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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  January 28, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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sidewalks and things like that. the pedestrian was hit. police did find some evidence in the roadway. it was a side view mirror. silver in color. they believe it was from either a ford expedition or a lincoln navigator. police are trying to find the driver of that vehicle. in the meantime, talking to people out here, they say it is terrifying to be out in the roadway. >> i don't think they're good. i think they can do better job. even. all the businesses. brad: here is the thing. well, take a look here. you can see here another young man walking down in the street. i'm on the unshovelled sidewalk right here. when we come back at 5:00, i'll have much more on the story. i talked to the business owner responsible for this sidewalk and also the fire house that piled up the snow pile that i just walked over. a story all across this area.
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it's a real problem. last night it turned almost deadly. this driver is we're told clinging to life. in hyattsville, brad bell, abc7 news. michelle: dangerous on a busy road like that. thank you, brad. this was the scene tuesday in bethesda when crews began clearing school buses after the blizzard. the buses haven't been used since last week before the storm hit. that means parents have to be home with their children, missing work and looking for something to do. diane cho is live in arlington with some kids. diane? diane: hey, michelle. we are live in front of a bounce house right now. it is harder than it looks to stay upright. with the school cancellations going on this past week because of the snow, parents have been scrambling trying to figure out child care. if they can't work from home, parents have to go with their kids and keep indoor playgrounds in this one in
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arlington busy to get the kids to burn off energy after being cooped up inside for the last week. they are running out of things to do at home. >> a lot of pent-up energy. this is great. they play in the snow, which is fun, but it lasts for like an hour and then there is a lot more time to kill. just doing as much as you can inside. diane: coming up at 5:00, we'll hear from some parents who say they didn't have any other choice but to bring the kids to work today. that is coming up, ahead. for now, live in arlington. diane cho, abc7 news. alison: diane, you may want to wash your hands. i don't know. there may be a few germs in there. just a few. thank you. each area has a different snow day policy. a quick snapshot for you. d.c. took three. that means school officials will now adjust some days in the schedule. prince george's only have four
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days built in and they are now a day over. arlington has ten. four left to burn. fairfax has the most snow days built in with 13. so still plenty left there. michelle: as we are closing in on the weekend, arlington and montgomery county public schools announced classes tomorrow are canceled. alexandria city schools will open on a two-hour delay. for instant updates you can sign up for school closing text alert at or just follow the ticker at the bottom of your screen. we also have a complete list of closings under the weather tab. alison: flowing water in street called backup in northwest washington this morning. it wasn't a water main break but abc7 learned it was a plow that hit a fire hydrant. crews were able to shut the water off and replace the hydrant. but also another reminder today that when it snows make sure you try to clear a path to the fire hydrants that are on your block. michelle: icy spots this morning in the commute. could we see a repeat?
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chief meteorologist doug hill has the first check of the forecast. doug? doug: hey, michelle. we could have a few late tonight and overnight, a few icy patches in the morning but not nearly to the extent we saw this morning. temperatures won't be as cold. cloudy skies outside the belfort furniture weather center. give you a look at alexandria right now. belle haven country club. 39 degrees. reagan national airport. the other area temperature range 43. warm spot in menino and winchester and leesburg. 38le in hagerstown. 38 in annapolis. through the evening, we will hang on to clouds and see temperatures drop to or below freezing in the suburban areas. downtown staying at 32 or 33. more limited refreeze. storminess continues to the south with the storm system bringing rain through florida, carolina. that will miss us a cold front coming through tomorrow morning could give a few snow flurries here and maybe heavier snowshowers or accumulating snow in the western slope of the mountains but most of the day is partly
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cloudy, blustery and gusty winds at 35 miles per hour. highs in the 40's. that is chilly. warm enough to melt more of the snow. we will look ahead to weekend and the next seven days in a few minutes. alison: now other news of the day now. in the middle of the morning rush, a big fight on metro. and now several juveniles are under arrest after passengers packed into trains were held in place there. brianne carter at the galleria place metro station where it started. you just got video from inside the metro station? brianne: absolutely. just released in the last 30 minutes. this happens at the gallery place metro station. 16 facing charges after here. one, two, three, four stops before metro transit police and m.p.d. caught up with them. i was all caught on camera. in rush hour a 35-year-old man, according to the metro transit police, say the man was getting off the train at the gallery place at the same time a group of 30 teens were waiting on the platform to board the train.
