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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  February 9, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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this afternoon we showed the parents the mugshot of the man and many of us telling us they are not surprised to hear about the allegations. as school dismiss at judge sylvania woods elementary school, parents and children tell us they are not surprised by the charges against deonte carraway. >> if i say to my wife, that man is not going to end up good. this man is always around kids. >> the students speaking with parent permission say some youngsters felt uncomfortable around the 22-year-old carraway. >> he showed kids his photos. >> the allegations spelled out in charging documents reviewed by abc7. carraway allegedly directing children as young as 9 in pairs in explicit pornographic video up to a minute long. the alleged crime taking place in school bathrooms at sylvania woods where carraway was a teacher aide and
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volunteer and in the glenarden community center where he directed a youth choir. >> our investigators need to determine exactly how carraway was able to get his victims in a private place. to create the videos. brad: tonight the investigators now hearing from additional parents of victims. a list now at 10 but likely the grow. sources say possibly in the dozens. >> i cannot trust nobody. i don't trust nobody anymore. >> one of the other things from the parents how on earth could school leaders not known this was going on within a school? we have posed that question to the school system spokesperson. they said they would not have comment beyond a statement that said essentially they are cooperating with the police. we know that the school met with some concerned parents this morning and there will be another meeting with parents this coming thursday. again glen, brad bell, abc7 news. leon: thank you. one more note here, police say deonte carraway relied on the
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kik messenger app. that is an app mentioned in the investigation into nicole lovell's death in blacksburg, virginia. what parents need to know about kik at 5:30. alison: right now the sun is shining. it's cold. that is a change from the clouds that brought snow to the area. now concern is whether everything will freeze again tonight. doug hill in the weather center a check of the forecast. doug: i think with the breezes we have out there, a fair amount of the area is the wet roadways will dry off. in areas where the snow and it fell, there are the temperatures in the 20's by tomorrow morning. it could cause slick spots. look at the numbers of the snowfall from this morning. damascus, four inches. westminster over three. the list goes down from there. if you get to south, nothing at all. winter weather advisory longer in the fringe of maryland county. over the portion of west vass and pennsylvania and delaware.
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for most of the rion,mo of it is over. watch temperatures now in the mid-to-upper 30's. comes through in the overnight hours. it could, it might bring band of snowshowers. we will explore that in more details. leon: enough snow fell for schools in a handful of counties to close. a few others decided to open. but delayed. kevin lewis picks up the storm coverage now in frederick county, maryland, where classes were canceled. the sun is shining right now, kevin. kevin: hey, leon. today marks frederick county sixth snow day of the school year. not a bad year for students. not a bad night for the commute home. this is the scene along i-270, south of downtown frederick. the traffic conditions, roadway is dry. >> most roads are just wet.
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non-slick conditions thanks to a trio of factors. mild snowfall, above freezing temperatures, and team of what hundred plow crews dedicated to spreading salt and clearing snow. >> we consider ourselves very lucky. >> mike, frederick county snow operations. >> on a scale of 1 to 10, how did the snowstorm shake out? >> the snowstorm last night simple. one or two. it's nice after we went through the blizzard that was two solid weeks to get roads cleared from that. it was exhausting. kevin: fire rescue and the sheriff department says despite winter weather the control volume was down -- call volume was down today. frederick county schools canceled classes to grant 41,000 students the sixth snow day of the school year.
