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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  January 25, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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>> this is the worst snow i've ever seen. >> it's crazy. we need to get out. >> we have not seen a truck come through. >> we have been stuck to an half days. >> it's unbelievable. one minutes a building, the next minute, how did that happen? >> just doing the job until it's done.
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leon: there is a of work to do across the region. ffeet of snow was still piled up as plows try to maneuver into every neighborhood. alison: here are the headlines -- many school staying closed through tomorrow. we have the complete list at the bottom of the screen. we have also just learned the federal government will be closed tomorrow. however, metro will open at 5 a.m. with service on all lines except the silver line. leon: our reporters are checking on the impact and we will be checking in with them in a moment, but first, the cold temperatures are settling in. we are having re-freezing, so let's get right to steve rudin. steve: the temperatures falling well below freezing to the west, leesburg 28, 19 frederick 26 hagerstown. the closer inside the beltway,
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still well above freezing, middle to upper 30's at this time. in terms of the satellite and radar, we have clear skies for most of the area right now, the clouds are beginning to approach from the north and west. those clouds may allow the development of patchy fog. to the west, elkins, west virginia, visibility down to two miles. we are looking for areas of fog to develop through the overnight and into the early morning. the temperatures tonight, 22 to 32. a big warm-up for the weekend. more on that in a few minutes from the belfort furniture weather center. alison: the weight of the snow has been too much for some buildings. emergency crews have been called to collapses all across the region, including several porches buckling in the district. roz plater begins our team coverage in the district tonight. roz: alison, we heard about a
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garage collapsing in the past hour and we found two porches in the same block. this is red tagged by the city. these structures simply cannot bear the weight of nearly two feet of snow. workers clearing a pile of debris is all that is left of this front porch after it collapsed sunday morning. >> we were woken up by the crash. we did not know what was going on. looked outside and the porch had collapsed. roz: it came tumbling down, including the brick column supports. it happened not long after the snow stopped falling and he believes the heavy wet snow from blizzard 2016 caused the whole thing to give way. >> the snow is pretty heavy at that point.
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i think all of it at once sort of shocked whatever it was on the porch and stressed the structure and it came down. roz: he is not alone. that same night, another porch fell three doors down. in this stretch of homes neighbors arg to check their porches and try desperately to remove some of the snow. a square foot of snow accumulation can weigh as much as 20 pounds. he is just happy things were not worse. >> i'm just glad everyone was ok. we were all inside and everything turned out all right. roz: if you are worried about a structure sagging, or if you hear cracking more popping, that is an indication you need to stay away and get some help. a lot of these older structures are here, so you have to be careful and call for help if you need it. live in northwest d.c., roz
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plater, abc 7 news. alison: prince george's county is investigating two deaths that could be tied to the weather. a 60-year-old man passed away after collapsing while shoveling snow outside his home. the police also discovered a man's body in a parking lot as they were clearing snow. across the country, the death toll from the storm stands at 37. leon: emergency crews are hard at work responding to call, one of which was rescuing a woman from a car. she have been stuck there since friday. brad bell is an mobile track 7. what a story. brad: it was terrible, leon. what we are seeing across the county is a mixed bag of road conditions. mobile track 7 this is the lake arbor community, which has been hit by a plow just about once it came through. it made it so it is possible,
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but we are also seeing, as we look to the side, it is not curb to curb and there are many cars very much like this one right there, still buried in snow. it is in one of those that the woman was found. frightening reminders tonight that the blizzard of 2016 is still dangerous. look at this photo provided by the maryland national guard, a car buried in snow in accokeek, a woman inside since friday rescued by guardsmen just hours ago. their vehicle traveled the unplowed road after some of the called for help. >> the snow came down on a side street that had not been plowed. the humvee got to the vehicle and the soldiers got her out. brad: it appears the woman will be ok, koch just and uninjured as she was loaded into the humvee and driven to safety. why she was in the car and stock is not yet known.