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transit police say the man and that group exchanged words. one teen punched the man, the man fought back. a fight broke out. the incident happened so quickly that teams were able -- teens were able to get back on the train. >> it took place 16 to 20 seconds. so quickly. so quick the individuals had time to get back on the train. i stopped up the line by the metro train, police officers and m.p.d. officers. >> brian: the group of teens taken off the train. we understand six males and one female facing charges and are all believed to be high school student. coming up at 5:00, what the general manager has to say about this and concerns about possible growing trends. brianne carter, abc7 news. alison: thank you. michelle: a d.c. dentist in court accused of sexually abusing one of the patients. the office is on n street northwest. he lives in rockville. police picked him up at the
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airport in new york two weeks after the warrant was issued. he is accused of sexual assaulting a patient after the patient was giving laughing gas. "washington post" had a grand reopening at the new headquarters but today was a homecoming. jason rezaian one of four americans held in iraq for more than a year is back from germany and at the "washington post." he spent time recovering in germany with his family before everyone returned home. today he described the ordeal saying the captors told him the post didn't exist and the u.s. government wouldn't come for him. >> i'm here with the very people that helped prove the iranians wrong in so many ways. michelle: he was ultimately released as sanctions on iran set to be lifted. donald trump will be missing
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from tonight's g.o.p. presidential debate in iowa. in his feud with fox news and host megyn kelly, he is refusing to show up. instead, he is holding his own rally. alison: chief political correspondent scott thuman joins us from des moines. scott, could this hurt trump? scott: well, his critics believe it will. but we'll yet to see. in four short days when iowa goes ahead and caucuses. we're on the campus of drake university. behind me people already lining up. barricades, the satellite trucks and plenty of media. this is what you would have expected to seen across the debate. but again, donald trump throwing the political universe upside down. at least for one day by boycotting the debate. instead having his own event here for military veterans. now, a lot of people wondering. what exactly will that mean? some people say it might solidify the position as a
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washington outsider, someone not afraid to buck the system and hold the event at the same moment that the last g.o.p. debate before the iowa caucus is held. it's a bold, gutsy, dangerous move. everyone agreeing on that point. some wonder will it allow someone like ted cruz to take advantage of ore time on stage. he is already attacking donald trump. he put out a snapchat video calling him ducking donald. ducking the big event. there is a lot to consider in iowa. the voters take it personally. and we'll see if they think it's good or not. alison: i heard other candidates are planning to show up to trump's rally. is that right? scott: mike huckabee among them who said i'm on the undercard debate and i'm done by 8:00. i offered to take the empty podium not used by donald
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trump and they declined. i'm going over. i believe in the military veterans. also rick santorum will join as well. alison: interesting. we'll hear more from you at 5:00. thank you very much. great to see you. michelle: on the democratic side of the new round of poll, hillary clinton retaking a slight lead in iowa. senator bernie sanders is opening a campaign office in fairfax county. it's sanders' first in virginia. voters in 11 state including virginia will cast primary ballots on march 1. coming up at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- the oregon standoff just about over. but first, 40 years since the challenger tragedy. alison: we talk to one of the semi-finalists who hope to become the first teacher in space. that's next. michelle: still ahead -- we are getting your response to the snow. as more information comes in, you may want to change the
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grade. who gets a pass on parking tickets. >> the snow arrived in ski tickets. >> the snow arrived in ski
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alison: today marks 30 years since space shuttle "challenger" exploded. 73 seconds before liftoff. below freezing temperatures damaged seals on the booster rocket to lead to the explosion. today the ceremonies honored not just the crew of "challenger" but at apollo 1" and "columbia" as well. astronauts on the international space station held a moment of silence for the fallen comrades. joining us now is a familiar face at abc7 news/newschannel8. dave, and you might remember him from the weekend morning weather. i have known you for a long time but i didn't know that dave was one of the semi-finalists to be on that trip as a teacher. can you believe it has been 30 years since this tragedy? dave: i am watching that and it seems like just the other day. sad anniversary for us. alison: absolutely. dave: we wanted to -- all of us wanted to be the first teacher in space to elevate the profession.
