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tv   World News Now  ABC  March 1, 2016 2:37am-3:01am EST

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>> the sheriff is aware i've motive but not ready 0 release it. it's both a setback and a first for self-driving cars. one of the google vehicles hit a public bus. no one was injured in in the fender-bender. there have been other accidents involving the self-driving cars but this is the first one where the car was at fault. google says it has tweaked the software. no word on who gets points on their license. patriots fans rejoice. tom brady reportedly signed an extension with the team. braid did is 38 years old but said he would like to play into his 40s. great. well, the reported extension seems to make that a real possibility because the deal is set to give the patriots significantly more room under the nfl salary cap. so before the extension, apparently brady was due to make about $15 million for the coming season. >> wow. a little sports with reena
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a little abridged version. like to keep you updated. >> we like to see him around. so these are big days for one of cuba's best known products. talking about the cigars. the country's annual cigar festival kicked off on monday. >> it's the 18th annual festival and attracts hundreds of buyers from around the world. cuba's weather adversely affected this year's tobacco crop shrinking it siftly. >> there still 150e78 to be plenty around with the u.s. and cuban relations warming many say it won't be long before more and more of those famous cigars make it here legally. >> what i want to know is it still going to be a thing if they're legal now? >> oh, i mean, they still -- they're still pretty good. >> you still enjoy a good. >> legal or illegal i think. yeah. >> i'm not really into smokes but you are. >> i mean, try it once in awhile. come up, we're going behind the scenes of the quirky hipster
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>> who would try to rip off the girl scouts by paying for cookies with counterfeit money? who saved the day after an outrageous ripoff. >> the tearful answers from erin andrews. her her difficult day in court in a case getting widespread attention. that's after today's forecast map. 52 degrees in great falls on this national peanut butter lovers day.
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that, there's one. >> one reason to hate moving. let's move on to a serious stop. "dancing with the stars" host erin andrews broke down yesterday. >> she's sue ago is the nashville ho fell for $75 million after she was secretly filmed in her room. abc's eva pilgrim has more. >> you know your body. and i saw it for two seconds and i was like, oh, my god. and i shut it down. >> reporter: erin andrews breaking down in court today, as she relived the moment she discovered a naked video of herself online. >> dad, i'm naked all over the internet. i don't know what it is. >> reporter: the popular sportscaster and cohost of "dancing with the stars" is suing the owner and manager of this nashville marriott, where she was secretly filmed by a stalker in 2008. the video has been viewed nearly 17 million times. andrews' mother, paula, described consoling her daughter. >> there was no calming her down. it's -- it's a nightmare that doesn't stop. >> reporter: andrews is also suing the man who film h
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she claims the hotel made it easy for him to track her down and film her on his cell phone through a peephole he modified. >> i picked up the house phone and i called the operator and asked, could i have erin andrews' room. they connected me. so that i knew what room she was in. >> reporter: the hotel calls barrett a criminal who tricked them into gaining access. barrett pled guilty to stalking in 2010 and was sentenced to 30 months in prison. >> they could have stopped this and i'm so angry. >> erin andrews wasn't the only woman michael barrett secretly recorded in a hotel room. he posted at least ten more videos online. eva pilgrim, abc news, nashville, tennessee. >> and some credit the fact she says that "dancing with the stars" helped her get her peace back because she was back on stage. it seems like such a long road for her. i don't think people realize how difficult it's been. >> it's been several years but she's still dealing with it. she
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colleagues were great. like tirico who said come on back, we need to you smile again on air and be back at work. so at least they were there for her. >> right. coming up, the sketch comedy tv show that's attracted a cult following. > how comedians fred archison and carrie brownstein have become hipster heros and what's next for "portlandia"".
