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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  February 4, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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winter weather is back, with snow moving in. are being deployed in advance of it, some counties under a winter weather advisory. alison: let's get a timeline of the snow in what will mean for the morning commute. leon: steve rudin has more. youe: depending on where live will determine how much snow that you see, if anything at all. the weather advisory for the district and all of southern maryland going into effect at midnight tonight until 10 a.m. tomorrow morning, southern maryland likely to see the most know of anyone. the moisture moving up the coast . that is just overnight. we are just on the northwest age of the low pressure. dge of thethwest e low pressure. showers off to the south and east of us. we are looking for things
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gradually to improve early tomorrow morning. 1:30 a.m., notice by about 3 a.m., things are clearing out. more on the full forecast and the upcoming weekend, plus another potential winter storm in a few minutes. team stay with abc 7 for coverage, including the latest weather forecast and traffic updates. "good morning washington" starts early at 4 a.m. alison: prince george's county police are the scene of a serious crash in bowie on route 301 near central avenue. people are trapped inside of their car, their injuries life-threatening. we will bring you updates as soon as we get them. leon: breaking news from the bronx right now. two police officers have been shot. jonathan elias has what we know at this point. jonathan: right now those officers are the hospital, listed in serious condition. one was shot in the head, the other in the leg, both are
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expected to survive. there is a massive policing in the bronx. one suspect is in custody, the other shot and killed himself. the big question is what led up to the gunfire. at the time of the shooting, new york mayor bill the blasio -- bill de blasio was giving a state of new york speech. we will bring you new information as soon as we get it in the newsroom. jonathan elias. back to you. alison: jon, thank you. 7 on your side with a health alert. fast-moving developments about zika virus. are three confirmed cases in the district, and florida's governor is expanding its state of emergency as 12 cases are confirmed there. the threat of the vilest has people changing their travel plans come even scrapping vacation plans -- the threat of the virus has people changing their travel plans.
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even scrapping vacation plans. jay korff has more. , as some health experts they look at this issue going down the road, from a macro perspective, there could be 4 million people impacted by zika, this mosquito-borne illness, in the next year. a local virginia woman had a choice a couple weeks ago of whether to go to colorado for a trip. she is pregnant. or whether to go down south to mexico. at the time, zika was not on everyone's radar screen. they went to colorado. since she is several months pregnant, she is grateful, spoke with us today, that she did not go to mexico for fear of zika and what it can , the potential link with thousands of cases in brazil on there being problems
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with newborn children. can havewborn children neurological problems, some of them very significant. she is grateful she did not go on that trip. the authorities here all through this country at the cdc are warning people to not go to some of these affected countries, namely latin america and central america. now there are cases here in the american red cross issued an alert saying that anyone who has affectedthe zika- nations in the last month should not be donating blood. jay korff, abc 7 news. alison: one more note -- reuters arerts that u.s. airlines offering to reassign crewmembers infectedtes to zika- areas, including united, delta, and american, and it applies to pilots as well as flight crew that may be pregnant or could become pregnant.
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a are not facing repercussions for asking to shift their routes. if you have concerns, read more about it, where it is located, and how it is spread. air is extensive information on our website, extensive integration on our website, they were trying to get home, o became a metr fiasco when a fire force their trained to bypass pentagon city. what happened next was the start of their troubles. tom roussey has more. we can show you exactly where a fire happened this evening. in that tunnel, close to the platform, just a little into the tunnel is where there was a small trash fire, according to the arlington county fire department, but it was enough that in order to get it out they had to shut down the station. things are now back to normal, the trains are moving again, but the problem was the small trash
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fire ignited an insulator, making this a much bigger deal. they completely shut the pentagon city metro station down 8:15 tonight, which also affected the blue and yellow line. a lot of folks experienced delays. they reopened the stations and got the trains moving again at 8:15. after that, they slowly resolved all the delays. now things are completely back to normal and are expected to be back to normal for the tomorrow morning's rush-hour. tom roussey, abc 7 news. scene in waldorf this afternoon. schools shelter in place, the police chasing a suspected to was later shot by an officer. people are speaking out about what happened. was 2 p.m. this afternoon.
