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announcer: now, abc 7 news at noon, on your side. jummy: it was a very chilly morning, and the freeze is about to give way to warmer temperatures. hopefully it will start melting all the snow we see out there. let's get to chief meteorologist jug hill -- doug hill. don't tell it is cold, above -- above freezingd,
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and many spots. 27 in hagerstown, 36 in annapolis, 37 at reagan national airport. through the afternoon, we will be in the upper 30's to lower 40's. we will have more melting, but tonight, temperatures back in the 20's in many areas. see on the screen a cold front, which can bring a flurry or two by tomorrow morning. futurecast, high cloudiness but still plenty of sunshine. we will go overnight and drop into the 20's and most spots, a few snow showers in the mountains and gusty wind develops. we may see some passing flurries, but that will be all. the wind is not a big deal, but they will be out of the northwest, becoming more breezy through the morning hours. 20 mile per hour sustained wind through the day. there is a warming trend, a slight one. we will highlight that in the weekend forecast when i join you in a few minutes. jummy: we also want to get a
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check on the commute. it was a rough morning commute, with federal workers starting on a three-hour delay. jamie sullivan has a check of traffic. we saw yesterday we had a hard time with people trying to get into work, and today, same story. let's begin focusing on where we see the heavy traffic. heading northbound, 295, trying to get closer to the 11 street bridge, the delay begins near national harbour. approachingnd heavy the 14th street bridge because of a disabled vehicle. your speed right now in the single digits on i-295, and then timeout -- and then 10 miles per hour on 395 northbound. colesville road still doing some snow removal. but this is a good idea that you get. for the most part, everything is clear, but we have people now able to park on the sides.
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that is where a lot of the snow removal is. there is some removal going on in bethesda on river road. same thing in roxborough -- same thing in rockville on goldsboro road. that is a look at traffic. jummy: another issue creating traffic problems in the district. abc 7 learned it was not a water thatbut a broken hydrant caused delays near the intersection of calvert street and connecticut avenue in northwest. a snow plow accidentally hit the hydrant. a crew was able to stop the gushing water and and replace the hydrant. nearly week after the big blizzard, neighborhood streets are slowly improving, but many sidewalks are still covered in snow and ice. john gonzalez is in new carrollton, checking on the dig out in prince george's county. and: we have been slipping sliding all day long in prince
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george's county. ice is the name of the game. hard to believe a week ago we were buying shovels and a week later we are still aching out for it the snow -- and a week later we're still digging out. look at the snow here. it is rock hard with the road getting very narrow at times. the county executive says 100% of the major thoroughfares are clear, and the secondary roads were hit aggressively last night. some of those unplowed neighborhoods -- we can tell you this afternoon they are plowed, they are clear, but they are not perfect. we can show you some spots here. this is good luck road on the month drive. no snow, but there is a lot of quicklynd that is turning into ice because of the very cold conditions. where we are standing, you can see the water underneath. but take a look. that has quickly frozen, and that is the problem today -- re-freezing. >> i was expecting for them to put some salt down on the sidewalk, but i guess they did not.
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so as i was walking by, i almost fell over. john: on this end you have the ice, on the other end, you have the massive snow berms. we have seen people doing something very dangerous, standing on the streets waiting for the bus. the county did a good job clearing the roadways. they expected some delays because of this enormous storm grate if you are coming out today, be very careful. it is not back to normal just yet. back to you inside. roads in virginia, the are getting better but still a mess. luckily, many virginia area schools are already close, and some for the rest of the week. jeannette reyes explains why. of notte: it is day five and itin fairfax county,
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has proven to be a controversial decision. the roads here are pretty clean. just yesterday they were covered in snow, but now barely anything on the roads. but the problem is clear roads mean snow in sidewalks. take a look. it takes quite a bit of effort mounds ande snow piles apart. that is proving to be quite a big problem. the school district has said one of the issue is snowed-in sidewalks and bus stops, so a lot of people have to wait on the road so it is not very safe. parents, the reality is you have had your kids at home for five days, and it is harder to keep them entertained. a lot of parents say this is understandable. >> we are running out of things to do, and they have all this pent energy that they need to get out. jeannette: when do you want to go back to school? >> never. it is fun because we can do what we want. jeannette: walking on the street is obviously a danger, but
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something that perhaps is not so obvious is the ice. we have seen this morning because of re-freezing overnight, that is why most parents say fairfax county and prince william county school districts made the right choice. they preparedis for this kind of thing. they have days built into the school year for these kinds of problems. and to keep your school students safe. jummy: while schools are closing, wallets are opening. thousands of people are paying the price for parking in the wrong spot in the district before the blizzard. the city issued 5284 snow emergency tickets. in total, they handed out over $1 million in tickets. that is not including the more than $65,000 in fines. by the way, 673 cars also got towed. abc 7 has been keeping tabs on snow removal, closings, and delays throughout the storm. stay with us for up-to-the-minuteoverage of
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digging out in 2016, and be prepared for the severe weather by downloading our stormwatch 7 app three officers arrested 16's teens after a fight on the red line line. officers made the arrest and had the train stop at woodley park. waldorf,r-old boy from maryland, is recovering from a gunshot wound. police say he accidentally shot himself with his father pulse gun yesterday. thecers responding found toddler wounded and crying. the father told police he had been taking a nap. >> he woke up when he heard a gunshot and found his two-year-old had accidentally shot himself in the leg and the gun was laying nearby. >> it could have been worse. thank god he is still here. jummy: sources tell us the father is a security guard. residents described him as a doting father.