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>> every year we say we want to get through and no snow. but that wasn't the case. the big one was too big for us. >> crews will be on the roadway. i'm kevin lewis. leon: thank you. loudoun county canceled the schools today and the snow fell in leesburg turned to a wet slushy met. in fairfax county they canceled all activities after 6:15 tonight because of the concern of a refreeze. so now is the time to sign up for the school closing text
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alert. alison: primary day comes as a blizzard wraps up in england but south of the granite state. scott thuman is live in manchester with the latest. scott: we are in front of the facility that donald trump will be appearing tonight. he says he will be making a victory speech. this is all about the turnout. they are possibly looking at the record numbers. they are expecting half a million new hampshire voters. the candidates have to be careful. they can have a tough time in iowa and get away with it. a bad performance in iowa and followup disappointment in new hampshire would spell real trouble. whether it's bush against trump -- >> i am the only one taking him on. >> with tweet calling the leading candidate loser and a liar, trump punching back -- >> i am the only one taking on
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donald trump. >> or seemingly everyone attacking rubio after his strong iowa performance. >> you need to have some experience in doing this. because it's nothing like the united states senate. >> new hampshire voters have a lot to digest. and many are being patient before the first primary in the nation. on the democratic side, 22% say they could still change their mind. but 44% are republican voters. >> we are blessed to have a talented field. it has made for a messy and a competitive process in the short-term. >> i know i have a uphill climb. i'll asking people to consider this a job interview. >> hillary clinton escaping iowa with the slimmest of victorieses is uncomfortable with the writing on the wall here. the numbers don't look great in the granite state. both clinton hitting the supporters for making what they claim are sexist remarks. while the vermont senator course a critical demographic. >> we see women and young people in general are more attracted to bernie sanders in
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much the same way they were attracted to president barack obama in 2008. >> adding to that intrigue is the independent voter. in new hampshire, there are more registered independent voters than the registered republicans or democratic. on top of all of that, they go to the precinct they get to choose the ballot they want to lose. new hampshire has a way of putting surprises in the presidential cycle. we'll wait to see if it happens again. alison: keep us posted out there, scott. thank you. the polls startling in new hampshire at 7:00. a few close at 8:00. we will have whatever results available for you tonight at 11:00. leon: anytime today copies of president obama's last budget proposal started to make the rounds on capitol hill. the $4.1 trillion spending plan has new taxes in the next decade. it also asks for $19 billion to overall cyber security and government agencies.
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$1.8 million to battle the zika virus. republicans say the plan is dead on arrival. alison: well, this just in from loudoun county where police are asking for your help to find this man. he is one of two men accused of following a teenage girl home from school. then grabbing her. it happened in the wake stone park terrace area last thursday. if you have any information in this case, please call police. the savage beating of a local college student last week at the hands of a group of girls in school uniforms has sparked outrage. now one local educator is calling on middle and high schools in d.c. to join the fight to contain bands of teens terrorizing the city. stephen tschida live in franklin street and michigan avenue in northeast with the story. >> at the sidewalk at 6:30 at night. it sent fear and outrage through trinity university.
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today the university president said e is putting her anger to work. >> a group of girls set out on a university student as she walked to class last week. the unprovoked assault so brutal the victim spent days in the hospital. >> one of my students was injured by a group of eight teenager girls. >> the string of recent attacks by teenagers on the metro or streets prompted trinity president to take action. >> can't be anger about it. >> she sent out an e-mail to the principals at the high schools. private, public and charter. >> i reached out and i said would you like to come together and talk about the problem with the gangs of teenage kids? >> in minutes she received responses from those eager to combat the problem. among solutions, creating coordinated security network. other steps like anger management and program for
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conflict resolution. >> the hunt for the uniform teenage girls who left trinity student injured nothing new to report so far. the we are hopeful because it was a group of girls wearing some kind of school uniform. there might be clues to identify where they were from. >> she expects to hold some kind of a summit with the middle and the high school principals in early march. they will try at that time to come up with a real strategy to contain the groups of the marauding teenagers. reporting live, stephen tschida, abc7 news. leon: coming up at "abc7 news at 5:00" -- hitting a snag. look at the fate of a bill on crumb rubber fields across the area. alison: later, abc7 salute a group working to help veterans adapt after being injured in combat. leon: but first dashes -- laissez les bon temps roulez.
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we'll take you to mardi gras in new orleans. sam: i'm sam ford outside the d.c. family homeless shelter. a big announcement on how the city will handle homelessness in
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alison: d.c. council chairman mendal is scaling back one of the most generous paid leave in the country. the revised bill is 12 weeks instead of 16. it caps the benefit. the proposal called for 1% payroll tax to fund benefits. mendleson says the further changes are likely to assure that it's financial sustainable. leon: 15 years after the first proposing d.c. general it looks like the facility may be on the verge of closing the doors for good.
