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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  March 1, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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from us. stephen: inside the chapel words of remembrance for the officer so full of promise and enthusiasm for her job which ultimately cost her life. >> ashley guindon sworn in as a police officer for prince william county on february 26. killed february 27. stephen: ashley guindon's body will be taken to massachusetts. there will be another funeral. then she will be buried in massachusetts next week in the same cemetery with her father. reporting live, stephen tschida, abc7 news. michelle: thank you. just outside, community members lined the streets coming out to show support for ashley guindon and all first responders. our amy aubert joins us live now from a memorial for the officer which really drew a huge crowd on the day of her funeral. amy?
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community members gather outside the funeral and along the streets, they came here leaving messages at a memorial for officer ashley guindon. they say it was a way for them to give the family faith on the day of the funeral and also pay their respects in their own way. neighbors, families and even perfect strangers stood along the side of the road, sat on guardrails and waved flags as they watched from afar. >> we come together as a community. we're brothers and sisters. when something as tragic like this happens, we show support to the family and the community at large. amy: now i spoke to one woman who says it was important for her to bring her two daughters out here today so they understand the importance of making time in their busy schedules to pay respect. i'll have that story tonight at 5:00. live in prince william co
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michelle: amy, thank you. crystal hamilton's family tell abc7 news they couldn't properly pay their respects today because they're planning her funeral. we'll let you know when we hear about their plans to honor the other woman killed in saturday's shooting. first on 7, d.c. bureau chief sam ford broke the news on twitter that mayor muriel bowser is changing her mind about the proposed merger between pepco and exelon. >> they offered a counter-proposal that effectively guts rate-payer protections. it gutted a carefully negotiated agreement that there would be a consumer fund that protected our residents from rate increases for a period of time. michelle: city council approved the merger just last friday. we'll take a closer look at mayor bowser's decision tonight at 5:00. jonathan: today the d.c. council made it official. the city is moving forward with a plan to pay criminals to turn their lives around. butho
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pay for this? we'll have much more at that coming up at "abc7 news at 5:00". michelle: well, the polls are open in virginia for about another three hours this super tuesday. governor terry mcauliffe cast his ballot in richmond this morning. turn-out is expected to pick up as people leave work this afternoon. suzanne kennedy is live at one polling station in arlington. suzanne? suzanne: michelle, we have seen a steady stream of voters throughout the day here at the wilson school in the rosslyn section of arlington county. i just checked a few minutes ago. they have had close to 900 people cast their ballots at this location. that is a very strong showing on this important day. with record high numbers predicted, some virginia precincts reported 20% voter turn-out. by midday nearly a thousand people cast their ballots at the i have -- vienna polling place with the votes nearly
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bound and determined i had to be here today. suzanne: like many millennials, this first-time voter is casting his ballot for bernie sanders. >> he looking for the things i want -- he's looking for the things i want. like free tuition. >> donald trump is trying to preserve the culture, the border and the language. he is unashamed act it. suzanne: some virginia voters were motivated by the attitude. >> it's a mess. for grown-ups they should be acting in a more mature way. >> it is like nothing i experienced in my life. i'm nervous about what is going to happen. suzanne: virginia is an open primary. meaning, voters can vote regardless of which party they are affiliated with. what that mean
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people will be keeping an eye on the outcome here in virginia on this super tuesday to see if it is an indication of what we will see come november. reporting live in arlington, virginia, suzanne kennedy, abc7 news. michelle: thank you, suzanne. don't worry, in maryland and d.c. you have a chance to weigh in as well before november. stay with abc7 for complete coverage of super tuesday. we will have results once they start coming in, which will be after 7:00 on jonathan: to be a fly on the wall for this one. president obama met face-to-face today with the white house with some of the senate leaders vowing to block his supreme court nominee. chuck grassley sat down with obama, vice president biden and harry reid among others. this is the first time they have met since justice scalia's unexpected death last month. the family of the late supreme court justice antonin scalia are still h
