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tv   World News Now  ABC  February 3, 2016 2:37am-3:01am EST

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here's accuweather's paul williams. morning to you, paul. >> thanks, reena, kendis. snow-covered roads will cause delays along 35 as well as i-80 from iowa into minnesota and into wisconsin. and then there's part two to this same bothsome storm. wet conditions now. we're not just talking run of the mill wet for the entire mississippi valley region and the ohio valley region. we're talking about one doozy of a storm. covering tennessee all the way up towards pittsburgh and we're talking about torrential downpours, gusts up to 50 to 60 miles per hour with the potential of tree damage and power out ands. super bowl cell thunderstorms likely to occur. the most southern part of the same storm will create additional gusty thunderstorms and travel delays in the deep south. kendis, reena. >> thanks to paul there. here's something we all needed to know. bed bugs in different parts of new york city are genetically different from each other. seriously. scientists looked into this.
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they say that in mapping the dna of bedbugs here in the big apple, they found they're isolated according to where they live. so eastside bedbugs are different than west side bedbugs. >> you know they are. >> we always knew. those scientists say they're finding could be used to invent better insecticides. >> so an what do the east side bug tend to do the west side bedbugs don't do. >> the eastside have more new york values. the east side are wealthier. >> all right. one thick i noticed when i was watching nfl games this past season was the gold 50. you know, the gold 50 on the 50 yard line. those numbers were in advance of sunday's -- you know, i got to much wa a few seconds of it, minutes of it to get a sense for sports with reena. >> okay. so sunday's 50th bowl game. now pizza hut is getting in on
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the gold 50 thing. on sunday, the chain is giving away 50 golden garlic knots pizzas. >> it is delicious. >> be it kind of does. the special pie is topped with $100 worth of edible 24 karat gold. >> oh, stop. >> that is awesome. >> has a price of gold decreased? is that why we're doing this? it will come with $100 pizza hut gold card and then maybe we could get a gold colored lagger to go with it. >> that would be nice. >> right? >> so should we order this for sunday night. >> let's make it happen. >> you're game, jack? >> yes. coming up, the $63 million question, does anyone have a winning lottery ticket that's about to expire? >> this breaks my heart. >> also ahead, looking slimmer and trimmer without surgery. fighting flab, could it be freezing it away. >> and exposing new secrets, the bernie madoff scandal told in a new tv miniseries.
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delsym's advanced time release formula helps silence coughs for a full 12 hours. all night... or all day. okay. so here's a clear sign of end of days. a rare phenomena off the coast of scotland. water falls running backwards. >> what? >> it happened during a severe storm that brought winds of up to 90 miles an hour. the man who took this video says the reversal of the water falls happens occasionally in bad weather but this time was particularly dramatic. >> so why is it the end of days? was this in revelations. >> it was in ii corinthians. >> oh, boy. well, you know, two student pilots ditched their plane in the waters off miami beach after it developed engine trouble. there is a report that it may be the result of human error. one of the pilots reportedly said he pushed the wrong button after the crash. the two the south americans then
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swam to shore with the help of lifegua lifeguards. no injuries. the single engine plane was on a flight from the florida keys. lucky for them, huh? >> so he's one of the most hated men in the country. talking about bernie madoff serving a 150-year sentence for stealing from billions -- in america's most devastating ponz i scheme. >> now the tragic story is coming to life in a two-part mini series. we're up an "up all nightline"" with abc's david wright. >> mr. madoff, what do you have to say for yourself. >> reporter: imagine going inside the mind of the most notorious wall street villain of all time. bernie madoff. >> you want to know how to get people to trust you with their money. >> reporter: the man who stole billions got away with it for years. actor richard dreyfuss embodies the man. >> that's right. just me. >> reporter: in the new abc mini series debuting. >> i ran the biggest ponzi scheme in history, okay? within the biggest ponzi scheme
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in history. >> reporter: playing a villain isn't hard for him. >> i played cheney. >> madoff's easy after cheney. >> that's right. >> reporter: the series details how he deceived and defrauded 20,000 investors including friends, even his own family. >> this is a man who loved his brother, loved his wife and loved his kids. and betrayed his wife, his kids and his brother without even thinking. >> reporter: his wife ruth madoff is played by blythe danner. >> you need me. there's a difference. >> she says ruth madoff is adamant she had no idea it was all a ponzi scheme. and danner believed her. >> i mean, she's a very fragile woman having been through hell and back. >> her sons andrew and mark also turned on her when madoff eventually confessed to them, it's a ponzi scheme. >> reporter: it was mark and andrew who turned their father
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in. >> where you going. >> to find a lawyer. >> you going to walk around the street and ask they can represent you. >> reporter: but the stigma of being a madoff was too much for mark. he hanged himself in his apartment while his 2-year-old son was in the next room. four years after mark madoff killed himself, his younger brother andrew died of cancer. oscar winner richard dreyfuss says unlike his co-star blythe danner, he didn't bother to reach out to his character. >> i didn't. i refused to see him. >> would he have seen you, do you think. >> he would have taken a phone call, definitely. and i said, i decided not to. i made a conscious choice because i thought what is he going to do, tell me the truth? you know, the guy who's lied to everyone in the world. >> reporter: bernie madoff himself is living out his days at the buckner correctional facility in north carolina where his grandchildren have never once come to see him. >> i guess the only place that he's considered to be a hero is in prison from what we hear. >> really?
