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tv   ABC7 News at Noon  ABC  March 1, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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announcer: now, abc 7 news at noon, on your side. jummy: we are honoring the office who gave her life trying to protect others. the funeral for officer ashley anydon is set to start minute. she was shot and killed saturday while responding to a
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dispute in woodbridge, her first full day in the field. fellow, family, and officers pay their final respects today. the service was held this morning and hylton memorial chapel. is getting underway now. sam sweeney is live now with the latest. very sad. hundreds of law enforcement officials across the country have come to woodbridge to pay their final respects inside the church. room only.standing outside the church, you can see how many law enforcement officers are inside. hundredsat, there are of police cars in the distance. it is a full house. all of them here to pay their respects. honor guard stood at attention when her family's good at the church -- when her family stood at the church.
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was a highlight and a reservist in the united states marine. she grew up in new hampshire. officers made their journey here to pay their respects. she went to high school in merrimack new hampshire. we wanted to be able to show support. we were able to come down last evening. we both served in the united states marine corps. we had that connection. we thought it was important to and policemily officers that we support them, no matter where this happens. sam: there were officers from new jersey, new york, across the state of delaware, virginia. it is an amazing scene. you can see the flag behind me. her
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pass under that flag in about an hour and make its way back to new hampshire, where she will be buried. reporting live, sam sweeney. jummy: we want to remind our you can watch the funeral live on our sister station, newschannel 8, happening now. a vigil will be held tonight for the alleged killers wife. neighbors are organizing that. it will begin at 7:00 outside hamilton's home. is -- couple'sn son is staying with relatives. we will have updates throughout the day, on-air, online at in about a dozen states and a u.s. territory will go to the polls, including here in virginia area
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candidates are trying to nab last-minute votes. hillary clinton and donald trump hope to get ahead of the competition today. >> i have not focused on hillary clinton. wantne person she does not to run against disney. even if donald trump wins, he may face a losing battle with the democrats. arnie sanders scored 55% and pretend head-to-head match. the polls open at 6:00 this morning. voter turnout is expected to be huge. inanne kennedy is live arlington when you head out to castro ballot. your ballot. this is a station in rosslyn. you can see we have people streaming in at lunchtime. it s
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it has been steady. he describes the turnout as high. to 600ave been close people who have cast their ballots. 45 republican democrats and 15 superdelegates. we talked to a few voters to see who they are voting for and why. >> bernie sanders. his ideology matches mine. i think that is the way forward. >> i voted for marco rubio. he is a young upstart. i think he will do very good. whatever happens at the polls, it will further determine who will be the party's nominee.
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abc 7 news. jummy: our live team coverage as we get results later tonight. startsstop low coverage at 8:00 tonight. make sure you tune in for that. heading to the polls today, beautiful skies. you could not ask for better weather. doug: we stayed up all night and arranging the weather to be like this today. temperatures back in the 60's. a look from alexandria. temperatures comfortable. climb a few more degrees. this spring fling well end here. 64, leesburg. degrees, fredericksburg. the wind is gusty. not
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per hour at reagan national airport. forecast highs in the mid 60's. clouds come back tonight. with that, the next system will bring rain. maybe wintry weather by friday morning. lots of changes. we will highlight them for you. jummy: a shooting investigation to tell you about at the montgomery college rockville campus. leg ands shot in his was picked up and driven to the campus. not a student and is not being cooperative. now, the search for an escaped patient. michael marshall ran away from the northern virginia mental health institute in falls church.
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known to be violent. do not approach him. if you see michael marshall, call police. firefighters are investigating the cause of a fire in southeast d.c. one person was killed. identity. their a firefighter suffered serious injuries but is expected to be ok. this happened at massachusetts avenue and southern avenue. the fire started in the basement of the home. for genia lawmakers moving forward with a bill to close a loophole and a school bus safety law after it was pointed out that the law allows the use of video cameras to enforce laws a school bus,g but did not allow tickets to be issued by mail. is it expected -- it is expected to pass the senate by the end of the week.
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a lot of midday roadwork happening. idea of what to expect northbound baltimore-washington parkway. the 20's.own into continuing north, they are doing emergency pothole patching. to get from d.c. to baltimore, 95 in maryland is the better option. goodigger picture, in shape. no delays through montgomery county, silver spring, bethesda. loop, close to river road, getting into virginia, no issues. virginia, 395, north, construction work near duke street. approaching that area, duke street, you can see a lot of slowing. pushing everyone over to the left. look at your afternoon traffic. jummy: coming up, emotional
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trial. she breaks down as she describes the moment someone took video of her and put it online. we have continuing coverage of vote 2016. we are clearing up confusion about the primary process. good news f your tires. the effort to fill pesky potholes.
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(elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk. give us a plan. jummy: and emotional testimony.