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they held a private memorial today at the mayflower hotel in northwest washington. scalia died february 13 while visiting texas. a number of his fellow justices gave remarks at the memorial service today. we are also monitoring a developing story out of frederick county where police are looking for somebody who appears to be shooting at cars. this has happened at least six times in mount erie. that is where kevin lewis went to get the latest on the investigation. kevin: imagine driving down a rural road and hearing the sound of projectile striking your vehicle. that is exactly what happened yesterday around 5:30 in the afternoon along this windy, two-lane country road just outside of mount arie. frederick county deputies say someone hiding in the woods shot at at least six vehicles. one was a ups truck. another had two children inside. some of the vehicles suffered damage, including shattered windows. however, thankfully no one was
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few males, possibly juveniles. police say they live in the area and add they have dealt with them before. >> our criminal investigation section is in the area gathering additional evidence and interviewing possible persons of interest at this time. >> have the individuals admitted to their involvement? >> no. kevin: still, no word on a motive. if this does turn out to be a teenage prank, police say they believe there was still intent to harm and they will charge accordingly. reporting in frederick county, i'm kevin lewis, abc7 news. jonathan: police are also investigating a shooting near the montgomery college rockville campus, because this all happened about 10:00 this morning. here is what investigators say. a man was shot in his leg somewhere else. he was then picked up and driven to the campus. so it never happened at the campus. police say the victim is not a student and he is not being cooperative with investigators. michelle: well, it is just beautiful outside today but a change is on the horizon. chief meteorologist doug hill is here wi
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it looks like winter is trying to battle back. dolls it will make a grief -- doug: it will make grief comeback through the weekend. but all things considered we are in nice shape. we are still in 60's. charlottesville is 60 degrees. we are in the low 60's in the metro area. the clouds are increasing and the winds continue to increase out of the southeast. that is how we warmed up with the warm temperatures. the winds 14 to 18 miles per hour around the area. later tonight the winds will shift to the west. that is a cold front that is going to cause that. at this hour it is still 68 in charlottestown. the cold front is about there. moving in our direction. it will bring rain tonight. gusty winds with it. by the time you wake up tomorrow morning the rain will be out of here. we will just have a windy and a chillier day for the day on wednesday. a lot more about this and the weekend and a chance of snow by friday morning. yeah, really. in a few minutes. michelle: something you can smile about here, this just into the a
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yes, bei bei news. in the last 15 minutes, the national zoo tweeted out this photo of bei bei the panda. jonathan: look how big! michelle: this is the first time he has made use of the climbing structure. this is huge. this is in his enclosure. the zoo says he seems to have it down pat already. jonathan: either bei bei in this picture is terrified holding on for dear life or bored holding on to the top of the tree. michelle: pure cuteness. jonathan: the redskins had a 4:00 p.m. deadline and they made it. robert: yes, they did. the skins placed this guy on a franchise tag. quarterback kirk cousins. which quarterback tag? we'll talk numbers and more coming up. >> i just didn't feel right. i did it for myself. it was the best change i made in my life. michelle: plus, a young hollywood star opens up about a personal decision. jonathan: the blitz is on to tackle the potholes out there before they tackle your car. we'll tell you where this is all going on. michelle: here is a i
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d.c. street cleaning begins today. the city tells abc7 news there will be a one-week grace period for any tickets but make sure you che
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the redskins. just minutes after the nfl's 4:00 p.m. deadline, the team has officially said they are tagging kirk cousins as a franchise player. jonathan: yea! michelle: robert burton is here now with a look at what it means for the quarterback and the team. this is big. robert: yeah. round of applause, by the way? [applause] it's payday for cousins for a season. redskins placed nonexclusive franchise tag on the quarterback. how about this? last season cousins was making $660,000 a year. the franchise tag is worth almost $20 million. hello! cousins had a break-out season in 2015. he set the single season record for passing yards while throwing for 29 touchdowns leading the redskins to the n.f.c. east crown. now, here is what the nonexclusive tag is. the redskins lockdown kirk for a year. they have until july 15 to work out a long-term deal. however, this gives another team the opportunity to sign cousins to a long-term deal. the skins have the right to match that offer. but if they don't they will receive two first ron