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krista did that. she made teaching something to be admired. alison: so you were in florida the day it happened. dave: i was. the people with long memories, it was very cold in florida that entire week. the day before the launch we went down and we were waiting for it and there were icicles hanging from the shuttle. they scrubbed it. it went the next day. the temperature had risen just some. some people remember richard fineman the physicist that showed the o-ring made of rubber and in the cold they contracted. that was one of the achilles heels. alison: an awful day for everybody. but what was that feeling? somebody who had hoped and could have potentially been on the "challenger." what was it like to watch it happen? day: it was unbelievable. nothing like that had ever happened before. those of us who knew krista personally felt so bad for her
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and the crew members. there was a determination after the shock wore off we wanted to continue and want to go. i was asked that day, would you go? i said i'd go tomorrow. and her backup did fly eventually. alison: what was the process like to become an astronaut? dave: it's a tough gauntlet. there are so many of us who wanted to go. psychological tests, physical tests. wanted to see if there was a fire in our belly to do this. i can remember sitting with krista before-hand. she was determined. perfect example of america's teacher. she had the determination and the courage. you put it in the back of your mind to make history and do something for the profession. alison: you knew her before this because she was a teacher in the area, too, right?
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dave: she was. she was a teacher in prince george's county before she went to new hampshire. she was ours and here for seven years. there are schools named after her. and prince george's give out an award in her name every year for outstanding teacher. alison: what do you think of the shuttle program ending? day: all of us are sad about that. we hope to get americans back to spacecraft. there are kids who want to do this and we want the option for them. alison: thank you so much. we appreciate your insight into this. good to see you. thank you for stopping by.
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get a check of how the traffic is moving. jamie: we start off with what begins to look like normal. this is the afternoon rush. starting to look like normal but that's not good for us. move to maps. on the beltway, in the teens. inner loop as well. we zoom in and southbound d.c. 295 in the 20's. you can see and mostly in the green. chris papst in mobile track 7. see how he is doing. chris: we are 270 heading north. we have a good amount of space between us and vehicles in front of us. traveling about 50, 55, 60 miles per hour between the
4:19 pm
parkway and here. but not too much. there are still roads that have not been plowed. back in that situation. jamie, back to you. jamie: yeah, chris, that is an area we have had the most issues reported as far as the snow removal. let's move to the wave map. another issue that we are seeing pop up. this is in the springfield area i want to talk about the most now. the issue that community is talking about is potholes. yes. we are seeing a lot of potholes popping up. this is an area people are talking about it the most. be careful out there. that is a look at traffic. back to you. michelle: thank you.