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♪ those sounds by the way, the theme music from "portlandia" which it started about five years ago as a sleeper sketch comedy on ifc lampooning political correctness and the northwestern hipster culture. >> last sunday saw the premiere of the show's sixth season. it's gains an almost run away cult following. what's in for this season. we're up "up all nightline" with nick watt who goes behind the
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>> i guess i do have a question about the chicken. if you could tell us more about it. >> reporter: if you actually order food like this. >> you have this information. this is fantasticing. > absolutely. his name was colin. here are his papers. >> that's great. he looks like a happy little guy that runs around. >> welcome to women first. >> book stores this. >> different daughters. >> we could order that for you. it will take a year to get here. >> it has to be written. >> reporter: if you as hipster precious as this. >> she read add article about artists knots in the sunday times". >> wow. >> what's that? >> huh. >>. >> reporter: if you are then, shouldn't the show's portla "portlandia" really, really offend you? >> i do like walking around downtown. >> reporter: we met the stars carrie brownstein and fred armisen at the ace hotel here in the l.a. they call it the deuce. >> we
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you want one? >> oh, my god. >> how is it going. >> and hinster fans confirmed they're not offended. >> can you acts like you're kissing me? >> wow. ♪ >> reporter: the shows pray dead pan on the lipster morays of portland, this is not comedy of the unkind. go vegan. >> i skipped wilshire and took beverly over to santa monica. >> reporter: after more than a decade on "snl," arm sen knows what works. >> there's a live audience there. the meaner a sketch was, the less the audience reacted. if it stays in a place of affection, it does a little better. >> reporter: the show has moved beyond short starp sketch to longer tales with our heroes playing versions of themselves. >> good night, carry. >> sometimes it's subtly off and
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from who we are. it's fun to play a version of ourselves. >> i can't this year. >> reporter: the season one entire episode deals with the early middle aged admitting they would rather watch from home than go to the music festival. >> we're introducing the first phase in virtual participation. using drones. >> he new technology. >> you want to be like someplace where you don't have to stand all. >> reporter: it's more the bathroom. >> yes. you were just in a line the whole time for the bathroom. i'm thinking about it the entire time. i'm not enjoying it. >> the flame is lips here. that would be us. >> i'm sorry, who are you? >> he's coin of the flaming lips. >> reporter: the flaming lips guest star. >> do i look like a pimp to you? >> when a man pulse out money from the register, i have to wonder. >> over the years so have steve buscemi in a wig. >> we appreciate it. >> and an efforts while real life mayor of portland. >> i'm still waiting to hear back from my
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>> reporter: despite its name, the show reflexes a time not just a place. >> it's part of a bigger cultural conversation we're having about this stuff. ♪ >> reporter: truth is it maybe we're all a little bit "portlandia" ourselves. >> a little san francisco right now. you know what i mean. sorry. much better. welcome to portland. >> reporter: i'm nick watt for night line line" in los angeles. >> so you're into the show. >> i did see that episode, the last scene you saw there, it was interesting. i thought it was good. i jumped off the bandwagon because you know, but -- >> i've heard good things about the show. i haven't seen it. i've been to portland. it is weird. >> it's very much like portland when you visit it. >> that's what i hear. >> the feel. >> it has won a peabody award. a lot of people are praising it. it shares a title of a sculpture right there on fifth avenue in downtown portland.
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lysol. start healthing. ♪ yeah, click ♪ for a decade, the motto of the girl scouts has been be prepared. >> yes but whether he one young scout was caught by surprise by a scammer, a good samaritan stepped in to save the day.
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>> would you like to buy some cookies. >> reporter: that's that time of year ago. girl scout cookies back on sale. for this one and others like her they help her fund raise for important activities. >> and i get to go to san francisco and camping. >> reporter: lawn na's mom laura sauce it's a good chance for her to learn about money. but lana got an unexpected lesson. >> there's good people in this world and there's bad people, and it was a good lesson for her to learn. >> reporter: while helping a big crowd, laura says a man handed her a $100 bill for five boxes. she gave him $75 in change and he left. >> someone gave us a fake 100 bill. >> we're the girl scouts pop who would do that? so yeah, it was kind of shocking. >> police confirm it was a counterfeit bill. while waiting for officers to arrive, another surprise. this time from a good samaritan.
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$100. >> she said i didn't want your daughter to have a bad girl scout experience and please take this money. and i was just like wow. >> reporter: a lesson this 9-year-old says she'll never forget. >> thank you for supporting our troop. >> you have a good day. >> reporter: girl skousts orange county says it provides tools to members to help them from receiving counterfeit bills as well as recommending they koent don't accept bills larger than $20. eyewitness news. >> very cool. you can order online now. they'll send you a link and play it to you. it comes quickly. >> i'd much prefer you visit me. >> with that dress, yes. say yes to the girl scout dress. >> what are thositiers you're selling though. >> those are the chocolate covered bug cookies coming out next year. >> we'll sell those at the oscars next year. >> there you go.
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this morning on "world news now," political drama on super tuesday. >> from the secret service take-down of a journalist at a donald trump event to the campaign direction hillary clinton is now heading. as voters in 12 states go to the polls. cafeteria gunfire. the teenager accused of shooting two students at school. the frightening scene and how the drama ended. tearful testimony. sportscaster and "dancing with the stars" host erin andrews on the stand answering difficult questions reliving a humiliating ordeal. and a health alert about lack of sleep and your eating habits. could insomnia be linked to the munchies. what new research reveals on this tuesday, march 1st. >> announcer: from abc news, this is


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