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tv   ABC7 News Weekly  ABC  January 30, 2016 11:30pm-12:01am EST

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that carriedget away. some will do it, though. tomorrow will feel great, 56. wednesday is the warmest day, 64, with a chance of a thunderstorm. tomorrow morning, news channel 8, josh knight will be talking about the next round of rain. kimberly: we have 28 more minutes of awesome news, kimberly: we have 28 more minutes of awesome news, we
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kimberly: less than two days away from the first presidential preference contest, as some call it. are all over iowa, trying to convince undecided voters they should be in the white house one year from now. brady hit has more.
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>> ted has a big problem. other people have big problems. reporter: it's down to the wire in iowa. >> if you see a candidate who washington embraces, run and hide. cruz and with ted marco clashing before the caucuses. has decided to run a deceitful campaign. people see through that. bio running a half-hour tv special in iowa this week and is the other gop candidates crisscrossed the state. >> he has never been through a crisis. reporter: hillary clinton is bringing out the big guns. her entire family out on the campaign trail. but she is not addressing friday's announcement from the ,tate department declaring 22 of her e-mail on her private server top-secret. >> the question of the primary
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mine for it under ability to be elected. >> i believe that democracy is one person, one vote. not billionaires buying elections. reporter: iowa caucus goers are getting blasted with nonstop campaign ads on television. millions is being spent to try to court undecided voters. people who wowed up in accidents or abandon their cars during the recent blizzard were at area telling lots to pick up their vehicles and pay their bills. kellye lynn talk to a driver who helped clear the roads who found himself a victim of the massive snowstorm cleanup. kellye: many of the cars on this tow lot in falls church are casualties of the blizzard of 2016. >> we were slammed with service calls and police work, getting , and gettingk
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abandoned vehicles off the roadways. maryland state police reminding motorists that vehicles that have been abandoned are being towed so they will not hinder snow removal efforts. in the district, abandoned vehicles will be moved in five business days. >> mainly the back roads and the cul-de-sacs were they are trying to plow. , and as working the snow car caught on fire. kellye: this is what is left of his truck after the fire. we caught up with him after his truck was towed here. he was one of the many drivers during the storm who had to work around abandoned vehicles. >> there was too much snow for us to handle and all the cars were breaking down. towed, if your car was the police urge you to call them
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to find out which tow company has your vehicle. kellye lynn, abc 7 news. top, has been's rumored as the type of chief chicago would want for its agency. that city is going three major overhaul after several police incidents caught on camera. d.c. police chief cathy lanier spoke with sister station is channel 8. for me, the timing is not right for me to be looking for another job. i love washington, d.c. this is where i have spent my whole adult life as a police officer and i love working for mayor bowser. she is a great leader for the city you i love my police department. knownk everybody says you and it's time to go, but i say not right now. kimberly: lanier has been with beenince 1990 and has chief the last nine years.
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the justice department and the city of ferguson, missouri, have for systemicl changes to the police department in response to the 2014 shooting of michael brown. it would avert a federal civil rights lawsuit as well. the plan calls for more thorough training of police officers and changes to the use of force procedures. the city council must approve the plan. a vote is set for february 9. coming up -- concerns over the zika virus. how health officials are responding. going above and beyond, how one local officer's stop turned to do something quite different. devon: and warming up. the forecast coming up.
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kimberly: 7 on your side with health matters, the world health organization will hold an emergency meeting to discuss the impact of the zika virus. they say that it is spreading explosively around the americas. director general said members will decide if the virus should be declared an international health emergency. zika has been linked with birth defects and/or logical problems among babies in brazil. the meeting will take place
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monday. we have one confirmed zika virus case in our area. week, a police officer pulled over a car that he thought was driving erratically, there is a good reason the driver was not focused on the road. she is resting now, but baby joshua was ready to go at 2:00 this morning. >> i'm supposed to go to fairfax, but the baby came. stephen: her contractions came fast and strong. she knew the baby would arrive otherince she has had two children. she told her mother maria to get her to the hpital, but joshua was in a hurry. she was frightened. she was driving down the street. she acknowledges that she was driving erratically. she pulled over right here.
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behind her, police officer michael garcia. when he went to check, he was called to action. >> i said help! the police goes, what's going on? i said the baby might come out. he saw the head. i pushed one more time in the baby came out. stephen: garcia delivered the baby in the car. tonight, the mother and six pound, 15 ounce joshua are doing fine. >> i want to thank him so much for helping us. gods really glad because sent him to help us. kimberly: and here is a look at another adorable they be. she is a 2015 contest winner for gerber. she is from troy, michigan. more than 170 thousand parents submitted pictures.