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this is what the ski resorts looked like here on christmas eve. some snow but mostly rain. hard to believe how fast that changed. suzanne kennedy shows us now with classes canceled and plenty of fresh poulder, the slopes are packed. suzanne: a season of feast or famine at area snee resorts -- ski resorts. no snow in december theyade them unable to open. this year the resorts weren't even open on christmas. but now see what things are like here. liberty mountain is a beautiful scene. got 26 inches of snow this weekend. with schools out in the washington metropolitan area they are having a busy week. >> it's great for us with people off. people were cooped up and housebound all weekend. when they got dug out they wanted something fun to do and entertain the kids. perfect place to do it. a lot of people have. suzanne: tonight at 5:00, we will tell you what if any concerns the ski resorts have
4:21 pm
about next week unseasonably warm temperatures. at liberty mountain, suzanne kennedy, abc7 news. michelle: we are enjoying the sunshine and warmer temperatures. doug: chillier tomorrow with flurries but don't freak out. only flurries. but ski resorts west of where suzanne is could pick up an inch or two. general theme is a warming trend coming our way. good news. get you started. the past couple of days we show the progress or the lack thereof, plowing the grounds of cardinal rim elementary school in centreville. on tuesday, they started shoveling and they stopped. yesterday, they got the driveway done. but today the parking lot was plowed out. they are slowly getting to every place in fairfax county. making great progress now with help from the warmer temperatures. kids, vacation won't last forever. back to reality for everyone here. the trend i think warmer
4:22 pm
temperatures will take care of the rest of this stuff. minor refreeze tonight. upper 20's to the lower 30's. nothing to extent of the freeze we saw this morning when the temperatures were in the teens. 39 at reagan national and andrews. 43 in manassas. 47 in frederick. that is chilly but plenty warm enough to melt things off. tomorrow morning upper 20's. frederick is like 7 degrees or something this morning. ridiculously cold. but tomorrow with clouds moving in ahead of a cold front, cold enough for a refreeze. not a solid freeze around the area. overnight lows upper 20's to low 30's in the metro area. we'll be in good shape. this is storm we are tracking to stay southeast of the area. rain moves off the coast. cold front will move in. possibility we get through tomorrow morning and in the afternoon here that some of the western slopes of the mountains, ski resorts in west virginia could do well here with a couple of inches. but here only flurries st. temperatures could hit 40, to 42. winds gust to 40 miles per
4:23 pm
hour. we could get afternoon sunshine. so the winds and the sunshine will help dry things out. as we get to the weekend it looks better for us. 42 tomorrow. partly cloudy. blustery through the day. 46 on saturday. low 50's on sunday. a big-time warmup for a few days next week. chance of shower, 59 on monday. 57 on groundhog day. will he see his shadow or not? we'll talk about that in the days ahead. by wednesday, we are in the 60's with the showers and the thunderstorms. 62 might be low. it might be warmer than that. a big surg of warmth coming our way. alison: michelle, you will learn that doug has a special place in his heart for punxsutawney phil. doug: he is my favorite. alison: you'll see. we will talk about hill a lot. thank you, doug. next on "abc7 news at 4:00" -- the oregon standoff comes to an end. the arrest, court appearances and who has been left behind coming up. also coming up before the storm, a warning.
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move your cars from the snow emergency routes. thousands of tickets were issued. well, now some will be forgiven. who is in luck? today at 4:30.
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alison: a shootout. michelle: one dead, several under arrest. now we are close to a conclusion in oregon. leader of the occupation bundy asking those left behind to go home. elizabeth hur reports there are still some who are digging in. reporter: three more protesters under arrest. each facing a felony count of conspiracy. those occupying the federal land in oregon a message from group's leader ammon bundy speaking to out from jail through his attorney. >> i love you. let us take this fight from here. please stand down.
4:28 pm
reporter: bundy was take into custody yesterday and another was shot and killed following a traffic stop. >> it didn't have to happen. we all make choices in life. sometimes our choices go bad. >> authorities so far giving no details about the deadly shooting but this morning conflicting accounts are emerging about how he died. >> lavon finicus, they murdered him. he had his hands in the air and they shot him. >> he charged toward law enforcement. reporter: militants now surrounded by federal agents, local residents echo bundy's plea to his supporters. it's time to go home. >> i'm just kind of upset that bundy and his first didn't listen to the majority of the people. >> reportedly there are five militants out of the compound. for the deadly shooting,
4:29 pm
police say a full investigation is underway. elizabeth hur, abc news, new york. alison: coming up next at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- a new report on use of force in the metropolitan police department. the findings next. >> how well did d.c. handle the blizzard of 2016? we have a totally unscientific sample from eastern market
4:30 pm
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announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 4:00". on your side. alison: the d.c. snow emergency listed 24 hours ago. things were returning to normal there. how are you grading the city? d.c. bureau chief sam ford has your take and then good news for illegally parked during the storm, sam? sam: yes. first, let's get to those illegally parked. mayor bowser issued a statement saying she would void all the $250 tickets for parking on a snow emergency route on friday. that is the first day of the blizzard. and that, in fact, if you had gotten one of the tickets than the city will give you a refund if that is the case. looking back, today, we walk around eastern market and eastern market metro with this sign. asking people to respond how did the d.c. handle the blizzard 2016? >> go ahead.