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sam ford has more. sam: mayor bowser unveiled a plan to close the shelter by 2018. >> haun services director -- human services director gave statistics and unveiled the plan to the councilmembers this morning to close the family shelter that houses 700 people at d.c. general and replace it with the seven smaller family shelters in each ward except for ward two downtown where new women's shelter is about to open. >> we think that the smaller dignified housing, with the appropriate wrap-around services will launch people into sustainable housing. sam: for the most part shelters would be built from the ground up to hold 50 families each. social workers and the job counselors would be on site. d.c. general resident we met today. >> i guess et won't be as crowded. so that i mean, that would work. it could work. sam: the cost is hayer. operating d.c. general is $17 million a year. mayor says her plan is $22
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million. >> people signed on to say you are right about this. a city as prosperous as ours must make the investments. sam: most councilmembers praise the plan initially, ward five said the site near 25th and batensburg northeast is in an area saturated by the shelters and the nightclubs. >> we are talking about the overconcentration of the businesses and the services in the neighborhood where this is proposed. sam: the mayor seems reluctant to change any of the sites saying a lot of work went into selecting them. the mayor's office is launching the plan by holding a community meeting on thursday by this week in each of the city's eight wards. each meeting is set to begin at 6:30 p.m. reporting live in southeast washington, sam ford, abc7 news. leon: rumors of a georgetown staples demise may have been exaggerated. craigslist shows 20 postings
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saying the georgetown flea market lost the lease. the owner says they called him to wonder what is going on there. he has called craigslist to get advertisements removed. the georgetown flea market is open as normal sunday from 8:00 to 4:00. alison: d.c. event filled with food, fun and faith. national cathedral hosted the pancake races to celebrate pancake tuesday. staff, clergy, students, others con peteed in races and flipping the pancake in hope of winning the top prize, which is a golden skillet. leon: most of us know it as fat tuesday. mardi gras! good times rolling in new orleans. look at the scene here. is this burr done street here? festivities well underway. the party began this morning and will until start of lent
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at midnight. they will eat, dancing, drinking, a little in new orleans. alison: never. leon: you will see, some might be wearing clothing and beads. doug: let me hear the french again. leon: laissez les bon temps roulez. doug: it's close. a little akron, ohio, dialect but not bad. alison: can you do it in baltimore dialect? doug: laissez les bon temps roulez, hon. leon: east coast of france. doug: so not that much this morning. it is touch and go for the morning. not much. it could be an issue because the temperatures are falling below freezing. this is what it looked like this morning. this is sent from frederick maryland. gorgeous picture. even there a lot started to
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melt away. that is good news. enough is enough i think. take a look at the time lapse. great falls, virginia, river bend golf and country club. it's snowing. the snow stopped and cleared. the only advisory are in purple. maryland, orthern tier maryland counties and well west. not much at all on the radar. it is the leading edge of the first batch of cold air.
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snow lingers north. that is it. there is birklation swinging through across the area overnight. falling temperatures, that could bring a snowshower or two and may introduce a lick spot. it won't be a widespread problem. what will be a problem and something to get used to is that it will get so cold. feels like temperatures to look ahead to tomorrow. feel like teens and 20's around the area. winds increase from the west/northwest. feel like 20's all day long. thursday morning single digit wind chill in andrews, baltimore, leaseburg, frederick. cold day. the coldest part of the air mass doesn't arrive until the weekend. we are getting ready for it. tomorrow, partly sunny.
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slight chance of flurry. breezy. highs of 39 degrees. that is it for hay temperatures. below average. look what happens in the next seven days. flurry tomorrow. high of 31. highs of 33. falling in the afternoon, blustery valentine's weekend with the temperatures in 20's for the highs. wind chill in teens all weekend. nighttime temperatures are 10 downtown stupid morning -- downtown sunday morning and maybe more snowshowers by monday. leon: okay. alison: thank you. doug: my pleasure. alison: popular local store wants you to turn off the lights. we'll explain why coming up. leon: plus new rules to speed up the oscars while keeping you entertained at the same time. >> it's described as the most congested road in all the region. it could become expensive to drive. i'm jeff
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jeff: ask around and it's hard to find many people supporting the toll plan for 66 inside the beltway.