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the charles county police officer noticed a suspicious man possibly trying to attempt a carjacking. >> there was a dispute in the middle of the intersection. it appeared to the officer the man standing outside the driver side door was having a confrontation and possibly attempting to pull open the car door. leon: when the officer pulled his hoodie andp reached into his pocket. the officer fired one shot into his leg. >> i put my shoes on and ran outside. i ran down the street and then i see this guy lying on the sidewalk. the suspectlice say was carrying a semi automatic handgun. a maryland state police had a -- a maryland state police helicopter surveyed the scene from above as they used metal detectors to search the
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embankment for remnants. no word on if the suspect was attempting to carjack. alison: new tonight, one of our biggest school districts has a new leader. jack smith was appointed to take the helm of montgomery county schools. richard reeve has what this means for the district's future. richard: the vote by the school board took place behind these doors. interesting situation, the interim state school superintendent running for the top job in montgomery county. outhe end, jack smith beat 69 other candidates, and he says there is a lot of work to do here. [applause] richard: there was applause, even a sense of relief. >> i'm really excited, nervous, humbled. richard: jack smith introducing himself as the new superintendent of the schools here. >> that is unanimous. richard: it was a unanimous vote
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by school board members after a year-long search. but now smith faces daunting challenges. overcrowding is a huge issue. 156district now has thousand students. 20,000 new students since 2007. the tax base has not capped up with enrollment. unless the state gives montgomery county more money, tax likes might be needed. one of his priority is to close the achievement gap between minorities and other students. >> we have really good opportunities for them to reach the highest levels, whatever they are interested in, but they have to have teachers. otherwise we have not done our job. richard: there is another twist to the story, normally this position would be approved by the state school superintendent. smith, so it it is is kind of unknown who will
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actually finally approve this position. nobody seems overly concerned about it. if it does happen, smith begins work july 1. richard reeve, abc 7 news. alison: thank you. in campaign news, the countdown to the new hampshire primary, --nie sanders had now has bernie sanders now has a two to clinton.over hillary meantime, hillary clinton is mobilizing supporters in northern virginia. they held phone banks in fairfax and rest and tonight, part of a series of organizing events to build support head of the march 1 primary. on the other side, polls show donald trump still holding the lead in new hampshire. kasich, and jeb bush are behind. we have learned that carly fiorina will be excluded from the next gop debate saturday night. you can watch that right here on abc 7. coming up, calling lawmakers imbeciles.
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the story of america's most hated ceo gets stranger and stranger. alison: plus, a popular app under the microscope in connection with a teenager's murder. we asked the kik [captioning performed by the
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national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] leon: you want to get anybody's attention around here come just say the word "snow." bite: this is just a small of snow. not a whole lot on the way. problems cause some with the rush-hour commute, but it's all about timing and location. winter weather advisory right now starts at midnight. a.m.,ill expire at 10 including the district, arlington, alexandria, all of southern maryland including calvert, st. mary's, and charles county. other areas will hardly see anything at all through the overnight. a character earlier today made it to 15 degrees, -- the air
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temperature earlier today made it to 45 degrees. the ground is warm. the temperatures will remain above freezing for most of the area early on. 41 leesburg in manassas, 42 baltimore and andrews. if you are looking for temperatures below freezing, you have to head well to the north and west. notittsburgh, 28 columbus, a lot of cold air to allow things to stick to the ground. the satellite and radar, the moisture moving up, the low-pressure arrives in the next hour or two. by sunrise it is out of here so the snow will quickly come to an end. acrossing falling southern maryland right now is all rain and will stay rain the next couple hours. inside the capital beltway, anywhere to go in the next hour,
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no problems, but the shower and rain quickly advance towards bowie, waldorf, oxon hill, college park, laurel. 37 degrees,9 to most of us they above freezing. a mixture of rain and snow through the early morning hours. the accumulations appeared to be on the grassy areas. we are talking maybe a half inch, one inch in the district. extreme southern maryland, leonardtown, but keep in mind in leonardtown the snow will end the latest at about 6 a.m. the delmarva may get three inches by the time this moves out. morning, yourow will look outside and say, wow, there is a lot of snow, especially the district dan prince george's county, but it quickly moves off to the north and east and is out of here by 8 a.m. that is fantastic news for the rush-hour commute, although the
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roadways will be wet. the temperatures will be well above freezing. 46 degrees the high tomorrow, morning clouds, breezy, sunshine in the afternoon. the next seven days, a nice weekend, but this could be the calm before the storm. we are looking at temperatures that could be in the 40's monday, tuesday may be another round of snow. more of that coming up. alison: you save the best for last. i do, steve. leon: 13-year-old nicole lovell was laid to rest today. transcend family celebrate -- friends and family celebrated her life today. meanwhile, chilling new accounts of the virginia tech pair who sat in a fast food restaurant and planned the murder. one of them had a shovel, the other slit the seventh grader's throat before disposing of the body. lovell had survived a liver
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transplant and a battle with non-hodgkin's lymphoma. her mother said she had struggled in school. alison: tonight, the company app isthe kik messengerap facing questions about how the teenager met her killers on the app. you can send messages, photos, and video without texting service. that leaves parents in the dark. >> i'm willing to say that kik is the devil for young children. to text,ree ability and parents cannot see what's coming in and out. alison: abc 7 reached out to kik, asking about the lack of age verification. used age they had verification procedures that are typical of the industry.