4:33 pm
>> all the federal -- >> good job on the street. the mayor did a good job as well. >> d.c. never handledded snow well. i'm from upstate new york where a blizzard like this is meaningless. sam: well, we went around and we asked folks how they thought d.c. handled it. i guess you heard the folks tell you how the city handled the blizzard. a lot of criticism. one of the things that was interesting. if the people tended to be from northern cities like say chicago, new york, they were harsher on d.c. if they were from one lady, from argentina. she thought it was magnificent the way the city handledded it. and also the people who live here locally in washington. they were much more positive. mixed reviews. we'll have more at "abc7 news at 5:00". reporting from southeast washington, sam ford, abc7
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news. michelle: it's all about the perspective, depending where you are from. but something that is working in our favor. temperatures. doug: sunshine, even with the chilly temperatures enough to help in the warning. gusty winds help dry it up as well. get you started with a look at the temperatures. 41 in falls church. aspen hill at 41. 43 in dale city. 41 on gallaudet university. 42 in largo. tonight we drop in the 30's. the last time we dropped in the teens in many areas. tonight not as cold. while there will be a little refreeze in the suburban areas mainly. only a few icy patches. tomorrow the next event, cold front coming through. we will see the gusty winds. cloudy skies in the morning. flurries when the front passes through. anything more than flurries will be restricted to the mountains of western pennsylvania and west virginia. where a few inches could fall at higher elevations. in our area, partly cloudy. breezy. the wind gusts up to 30 miles per hour or so.
4:35 pm
in the weekend a warming trend will come our way. we'll be fine shape. look at the forecast tomorrow. plenty of sunshine in the afternoon after the clouds and the morning flurries and the gusty winds. winds gusting at 30 miles per hour. steve rudin will be back for the weekend weather and the seven-day outlook for you in a couple of minutes. alison: thank you very much. across the country, police departments have been questioned on the use of force policy. well, today, a new report was released on the d.c. department actions. stephen tschida tells us what was found. stephen: allegations of excessive force rocking cities such as chicago. baltimore erupted in violence after the death of freddie gray last year while in a police van. in the 1990's, d.c. claimed leading position in police shootings. >> during the period of 1994-1998, officers shot and killed more people than in chicago, which had a police force three times as large and population five times as large. stephen: the department of justice and m.p.d. entered
4:36 pm
into an agreement to bring excessive force under control. now years after oversight ended, a city audit of the department found m.p.d. still is far ahead of other cities. >> there the no evidence that m.p.d. has excessive force problem. stephen: but the audit found areas they need to be more vigilant. among them, chokehold, a move that proved fatal last year. >> there are circumstances where the law enforcements are struggng for their life and they have no other option. in those cases, there is whether or not it was justified. reporter: overall, they believe other departments across the country can learn what is going on here in the district. >> it's an awful lot of work and it takes commitment. but it brings with it the commitment from the entire city to get the job done. chief cathy lanier credit the improvement to the entire city from the financial support,
4:37 pm
from the government, to communities doing their part as well. stephen tschida, abc7 news. michelle: update to a story we brought you as breaking news yesterday at "abc7 news at 4:00". the 2-year-old who shot himself in waldorf, accidentally shot himself. the child's father says he was sleeping when he heard a bang and found him crying. the state's attorney office is investigating and will decide in a week whether charges will be filed. the boy is expected to be okay. alison: breakthrough when it comes to gun laws. republican lawmakers and terry mcauliffe are expected to announce a major deal on gun legislation tomorrow. a spokesman for mcauliffe said it would strengthen some laws and relax others. we'll have more on the big announcement tomorrow. michelle: still ahead -- how much would you pay for a picture of the potato? not the potato, itself, folks.