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jeff: governor mcauliffe is proposing tolling in the beltway in the summer of 2017. vehicles with three more or people would ride for three and other drivers would have to pay. likely avoid more traffic similar to the 495 hot lane. >> for the first time in 25 years you have a governor that has a plan. people talked about it for 125 years. nothing has happened. >> don't mind paying. >> i don't mind at all. >> in arlington and falls church, some residents like jennifer birkhalter worry rush hour drivers who won't want to pay will ditch 66 and clock up
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the side roads like lee highway. >> it could affect the daily commute at that time of day. that could be hard. >> i hope so. >> the full transportation committee meets in richmond. every expectation is tolling for this portion of 66 will move forward. leon: coming up on "abc7 news at 5:00" -- fighting the spread of zika. look at the next step in part of the u.s. alison: then later, questions of privacy. the "7 on your side" i-team takes a look at how private the e-mails and the texts may be. leon: but first -- >> that is when the sexual predator can jump in. leon: how ease it is for predators to use
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alison: the murder of a blacksburg teen and the investigation of making of porn graphic films in prince -- pornographic films in prince george's county had something in common. the anonymous messaging app called kik used to communicate. it is an app that worries many. including teen and sexual predators. suzanne kennedy explains. suzanne: an anonymous messaging app that says leaves teenagers vulnerable to online dangers. >> that is frightening. >> a video by common sense media describes the kik app
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for parents. >> anyone can send you message via the app. remind teens not to communicate with strangers or share private information. >> the app is popular with the teens and predators. it has 250 million users. 70% are under the age of 25. the app anonymity is appealing to many as described by a convicted michigan sex offender. >> the first thing i thought was wow! i can be whoever i want to be. i can get anybody i want. i can achieve my sexual glorification through the app. >> some app similar to kik can sort users by geographic location, school or age. >> the first thing parents need to do is set ground rulesth secondly, they need -- secondly know the sec no and how the parental controls work and third talk to kids. >> some teenagers use kik me
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to communicate to the person through anonymous app. experts say a teenager should never give out their user name to anyone they don't know. they say the app is less popular because the risks are known. >> if someone doesn't give you the real phone number they are trying to hide something. >> i don't want to talk to somebody i don't know obviously. you don't know who they are. >> the ontario based company have built in safety measures to allow users to filter unpopular behavior. it's scrutinized by parents and online safety experts. suzanne kennedy, abc7 news. leon: a bill that could put moratorium on installing the chrome rubber film didn't survive the turn in richmond. simon asked for three-year long ban on new field using crumb rubber. use of the infield raced health concern after a college
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coach began tracking a link between the athletes that played on it and capper is. lobbyists say the numerous studies show it has no risk. ikea is recalling two lamps because the glass shades can fall and injury people. it impacts the lock and the high-by lamp. they are received 224 record of incidents so far, and 11 injuries. they are encourage anyone with lamp in the home to return them. no receipt needed. alison: developing now, ten people are dead. 80 others are injured after two german commuter trains crashed head on. german transport minister says the train slammed into each other going 60 miles per hour after an automatic breaking system failed. black boxes have both trains have been recover and are being analyzed. scientists are trying to figure out if a man in india died after a immediate yourite fell from the sky.
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it happened over the weekend in india. if the object is confirmed to be from outer space it would be the first time in nearly 200 years that this happened. it could also been from passing airplane or manmade satellite. leon: airplane stuff is blue, isn't it? we know about that. investigators in taiwan arrested three people after a collapse of an apartment complex in saturday's earthquake. former executive of the real estate company that built the 17-story building are charged with the professional negligence resulting in death. amazing story of survival out of india tonight. story burieded by an avalanche six days ago rescued alive. this happened on a glacier. ten systems were trapped in the avalanche. pulledpulled from 25 feet of sn. alison: 25 feet of snow.
