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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  January 30, 2016 11:00pm-11:31pm EST

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news, firefighters on the scene of a two alarm house fire in takoma park. the officials are just starting to assess the damage. two years later, still searching for justice. the families of a man who died across the street from a firehouse are still angry and unsatisfied. and after a cold and snowy week, the temperatures climbing into the 50's and 60's this week. hard to believe, but devon lucie has the details. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute,
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which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] kimberly: good evening. i'm kimberly suiters. a fire in takoma park and matt jablow is at the scene. how much damage are you seeing at this hour? matt: don't be full by the front of the house which looks pretty good. there was a tremendous amount of damage in the basement on the back of the house. we are joined by montgomery county fire and rescue. a busy night for you. what exactly happened? >> the fire was burning for a while before a neighbor got to the house. one of the first crews that arrived from nearby takoma park attacked the fire, making their way in, zero visibility, and a firefighter fell through the floor. we believe the fire initiated in the basement. the firefighter was able to self rescue, not injured.
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we had 75 firefighters from montgomery county and prince george's county of the scene, made quick work of it. there was extensive damage. the fire burned through the roof floor and the roof. nobody was home or injured. of the homesidents have been away for a couple days? away, the houses and occupied, the fire investigators are working on the cause. they believe it originated in the basement or an area between the basement and first floor. here, it wase got an extensive fire. it is very deceiving, actually. this is a large, cape cod-style house, and very heavy damage. matt: it is still early, but perhaps electrical? >> nothing has been ruled out at this point. i have not heard the calls yet, but any investigation and
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process of elimination, but nothing has been ruled out. ,att: with the snow and the ice as we pan off, the streets still covered with snow, an issue with fire hydrants, getting to the water? >> it was not too bad. there are piles of snow, and often they cover the hydrants. we did not have issues with water supply. we had enough resources here, no water supply issues. , thank you for your time. good work by both you and the men and women fighting this fire. kimberly, back to you. kimberly: matt, thank you. another house fire, this one in loudoun county. several people who live in the house are displaced. this happened on klondike court in brambleton, damage estimated at $350,000.
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prince george's county police are searching for answers in a homicide investigation and capitol heights. the police were called to the 200 block of addison road south this afternoon. they found a man with gunshot wounds in a wooded area near the addison-seat pleasant metro station. he was taken to the hospital where he later died. released hisve not identity, but they are offering a reward of up to $25,000 if anyone if the information -- if anyone has information leading to an arrest. a family calling for more action after two years of frustration and anger. two years ago, cecil mills died near a fire station in northeast d.c. two mayors and fire chiefs later, the mills family say little has changed and current law leaves them little way to get justice. family and friends gathered at engine house 26 on rhode island avenue for a candlelight vigil in his honor. roz plater joins us live. roz? roz: kimberly, they are
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frustrated, as you said, little has changed. they are trying to change the law that would allow them to seek justice on the room. od, we pray that two years later his death not be in vain. roz: the family of seasonal meals -- cecil mills continuing to call for changes. >> i'm still angry. the 77-year-old longtime city employee died after collapsing across the street from a d.c. fire station. investigators concluded five firefighters inside the station new that he needed help but not one of them responded. >> how they can live with themselves, i don't understand it. it's unacceptable to me. roz: one firefighter was suspended, another reprimanded, and the lieutenant in charge retired without facing discipline. the city council passed a law to prevent that from happening again, but another firefighters under investigation, putting in
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for retirement because the fire department had to put him in action. >> if they don't have to follow the laws, what good are the laws? roz: the family filed a $7 million wrong phil death lawsuit, -- wrongful death lawsuit, but the city is protected from negligence. the family is lobbying to get that changed, too. >> this will be here until we take our last breaths, until we get change in the city so no other family has to suffer this type of loss ever again. one more thing the family says needs changing is punishment is decided by a panel of other firefighters. that needs to be changed, they say. roz plater, abc 7 news. kimberly: the post-blizzard pressure is on to clean up snow-covered sidewalks. it has been a week since blizzard 2016, but for many
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residents the snow was still causing headaches. many kids go back to school monday, which means that sidewalks must be cleared. snow-covered sidewalks, parking spaces, and lots are still causing issues and residents are first rated. >> it's horrible. -- the residents are frustrated. >> it's horrible. kimberly: people were forced to wait for parking spots amid the icy mess. we have an early school delay to report, loudoun county public schools will operate on a two-hour delay monday. abc 7 is your school closing and delays headquarters. get alerts sent straight to your phone, go to to sign up. a live look outside, a court evening. nothing like last weekend. -- a cool evening.