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so for more on that nonexclusive tag go to you know how johnny manziel used to do this move there? kirk can do it now. jonathan: kirk has more class than johnny manziel. robert: that is true. very true. jonathan: mobiletrak7 is out on pothole patrol now. it doesn't take long and you don't have to go far to find it. the blitz is on to find all the holes that opened up over the winter. look at that! nasty stretch of road. jeanette reyes shows us where some of the road is being done. jeanette: it has been a rough winter. not just for you but probably for your tires, too. the good news is there is relief on the way. prince george's county pothole blitz kicked off early this morning. and take a look. crews are still hard at work making your ride a little smoother. fluctuating temperatures this winter are mostly to blame. snowplows didn't help either. >> softens up the road. it's not too much you can do about it really. it doesn't bother
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10,000 potholes. thus far we have received over 800 requests. and so i suspect that especially with the blizzard and the road conditions being impacted by that through the moisture, we will probably fill close to that as well. jeanette: a couple of things you should keep in mind. there will be crews throughout the county working on the potholes so make sure you are aware of them and try to avoid them and slow down once you are getting close. the second thing is if you see a pothole in your neighborhood you want fixed call 311 and they will try to get to it as soon as possible. reporting in prince george's county, i'm jeanette reyes, abc7 news. michelle: when it comes to metro, there is no paper, just plastic. beginning this sunday the fare gates at metro stations will only accept smart trip cards, rendering paper cards useless. if you have a paper fare card you can transfer the value to a smarttrip card using the brown vending machines at the station. jon
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jamie sullivan joining us now. that is a good-looking picture if the open road is what you are looking for. besides what looks like an accident. jamie: a big truck. jonathan: that is bad. jamie: this is the accident we have now. you can see a few flashing lights on the car behind it. this is the crash traveling on new york a heading westbound. this is right at florida avenue. we have a few people probably stuck at a red light now just approaching and will get stuck in this backup. everything moving to the left. of course, this is the right lane that is currently blocked. we will keep you updated on this. so far we are starting out with a rough afternoon as far as crashes go. i want to move to the maps and talk about still some of the mid-day construction we had dropping you in the teens on the beltway approaching route 1, college park. is it the inner loop -- it is te inner loop slow. we have other slowing on the beltway. from virginia to maryland, 15 miles per hour is a good average on the northwest corner. 66 heading outbound from the capital beltway closer to
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gallows road we have a slowing. 395, in the teens now. no crashes on the interstates. i'm happy to report that. volume, yes. but sun glare, it is a factor this afternoon so keep that in mind. that is a look at traffic. back to you. michelle: looking good. thank you, jamie. "modern family" star ariel winter is opening up about life after breast reduction surgery and the troubling childhood she overcame. we watched her grow up on screen from an 11-year-old girl to an 18-year-old woman over seven seasons on the hit abc comedy. last year, she decided to undergro breast reduction surgery from 32f to 32d. >> i had wanted to get a breast reduction since i developed, because i was in excruciating pain. i couldn't sit up straight. it was super uncomfortable for me to sleep and sit. uncomfortable to walk. i remember breaking down in dressing rooms because i couldn't find a bathing suit. they had no top that fit me. i didn't feel right and i did
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several years of legal battles with her mom over allegation of emotional and physical abuse. she ultimately became emancipated from her mother and hasn't spoken to her from three and a half years. jonathan: let's switch gears to something lighter and better. this is the weather. wasn't it a day you felt like we were moving to spring? michelle: yeah, but you'd be wrong. doug: but it is a good sign that spring is changing. the pattern is slowly changing but with the early pattern we have days where we'll fall back to winter. we're where we are supposed to be. 50's today and snow by friday morning. that's the way it works. this is a time lapse from the camera in woodbridge. 61 degrees there. early this morning clear skies and we had clouds at time in the early morning hours but it has been a bright and a sunny day across the area. 61 in woodbridge. pretty representative of other area temperatures at this hour. the farther north and west you go, even warmer today. 66 in frederick at the moment. leesburg at 66
