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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  January 25, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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county connector. according to the building inspectors the sanctuary is nearly a total loss. clearly unoccupied. >> we haven't seen one truck come through here. not even one plow has gone through. this is all foot traffic here. >> crazy, you know. we need to dig out. so they clean only the main street. when they clean it out in the neighborhood. >> we are asking for their patience and understanding. our crews are working around the clock to do this. this is a priority for us. kevin: all new at 5:00, we will take a look at other local buildings that have fallen victim to the record-breaking snowfall. this is another issue out there. a lot of people still haven't had their roadways driveways or the sidewalks shoveled. for more on that, let's go abc7's jeff goldberg in arlington. jeff? jeff: it is a mess for a lot of people in certain parts of northern virginia. like arlington and alexandria
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on the side streets. this is north gasoline we have ston in arlington. not a plow -- galveston in arlington. the county has had people working since friday morning treating the roads, about 250 pieces of equipment all over the county getting things done. there are 100% clear on the main roads. 95% clear on the secondary roads. but only 40% clear on the residential streets. that is the same situation in alexandria more or less. where about 25% on the residential streets. people who live on the streets as you might imagine are frustrated they cannot move. >> we haven't seen one truck come through here. not even one plow has gone through. this is all foot traffic right here. >> it's crazy. we need to dig it out. they clean only the main street. wherever they clean it up in the neighborhood. >> we are asking for patience
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and understanding. the crews are working around the clock to do this. it's a priority for us. jeff: no question about it. if you look at a main road like this, this is completely clear. just looks like a rainy day essentially. but you'd have no possibility to drive onto north galveston. it's a wall of snow. you can't get in here. but in arlington county, saying they are trying to work on this. they hope by tomorrow night possibly into wednesday morning they will have all the residential streets cleared. and the residents say it can't come soon enough. live in arlington, jeff goldberg, abc7 news. jonathan: the longer they wait, they can't now plow the streets. they have to have a skip mover to move it. it's not plowable snow at some point, right? jeff: excellent point. you have narrow element of the streets as well. in arlington and alexandria it's a problem because the veets are so heavy and the streets are narrow you can't have the plows come there. so you are looking at multiple
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piece of equipment to create a longer delay for streets to be plowed. a bigger challenge logistically. jonathan: thank you. more expensive as well. head to d.c. now. classes there canceled. many students rely on federal assistance for breakfast and lunch. michelle: d.c. bureau chief sam ford shows us all the snow didn't stop schools from providing meals. sam? sam: michelle, we are in front of the reed center where the mayor is about to have a news conference. today, ten schools had meals, breakfast and lunch for students who may have missed meals when the schools were closed. when the schools announced the food was available, more than just students came. hungry families showed up as well. at anacostia high they served cheeseburger and carrots. at another high school they served brown rice and chicken. the families came with the children to get a meal and eat it in the blizzard and the aftermath. food supplies for some have stretched thin.
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>> we ate up everything in the house. i'm kind of hungry. this was a good idea. >> they can eat. there is hot food we have for our families and our citizens because we want to make sure that nobody misses a meal while we are under the snow emergency. sam: again we're here to get the mayor's latest. a news conference in an hour. we will back to tell you about the people digging out. and an incident today that caused eight people to be sent to hospitals. i'm sam ford, reporting live from northeast washington -- northwest washington, back to you. jonathan: have they given a time line when they think the schools might reopen? sam: not exactly. i'm thinking we will learn this in the news conference. perhaps tomorrow. i'm thinking more likely wednesday but we will find out. jonathan: all right. sam ford in the metro from northwest d.c. thank you. michelle: as sam mentioned we
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are standing by the news conference from metro. we expect that in the next hour. we hope to learn about the school closures and the trash pickup, something else folks are concerned about. jonathan: we have a few minutes, go to steve rudin in the weather center. we have melting, falling weather going on now. steve: absolutely. nice, slow thaw moving through the afternoon and the evening hours. tonight the only problem we'll see is the potential for fog to develop. temperatures ooze the belfort furniture weather center well above freezing. we are at 44 in falls church. 42 in chevy chase. 42 in gallaudet. the wider view is upper 30's for leesburg and winchester. jackpot area for the heavy, heavy snow. i want to show you satellite and radar. the clouds are increasing a little bit. warmer air will start to overspread the region for the day tomorrow. we look for potential for the fog to develop in overnight hours. winds will ease.