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nothing like last weekend. devon lucie is watching the temperatures climb. early morning run? devon: not just yet, but not quite as cold overnight. by the afternoon, abnormally warm for the middle of winter. national harbor, from the belfort furniture weather center, that is a live look showing mostly clear skies tonight. we were actually a degree cooler today than friday, but we did not have the windchill. today, many of you were out for a walk, midday afternoon run. real-time temperature 40 in washington, freezing frederick and baltimore. leesburg,culpeper, may go down, but most of us will be in the mid to upper 30's. that should prevent the re-freeze. afternoon sunday, 62
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monday. tuesday we are cooler, still above average. we will let you know when the warmest day is and how warm we will get, and also groundhog day in the complete forecast. kimberly: a maryland man is in police custody and conneion with the disappearance of a 13-year-old girl. student athower, a virginia tech, was arrested this morning and charged with first-degree murder and felony abduction of nicole lovell. was found this afternoon in north carolina. she had been missing since wednesday. eisenhower is being held without bond. d.c. police need your help finding a missing 11-year-old. destiny haney was last seen thursday night on alabama avenue in southeast. she is 5'3", last seen wearing an identifiable outfit -- a blue jacket and orange shirt and camouflaged pants.
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anybody with information is asked to call the police. thousands of people showed up plunge forke the icy a good cause. nearly 10,000 people participated in the 20th annual polar bear plunge at sandy point state park in annapolis. purchase appends braved the frigid temperatures and jumped in the chilly chesapeake bay. some wore costumes, stuffed animals. they were raising money for special olympics of maryland. their goal was to million dollars. -- their goal was $2 million. the hours are winding down, iowa voters have just a day to decide which presidential candidate to cast their votes for. the new poll hours ago showing the front runners, and how those leads are shrinking. and one week out from the super
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bowl, the nfl releases a shocking new report about concussions.
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tonight in iowa, hillary clinton and donald trump are on top and the latest polls, but not by much. politics des moines register poll is probably the last major one ahead of the iowa caucuses. the democratic race is a withstical dead heat clinton ahead of sanders by three points, which is within the margin of air. donald trump is five points ahead of ted cruz. marco rubio is in third, 15 points behind trump. the latest poll on the same day the new york times announced two important endorsements. its editorial board endorsed hillary clinton for the democratic nomination, and ohio governor john kasich for the republican nomination. the times picked clinton over her top rival sanders because of her experience and quality ideas -- policy ideas.
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they picked case it because he is the only choice for republicans avoiding an experience. police in california have two prison escapees back in custody. three men broke out of a california jail more than a week ago. one surrendered friday in santa ana and provided the police crucial details about his fellow runaways, including the white van that they stole to get away. police afterd the spotting it in a san francisco whole foods parking lot. the police chased down one escapee and found the other hiding in the white van. nfl --ormation from the the national football league releasing an alarming report yesterday, one week before the super bowl. the report says diagnosed concussions increased by 58% playerason, 271 sidelined compared with 206 in 2 014.