4:38 pm
the picture of it. the shocking price tag and why it went for so much next. alison: new meaning to barbie body. the famous doll new look as the viewers sound off about this. we'll tell you the buzz surrounding the new options.
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alison: welcome back. this right here is a $1 million photo. it's exactly what it looks like. a potato. celebrity photographer kevin abosh recently pit it up for auction. it went for seven figures. he is known for portraits of the faye maus people. they typically sell for $500,000 but if this is fairfied it would enter the most expensive ever. it was apparently over dinner and a lot of wine, which may help explain what was happening. i also read it was an organic potato. does that matter? michelle: maybe. extra cents for that, i think. moving on, barbie is getting a makeover. take a look at the photos that mattel put out to make barbie
4:42 pm
available in three new body types. tall, petite and curvy. in addition to the original body type. they said in the past it gave girls unrealistic body type to aspire to. alison: we have gotten feedback on the page like this. courtney writes i'm glad dolls are in an assortment of sizes and colors. here are other comments -- alison: the confers continues on the twitter page. find us and follow us and let us know what you think. michelle: still ahead at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- concerns growing over zika as the virus spreads. three things you need to know if you are travel plans and a look at the map of where it is right now coming up. alison: get ready to see this face a lot. who this little child is and
4:43 pm
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michelle: it is crisis mode really for health officials across the world. alison: especially in the americas. all about the zika virus. reporter: the explosive spread of the zika virus impacting families and expect tant mothers across the america. >> the problem hurts everybody. nobody are completely safe. >> in brazil babies born with a birth defect calling brain development. it's believed that the mother veronica contracted zika virus. the disease is on the rise sparking emergency response from the world health organization. >> we need to take actions now. whatever we can do to get it under control, environmental control. reporter: in the u.s. more than 20 people have been diagnosed in several states. 19 cases in puerto rico.
4:47 pm
president obama met with c.d.c. officials at the white house to emphasize need for vaccine. >> we spent an hour talking about the plan for the c.d.c., the type of control, ceremony agendas. reporter: health officials think u.s. cases were contracted abroad. the pregnant women are told to avoid the 23 areas where it's been detected. in el salvador they are asking women not to have babies until 2018. long island resident say he and his wife are having a hard time getting refund on the caribbean cruise. >> it's unacceptable. safety should be paramount. reporter: health officials say the virus is not contagious is less serious for others and usually causing mild symptoms of fever and rash. abc news, washington. alison: a little more information for you here. the c.d.c. has a lot of information on the zika virus.
4:48 pm
greatest concern is for pregnant women or women trying to get pregnant. if you're a woman trying to get pregnant, future pregnancies are not at risk. the virus remains in your body for a week if you get infected. if you are pregnant and you have been to an area where it's pregnant you should see a doctor if you develop red eyes or rash within a few weeks returning. michelle: have you seen the new gerber baby? the spokes baby has been selected. she is the 2015 contest winner. the 7-month-old from michigan. more than 170,000 parents submitted their pictures. imagine a tough job to judge the contest. she will appear in 2016 gerber ads. parents will receive $50,000 grand prize and $1,500 worth of gerber children's clothing.