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that will allow the fog development. 37 to 47 under mostly cloudy skies. winds are light out of the southwest at 5 to 10. tomorrow, another day for melting. the only difference is less sunshine and added clouds. with the clouds is a better chance for showers in the and the everything. a big warmup on the way for the upcoming weekend and beyond. jonathan: thanks. for the first time since friday afternoon, planes are taking off and landing at national and dulles. michelle: but the passengers are still fighting delays and consolations. this is a far cry from business as usual there. >> definitely. the board looks good but only if you compare it to the weekend. canceled. canceled. canceled. then an on time.
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probably more than two-third of the place, maybe three-quarters are canceled. but enough of them are on time the airport is busy today. we have folks out here. some o8f them are not sure if they will get out today or not. this is video from travelers dealing with a lot of things. most of these people were not supposed to fly out today. they were supposed to fly out over the weekend but it didn't happen. one of the folks we talked to was a woman who was supposed to start a study abroad if brazil. she was supposed to leave this weekend. she said i'm glad it got canceled. i couldn't have gotten the airport anyway. >> i live in d.c. so the street wasn't plowed until this morning. not too bad. there was a lot, though. >> so back out here live. choosing the ladies at random here. were you supposed to fly out today or over the weekend? >> over the weekend.
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>> when was the original flight scheduled? >> yesterday. >> you are not in too bad shape. are you getting out of here tonight or not? >> hopefully. >> where are you trying to get to? >> dallas-fort worth, texas. >> do you live in this area or trying to get home? >> we live here, traveling for work. >> best of luck. they are in better shape than some people. had to change plans like so many in the lines. reporting live from dulles airport, tom roussey, abc7 news. jonathan: we did crunch numbers for folks. at the open of business, 1,500 flights canceled as a direct result of the blizzard. 244 newark flights canceled. laguardia had 143 canceled flights. dulles, third place. national with 127 flights trapped. that could change. call ahead with the airlines. michelle: we are getting word that the news conference is starting. long in to what metro has to say. >> they have been working
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nonstop since friday. obviously before then. it's a tough job for some of the people. if you were here 36 hours ago, we tweeted out of a photo and it looked like a glacier back there in front of the buses. you know, it's a tough job, a dangerous job also for them. and i know a lot of them are like my -- a lot of thet are helping me dig out. we'll get there. metrorail, because of the hard work from lots of people. as of 3:00 today we had limited service across the system. blue, yellow, green, line. blue line, from largo town center to huntington. yellow from mount vernon square to huntington. the orange to new carrollton. the red line from the medical center to glenmont. green line, to branch avenue we are starting right now from greenbelt all the way to branch avenue. so that takes us up to 779 open stations -- 79 open stations out of 91.
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that is really good. when we get morell keep them out there. when we feel comfortable from the safety standpoint and the service reliability standpoint. on the metrobus side, we are still working limited service today. that means the service will stop at 5:00. pick up people up until 5:00. we will not sending buses out after 5:00. again, that is to be dealing with some of the situations with the roads and keep the customers and the employees safe. we offered today, we started the b-30 service. route up to baltimore. and the 5a. they are on the primary roads. easier to get them going as well. they are running every 30 minutes. tomorrow, metrobus. we begin the normal schedule. service tomorrow.
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starts at 3:30 in some cases. early. we'll upgrade the bus service from the life line to what we call severe. that is 79 routes. 27 in the district. 26 in virginia. 26 in maryland. not only do they serve local routes but they treat the metro. wi have the equipment and the street people ready to roll on that. we are working with the local regions and i want to emphasize how well that has gone. i talked to the department of transportation in the hat-trick, the secretary of transportation in maryland, virginia, and the leaders in the transportation side at the local level. town level. the mayor has been fantastic for us. that help us get the bus service out. metro rail, it will open at 5:00 a.m. tomorrow with service on all lines. all the lines will be served
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except for the silver line. that was the hardest hit area of the region. we go back to regular fares tomorrow. no more free service. park fees will kick in tomorrow as well. you have until 9:30 tomorrow to basically get out for free. a model five weekday schedule. running trains every 12 minutes on each line. where there is overlap it will be more frequent service. we work hard on the silver line but i don't want to commit to that until we are comfortable we'll meet that and do it safely. so we have all the stations open except for five stations tomorrow. that takes it up to 86 of the 91 stations. in terms of the metro access, that service does remain suspended now. we will re-evaluate that in the morning. door to door service. that present its own set of challenges. we'll continue to work that.
