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tv   ABC7 News Weekly  ABC  February 20, 2016 11:30pm-12:01am EST

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this game would go to double overtime. tied at 78-78. kyle wilson drives. it is blocked, but kevin ferguson is there to tip it back in with just .7 seconds to go. so army stuns navy, 80-78. today marks the nats' first official workout for pitchers and catchers. this is a time for the new players and the new coaches. everyone is going to introduce themselves, get acclimated, get some workouts in. several position players, they have already started to show up, including bryce harper. they also held an inform alworkout today. meanwhile, dusty baker is getting a fresh start in a nationals uniform. he has accomplished so much during his lifetime in baseball. but what he hasn't done is spend two full seasons away from the game. so he decided you know what? i am going to reach out to the legends area redskins coach joe gibbs. he gave him a call. he was away from the game two decades between his stint with the skins.
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>> i called him, and he called me back, and he prayed with me on the phone. i thought that was a heck of a gesture by somebody that i had never met before. he was very, very helpful. i was trying to figure out who i could talk to that could sort of direct me that had been through what i am about to go through. >> i just love that story. and finally some more college hoops. hour falls to savannah state 66-56, and the g.w. women stumble against v.c.u. at home, 79-68. >> you couldn't ask for a better mentor than joe gibbs. >> i love that he decided to reach out to him. it says a lot about dusty and his mentality about reaching out to one of the best and getting advice. >> coming up next at 11:00, they are shooting for the stars. nasa says a
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if harvoni is right for you. >> many applied, but few will be chosen. nasa says it received a record for its plications astronaut candidate training program. that is nearly three times the number the agency got in 2012. only between eight and 14 people will be chosen. once final candidates have been
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years of basic training on things from space walking to learning russian. coming up next, ryan has another look at your potentially
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extra, on your side. >> it was a day of mourning for thousands in d.c. as the late justice antonin scalia was laid to rest. thousands came out to say goodbye this morning at the bass came of the national sideline of the immaculate conception. richard reed was there and mass more on how friends and family remembered the justice. >> it was a gathering of faith and remembrance at the bass came. >> i thought the funeral was beautiful. >> the mass here of supreme court justice antonin scalia drew thousands. >> i wish i had the faith he had. >> among those attending, a long time friend. >> he was a man of principle, his faith in god and of course the constitution. >> through there were also high profile dignitaries, including vice president biden, and dick cheneyy. >> hope does not disappoint because the love of god
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been poured out into our hearts. >> scalia's colleagues from the high court also paid their espects. >> our hartley felt sympathy at the loss of your husband, your father, your grandfather and friend. >> the 79-year-old justice remembered for his love of god, country and family. it is lessed dad, as well known, with a love for his country. >> scalia's son it did an emotional homile flerkting on his father's faith and patriotism. >> he understood there is no conflict between loving god and loving one's country. god blessed him with a desire to be the country's good servant because he was god's first. >> amid the music and prayers, thousands here paying tribute. >> he is up in hershiser now looking down at us. we are doing to miss him. >> certainly there will be a
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find a replacement for scalia on the high court. but today was a time to remember a conservative icon and a long-serving member of the high court. from the supreme court, abc news. >> and on a personal note here, to of the children went langley high school. i had the pleasure of playing soccer with marry and debating paul in american civ. a lot of former classmates and teachers talked about how moved we were to watch the children honor their father, especially father paul giving that moving homile. an emotional night for all of us who care about the family with strong roots. coming up next, there are thousands of teachers in d.c. find out what it took for one of them to be named teacher of the year. >> and we had the dry weather. we had the sunshine and the mild temperatures across the
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region on for your saturday. what is on tap for your sunday? it looks like we will see some rain. we will have the details coming up in a few minutes.
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>> this is pretty interesting. maryland is challenging powers wright -- the right to dump treated water from cole ash ponds into a creek lead to go a river. this
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>> for those who leave feet from the shore of quantity do creek, the thought of cole ash coming into the water leads to questions for dominion resources. rachel smyth and brian powell have one. >> how can that help us out. >> last month. the virginia department of environmental quality approved a permit for dominion to release 215 million gallons of cole ash water into a creek, part of a nationwide effort to dispose of old cole ash. but maryland larry hogan is joining prince william count and environmental groups in an effort to legally fight the efforts. >> this whole plan is unacceptable in terms of its impang on the environment, water quality and public health. >> the water is stored in five ponds here at opossum point. this one, pond 2:00, is the biggest. one
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once drained of the water, all five will be personally sealed. avid bodkins say the heavily treated water will be safe and environmentally friendly. >> we share in the love for the poet ma'am and the james creek. we are going to do nothing to harm that. >> rachel smith and brian powell will believe it -- >> you are adding something foreign to something natural. >> when they see it. jeff goldberg, abc 7 news. >> still ahead on saturday news extra, a warm weekend. rain is on the way. ryan has your full forecast coming up.