4:49 pm
alison: wow! what a cutie. michelle: love the face. looks like she is posing. alison: it does. she is ready for her closeup. how about this special delivery? alexandria police officer michael garcia saw a car driving all over the place on duke street and he learned there was a woman in labor inside. no time to get to the hospital. less than a minute later little baby boy was born. so then check this out. there is his reaction at the hospital. after learning mom and baby are doing great. we talked to the brave mom. you are going to hear her interview coming up at 5:00. michelle: ran across my mind, in the blizzard imagine if you are due at any moment, how scary that would be. thank goodness that ended well. alison: he looks really happy. great. michelle: well, the big blizzard also delayed the auto show from opening downtown. but now it is in full swing. alison: our sam ford shows us if you don't -- sam sweeney shows us if you don't like driving in this weather, take
4:50 pm
a spin indoors. >> good afternoon. the snow may have stopped the auto show for a couple of shows but it couldn't stop the four-wheel drive vehicles from getting in the convention center downtown. this is the 74th year for washington autoshow. take a look behind me. 750,000 square feet, 700 cars and 40 auto makers in total. the guy that makes it happen is right here. john, this is the biggest year yet. tell us what people need to come see. >> we have as many cars as you just mentioned co. find your next car at the show. tonight we have roman range from the wrestling world to sign autographs in the public. we have extended our show hours to put up $10,000 prize for somebody coming during the week. ending friday toward purchase of the new vehicle. sam: this is great for the
4:51 pm
family. so much to see. the jeep waiting on the hill. i am the only one allowed to drive this. this is what you can experience if you come out to the auto show tomorrow. doors are open today at 9:00. they will open tomorrow at 10. if you come out on friday it's $4 off if you print a coupon online. at the auto show, i'm sam sweeney, abc7 news. steve: get the car out now and enjoy the snow.
4:52 pm
let's show you the satellite and the radar. the clouds are here for the evening hours. moving overnight it will range from 27 to 37 degrees. 53 for the high on sunday. the bigger picture in the next seven days wow! look at wednesday of next week.
4:53 pm
>> there are areas where they are blocking off the traffic to get through and reopen it. normal top of the beltway. you can see from bethesda to get to silver springs. it's closer to river road that we will see the volume. let's talk about how slow we are traveling. souter loop from the american legion ridge to tysons in teens. then the crash, still in d.c. we have problems with potholes. there are a lot here breach drive and waterside drive. we pull out so you can get an idea of the low traffic.
4:54 pm
that is a look at traffic. back to you. alison: thank you. coming up next at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- not every advertised sale will save money for you. we try to get you to buy more and then save more. how to identify the real deals coming up next. j
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(elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to ep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk. give us a plan.
4:57 pm
have you noticed th two or three or four for deals this year? every store and restaurant in the d.c. area rolling out great deals. it could be hard to buy just one. rather than just give us a sale they are making us buy more to get to the discount. >> we have to buy more than one to get it. >> they want to entice you to buy more. john: at walgreens we found
4:58 pm
dozens of sales if you buy a bunch. mouthwash is two for $11 but $6.25 each. you have to pay more. even grocery stores are getting in the act according to the three for $9 sale of coke you must buy three 12-packs or you will pay a lot more. chunky soup is two for $3 but you must buy two to get the sale. don't get me wrong the deals are pretty good. check out wendy's four for $4. you get drink, nuggets and fries and you get a burger. >> that is a great deal. not many places around downtown you can eat cheap like that. john: mcdonald's running two for $22 deal. burger king is five for $4. but you have to buy more which you may not want to do. the big roll of t.p. is ten for $5. 50 cents each. but do you really need ten? one roll will cost you a lot
4:59 pm
more. the deals benefit the stores because most shoppers don't scrutinize the signs and they will buy one item thinking it's on sale when it's not. so be careful and don't waste your money. john matarese, abc7 news. leon: tonight. blinded by snow piles. abc7 navigates dangerous terrain as fender benders and pedestrian close calls start to rattle nerves. police officers descend on a metro station after a packed train is stopped in its tracks by a melee. the nation pauses to remember the crew of the space shuttle "challenger" 30 years later. announcer: now, "abc7 news at 5:00". on your side. leon: today marks a week since local students have been out of school. alison: it's not all from the blizzard. the storm that dropped inch of snow wednesday? the snow days aren't over yet. arlington, fairfaxare closed
5:00 pm
tomorrow. in maryland, montgomery, bridge george's washington county schools are closed. charles county were already scheduled to be off tomorrow. alison: alexandria city schools will open but on a two-hour delay. d.c. schools plan to open on time. you can see the closings and the delays we have. check it out. one issue for the school system is getting kids to school safely. sidewalks are still cover and they're narrow for the school buses to passed. leon: jeff goldberg is life in alexandria. tough navigating out there, jeff. jeff:


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