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our hope is we get it up later in the afternoon. but until i feel comfortable we're not going to commit to that right now. you will hear more about that tomorrow. finally, before any questions, i do encourage customers to basically go to for the latest information and sign up for the metro alerts program we have. then you can get all the information you need. with that, plan to take questions. [inaudible question] >> some were upset about closing the underground stations because there weren't power outages. what do you say to that? >> sure. we have to think back 48 hours now. at that time if you remember the national weather service was concerned about the winds. that was a big part of the storm. everyone was preparing for across the region. that was a big part of it, of the issue. all three jurisdictions claimed emergency. we don't want to attract people in the conditions like
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that. at some point they are out in the street. the conditions were too bad. i am comfortable it's the best decision for our comfortable and employees. our employees have to get there as well. >> is there a financial estimate? >> he will follow up with you to get that information. there is a financial impact. loss of revenue. but the operation is still here. hauling the snow. that will continue on through clear the end of the week. [inaudible question] >> we have that open now. that is on operational issue. we have easy turn-arounds there if we don't have it
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open. work it through. >> platform, is there anything you want to tell people? >> yes. please, particularly early in the morning and even just when it's wet to be -- i understand the trains come. but take your time coming to the trains as you see them approach. be careful. it out earlier in some of these, you are like ice skating. make sure you take that approach. wait until the bus comes to a stop and then approach the bus. be careful standing in the street. try not to do that. i understand sometimes there are no option but we are trying to get the stops clear before we service them. michelle: all right. you have been listening to a news conference from paul wiedefeld giving us an update on the status of metro. big headlines out of there is that rail service will resume tomorrow at 5:00 a.m. all except for silver line. that was the hardest hit. jonathan: 130 miles of track above ground they had to
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clear. a lot of work. coming up us here at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- school closings. they are coming in now. who is staying home tomorrow and even on wednesday? we'll tell you. michelle: plus, several people taking to the hospital after they were exposed to carbon monoxide. how the snow is putting homes at risk. what you can do to prevent deadly gas from filling up. jonathan: plus, a lot of area roads starting to look a little better. other places, you still can't move. we'll check in with brad bell. michelle: and tian tian couldn't stay out of the snow. video of the giant panda and how the storm was viewed on social media when we return.
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alison: good afternoon. i'm alison starling at the live desk. we are tracking the latest school closings to come in the newsroom. here is what we have. arlington county public schools will be closed through wednesday. no classes tomorrow or wednesday in arlington. prince george's, alexandria, loudoun county public schools all closed on tuesday. that is the latest of the big names we have. they will be scrolling at the
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bottom of the screen. maybe head to, sign up for the school closings text alert. that will get you the latest closing and delays on your phone. we have the updates online at and as i mentioned on the ticker at the bottom of the screen. now back to jonathan and michelle. michelle: thank you. eight people including six children were taken to the hospital after being exposed to suspected carbon monoxide in southeast washington this afternoon. authorities say it was caused by a defective surface, which is why officials say you need to clear snows from the vent of your fur chase, dryer and hot water heaters. clear a three-foot area around all vents and the intake tubes outside of your home. if your carbon monoxide alarm sounds, evacuate immediately. and call 911. jonathan: look at the traffic situation. jamie sullivan is joining us. i imagine that a lot of the traffic is low because people
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are still stuck in their garages and can't get the cars out. jamie: yeah. we see that in many cities. with rein the building at rosslyn. women were looking out the window and we see the crews out there pushing the snow. we have cars still trying to scoot by. that is why we don't want people out there on the roads. it's deceiving. you are seeing pavement and you think it's okay to go owl but we still don't suggest that. crash 395 southbound at washington boulevard. this is an overturned vehicle. this is the bottom of the car. stim in place, 395 southbound. crews helping to clean up. this is why you don't want to be out there. there are still slick spots. g.w. parkway. it was supposed to open at 3:00 p.m. it's still closed and that is till further notice. just northbound spout run to 123. look here. get a look at the crews. this is 66 from vdot trying to push the snow over. a great visual there. again, this is why you should
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stay off the road. brad bell in mobile track 6 and -- mobile track 7 and he can tell you more about why you shouldn't be out there. brad: i have done a lot of driving today and yesterday. i want to show you exactly what you are describing and what we see across the area here. we are on wilson boulevard in arlington, virginia. if you look ahead we are on a beautiful nice clear road. take a look at that in front of us. nice heavy traffic. big piece of heavy equipment. he is scooping up. a as he moves he blocks the traffic to dump the snow out on to the roadway. as we move on up, you will see as we gain speed it looks like we have a lane and a half here. suddenly we are approaching a traffic light. there is no place to go. we have to veer sharply to the right to find one passible area. even here there is about four inches of hard ice in the middle of the roadway. we are kind of going along in
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tracks here to stay on the road way. this is a bill of a mess. you can see the mountains of snow. it's a very busy intersection in the heart of rosslyn. one travel lane right here now. you can see the pedestrians in front of us. that is another issue as well. the pedestrians are getting out and have no place to walk except for the street in many cases. so they are in the way of cars. it is starting to get dark. people are in dark clothing. that is another hazard here as well. the pros have done an amazing job. they are still working hard. it's incumbent on all of us to get out of their way and stay safe. that is a look at the roads. we'll keep cruising around. jonathan: welcome back to florida. i know you got stuck down there. hard to do. 24 hours of snow compressed in 30 seconds. this is a view sent to abc7 from georgetown. thanks to carl johnson for this.
