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tv   ABC7 News at Noon  ABC  January 29, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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>> now, abc seven news at new non-your side. large water main break sent water gushing into prince george's county early this morning. we are live with details on how it is impacting residents. john? john: the southbound reigns of mitchellville road is -- are , but the water is
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off. that's the good news. caused the know what break, but it is not age. the pipe is only 19 years old. at this hour, you can see the heavy lifting has started. the backhoes have moved in and they are excavating. want to show you some of the video here this morning. this water main broke at around ,:00 a.m., and take a look thousands and thousands of dollars of water gushing out like a water. it crumpled the road just south south ofber, -- just here, shutting them a lanes. and it was a challenge for crews to shut off the water because of the snow. they could not locate the valves or get to it. >> the 24 inch water main, the
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challenge is to find the valves, get the water shutoff, and then you have snow and ice packed on top of it. that's the challenge. john: the water has now been shut off. we were just informed that about 50 customers here, 50 homes are during theer duration of this work, which should last, we are told, four-six hours today. john gonzalez, abc seven news. jummy: what a bummer. we are taking a live look at the nation's capital. butsnow is slowly melting, more is on the way. doug hill is here with the forecast. in the strong cold front area. take a look at the temperatures around noon. well above freezing, low 40's. temperatures may drop but they
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will stay above freezing. some of the puddles will dry up, and that is good because it is going to get cold tonight. reagan-per-hour gusts at airport. a lot of sunshine. this afternoon, we may see bands of flurries. temperatures will drop. winds will diminish. it's going to get cold. doppler radar, snow showers north and west of town. improving pattern for the weekend. we will take a look at the seven day in just a few minutes. jummy: the federal government went back to work on time today, which meant more early-morning traffic. jamie sullivan has a check on the roads. lote: folks dealing with a of snow on the roadway. inside the beltway, montgomery
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county in particular tied up. connecticut avenue experienced of the same and chevy chase down to wisconsin avenue. montgomery avenue, 350 five, removing snow and creating midday backups in the area. as far as the beltway is concerned, lanes are open. getting to bethesda or silver springs, no issues there. in quantico, the roadway is cleared and things have gotten better southbound on virginia 95. back to you. well, the melting snow and ice from blizzard 2016 is assing other road problems well. drivers have to deal with potholes. i am sure you have seen them. some drivers also have to avoid a large sinkhole. reporter: repair crews have been overwhelmed this week alone. seemedest issue was what
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like a sinkhole but was actually a previously repaired water main break. two days ago, a 12 inch water main broke. crews quickly got on scene and patched it up. around 9:30 a.m. along addison road and crown street, crews arrived and patched it up and again. take a look at this video. a very scary scene. one resident tells me he is happy his new car wasn't nearby. quick somebody would be in trouble for that. reporter: we are going to see a lot of these road issues in the coming days from potholes to sinkholes after the blizzard. they are focusing on temporary repairs because cold temperatures won't allow for permanent fixes. jeannette reyes, abc 7 news. jummy: now to a developing
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story. police are still searching for a hit and run driver who critically injured a homeless man. on man was forced to walk the road because snow was piled up on the sidewalk. the vehicle you are seeing is similar to the one that hit him. mirrore passenger side is missing, we are told. we are following new developments in the war on terror. a former computer science dude and accused of communicating with isis will appear in court this afternoon. in best again or believe ardit ferizi stole information on government employees -- investigators believe ardit stole information on government employees. he faces 35 years in prison if convicted. -- campaignto 2016 2016 and last night's debate.
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fox says donald trump demanded $5 million to take part. we recap last night fireworks. boycottingald trump the debate, the new candidate at was under fire. >> i will note that the last four questions have been attacked ted, attack ted, attack ted. >> it is a debate. >> i may have to leave the stage. this stage is stupid, fat, and ugly. now that we have the donald trump portion out of the way -- >> the night got rough. have it't think jeb can both ways. >> meanwhile, the front runner
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held his own event. >> usa! donald trump: i didn't want to be here, i have to be honest. >> and in iowa, he isn't anymore. leave theandidate to state, now campaigning in new hampshire. his absence is a boon for marco rubio. mr. rubio: i am not leaving. >> many candidates say they are taking a second look at marco rubio. a strong third-place finisher would position him well for the rest of the campaign. here would position him well for the rest of the campaign. jummy: an nbc news wall street journal poll gives hillary clinton a three-point lead over bernie sanders. in theup, new arrests california prison break. find out who is now sitting behind bars, accused of helping
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the inmates. plus, a shocking discovery leads to a new response from michigan governor rick snyder. wil
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jummy: lack and checking news around the nation this noon. a woman who -- back and checking news around the nation this noon. tooman who taught english the three prisoners who escaped a prison in california has been arrested. officials believe she had more than a student-teacher relationship with one of the
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prisoners. now we turn to the latest in the flint water crisis and the people drinking toxic water. state workers were provided with water coolers. fromevelation comes internal e-mails obtained by an advocacy group. according to the e-mails, purified water would be provided if public water did not meet treatment requirements. governor snyder denies knowing the coolers. governor snyder: i want to do town halls and answer questions. jummy: pollution caused flints to corrode and toxic levels of lead to end her all of the drinking water happening all ofblood -- to enter the drinking water. happening now, a blood drive to