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believes its registration process played no role in the unfortunate death of this child. experts say the best thing parents can do is set ground the technology, and talk to your kids. leon: a baby abandoned on the side of the road makes her story public for the first time. 43 years ago, a passerby saw a dirty rag on the ground and almost up on it. inside, a beautiful baby girl. knew the at the time story about the baby jane doe. she has stayed private until now. that woman who was the abandoned babies spoke exclusively with abc 7. her special >> and now the toyota sports
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desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. hosting the islanders after a bad loss to the panthers tuesday. alex ovechkin and braden holtby made the return tonight. did it help? in the second, tied, but the caps up 2-1 with the assist. crunch time, late in the third, alex ovechkin, they do not call him the great 8 for nothing. caps win 3-2.
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this sunday, both teams began preparing on the field yesterday. today was the final day of media availability. if you are reporter, you have probably exhausted all the angles, which is when you bring in the big name reporters. >> talk to me. sayirst of all i want to ♪ cam oh, cam ♪ leon: and that was? robert: snoop dogg. if you missed it, last night seth curry -- steph curry put on a show. ridiculous three/ hree.e ridiculous t president obama welcome the defending nba champs to the white house today.
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the president had some fun with curry. president obama: all right, everybody ready? robert: and here is the play of the day. actually, the final note. ridge in your legislators honored -- virginia legislators honored frank beamer. all right, there is the play of the day. and it's good. boom goes the dynamite. beamer final note, frank was honored in virginia. that was the legislature in virginia. a good day for him. alison: really good highlights. robert: thank you so much. my best yet. redskins.ubt, go alison: way to roll with it. steve: yeah. they don't pay me the
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big bucks for nothing. , apple may to come be in big trouble.
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leon: 7 on your side with consumer news, bad news for
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apple. 626 milliono pay $ 6 to a company that accused them of violating their patents with programs like facetime. owes more than the original fine. apple has since revised its programs to avoid the patent violations going forward. alison: i think they will probably be ok.
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leon: send us home. on, not a tonoing
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of snow, but enough to cause a little problem in the morning. advisory includes the district, arlington, alexandria, all of southern maryland, everything in purple. if you have plans and delmarva, sarles barry, ocean city, tomorrow could be slow going -- soul is barry -- salisbury, ocean city, tomorrow could be slow going. southern maryland will have the snowflakes, but then everything moves out by about 7:00. rush-hour commute will be wet, but at least it will not be snowing across the area. the sunshine reemerges by midmorning and sticks around in the afternoon with high temperatures in the middle 40's. the next seven days, temperature 47 saturday, 50 sunday. monday could be the calm before the storm.
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tuesday, a chance of snow, right now percent, but we are still a ways out, and is likely to be accumulating snow that could cause problems. alison: here we go again. have a good night.
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and now abc's "jimmy kimmel live." >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- jason sudeikis, lionel richie, "this week in unnecessary censorship," and music from sir elton john, with cleto and the cletones. and now, you'd better believe it, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪


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