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on 31st street. he had the video going. they started the camera when the snow started friday. finally stopped saturday evening. the snow just kept coming up. he had to take one second to get out and clear the camera, get the snow off the camera. then they showed it. that is a lot of snow. it came down fast. michelle: well edited. i like the streaming they had to go out to wipe it off. winter wonderland out there. steve: yep. cleanup begins outside the building as jamie was saying. there are four or five bobcats and heavy equipments and they are going to town out there. once they get going, they need more. it just takes time. jonathan: amazing. three lanes of major roads are down to one lane. they really need to widen it out. steve: takes time. michelle: getting it done today. steve: the temperatures are working to our advantage. that is a good news. we don't have anything super cold on the way. oh, boy, ocean city, maryland, looking pretty. 39 degrees there.
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winds out of the southeast. closer to home, temperatures are in the 30's well above freezing. 31 in reagan national. same with frederick. 37 in hagerstown. the wind chill factor not a problem. if you're going outside, think about shoveling, take time but also bundle up. it's in the 30s and 40's and you will feel the chill. charleston is 50. 54 in charlotte. milder air to the south of us. eventually it will make it to our area. we have to wait until the upcoming weekend. the clouds are beginning to increase overnight. we have potential for the patchy fog to develop in the overnight and the early morning hours with the fresh snow and the warmer air moving over the cold snow. 27 to 34 degrees. a huge difference in the temperatures tonight compared to what we haved a early this morning looking at the single digits and the middle teens. mostly cloudy skies. the dense fog. winds not a problem.
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forecast tomorrow morning 30 in gaithersburg. 31 in bethesda. around 32 degrees in upper marlboro. compared to yesterday it will feel so much better out there. the future cast shows the clouds rolling in. late days tomorrow, i don't think it will amount to a lot. tuesday morning, maybe southern maryland will see snowshowers. once again nothing expected to accumulate. the skies begin to clear and the sunshine returns. day planner for tomorrow, 34 degrees early on. around 40 by the noontime hour. middle 40's for the daytime highs. extended outlook, i promise the milder air. you got it. 39 on friday. 45 on saturday. 50 on sunday. by monday of next week, wow! 55 degrees for a day time high. that's when the metropolitanning will crank into action. nighttime is just below freezing. but we don't need it to melt all at once. in 1996 there was a huge
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meltdown and all the waters came down. michelle: we don't need that. jonathan: clouds and monday, 55 chance of rain, too? steve: little bit. it will help compress everything. jonathan: still ahead for us update on the damage done on the jersey shore. flooding in some spots very bad. how bad? worse than it was when hurricane or super-storm sandy blew through. michelle: not again for those folks. still ahead in the second half hour, the blizzard 2016 through social media. how we like, shared, retweeted the big one. how we like, shared, retweeted the big one. stip6
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jonathan: want to show you something. this is view from jersey shore in the height of the blizzard. trying to dig out a car. in new jersey moderate freeding still a concern. up to a foot of water poured through the streets there on saturday. the most severe flooding in the southern part of the jersey shore. water level surged over the weekend breaking previous records. that includes super storm sandy. michelle: so many of those folks trying to rebuild again. so hard. so challenging. jonathan: every sometime you see that you have to worry. they haven't built up a wall to block out the ocean for that. in new york city, more than 20 inches of snow fell in some part. that includes times square. they got dumped on. michelle: central park is where they measure it all. elizabeth hur is there. getting around town here can
4:31 pm
get hard enough. let alone there in new york city. i know manhattan fared well in terms of the clean-up, but other boroughs are still a mess. >> let me set the stage. central park, take a look. we have kids out building a snowman. some fayes will are out with sleds. they actually had school earlier today. businesses were back open. officials want people to get back to business. however, officials admit their work is far from over. the scene probably deal with what you are dealing with. you can see the black top is a clear pretty much of snow. but it's this. the side streets and the sidewalks. this is what officials are talking about. ice, and snow, just about everywhere. the pounds of snow piling up at every street corner. officials say they are having crews work around the clock.