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>> how much rain are we talking about sunday? >> enough to make things uncomfortable outside. we had a great day. enough rainfall to cause some trouble and i think gum up the works if you had outdoor plans tomorrow. we are going to call it like we see it in the weather summer. we had beautiful weather. we made it into the 60's and 70's. look at these highs. in alexander, a high of 71. folks, that is what we would typically see in april. 69 in bethesda. 68 in manassas. the air temperatures, clear skies, have cooled off into the 50's and 40's. the moon is going to be full very soon out in the sky right now, but the clouds are coming
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with the clouds, a chance of rain, and that comes in midday tomorrow. a couple of other items. i am going to put this into motion, and we are going to see high temperatures. 71 at ragan national. air temperatures across the piedmond of virginia in the upper 60's. tomorrow we will be in the 50's, but the mild stuff today is coming to an end. 49 at ragan national. 50 in frederick, 50 in leesburg, 45 in manassas. air temperatures tomorrow mid 40's. 44 in bethesda, 44 in college park. inside the beltway, 46 for a low temperature. so bundle up on the way to sunday services. no active weather in the east. we have clear skies from new york down to pennsylvania and philadelphia, all throughout the mid-atlantic right now. but there is an area of low pressure getting its act together across the mississippi
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river and parts of illinois. that is the system that brings the rainfall tomorrow. it is going to stream in tomorrow, bring us the rainfall. and we are thinking the day will start dry but around 10:30 or so tomorrow morning, our western suburbs will start to see raindrops first, heading into the shenandoah valley. then by the afternoon, the showers become scattered as the heavier brings pulls off to the east over the ocean. then another batch of preparation tomorrow night. monday looks to be cloudy, but it will be a dry and cooler day with temperatures in the 50's. 49 at midnight, 46 when you wake up tomorrow morning and 54 degrees noon tomorrow. here are the next seven days, the last full week of the month. 50 on monday, 60% of seeing some rain, even some wet snowflakes mixing in on tuesday. the rain is going to be heavy at times on wednesday, into the 40's, a raw day. then drying out with a few raindrops on thursday. next weekend looking dry, but
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where we should be temperature-wise, into the 40's. >> wow. all right. we got one day. >> one day. >> this winter has wreaked some havoc on area roads, and it is not over yet as you heard ryan say. ford promises its 2017 fusion said and can protect itself from pot holes. wouldn't that be awesome? en the car goes over a pot who will, they say the on-board computers adjust should be absorbers to keep the car from falling into the holes. pot holes costs drivers in the u.s. $3 billion a year. toyota is recalling nearly three million rav-4 s.u.v.'s because of a seat belt problem. metal seat r says cushing frames could cut the belt in a crash. the recall involves the vehicles between 2005 and 201
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dealers will replace the seat belts free of charge. up next on saturday news extra, we have about six more minutes left. in that time we are going to introduce you to d.c.'s teacher of the year and find out why his students say no one deserves this honor more than he i do everything on the internet. but, it's kind of slow. my friends say i should get fios because it's the fastest. i just downloaded 600 photos in 60 seconds. that's seriously better. (husband) we're out of 2%! i wonder what else could be better around here? (husband) i heard that. switching to better internet is now easier than ever. only fios has the fastest internet available, with uploads up to 5x faster than cable. get 100 meg upload and download speeds. plus tv and phone for just $69.99 a month online with no annual contract.
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>> a rare honor for an art teacher. this d.c. recently named teacher of the year. kelly visited the school and
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has tonight's spotlight on education. >> building confidence in his stuents is a priority for school without walls teacher james cunningham. for 30 years he has taught art for d.c. pun schools but doesn't consider himself an art teacher. >> i am an rtist educator. i am an artist first. he sees art in everything and teaches his students to do the same. >> i just can attribute most of my artistic growth to him and what he has taught me. >> he teaches people who have never tried art to be outstanding. > a word dcps uses to describe cunningham, so outstanding, the system recently named him teacher of the year. >> he won't let it quit, and he let's us know we do do the work. >> there are times that i can come to him, and i can talk to him about anything, colleges, school work.
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those who came before him. cunningham stresses to be great, you have to see it. >> passion, stick to itfness. a desire to teach. >> eight years ago he brought the international program to the school, which has allowed students to pursue travel opportunities to places like japan, paraguay and ethiopia. the classroom is a world. once you bring that to students, their outlooks about what they can be shifts. >> abc 7 news. >> i like that. ryan has your
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