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leon: crazy. alison: "7 on your side" now with health matters. zika virus is causing a california blood bank to take extra precautions and it'sing can people who traveled to certain areas where the virus spreading to wait at least 28 days before donating mood. the concern -- before donating blood. the concern is those with blood transfusions. >> we have to confirm the blood is safe. take certain measures. >> world health organization suspects the zika virus is linked to microcephaly, the condition that shrinks the skull of a developing child. leon: oscars rolling out new changes to affect winner and losers. whether you love or hate the speeches there is a 45-second time limit in place. winners will only have a few seconds to get up and thank key people. they will give show officials potential list in advance and
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scroll them on the bottom of the screen if they win that is. watch the big night with us. i will air sunday february 28 here on abc7. kidd o'shea is out in l.a. and will be there for the award show live. alison: hours after the show ends. live with kelly and michael will take the same stage and you can be there. you can win tickets to be in the audience. just watch good morning washington this week. tune in at 5:45. see how to win. good luck. mike: i'm mike carter-conneen in chevy chase, maryland, at the site of what will become a brand new beautiful home for warrior and his family. find out what else he received from the washington football team today. alison: then, a little bit later, george washington is proving to be the ihop. when it comes to hoops. we take you to the international house of players. leon: then at 6:00, eye in the sky saves a teen life. video showing the moment a teenager found clinging to
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shore in f
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leon: from prescription drugs to heroin overdose, it's become a problem across the u.s. as jeanette reyes reports the us who is teeming up with the largest drug retail chain in u.s. to tackle the epidemic. jeanette: this is led by the white house and walgreens and they are hoping to address in a way that convenient and practical. prescription medication is one of the big irconcerns here. experts say it leads to heroin
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use often times. they will install medicine disposal kiosks in 500 stores and 30 states. they will be available 24 hours a day at both locations. second part of the program makes the life-saving opennoid naloxone available at pharmacies. this is something they largely embrace. it has been effective in saving lives. >> heroin in many communities for a long time. he says they are partnering with the medical community to make treatment accessible to those who need it. they hope to address it euell side and they hope other
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retailers will join in, in the effort. jeanette reyes, abc7 news. leon: coming up next week on abc7, jennifer donelan will take a close look at the heroin problem in metro area in towns along two busy local highways. our hooked on heroin series starts next week on "abc7 news at 5:00". alison: coming up now on "abc7 news at 5:00" -- "7 on your side" digs up a law that lets the government read each and every old e-mail, text and private message you send. leon: first, check out the picture. this is from richard of the snow. look at that. beautiful. he says he took it in virginia. around 7:20 in the morning. when you see weather like this, send it to us at
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a little now federal law from 30 years ago allows the got without a warrant to read any digital message, six months after you send it. >> this is the most intimate and the most personal information you can have about someone, what they are thinking throughout the course of their whole life. this the government need to treat that as a constitutionable matter, what it will -- constitutional matter what will it protect? >> it's called the 180 day rule. in 1986 of, congress started to treat electronic messages over 180 days as abandoned. therefore, less protected against unreasonable search and seizure.
5:47 pm
some say it's time to updated the law. >> the digital home should be treated the same way that law enforcement should get a search warrant before they search you. >> it makes no sense to me. >> congress is negotiating a new rule. it's not as easy as extending 180 days. >> law enforcement community is concerned about this. >> richard little hail with the association of the state criminal investigative agencies says digital evidence is already hard to get. evidence used to track down missing children. >> we call them barrier to barriers. >> like proton mail. >> we think privacy is a fundamental human right. >> it drives many users to proton mail that encrypts e-mail so only the sender and the recipient should read them. >> not even we can reed user
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data. if the law enforcement comes to us, we will hand it over but it's encrypted. >> which little hail says is a big problem. so he is not opposed to the updating the 180-day rule. as long as any new rule also protects investigators. to ensure they get what they want. >> it mate well put public safety at risk and impossible challenge gathering evidence we need. >> while the messages don't require a warrant to read, they may require a subpoena. but that is much easier to get some say violates the due process rights. after seeing the report don't bother urging the inbox. deleted messages are likely living somewhere on a remote third party server. they are fair game. can be read. chris papst, abc7 news. leon: okay. now the world is terrified. we'll see what we have to worry about on the roads.
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trenise bishop on traffic watch. >> there is not much to worry about. we are looking for the rush hour. it's light on the capital beltway. there are no report of issue there. there is a report of middlebrook but there is no more information there. beltway, sight for the sore eyes. look traffic lane. north o the american legion bridge is not something that you normally see on tuesday afternoon in the tabbing area. it's nice traveling from maryland to virginia. back to you. leon: all right. thank you. alison: all right. go ahead to get a check of the weather. doug, what is the latest? doug: still like partly cloudy skies around most of the metro area.