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martinsburg to winchester. 70 right now in charlottesville. and once again with the winds out of the southeast, look how much cooler it is. in the mid-50's along the river. as far as what is happening tonight, we will see the temperatures hold steady through the midnight hour. we'll see an area of rain develop from a cold front to come through. kind of blow through the area and be gone by sunrise. a fast mover but we will get strong winds behind the front. they are southeast now and they will turn westerly overnight and become windy. here comes the cold front on the satellite and radar. we are in the partly sunny skies east of the appalachians. but this is the line, with the downpours and area of thunder, too. it will blow through tonight and move through at a good pace. by early tomorrow morning it will be windy and we will see clearing skies. by midnight it should make a move through the area. by 4:30, it's out of here. gusty winds and sunshine and gusty winds thr
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thursday night and friday it looks as though the little system could pass by and give us light snow. tomorrow, partly cloudy and windy. we will be 50 at midday but fall through the remainder of the afternoon. then we have a 40% chance of snow moving through overnight, early friday. that should taper off. maybe a dusting to an inch or two in the gasry areas. a -- in the grassry areas but check out tuesday. 70. michelle: that makes up for it. jonathan: it makes you happy. doug: you bet. jonathan: coming up for us at 4:00 -- >> the water kept constantly coming above the window. looked like well were in an aquarium. jonathan: weeks after being battered by a massive storm find out why the same cruise ship is coming back to port early yet again. >> six months after a young child is found clinging to her mother's lifeless body in this town ho
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for help to solve the murder.
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tell you about in an atheist's group fight to remove a cross in bradensburg. the cross that stands on state-owned land does not violate the constitution. in december the judge wrote that the cross was meant to commemorate wo
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the cross endorses christianity and ignoring non-christian veterans. michelle: police need your help tracking down a killer. maryland bureau chief brad bell with a new reward offered for information into who killed a fort meade soldier. brad: when police entered the rented townhouse they found private karlyn ramirez dead, shot multiple times. her 5-month-old baby girl unharmed but lying next to her body. today police are asking for help to find her killer and offering $20,000 for information. >> enough to help with a new start. $20,000 is enough to move you away. the horrible crime scene initially discovered when the maintenance workers spotted the sliding glass door open. otherwise there was no sign of
4:25 pm
aspects to the crime. there was nothing taken. no robbery. police telling us they don't believe it's a random killing. >> it's unusual for the community and the neighborhood. >> ramirez was married at the time of her mother to the daughter's father. army master sergeant who was and is stationed in south carolina. police say he has been questioned, has cooperated. but has not been ruled out as a suspect. >> no one has been ruled out as a suspect. for the little girl, 5 months old when she was murdered, police say she now lives with her ma term grandparents in texas. karlyn ramirez's home state. in severn, brad bell, abc7 news. jonathan: coming up for us at 4:00 -- >> red lights, i was going to see if there were cameras, i checked the bed, the alarm clock and the phone. jonathan: erin andrews heads back to the stand to testify against the man accused of stalking her. michelle:
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[singing] ♪ it's only rock 'n' roll ♪ but i like it michelle: forget slowing down. oh, no, find out where the rolling stones are planning to play for free. scott: super tuesday well underway. some of the polls closing in a matter of hours. we will break it down for you. who has the most to gain, what is at risk. super tuesday coverage next. jonathan: another sign of spring comes tomorrow. that is when the national park service plans to announce this year's cherry blossoms. we are a
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announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 4:00". on your side. michelle: the clock is ticking for voters who want to have their voice heard on super tuesday. but they are not just going to the polls in virginia. chief political correspondent scott thuman is here with some of the other races in the states that are up for grabs today. scott: it's not just about virginia, although we will touch on that. you have a dozen states up for grabs. the biggest one-day haul you can pull as a candidate. it's often where there is a natural win knowing down of the -- whittling down of the field. the big push as you see candidates making the round
4:30 pm