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>> how do you do it, bernie kind of thing. but that's hearsay. >> does he even have a tv in jail? probably, don't they all. >> got to wonder if he'll be watching the saga, god knows with a sue-year sentence, he has some time on his hands. i'm david wright for "nightline"ing in new york. >> david wright's right. >> tragedy there. >> it is a devastating story. coming up, tucking the tummy without surgery.
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>> you're ripping this family part. >> lives are going to be destroyed. >> rot in jail where he belongs.
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>> how much did you lose? >> $50 billion. >> madoff starting tonight on abc. . ♪ that's what makes you beautiful ♪ her favorite band there. >> which is? >> 1 d. >> that's your favorite band. unless you've got six-pack abs like body by kendis. >> i didn't see that. >> getting rid of those trouble spots on your body didn't always work through exercise and dieting. >> obviously that person got the check from me. as martinez i gonzales shows us, there are some hi-tech short cuts to getting those abs. >> reporter: for millions, this and this and this just never seem to go away. no matter how much they diet or hit the gym. but now doctors across the country say losing stubborn fat specifically from those problem areas is as easy as this.
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withome cool new technologies -- >> ready, one, two, three. >> reporter: heating up the body sculpting industry. some freezing, others metalling away fat cells with no surgery and no pain with procedures so fast they can be done over a lunch break. >> i can go in and out and still go on with my daily activities afterwards. >> reporter: natasha has already lost a pant size after one within sculpture treatment and is back for another hoping to firm up even more. >> it's life changing and boosts my confidence. >> reporter: it has only been available since september and since then dr. lawrence bass says both women and men have seen huge results that last. >> we heat the fat up enough to make the fat cells miserable and kill them. that fat then is removed from the body over a month or two. >> those fat cells are gone for good? >> those fat cells are gone. >> suzanne schecking had similar
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results with another nonsurgical treatment called cool sculpting that destroys fat cells by freezing them. >> i noticed that i could fit into the pants better. that's pretty amazing. >> reporter: and this isn't just for the waistline. >> this is a really great way to improve the look of your profile. >> pricing for these hot and cold treatments generally start at around $1,000. abc news senior medical contributor dr. jen ashton says these are fda approved treatments the risks are minimal but she stresses these treatments aren't for weight loss, just body shaping and she urges some caution into take your time. do your research. and most of all, have realistic expectations. >> reporter: but patients who tell us their expectations were met are now ready to trade winter coates for bathing suits. martinez i gonzales, abc news, new york. doesn't it seem too good to be true. >> it is. i'll look into it. realistic expectations from
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so all that's left is the shine. for better results, use finish jet-dry. out for somebody who won $63 million. the deadline to claim is tomorrow night. >> so we do know that it was bought in california last august. but by now, it could be anywhere kabc's annabelle nunoz. >> the winner of a $63 million prize bought the who the lotto ticket on august 8th. but he or she has not come forward in nearly six months. >> the person's insane. because when you buy a ticket, a lot of people don't anticipate them winning. they buy it just to buy it. >> it would be the highest unclaimed california lottery
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prize on record. officials say right now, the largest unclaimed sum is $28.5 million. sheldon says no matter how big or small, he claims his prizes right away. >> he could be stuck in the washing machine. you don't take a chance like that. >> reporter: the super lotto plus ticket was sold at this 7-eleven in chatsworth. the winner must get it to a lottery district office by thursday. >> i wish i had the ticket. so if anybody's out there that doesn't want it, i want it. >> reporter: if no one claims it, the money will be redirected to support california public schools. if the lucky winner comes forward in time and takes a lump sum amount, officials say they would receive a one-time payout of 39. $9 million before federal taxes. >> double-check them. i feel bad for you because this is heart breaking. >> another level of devastation that i can't even fathom.
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>> reporter: if you remember being in this area, make sure you take a good look to see if you have that ticket. and if you do, officials urge you to sign the back of it in ink immediately. remember, the deadline to get it to proper lottery personnel is this thursday at the close of business. in chatsworth, annabelle munoz, abc 7 eyewitness news. >> maybe the joke will be on us. maybe the person is waiting and waiting. legal team. maybe ha person is me. >> maybe you sold that winning ticket. >> or maybe you bought that ticket. >> i want to be the buyer. >> i can't tell what you're doing here. >> lets let's see if i show up friday morning for work though. >> i love that grin. >> i got my ducks in line, my legal team. >> like i got this into my bentley. >> okay. that's what you're going with. >> just a bentley. >> yeah, a couple thou. >> not bad. [mother] yeah but this neighborhood,i feel like
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this morning on "world news now," did donald trump admit a mistake. >> the billionaire now in new hampshire looks back at his iowa loss. hihis new comments and the rac heating up for the democrats. >> mid-air explosion. a blast so powerful, it blew a hole into the side of an airline jet. the pilot says it was a bomb. but was it terrorism? health alert about the zika virus. the american woman infected not from a mosquito but through sex. our medical editor is here with the warningses. >> and later our special correspondent at the super bowl covering the broncos and the panthers like a pro. she's only 11 years old. it's wednesday, february 3rd. >> announcer:ing from abc news, this is "world news now." we do say good morning to you on this wednesday in


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