5:50 pm
doppler area from south central virginia and to fredericksburg. snow on western side is in blue. snowflakes. most is rain east. that continues to move to the chesapeake bay. we will show patches of snow but it's not a solid area of snow. they will rotate across southeastern ohio. it may swing across the area one, two, three in the 3:00 morning. we could have slick spots developing from that. also the temperatures tonight. that will fall from the current reading in the mid-to-the upper 30's. in the mid-to-the upper 20's in many locations by morning. that is the forecast overnight. 26 to 32. light snow. slick spots. we will start to turn colder on thursday. high of 31. 33 on friday. over the weekend, coldest air of the season. highs in the lower to the
5:51 pm
middle 20's. highs both saturday sunday. winds and hurries saturday. cold valentine day. single digit temperatures around the area sunday morning. bit of a warmup with lower case b. bit of a warmup. that is the latest. back to you. >> thank you. leon: get to ihop. erin: yes. what is what we call it. house of players. george washington head coach arrives in foggy bottom five years ago he found it difficult to recruit top local names and he had to get creative. he added international flavor that contributed to the colonials' success. >> d.c. feels like buenos aires for me. for some, adjusting to life in d.c. was easy. >> we have things that remind me of home. >> the washington monument.
5:52 pm
a argentina has a similar icon in buenos aires. >> i have an advantage to be in high school for two years. >> he isn't the only international student on the team. kevin larson from denmark. and watanabi is from japan. >> we share a little part of our lives. we can't see the families whenever we want. >> i miss the family and friends, they're my family. >> give them several words a day. he kill that would easily and i stopped doing that as he got better. >> soccer is the home country's main sport. that wasn't an option. >> i have big feet. i couldn't find soccer shoes in my size. >> i'm not coordinated with my legs. i started to play at 5 or 4 and i broke some other guy's
5:53 pm
leg. i knew that was the moment i had to quick soccer and look for something different. [laughter] erin: i love the story. the colonials couldn't happier that he chose basketball. he is g.w. best nba prospect in 20 years and will likely represent argentina in the 2016 summer games in rio. great contribution to the team. meantime, cam newton spoke to the media today and says he has no regret after how he handled the post game press conference after the super bowl. we'll tell you what he said at 6:00. stick around. leon: how good is that coach? he can find a brother from denmark who
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with the assistance from the foundation the family chose the site in chevy chase, maryland, that the boys can stay in the same school district and the proximity to walter reed in bethesda. >> we appreciate the caring and the prayers. >> it has been a long journey for avila that served five combat tours. in 2011, an i.e.d. blast nearly killed him. >> he suffered two strokes, two heart attacks, they amputated his left leg.
5:58 pm
because of lack of oxygen to brain he suffered a severe brain injury. in a coma for 40 days the outlook was not good. but his wife claudia never gave up hope. >> it's a miracle. >> the recovery has been slow and remarkable. he makes year with physical therapy and speech therapy. >> a huge skins fan, he was presented be a personalized jersey. being a jokester, he had a question for the team g.m. >> how can i get season tickets? >> you know gary sinise mentioned that to us. the family is going to have season tickets. >> at the end of the event. claudia expressed thanks and gratitude but louis got the final word. >> thank you be. safe. go red. go army. >> in chevy chase, mike carter-conneen, abc7 news.
5:59 pm
alison: such a deserving hero. what a story. that is it for "abc7 news at 5:00". right now at 6 of:00 -- the number of victims could grow as the f.b.i. joins investigation in a school volunteer accused of horrifying crimes against children. >> i found her. >> plus, pulled from the friday yesterday water. what made the moment possible in the search for a missing girl. paying a lot more for a lot less. plan that could affect the daily commute for more than thousands of people. abc7 at 6:00 starts now. >> now, "abc7 news at 6:00". on your side. >> right now at 6:00, the fear of freezing after a snowy wet day for the entire area. leon: tonight, mobile track 7 on the roads looking for signs of trouble as the sun goes down and takes the temperatures with it. bright spot is doppler is
6:00 pm
quiet. will it last? chief meteorologist doug hill has what we need to know going into tonight. >> we get through the evening hours, we have evil hours to dry the roadways but the temperatures will fall below freezing. at the same time, areas of the snowshowers may move through the region and that could provide slick spot. look at the doppler radar and the weather alert. the only thing headline for you is a winter weather advisory in purple toward the pennsylvania line and far west and west virginia that is in effect for a few more hours for the additional snowshowers to contribute an inch or no there. snowing along the pennsylvania line. snow mixed around fredericksburg and southern maryland. the areas will continue to move easterly tonight. however, farther west another brand or two of the snowshowers could come through overnight. mid-30's in metro now. weer


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