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honor a fallen officer. he was struck on november 10 during a dui enforcement. today, people will have an opportunity to donate blood in his memory. it is happening at the montgomery county public safety headquarters building in gaithersburg. have announced the first group of presenters and entertainers for the ceremony. the names include whoopi goldberg, benicia del toro, tina fey, and kevin hart. will be performing include lady gaga and sam smith. be academy awards will handed out february 28 on abc seven. the snow is not stopping the fun at the auto show. sam sweeney shares his day to experience. snow is gone and the
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washington auto show is officially open. it's so much to do out here. this is the place to be this weekend. 700 cars in 750,000 square feet. whatever you are looking for, it is here. this year's auto show has it all. the star of the show, the tired of -- the toyota hydrogen car and a fingerpainting corvette. you can drive before it wrapped her simulator. this is the exhibit -- drive the simulator. this is the exhibit that has everyone talking. the last person touching the car gets to keep it. they have not showered or changed their close in near -- their clothing and nearly four days. , they havehey sleep
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to be touching the car. the show runs through sunday night. from cool cars to cold water, this weekend you might want to check out to the maryland state police polar plunge. it's at 10:00 tomorrow morning and it is all for a good cause. the proceeds benefit special olympics maryland. this is video from a few years ago. if you are not brave enough to take the plunge, you can watch for free or just to donate. doug: i did it once. i did it now, there would be someone saying, "charge!" jummy: i have to imagine with all the snow and cold temperatures, the potomac is probably, i don't know -- doug: ice.
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didought i was brave when i it but even then i thought, what did i just do? but it's for a great cause. well the weather outside will at least be kind of -- doug: it will only be 25 degrees. jummy: but no snow, that's what i'm saying. ago, a heavyinutes snow shower came in ahead of this cold front. snow showers will be over the metro area in the next hour or two. here is a look at radar. blue is snow. green is rain. it is based on temperatures. fairfax looks rainy, but there are snow showers. there will be a few more ahead of this cold front. temperatures will drop a few degrees.
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that will be the deal. sunshine in between. gusty wind is the big story. the news with all of this is that temperatures will stay above freezing and we will get sunshine. that will melt more snow and the winds will dry up. we are getting into the teens in some areas. it will be cold overnight and a re-freeze of anything that hasn't even a to. -- hasn't evaporated. a 49 mile per hour gust at bwi. that is a surge of pressure. wind chills will stay lower as winds gust to 35 miles per hour or more at times. coming across the great lakes. we have widespread snow showers. skies continue to clear. our forecast overnight, we get a few clouds, winds will diminish.
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the concern will be that anything that melts today and does not evaporate, those puddles are likely to re-freeze tonight overnight. next fourlook at the days. a nice bounce back after a chilly start. 46 with sunshine. on monday, showers moving through the area. on tuesday, all eyes will be on pennsylvania as the little rat comes out of his touch and they hold him by the scruff of his read the proclamation. showers and thunderstorms, in the 60's on wednesday. jummy: i hope that groundhog sees spring. i'm for that. find out president
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obama's production about the super bowl. and we all know exercise can prevent
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jummy: we are following some breaking news. you see president obama speaking at the white house in honor of the lilly ledbetter fair pay act that has been in place for quite some time. the white house is announcing new measures to help women get equal pay. we will keep you updated on this. any developments will be posted on our website, meantime, the have your
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health matters report. some physicians are prescribing exercise as medicine. a call to action recommends exercise for all patients, calling it one of the most patients prescriptions can receive. now to a groundbreaking dr., featured in the movie "concussion." he believes o.j. simpson is suffering from concussion disease, a disease he discovered nfl players suffered from many blows to the head. the condition can only be diagnosed after death, but the doctor says o.j. shows symptoms of the disease. >> impulsive behavior, bad judgment, criminality. mood disorders. jummy: simpson made the same assertion during his trial.
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the doctor once the case to serve as a reminder for the can as we move closer to super bowl 50, people are making predictions. will it be peyton manning and the broncos or cam newton and ?he panthers that question was put to president obama, of course, and with all the important decisions he makes during the day, even he gave a back-and-forth response. president obama: i think it's great for peyton manning, tour the end of his career, to be in a super bowl again. but the defense the broncos have thes unbelievable -- panthers have looks unbelievable. it's going to be a tough one. jummy: pick a side. the super bowl is on sunday, february 7, in california. doug
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jummy: distracting opposing players at a basketball game is common, but the crowd took that to an olympic level last night. reaction ass the the curtain will reveal the greatest olympian in history. of the game.
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worked. michael phelps teamed up with the asu students for the infamous "curtain of distraction," and it worked. michael phelps is preparing for the upcoming olympic games and helps coach the swim team there. doug: interesting. they: maybe he will do polar plunge in maryland this weekend. doug: you think? a cold front is moving through. the weather will improve over the weekend. 50's tomorrow. maybe even 60's by wednesday with showers and thunderstorms. crazy stuff. jummy: post a video.
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