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also tonight, the driver of this pickup truck losing control on a route 214 exit ramp. >> next thing i knew i was sliding down the hill. but i'm ok. brad: he sat more than two hours for an overworked tow truck operator to come to his rescue. the reality across the region is that mean roads are oh most all possible, but ramps like this one remain icy and neighborhood streets are no more than 40% plowed. at the prince george's county emergency operations tonight a police for patients. >> it is a long and tedious process. it may take another 24 hours, 36 hours to get to all the roads, but we are making progress. brad: this is a sign of the progress, a cul-de-sac. the plow has made it through here and made one pass. again, what we are told tonight
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24 to 48 hours before they get to all the roads. they are asking for people to be patient and stay off the roads. brad bell, abc 7 news. leon: thank you, brad. an important reminder, clear the snow from the vents of your furnace and hot water heaters and dryer vents. eight people were hospitalized because they were exposed possible carbon monoxide in washington from a defective furnace. clear a three foot area around the vents in the home. if the carbon monoxide alarm sounds, evacuate and call 911. alison: a warning about candles tonight, do not use them four light -- for light if you lose power. there was a fire on kingwood drive in montgomery county with the damage more than $75,000. leon: a neighborhood was
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completely impassable in springfield. the plow that has been contracted to clear it was broke down. one of those neighbors told his story to jay korff, who has more on that. tell us about it. jay: leon, this is awful. the state's responsibility ends around here. around the band is the homeowners association's responsibility. the snow is passed my knee, untouched by a plow. when cars carefully drive into the snow coated springfield subdivision, they are greeted by a broken down snow plow. foreshadowing, if you will, for the thousands of people who live here. >> that is where it has stayed since friday. jay: the plow broke down during the storm. >> four days in the house, we are about going stir crazy. jay: some residents slowly
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digging themselves out but many streets remain untouched, meaning people cannot get home or leave home. >> plan a went down the drain and they do not have plan b. jay: it was not easy to get here. i had to dig out a parking spot and pull in. we trudged up the street. then we were forced to trek through knee-deep snow. >> there is no street. jay: this couple trapped four days ran out of patience. >> it is getting old real quick. jay: the hoa has small bobcat plow supposedly en route but so far the help has not arrived. >> our cars are buried. jay: some folks are running out of food, so they are tracking the close to two miles to the
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grocery store. some are also concerned how emergency vehicles will get appear if they are needed. jay korff, abc 7 news. alison: thank you very much. a reminder, abc 7 is your headquarters for digging out 2016. we were with you 50 hours straight, from the height of the blizzard through the aftermath so stay connected by going to and following us on facebook and twitter. leon: still ahead -- an all-out search for three dangerous inmates on the loose. revelations of how they escaped. jonathan: a short while ago isis was found with blank passports and a machine.
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(phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to kp it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates answer the cl already.
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alison: now the race for the white house. we are one week away from the iowa caucuses, and the democrats held their final town hall tonight before those votes.
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each candidate delivered their closing pitch to voters. hillary clinton wants to build on the progress that president obama has made. bernie sanders says it is time to focus on income inequality. martin o'malley touted his executive experience. polls show clinton and sanders in a dead heat. candidates are logging a lot of miles in their final push in iowa. recent polls have donald trump leading ted cruz. and 14 cadets disciplined at the citadel, this after several appeared in photos with pillowcases on their heads looking like the kkk. the photos surfaced on social media last month. the student said it was part of a harmless get. the discipline ranges from two- semester dismissals to one campus punishment. leon: alarming news about isis. we first reported they may have the ability to make fake
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passports, but the situation is gotten worse. jonathan elias has the latest on that. jonathan: leon, we are talking about an entire industry producing fake passports. the french interior minister said isis has gotten hold of blank passports and a set up a business to create fraudulent documents. u.s. officials with homeland security believe it is possible but says been going on since last summer, meaning people who may have already used these passports to get into the united states. france is requesting a task force be created to catch people trying to enter europe with fake papers. jonathan elias, back to you. leon: right now, an all-out manhunt for three escaped inmates in california. there is a $50,000 reward for those who helped capture these menu are considered armed and dangerous. they escaped from a maximum-security jail friday. it is believed they cut through
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the metal bars, then went through tunnels to the roof, where they used bedsheets to repel from the roof. dramatic video from california, teetering on the edge of these cliffs because of beach erosion. el niño storms have forced an evacuation in this neighborhood in san francisco. thought the erosion of the eastern shore was bad. alison: everybody has issues these days. leon: lots of houses. we have a chance of fog early tomorrow morning. the chances of dense fog, but we get rid of that early on and some rain. alison: and a lot of places are closed tomorrow. leon: is there anything we have not had yet? snow, sleet, hail, fog? steve: it is been five years since the earthquake. alison: oh, no. steve: but that is not weather related. the cloudy skies will keep the temperatures up tonight.