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on top of that, they are getting creative. they are offering to pay new yorkers to clear and help shovel all the snow out of the way. they are paying $13.50 an hour for anyone signing up to help the city workers clean all the snow off the streets. michelle and jonathan. michelle: money talks. right? what is it that you think new york did that maybe d.c. did not do that helped this process for new york work out better? reporter: new york city officials and the state governor will tell you it was the travel ban they issued over the weekend. as much as they want to keep businesses open they said in the interest of public safety they actually shut down city and some of the state roads around new york city. for about 24 hours. that gave crews the time and the space to do the work and
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clearing the snow and ice off of major roadways. in doing so, officials say that is why they were able to open businesses and the schools back open today. that even though there might be and certainly will be economic impact to deal with. again, public safety was paramount and they say the plan worked. jonathan: clearly. their schools are back open. ours are a couple days away from that. thank you. michelle: still ahead, we have seen fire trucks get stuck in the snow. is access moving? how are they getting to the hard-to-reach neighborhoods? that's coming up. jonathan: plus, back streets and alleys, some of the only plays you can park in d.c. without getting a ticket are blocked by all the snow. the waiting game goes on. we hav
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announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 4:00". on your side. jonathan: this is the alexandria plow map. take a look. even with a magnificent glass you'd have a hard time to deem which are priority streets for plowing. even on this panel. forget the computer. hard to see the streets. there are a lot of streets all over considered the lower priority. meaning they are not getting plows on them, not yet. stephen tschida takes us across the river to d.c. where a common scene is playing out.
4:37 pm
stephen: it's tough going on the city street. no-going for most alleys across the district. >> we spent a couple hours clearing out the 10 x 15 area. stephen: they focused on this patch of the alley. his garage is at the edge. he is a lucky one. he will be able to free his car from the snow blockade. >> heavy job. a day or two of the snow back there. stephen: the district doesn't plow alleys. for those who have cared packed the snow-filled alley ways the challenge of digging out still looms. >> i have no way to know if they expect to get the cars out or not. assume they won't get out for a while. stephen: with snow like this in alleys across the district, getting vehicles through isn't the only problem. a lot of people in the city keep the trash cans in the
4:38 pm
alley. it could be quite a while before the trash trucks can get through to clear away that trash. stephen tschida, abc7 news. michelle: thank you. our cameras caught cars being towed. now that the blizzard is over you might be wondering how can you find your car? in d.c. you can call the number 311. just have your checkbook ready. ticket alone costs $250. if you are towed, it could cost up to $750 to get your car back. including the ticket. each day you wait the fees will go up. so smart to check on your car. 311 is the number. i would assume have your license plate number handy to point you in the right direction. jonathan: do it sooner than later. michelle: absolutely. jonathan: talk about needing a tow. outside the station, a tractor-trailer could not make it up wilson boulevard in rosslyn. 18-wheels, they were spinning
4:39 pm
and he sat there. he backed up by using apartment building front driveway. interesting way to navigate. he was there for two hours until a massive tow truck was able to give it a drag up the hill. michelle: there was a tour bus stuck earlier today as well. this is the scene we saw saturday. the national guard was called out to help pull an arlington fire truck out of the snow. then later that night our "7 on your side" crew was in mobile track 7 and they helped dig out a fire truck in largo, maryland. emergency crews having to work through the worst of it. still some neighborhoods are very hard to reach. jonathan: that truck had chains on it, too and it had stuck. that gives you an idea how bad it was. michelle: didn't make a difference. diane cho is live in fairfax with how the first responders are prepared for whatever they encounter. odds are they will encounter snow-covered side roads. diane? diane: it is still bad in some
4:40 pm
area. humvee from the virginia national guard working with the fairfax county fire department throughout this. just a few hours ago they had to use it to help rescue a 3-year-old little boy. they are not going on a call right now. they are just going to fuel up at the moment. we are told that the firefighters are got a call that the child had a cut on his forehead. they couldn't stop the bleeding. by the time the emergency responders got there and the ambulance got stuck, the snow is too high for them to get the vehicle on the street that he lived on. the national guard used the humvee to get to him quickly and save time. they got the child out to where the e.m.s. was waiting. >> we were both concerned. i have children at home. i was definitely worried about him. we are working well as a team. and it was, i think it turned out for the best. diane: we are told the child
