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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  January 26, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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residential roads. leon: rain tonight. it could complicate things. doug, a lot of rain tonight? doug: warm air or the sunshine. even without the sunshine melt the snow. we will get rain. cloudy outside the weather center. i think it will be e -- i don't think it's heavy enough to cause problems so even a little rain is not good. there are more showers copalling tomorrow. the temperatures in the morning are at or above freezing. there will be spots farther west to get down to freezing or slightly below. in the early mornings the skies will clear.
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pretty, breezy, sunshine. highs are colder than today. leon: this is video that the county recorded. it's the county executive baker taking off in the helicopter to survey clean-up efforts in the county. while up in the air he saw people in temple hills. he ordered them to land and help them out. while he was on a news conference to update us on the response. it was supposed to start at 4:30. but it's now underway. watch it in the entirety on the sister station newschannel8. maureen: the round-the-clock effort to move snow to the r.f.k. stadium parking lot is paying off. this means d.c. public schools
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will open on time. sam ford joins us live from r.f.k. to tell us how the recovery effort stands tonight. >> a lot of trucks have been coming here all evening. i understand there are trucks from as far away as boston coming here to get the money. so far the city spent $12 million on snow removal efforts and they are going on. today d.c. was a dump truck town. they arrived in groups and headed to florida avenue northwest and filled with load after load of snow. there were still streets in the city untouched by a plow. there were collapsed gutters and up plowed snow.
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>> they just kept going. >> some cleaned off the cars. >> with no hope of the plow coming through soon. >> really? >> i'm sure they will. i'm enjoying this forced pedestrian lifestyle. >> there is ontario place northwest where ira lives. >> no snow removal. nothing since thursday. >> there are a lot of streets to be taken care of. >> they are plowing in sectors. they are coming to the parking lot full of snow. they drop it and head out for a load. ome of the snow is placed in by a front end loader.
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>> this is the snow melting machine. the mayor says another one is on the way. the worker here admit it will melt a fraction of snow trucked in here. it will make some room for more snow and the more trucks come in here. again, the city so far spent $12 million on the snow removal effort. there is a lot more work to do. reporting from northeast washington, sam ford. abc7 news. leon: a lot of money and snow. thank you. montgomery county school are closed tomorrow. the crews will clear the bus
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lot. the prince george's school are open tomorrow. any student can go to the four schools on the screen to get a hot meal there. this is available on remember to be the first to know when the child's school closes or is delayed. sign up for the text alerts. sign up on maureen: good news for metro riders. east and the west false church vienna station open tomorrow morning. if the silver line saves closed there will be shuttle service from west fall church. >> it's a challenge to get the
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third rail clear. if it is not clear they can lose contact and become disabled. >> the metro brush service is available on 160 routes. in addition, 32 metro bus school trip are returning on the routes where snow is cleared. leon: cabin fever. our northern virginia chief is standing by in ash burn. you have an update for us since 5:00 p.m. what is going on? >> at 5:00 p.m. this street covered three feet of snow. no way the street is cleared tonight. boy was i wrong.
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>> they brought in the plowers to say patience is a virtue paying off. >> it's no surprise some people are fed up that the street is still buried under three feet of snow. >> everyone has frustration. >> what is more noteworthy is walkway to the bus stop isn't bothered one bit. >> th will get done eventually. >> they cleared most of the main roads but still working on the neighborhoods like ashburn farms. >> this is fun. ready to get back to normal. >> tired of clearing the way for the girlfriend's car. >> that is what we pay for the
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homeowners oh, to get it dug out and go to work. >> but minutes later the call for help was answered. >> it's cleared. what do you think now? >> we are going inside to eat soup and grilled cheese sandwiches. >> they are cleaning the main roads. all the work on 24/7. they are asking for patience soon enough.
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leon: still ahead at 6:00, the folks have a creative way to clear the own roadways. alison: this is a common site. e item we are finding coming up. >> after days of panda videos the national zoo is returning to normal. reopen tomorrow at 10:00. we'll be right back.