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we were two degrees below average this time of year, and a record of 75 in 1950, that sounds nice. the record low of 3 in 1935. so far this month, several days in a row of below-average temperatures. right now, 27 leesburg, 23 manassas, 32 fredericksburg, 38 degrees andrews. we will: the lower 20's to lower 30's overnight -- we will cool to the lower 20's to lower 30's overnight. charleston, the wytheville indianapolis, that moves to the east tomorrow and we will feel the difference with the daytime highs in the little 40's. visibility beginning to drop a little bit. reagan national airport at nine miles, pretty good right now. elkins, west virginia, into the panhandle, dense fog is just starting to develop.
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we could see that across the media mature area early in the morning. the clouds have overspread showers off to the west moving our way tomorrow. mainly during the afternoon, evening hours. should not amount to a lot. once it is out of here, we could see a little snow shower activity across southern maryland. closer in, capital beltway partly to mostly cloudy skies, nighttime lows, lower 20's in the suburbs, lower 30's downtown d.c., fog possible in the morning. tomorrow, near freezing bethesda, college park, fairfax, upper marlboro. be on the lookout for treated sidewalks that may have refrozen. the temperatures will be above freezing midmorning into the afternoon. the futurecast, clouds break apart and reform in the afternoon. scattered showers developed during the evening rush. early wednesday, maybe across southern maryland, leonardtown waldorf, could have some flakes
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of snow, but nothing expected to accumulate, nothing that will bring major problems. the day planner shows daytime highs tomorrow middle 40's. the extended outlook, the temperatures rebounding just in time for the weekend. it is early next week, 45 saturday, 50 sunday. middle 50's on monday. alison: not bad. thank you. leon: it looks like the wizards hate the snow more than the rest of us. erin: they had five days off because of the blizzard, so maybe that was not good in terms of momentum. their first game back did not go quite as planned.
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>> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. erin: after saturday's game was
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canceled, the wizards hosted the celtics tonight at the verizon center, as scheduled. maybe five days off with too much for the wizards, losing to the celtics tonight in embarrassing fashion. and bad news for bradley beal who has been battling injuries. he suffered a bloody nose after a blow to the face and he is now going through the concussion protocol with a reported broken nose. washington had 20 turnovers. the celtics win 116-91. to the nfl, super bowl 50 is set, peyton manning against cam newton as the denver broncos take on the carolina panthers. that matchup will make super bowl history for the largest age difference between quarterbacks. 39-year-old manning is 13 years older than cam newton. cam newton was only eight years old when manning was selected as the number one overall pick by the colts in 1998.
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cam: for people to not pull in your favor, say it's only a matter of time, the turnout for this, inmates it all worthwhile. but i keep saying it, we are not finished. erin: hopefully blizzard 2016 does not turn out to be a momentum-killer for the caps. wednesday's game against the flyers will be their first in more than a week. what you day with a week off? that is ovie. blizzard? what blizzard? he plowed his driveway and also plowed out his neighbor's. he said there was nothing to do anyways. what a guy. could you imagine? hey, kids, if you want a puppy try this. at an ottawa senators game, the kids held up a sign saying
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bobby, dad said if you score we get a puppy. well, he scored. the family was interviewed after and said they would get a hpomeranian half husky dog. did you have fun in the snow? probably not as much fun as this guy in new york, who came up with this maneuver. nypd did not even stop him. apparently they were ok with it. looks a little dangerous but fun. serena williams reached the australian open semi finals with a victory. that is her 18th straight victory, over maria sharapova. congratulations to serena. leon: that is one of the signs of the apocalypse, when pomeranians are mating with huskies we. steve:
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steve: we don't know how they do that. alison: we are guessing ivf.
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leon: boy, we had too much fun with this. our most popular video from the blizzard, tian tian playing of
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the snow. this it was closed because they are still dating out. alison: i love it. steve: a snow drift.
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alison: what is in store tomorrow? steve: middle 40's daytime highs, showers in the afternoon, upper 30's wednesday. colder thursday. saturday, middle 40's, near 50 sunday. monday, 55 degrees. now that the blizzard is officially over, tomorrow i will wear a tie, leon. leon: jim at milan is next.
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