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she will appear in 2016 gerber ads. her parents will receive a $60,000 grand prize and $1500 of gerber children's clothing full stop she is a beauty. ahead, a closer look at how d.c. officials are melting the snow. plus, the weather forecast.
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♪ kimberly: remember that song from "friends." took matters into their own hands tuesday, posting their efforts and a time lapse on youtube. then shared it with us. that's a lot of work. a lot of those videos and photos from viewers from blizzard 2016 are on dig continues, one of the challenges for cities is where to put all the snow, especially in the dense neighborhoods of d.c., but as mike carter-conneen reports, the district is also concerned about the environment will impact. as student by newton's law of motion, snow scooped up must
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go down somewhere. that is lot six outside of rfk memorial stadium. right now, a mountain range with 20-foot high peaks of snow continues to grow with truckloads. after all of this new cripple d.c., why not dump it into the anacostia or potomac rivers? >> may be back in the day that would be considered, but nowadays, the focus with the anacostia cleanup in the chesapeake bay, it never crosses anyone's mind to do that. to help mother nature, the snow dragon snowmelt or was loaned to d.c. by the indianapolis airport. >> it has been 24 hours and we are making a dent. water inside the tank and process 60 tons of snow per hour. this is one polluted hot tub you would not what to climb into. >> these bottom doors are were the solids collect. mike: all that water feeds into
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the store management system using specialized chambers. >> this will go to the river, but it removes a of the oil and grease. : mike they must abide by the clean water act and pollution control act. this operation is costly, but it will be offset by federal emergency funds. with some neighborhoods being cleared, they predict this effort will continue around the clock for at least another 48 or 72 hours. mike carter-conneen, abc 7 news. kimberly: not sure that i will ever get that polluted hot tub image out of my head. you want to go bathing into. they cannot do anything about a lot of the dissolved salt. that still gets in there. you have to do something. kimberly: you cannot paralyze the city. devon: exactly, there is a trade-off somewhere. we have much better whether the next several days. they live look at national
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harbor, a big warm-up coming. i will use the word here -- monday, wednesday. the real-time temperatures this evening, we are still in the 40's, so not very cold. near freezing frederick and baltimore, so watch out for her slick spots. manassas and culpeper as well. manassas and culpeper have gone up in temperatures. will limit the widespread slick spots on sidewalks, parking lots, and driveways. any big weather features that we can see, we have shifted the wind ever so slightly to the south. they are not as strong as they were yesterday. cool, but we warm-up tomorrow. sunday into monday, the warmer air coming in, mild afternoon. fronthere is a weak coming in, with a chance of rain, very mild before the chance of rain. i have seen information where the rain develops monday night
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into tuesday. that's the general idea. let's get in close. resetting now, overnight tomorrow morning, morning low temperatures, freezing baltimore and frederick, manassas might get there, more widespread temperatures above freezing. plenty of sunshine tomorrow, northwest stones pushing 50 degrees. from hagerstown, charlestown, winchester. mid-50's. i have 56 for the immediate here, we could be pushing 60 in some places south and southwest. a mild afternoon. a look at the front coming in with the possibility of sprinkles monday morning. afternoon coming in again, but monday night is the most likely round of rain. 62 that day. ,he beautiful abc 7 skycast waking up at 36 downtown
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washington, clouds here in there. afternoon, 56 downtown, mostly sunny skies. looking fantastic. warmest seven, the two days monday and wednesday. punxsutawney phil awaiting his big day, the big show tuesday, february 2, groundhog day. will he see his shadow or not? if he does not see his shadow, that means an early spring, which means we have cloud cover, which means -- that seems odd. wouldn't that be if he does not see his shadow? kimberly: i think it's more likely what will continue to february. swipe, but noty as secure.
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new chip credit cards? some stores are not set up for them. we hear about some problems with the new cards so you do not waste your money. new chip credit cards are supposed to be safer than swipe credit cards. why are more reports the never about credit card skimmers in the d.c. area leading to fraud?
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aren't the card supposed to prevent that? chip were lost with lots of fanfare last year. there is a tiny chip on the front. suddenly, credit card skimmers are popping up everywhere. copying cards and giving actors togiving hackers access them. it turns out that gas stations in atm's have two more years to switch over their machines. two mores thieves years to try to scam us. of chip cards.t less than half of all cards are using them now. shary chainsrough and many smaller businesses are still asking you to swipe. technicals report issues. foremost come it's the cost of switching over. skimming will018, be a thing of the past.
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until then, you have to be careful. whatrly:
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