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return to the race for the white house. while new polls show hillary clinton regaining her lead in iowa, nearly all the attention is on tonight's republican debate. kenneth mouton has the latest on donald trump's decision not to participate. kenneth: trump's debate boycott. donald trump: i got a very unfair question from somebody, but i do not talk about that. kenneth: he talked about it on the very network he had it that are public feud with. donald trump: i have zero respect for megyn kelly. kenneth: he wants her out. trump: you can look at it that way, and i for an eye. no -- if you are a christian, that goes out. trump will debate --
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for the democrats, who are clinton and bernie sanders are in a statistical tie in a new nbc marist wall street journal poll. bernie sanders: the energy, the enthusiasm, the momentum is with us. kenneth: the signs of momentum for sanders can be seen throughout iowa. the clinton campaign is watching. bernie sanders wins iowa, he will win new hampshire, and then the race will be in different territory than we ever thought. kenneth: all of the candidates combined have about 30 campaign stops planned in iowa. kenneth mouton, abc 7 news. jummy: we should point out that abc 7's chief political correspondent, scott thuman, is in iowa right now his live reports begin later today on abc seven news at 4:00.
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coming up, the latest on the oregon standoff as the group leader issues a special call. also a live report from the washington auto show. we will take a special look at how the nation is remembering the challenger disaster 30 years later.
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announcer: you are watching "abc 7 news at noon," on your side. jummy: we have a bit of breaking news. the so-called affluenza teen, ethan couch, is in the u.s., landing in texas in the last 30 minutes. his mother, tonya, was found in mexico last month last month,
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weeks after his arrest on a possible ovation violation. tonia couch is back in the u.s. facing several charges. multiple arrests were made in connection with the search for three convicts ar who escaped fm a maximum security is in. they cut through barb wire and scale the prison walls using rope to escape. investigators are trying to figure out how they got the tools. they are also offering a $200,000 reward for any information leading to their arrests. the leader of the armed occupation of a federal wildlife refuge in oregon wants his followers to go home. ammon bundy's plea came after the arrest of three more miller show members. in a confrontation on tuesday, an arizona rancher was shot and killed by law enforcement. us take this fight from here. go home and hug your families.
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this fight is ours for now, in the courts. the antigovernment protesters took over the wildlife refuge nearly a month ago. leftople on believed to be inside several small buildings at that site. today marks 30 years since the space shuttle challenger exploded. 73 seconds after liftoff. nasa is remembering the seven astronauts, along with the and columbia.lo i ceremonies are taking place at the kennedy space center in florida, in alabama, and at mission control in houston. they have shown us that exploration is not without risk, that we can learn from our mistakes and be better for them in the end. jummy: astronauts on the international space station held a moment of silence for their fallen comrades. we will have more on the
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ceremony at arlington coming up tonight on abc seven news. we also want to take a look now at folks having fun at snowshoe ski resort. you can see the sun is out. plenty of snow out there. it is one place that is still happy to have all of the snow. it seems like it just will not go away. school has been canceled all week. autria: it is actually -- doug: it is actually melting pretty well. everything would melt very slowly come about it is melting off, re-freezing tonight, but then for the next unit i do not think we will have much of a re-freeze problem. let's take a live look now at the rockville campus. students back in session there. parking lots pretty clean, definitely on the chilly side, 38 degrees. the mountain snow continues to slowly melt and the wind and sunshine helped to evaporate, too. take a look at the numbers this
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morning. it was cold. seven degrees in frederick, 10 in cumberland. morning,y patches this and again tonight we will be in the 20's with more icy patches. on the longer term, i think that part of the blizzard 2016 will work out well for us, a controlled meltdown. averageederick, below temperatures, below freezing temperatures north and west. areas south of town will make it into the lower 40's this afternoon. we will call for a high of about 43 with increasing cloudiness, sometimes partly sunny, a little bit of a breeze. the breezes will become more of a feature tomorrow with an approaching cold front. rain to the self will miss us -- rain to the south will miss us. there with the some -- there will be some measurable snow on the ski slopes tomorrow. a couple of inches possible at times. we will see a noticeable change in the wind direction. back to the northwest, the wind will get gusty.