4:41 pm
is expected to be okay. at the reston fire station some of the guys got there before the snowstorm started and they are still working now. they hope they can finally go home by tomorrow. in fairfax county, diane cho, abc7 news. michelle: real quick, diane. have they said anything about how this is impacting response calls? i guess we don't have her anymore. all right. still ahead -- we take a look at the lighter side of things. the blizzard of 2016 through social media. including new panda video. that is coming up neb at "abc7 news
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michelle: we have gotten thousands of great pictures. measuring the snow. you can see it's almost up to his head there. jonathan: joce sterman in the newsroom with a look at how everyone is sharing online. there are so many creative people sharing with us. joce: a lot of free time. from pigs rescued from the side of the road to the time lapses that took a nightmare of a two-day storm to squish
4:45 pm
it to 20 seconds, social media brought us act of herorism, heartwarming and hilarity in the blizzard of 2016. take a look. the lesson from social media, digging out is no fun from anyone. especially if you're t-rex. short hands dome make for easy shoving. as you can see from the facebook video from alexandria. even when you improvise, it's still frustrating. hey, man, we feel your prehistoric pain. this guy is imitating the panda vibe. imitating the video that went wild. the officers collect evidence of a kiss of cabin fever with no one other dressed as the abominable snowman. humor the key to get through a
4:46 pm
storm that many document every step of the way. check out the time lapse from springfield, virginia, that put the frustration we all felt watching the snow pile up, digging out and doing it all over again. so you weren't happy to watch the white stuff. this guy was. when ryan couldn't go outside to play, nurses at a nov arc fair oaks brought the snow to him. he wasn't the only one shovel ready. the park police tweeting out the monumental task of digging out the national mall. but they may be interrupted for a call to deal with a real monster. snowzilla. forget the car, people. when hi attacks, just run. we gnaw new panda video today. he cannot get enough of the snow. the national zoo is closed but they keep it posted. we are getting competition for cutest on the internet. look at this video. these people taught their dog to do something very important. taught him to use a shovel. man, that is incredibly
4:47 pm
useful. send it to you. jonathan: that is a trick to teach your dog. thanks. abc7 and newschannel8 worked together to provide more than 50 hours of continuing weather coverage. we could not have done it without your help. we got 5,000 pictures and videos sent to one way we could show everyone what it was like in your neighborhood. michelle: by far the most popular video we were able to share came from the smithsonian. tian tian overwhelmed by the snow. the papa panda loved it and you did you. 8 million views on the facebook page. the weather coverage is far from over. keep sending us your big dig-out 2016 pictures and the videos. that is the hashtag to use. still ahead at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- another look at the road conditions. we'll be back with jamie sullivan on traffic watch. mobile track 7 in arlington where some cars are plowed in.
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jamie: welcome back. we're starting off with a look at why i keep saying stay off the roads.
4:51 pm
the cars here, these are the bobcats. in rosslyn near wilson. the issue is they are trying to do their job. you see the pavement but they have to clear it for your safety. stay off the roads. we move to the maps one of the places you can travel is northbound on the g.w. parkway. i was supposed to reopen at 3:00 p.m. between spout run and 123. but it is still closed until further notice. we are seeing more crashes keep coming in. i don't like that. the crashes mean we have too many people out there on the roads. please just stay in. back to you. jonathan: thank you. some schools, they waited until today to let us know about the closures for tomorrow. that is the last minute. that is what they are doing. michelle: we are hoping for a big thaw but we could see more icy conditions. steve: the temperatures below freezing. slightly below freezing in some areas tonight. i don't think it's as big of a problem as last night. this is a cool picture from outer space. great view. step over wall here to show
4:52 pm
you where everything is. this is down at the district. eclipse and the washington monument at the center of the screen. this is near the white house. pentagon here. head up the g.w. parkway this is rosslyn, courthouse, clair don and georgetown and dupont covered with tons of snow. pretty cool shot from way, way above. build your snowman now thanks to lisa gray. a cool picture. that will be there for quite some time. until for a week. 40 in northwest d.c. potomac at 38. hour-by-hour forecast we move through the evening to the overnight. tomorrow morning the temperatures downtown d.c. should stay above freezing.