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leon: mobile track 7 is out looking for trouble spots to dig out of blizzard 2016. we will get a live report on what the crews found in a bit. maureen: sad story today. maryland family is mourning the death of a 5-year-old girl hit by an s.u.v. while sledding. she slid in oncoming traffic. there are no indications the driver was speeding or distracted. they are on the look-out for sledders, those walking in the street and those hidden by the snow. >> if you walk by the white house chances are you saw her.
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concepcion picciotto died at a shelter. her nuclear proliferation vigil is the longest political protest in american history. coming up next at 6:00 -- >> in prince george's county the neighbors are getting creative to ways to escape unplowed roads. that's coming up. >> the storm watch weather team tracking rain tonight. will it be a nuisance or something to bring ice? we tell
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is t to provide choice the that offer you the best pric,s quality and selection. you can save 30% or more. wegmans family pack. we do it because we're family too. leon: garbage cans and chairs and coffee tables. they are trying to claim parking spots. now legally you have no right to save a spot even if you spend five hours clearing it. unless you pay for a reserve spot anyone can park there if you leave. >> we will shovel it off. while you move it someone else parks there. leon: we see they are using
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it. >> others are making threats. maureen: that is not nice. it's one of many on the roadways. we have more on what else we're finding. chris papst? chris: this road is mildly plowed. we will cross over the st. claire drive. what we have on the front end of this where the minivan is, that is where it stops.
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this just doesn't look good. it is raining so if are driving around make sure you have wind child wiper fluids. we're going through it with the salt on the road and the dirty water. it's rough. have enough wiper fluid. leon: crews are getting help that they might not know about. >> doug wasn't going to let the snow keep him down. >> it is a process.
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he doesn't blame them for not getting to work. >> it's overwhelming. they have to get back to work. >> his isn't the only street not plowed. the neighbors saved way the tire tracks to get out. >> neighbors on the poling avenue neighborly help will go a long way. >> its a great feeling. this only goes to prove what you can do if you collaborate. leon: that was airing and she called in toll us the plws
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arrived on the street. >> they are good to go. >> we have more temperatures and more rain tonight. >> this 26th day of january will go in the books above average. this is good shape. weather will cooperate. it's 50 in winchester. 45 in hagerstown. there is a small opportunity they could see snowshowers when the colder air arrives. but most of the moisture is
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moving out. that is the moisture rushing around. but we are still at the 50 degree mark. mostly the areas of rain. not torrential. but any rain with melted snow is not what we want to see. the skies clear in the morning. that is good news because the air is cooler in the front. we have a lot of sunshine through the day. it's going to turn breezy and cooler on friday but we have some sunshine. above freezing temperatures through the day to allow
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melting. then we check for seven days. this is what we have. the numbers on the good side. saturday is 46. 56 and sunshine on sunday. we will get to sunday showers and 55 turning colder but not colder. stay with us. erin hawksworth has sports
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erin: according to the wizards bradley beale did sustain a concussion. he was hit in the face by the celtics forward. he didn't even travel with the team. the status moving forward is day-to-day. the capitols van played since tuesday. 6 i could be a mow men tell killer to have that much time off, players believe it is a good thing. >> i don't think this should be any different.
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erin: georgetown playing creighton. they had a loss to the blue jays earlier in month and will be eager to get revenge. tip-off is 6:30. leon: all right. maureen: catch up with the doug. doug: talktant rain coming in this evening ahead of the cold front. this will extend to tennessee. long stretch of rain ahead of the cold front. rain showers overnight. the temperatures will drop in the morning. after that we are in fine shape. wednesday and thursday near 40. plenty of melting. we have a rain update. maureen: i love the word "warning." in favor of that. "world news tonight" with david muir is coming up next.
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tonight, the sprint to the finish. six days now to iowa and donald trump and the new poll tonight. why even ted cruz says if donald trump wins iowa and new hampshire, he could be unstoppable. and the question from a young man to hillary clinton about dishonesty. the fbi sting late today. under arrest today. authorities say he was planning to kill dozens here in the u.s. what the plot entailed. a deadly school bus crash. a 22 year veteran principal killed and children injured. a prosecutored chilling warning, calling one s


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