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maybe a few flurries through the morning, late morning toward midday. on the western slopes of the mountains. then gusty wind, partly sunny skies through the bulk of the day, and we will be in good shape through the weekend. take a look at the numbers tomorrow, 42, just about average for this time in january. the wind, northwesterly, 10 to 20, gusting to 30. the gusty wind will help drive some of the water off the roadways. as we go ahead to the next seven days, take a look at the numbers. pretty impressive. we will see plenty of warming. notice saturday night, sunday night, and monday night, our overnight lows will be the average highs. definitely a warmer trend coming. look at the daytime temperatures as we head through saturday and sunday. mid 40's on saturday, close to 60 degrees on wednesday. we may even have showers and thunderstorms on wednesday. it would be nice if we could
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just make the snow go away. jummy: thunderstorms -- doug: the weather is up and down, up and down. jummy: the snow and ice is not stopping car enthusiasts from having fun. sam sweeney is at the washington auto show going on at the convention center. hey, sam. sam: good afternoon. so many people out here looking for four-wheel-drive vehicles have -- four-wheel-drive vehicles after the snowstorm. take a look behind me. you can see so many cars just where we are standing right here, and this is only a little part of it. 700 vehicles, more than 40 automakers. the guy in charge of all of this, john o'donnell, has been doing this for 15 years, but this is the biggest and best yet. tell me why. john: there is something for everybody. we always have something for the kids in the fun zone, but this year we are doing painting of corvettes live for car art.
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if you want to see benchley, aston martin, rolls-royce, mclaren. sam: one of the biggest things out here is this auto track, the jeep auto track. you can come out here and take a ride in a jeep like i am going to do. i am told i am the only tv reporter to ever do this. the other person and the trainers is the ceo of jeep. i am the only one to be able to do this. if you come out here you can do this jeep track as well. there we go, we made it. no dramamine required. the auto show is going on right now. you can come back tomorrow at 0:00 a.m. it runs through 9:00. tomorrow, there is a four dollar -- reporting live from the washington convention center --
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horn] i am sam sweeney. horn] i am sam sweeney. jummy: (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey y sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk. it's got a lot of what we were kinda talking about. [mother] yeah but this neighborhood,i feel like the kitchen is light and bright,new. we should definitely go see it. [agent] hi...welcome i'm maggie.melanie.maggie. so nice to meet you. [mother] this is brendan.
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jummy: welcome back. we have a 7 on your side health matters alert. the world health organization is announcing an emergency meeting to discuss the impact of the zika virus. it is spreading explosively around the americas, and the level of alarm is extremely high. the who director general says it will decide if the virus is considered and of national health -- an international health emergency. the meeting is scheduled to take place monday. according to a new health study,
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eating foods rich in flat anoints may help -- in flab venoids may help with weight loss. it found that those with diets noids, some of them lost weight. it is found in red wine and chocolate. who can argue with that? melting snow turning into ice as colder temperatures move back in.
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jummy: take a look at this adorable picture. she is the winner of the 2015 adorable baby search contest perch she beat out more than 170,000 other entrance to become the new gerber baby spokespeople. she wouldn't. the as in 2016, and her parents received a $16,000 grand prize. doug: and all the strange parens she can eat. let's give you a view of the capital wheel. tomorrow a little better, although breezy with temperatures about 42 degrees in the afternoon, maybe a morning flurry or two, then a warm-up for the weekend. jummy: thank
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>> hey, everybody. i hope you're ready for some drama, because with a million dollars on the line, things around here can get real exciting real fast. this is "who wants to be a millionaire." [cheers and applause] [dramatic music] ♪ hello. i'm chris harrison. welcome to the show. you guys ready to play "who wants to be millionaire"? [cheers and applause] good, because our returning contestant is a spunky 26-year-old cheese expert... who's going after the cheddar today. from libertyville-- yeah, i did say it on tv. from libertyville, illinois, please welcome back kristina grosspietsch. [cheers and applause] >> hi. >> bring it in. >> yes! yes. >> i just said that out loud-- "going for the cheddar."


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