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there were 92 helmet to helmet collisions the season. last year, seven high school players reportedly died as a direct result of fort hall-related injuries -- of football related injuries. that is disturbing. devon: a violent sport. it is probably do more to the reporting and they are more on top of it. kimberly: how about the weather reporting. before we get to the temperatures, you gave me a heart attack, said 12, 14 days out -- devon: i have already heard about it on twitter. kimberly: we may have a storm? devon: anything after 10 days in the guidance, we do not even score of the forecast. we do not show any skill with that. ,here could have been something but listen, it will change. kimberly: you when not going to talk about it yet. devon: we have to wait a few
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more days. the turning temperatures are going up. look at national noter, outside right now, that we are still at 40 in washington, so we do not have a hard freeze tonight. frederick, but more, still have to watch out for the slick spots, below freezing. basel the only concerns right now. frederick is usually colder than everybody else come in the valley. the south wind today, a light south breeze. a cool weather pattern, but tomorrow we get to say mild. that is the general idea. mild in the afternoon, plenty of sunshine. monday even warmer then sunday, but a couple showers coming back in. coming in close, the specific temperatures, overnight into the morning, above freezing in many spots, winchester, downtown
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baltimore, manassas, culpeper may be slick. sunshine tomorrow, the northwest zones in the 50 degree range. charles town, martinsburg, berkeley springs, 52, 56 is my forecast washington metro, 61 fredericksburg, pushing 60 culpeper. that is sunday. monday, we could get showers in the early morning. the afternoon, evening is more likely. 62 the high temperature, absolutely spectacular. the overnight temperatures above freezing sunday into monday. monday and into tuesday and wednesday as well as top the abc 7 skycast 56 in the afternoon sunday, a beautiful day. the seven-day forecast has wednesday is the most likeliest round of rain with a possible thunderstorm. --ks at tony phil punxsutawney phil getting ready for groundhog day.
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it is when he does not see his shadow, that is when we have the early spring. years, he has only done that about 15% of the time. kimberly: i think that is why they phrase it that way. the opposite of what you might think. does not make any sense that serena lost. robert: you heard her say it, i'm not a robot. she is human. kimberly: she is a machine, but she is still human. robert: the wizards on the road against the rockets. plus, georgetown was at home. sports is coming up. at wegmans we believe the best way to help you
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desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. robert: the wizards on the road against the rockets, head coach randy wittman with a heavy heart on the sideline after finding out his older brother died unexpectedly. this went down to the wire.
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late in the fourth, john wall launches the three. wall finished with 19. eight seconds left, james harden with the inbound pass, drives, too hard off the glass, no good. wiz win 123-122. at college level, the hoyas home hosting 10th-ranked providence. in the second half, georgetown trailed by 12, but fought back. , he cannot that, but bradley hayes is there. 44-43 providence. less than three minutes to go, the friars still up. 73-69.own loses, tough matchup, uva-louisville. cavs doing what they do best,
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defense. they lead at the half. second half, virginia cruising now. path, -- bounce pass. virginia hands louisville the first loss, 63-47. pace tos women are on win a big ten regular-season for a second straight year. today, indiana. >> you have to be ready to play. we need 40 great minutes to protect our house today. here we go. robert: you got it, brenda. they were on fire. from the top of the key, drains it. maryland shot 54% from the field. should to larry walker-kimbrough led the terps with 16, her only three of the game right there, cash. 19-2 on theoves to
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season. serena williams seems like a robot when she is playing, but she is not a robot, she is human. at the australian open, taking on angeli kerber. serena looked nervous in the first, losing in the first. she moved kerber all around the court in the second match. serena takes the second set, 6-3. third set, kerber has matchpoint. 6-4,r pulls off the upset, 3-6, 6-4. hockey, the nhl all-star skills competition. , includingtars braden holtby. competition. nice cowboy hat. he also tried shooting the puck. a degree of difficulty since the fans vote for the winner. he is a lefty, tried to go
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brady. -- try to go righty. just stick to what you know. get it, "stick to what you know"? and stay with us for your fix of sports. kimberly: who won? robert: the slap shot contest? kimberly: we will find out. robert: we have to look that up. kimberly: you have seen bad tattoos, but what about this?
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