4:53 pm
fog tonight. the winds are out of the southwest. relatively light. 41 for news time hour. middle 40's tomorrow. take you out with a weekend outlook. 45 on saturday. 50 on sunday. look at monday on the seven-day outlook. 55 degrees for daytime highs. there you have it. the thaw begins and the clean-up continues. jonathan: thank you. comem up next at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- the only way to share where the crews can't get is by air. so we will give you an aerial the crews can't get is by air. so we will give you an aerial wow. the internet is crazy fast here. i know, right? it's so nice to have everyone over. hi hey. mmm. i lst laid an egg. does anybody want it? joey, you want some gasoline? yes, please.
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mom, guess what? i married a clown and we're having tiny little clown babies. mhm. i just bought a hammer. with internet fast enough for everyone, your guests might get a bit carried away. get out of the past. get fios.
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4:56 pm
jonathan: r.f.k. stadium is where all the plowed snow will go in d.c. until it goes away. how long do you think it will take to melt all the snow? the question on the facebook page. we'll have your redictions ahead. for the next day or two, the best way to get a sense of
4:57 pm
what is happening in the harder to reach neighborhoods is from news chopper 7. michelle: it's melting now and collapsing some rooftops. abc7's meteorologist brian van de graaff givings us the aerial tour. brian: the sunrise and breath-taking beautiful scenes from high above. below the brunt of the storm, the aftereffect and the work to be done are plain to see. from the tedious task to clean the metrorail and thoroughly as quickly as possible and the homeowners trying in vain to clear cars from the side street. the task facing the region is gigantic. amidst damage a vacant montgomery county church sanctuary had the roof give way. the weight of the snow too much. fortunately nobody was injured. even the plows are up against it. watch as the plow tried to
4:58 pm
overpower the snow. which responded with what might be described as mother nature's version of a goal line stand. reinforcements were needed. the plow had to be towed. this as folks all around the d.m.v. try their best to get back to normal. some streets are passible. so many still are not. the blizzard 2016 left the memorable mark. digging out has really just begun. announcer: ow "abc7 news at 5:00". on your side. leon: d.c. police chief cathy lanier acting sentiments of the local leaders tonight when she talks about digging out from all the snow after the blizzard here. what a mess out there. alison: yes. the massive storm ended late saturday night. but it will take days and days to recover on the roads.
4:59 pm
of course, at the airports. after about 30 inches of snow all around the region. leon: all right. we know that alexandria, fairfax, loudoun and prince william county schools will all be closed in virginia tomorrow. all other counties saying the schools will be closed tomorrow and wednesday. alison: in maryland, frederick, montgomery, prince george's county school made the call to close as well. we have a list of all the districts we have heard from so far. leon: we have yet to hear from the d.c. schools we know they are closed today. we are starting by from the press conference from the d.c. mayor muriel bowser. she will talk about the clean-up today and the plan going forward. live shot there from the podium. there is no one there now but we will go there when someone shows up. alison: we did learn metro will open at 5:00 a.m. tomorrow. but not all of it. stephen tschida is live at bladensburg at the bus stop in northeast d.c. with details.
5:00 pm
stephen: we heard from metro g.m. paul wiedefeld. he talked about metrobus and metrorail. big progress. 79 of 91 stations are reopened. full service restored to the green line. partial service to all other lines. by tomorrow morning they expect full service on the metrorail except for the five distant branches of the silver line. today they made progress toward healing the snow-crippled metro system. >> because of the hard work from a lot of people, as of 3:00 today we had limited service across the system on the blue and yellow, green line. stephen: metro manager had news for the snowbound people who plan to return to work tomorrow. >> the system will open at 5:00 a.m. and serve all the lines except for silver line. stefs the


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