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back on the stand delivering that testimony during her trial against the national marriott hotel and the man of convicted of stalking her. >> no one called me, no one told me when i checked in that he asked to be next to me. put up that i was doing it for money. jummy: the hotel maintains michael barrett is a criminal who tricked them into gaining access to her room. apple and the fbi are testifying before congress after a judge in brooklyn rolled apple cannot be compelled to help the fbi unlock an iphone. is a similar but unrelated case to the battle of the san bernardino shooter's phone.
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right now, we want to get back to the vote 2016 coverage. a big factor is the number of delegates. >> the process is confusing. on the democrat side, hillary clinton and bernie sanders are fighting to be the first candidate to amass -- delegates. a delegate is a person who will vote. twodemocrat party has types. pledged are bound to vote for the candidate who won the nominating contest. toerdelegates are not bound vote for any member.
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delegates, 712 are superdelegates. that is about 15%. after each contest, a candidate is assigned a delegate. sanders won new hampshire. you have 15 delegates. clinton worked to get six out of the eight to vote for her. the other two are undecided. at the end of the day, clinton and sanders are tied, having 15 delegates each. this is how she can have a lead of over 400 delegates despite a handful of nominating contest being held. now you know how she can maintain a large lead over sanders, despite being no and no when it comes to voting. jummy:
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underway. road crews are fanning out across the county in an effort to fill those holes. wherette reyes shows us the work is being done. jeanette: it has been a rough winter, not just for you, but for your tires. there is relief on the way. take a look. crews are hard at work, making your ride a little smoother. >> there is not too much you can do about it. >> last year we filled over 10,000 potholes. i suspect with the blizzard, and the road conditions being impacted by that, we will
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working will be crews on the potholes. be aware of them and try to slow down if you are getting close. in youree a pothole neighborhood, call and they will try to get to it as soon as possible. jummy: scott kelly will return to earth after a 340 day mission in space. he is scheduled to land and about 18 hours. scott kelly and his brother are taking part in an experiment. i cannot imagine what it is going to be like to have walked legs after a year, your are going to feel a little loose. doug: hopefully it will be bright and sunny.
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temperatures in the 60's. we will see some changes. a cold front coming through with some rain. a chance of a snow and rain mix. things first, a time lapse, this is the view early this morning. nothing but sunshine. absolutely gorgeous. a few high clouds on the horizon. that is it. 65, fredericksburg. reagan national, the same leading. 61, martinsburg. a southeasterly breeze keeping areas near the shore in the upper 50's. 57 in columbus at this hour.
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push of chilly temperatures coming behind the front. the front is pretty active for late tonight and tomorrow. this day, it will be delightful. mostly sunny, breezy, warm. wind-up to attend a 15 miles per hour. 62 to 67 is the average high. well above average. nobody complaining about that. the next weather maker, showers and thunderstorms through the southern extent of the system. it brings you through 11:00 with some gusty wind. high pressure builds in. most of tomorrow should be cool and pleasant. this system may bring snow thursday night to friday morning. by 8:30 oring out so. a little taste of spring.
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partly sunny through the day. it will be chilly. 40 degrees by late in the afternoon. gusty wind will diminish on thursday. a chance of rain or snow developing by friday morning. cooler on saturday. we will have a warm week, significant warming trend next week. jummy: e-cigarettes are one alternative people used to try to kick the smoking habit. tonight, josie shows us the dangers with the devices and what is being done about it. coming
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jummy: breaking news now. chopper seven over the scene of a reported bank robbery in julie hand square in woodbridge. scenen see the crime tape. the suspect jumped the counter while pointing a knife at the teller, demanded cash, and ran off. with us for updates. we have a health alert to tell you about.
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e. coli bacteria was found in a few of the animals. not showing any symptoms and no workers have been sickened. it could take up to three weeks to reopen the form. -- to open the farm. ase doctors say pill known addi is only partly effective. the negative side effects include dizziness, sleepiness, nausea, fatigue. coming up, and doug
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jummy: a live look at the funeral services underway for a murdered police officer. we will have live updates and live coverage on our sister station, newschannel 8. hundreds of her friends and family members and law enforcement say goodbye. you can watch that on newschannel 8. will get one check of the forecast with doug. doug: sunshine now.
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>> over the past 15 years, this stage has seen a lot of great moments, and nothing would make me happier than to add to that legacy today, right here, right now, on "who wants to be a millionaire." [cheers and applause] [dramatic music] ♪ hello, everybody. i'm chris harrison. welcome to the show. are you guys ready to go? [cheers and applause] all right, as a librarian, our returning contestant is used to keeping quiet, so we're gonna give him something to shout about today. from baltimore, maryland, please welcome back maurice coleman. [cheers and applause] how you doing, man? >> hello, sir. >> good to see you. >> thank you. >> looking good, looking good. >> feeling good, my friend. feeling good. >> good. >> nervous but good. >> you should. you're in great shape on the game. we'll jump into that in just a little bit. >> all righty. >> but let's talk more about you.


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