me. i don't get tired really. just -- i keep going. >> reporter: you're looking at the snips and clips of a barber who's been at this since the age of 12, and just a few weeks, he'll turn 105. what are you going to do on the day of your birthday march 2nd? how are you going to celebrate? >> come to work. >> reporter: his mind and eyes still sharp, his smile still wide. his hands still steady. >> does a professional job. he's a master barber. >> reporter: it's his work at fantastic cuts in new windsor that gives anthony purpose and peace. his 79-year-old son watching on.
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>> it's amazing. it's hard to believe he's still going. he's in better shape than i am. >> reporter: he's already been recognized by the state and by the guinness book of world records as the world's oldest barber. anthony still works at least five days a week. still drives lives alone and still cuts his own hair. >> i cut it last night. how is it? >> beautiful! >> reporter: for more years and through generations of customers, anthony has relied on his hands. as for retirement he relies on faith. >> the only one that holds the secret is the man above. >> reporter: the styles and tools of the trade, of course have all changed, but anthony's simple grace remains timeless. >> oh working, keeps you young. i says it keeps you young. >> reporter: rob nelson channel 7, eyewitness news. >> all right. what a wonderful story. we should point out rob nelson joins us with more on this. you say he's been cutting hair since the 1920s?
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it is time now for insomniac theater. we're pumped about the movies two new movies opening at the box office this weekend. >> rob is going to remain silent. he doesn't want to voice his opinion. >> just look pretty. >> we'll start off with the "fifth wave" starring 16-year-old casey sullivan trying to survive in a world devastated by several waves of an alien invasion. >> looks real. >> the odyssey satellite received images of an object moving past mars. >> it's right over us. >> i want to see. >> i didn't know it then, but that was the last normal day of my life. >> a threat to this location. >> stay with your sister.
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>> the waves have begun. >> start coordinated attacks on melt poll tan areas. >> rot ton toe mate toes giving it a splat. variety's eddy cockrell calls it an effective decent post-aapop liptic young adult world in the balance survival guide. >> that's not bad. >> harry windsor wasn't impressed writing another week another plucky teenage girl with the fate of the world on her shoulders, buffeted by smoldering glances from two strong yet sensitive young men. >> up next zac efron takes his abs on a raunchy road trip with robert de niro in "dirty grandpa." he's tricked into driving his grandpa, a perverted army general to florida for spring break in his fiancee's pink mini cooper. >> can you take my car? i need the suv for the wine.
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>> now, let's get in that giant lady you drove up here in and get out of here. >> you're in daytona beach? >> we're just driving through. >> she's not right for her. if you marry her, you'll be sleep walking through your life. >> as i see it this is our last stand. >> looks funny. "dirty grandpa" wasn't released for reviews. based on trailers even millenials aren't impressed. boomers deserve better than having their lives reduced to post-midlife crisis jokes. and doug norrie of cinemablend says it looks borderline cringe-worthy. what do you think? >> what do you think, rob? >> not good enough. not good enough. >> not even for snow weekend. >> i love the sow sound.
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this morning on "world news now" -- blizzard of 2016. >> the massive storm wreaking havoc in the south as the east coast is bracing for heavy snowfall. thousands of flights already canceled. we have accuweather live with the latest. hillary clinton trailing bernie sanders in early state polls and now going right at her democratic rival. the gloves coming off on both sides as the primary race heats up. >> shocking scene on a busy freeway. a toddler running down the middle of the road. the parents desperately searching and the fast-acting deputy swooping in just in time. making a play for snow day. the students pushing one tv station hard, pretending to be school administrators. plus why this weekend plenty of people will be busy in


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