hour to impact the get out the vote efforts. if the polls right -- they have been wrong so far but if they are right it could indicate big nights for donald trump and hillary clinton. michelle: let's talk about marco rubio for a second here. we know his strategy at some point is just waiting until he wins florida. is that too far down the road? scott: well, it's not only in that a lot of the states that are handing out delegates tonight, all of them will be given proportionally. there is no winner take all state. if he gets enough second place finishes and close enough to donald trump in one of the states, maybe he steals one who knows? but it helps him to math game and he looks to florida, his home state. there are 99 delegates there and if he takes florida he could keep himself alive until the convention. he needs a win. michelle: what about kasich? waiting for ohio? scott: he was in a
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virginia is a purple state. some people believe it could be stolen from donald trump but he is also looking for the possible running mate. he wants to stay alive and be civil in the campaign and show leadership. he will last past ohio and past michigan. then who knows? maybe he gets out. michelle: talk about the democrats. two-person race there. bernie sanders, he had a lot of momentum but it seems to have fizzled. what happens if he doesn't make much of a showing? scott: he has a tough night. he has vermont. he should get his home state. maybe steal a surprise like in minnesota. we don't know. but he also is about getting out enough votes that he gets delegates tonight. he may not win the state but maybe get a good share. but right now the math really daunting for him. hillary clinton not only has delegates, she has sumeer delegates -- super delegates. he says he is going through all 50. michelle: a wild campaign season. we thank you so much for joining us. we know you will be on top of this all evening. scott is
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your voice, your future focused on super tuesday. tune in for his expert analysis with former maryland governor bob erlich and jim moran as well as live reports from seven super tuesday states. that is all tonight at 9:00 on the sister station newschannel8. jonathan: thank you. i hope you got to get out and enjoy the spectacular day. do get snow shovels ready, though. doug: really? really? usually we have a screening process for anchors that are allowed in the weather. this is our world here. there will be snow. but if we get it, it will be the grassy areas. jonathan: it's hard to digest. a day like this, people are in shorts and now a flurry. doug: it's still wintertime. we will see a change. this comes with the green stuff and the yellow stuff. jonathan: make the green stuff go away. doug: it will. this is a fast moving cold front. it will bring rain before midnight in the metro area. west to east. by 4:30 or 5:00 it will be out of here. off the coast. here is how if
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we look at midnight on the time clock. rain moving through the area. winds are out of the southeast to d.c. turning west behind the system. by 4:30 or 5:00 it is out of here. we have a partly cloudy windy day tomorrow. we have winds 20 to 25 miles per hour throughout the day. gusting to 35. plenty of sunshine. as we get to thursday, another system to keep an eye on. another pressure of low pressure down the -- another area of low pressure down the pike. we think thursday night and friday morning there will be light snow across the area. rain south. that system will quickly pass out of here in the day on friday. our three-day outlook, sunshine, falling temperatures. gusty winds tomorrow in the 40's in the afternoon. partly cloudy. 45 on thursday. late in the day, snow or rain. friday it will end in the morning or the midday. clear back out. steve rudin has a look at the seven-day forecast in 15 or 20 minutes. michelle?
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♪ it's a gas michelle: the rolling stones still going strong and on tour. they are scheduled to be in brazil tomorrow night. get this. the band announced today it will give a free show in havana to cuba, march 25. stones will be the most famous act to play in cuba since the 1959 revolution. they will be in havana, three days after president obama visits the capitol. jonathan: how cool would that be? some people planning a cruise to caribbean. they are not getting the vacation they wanted. they are getting sick. alison starling has the story. this is the same ship that made headlines after sailing into a hurricane last month. alison: it's a tough stretch. anthem of the seas is the ship that cut short a trip three weeks ago after being slammed by a huge storm. you will remember the video. now the royal caribbean vessel is heading back to port again. the company says the issue
4:35 pm
the ship's path. passengers say there is an outbreak of norovirus on board. >> you actually had to walk by the medical facility to get off the boat. and the medical facility was jam-packed, standing room only literally full of people. that is when we went whoa! this is not good. alison: royal caribbean says just a small percentage of the 6,000 passengers on board are sick. however, the boat is expected to dock sometime tomorrow. we will let you know. back to you. jonathan: all right. thank you. coming up for us at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- the final stretch in the final frontier. look at scott kelly's last minutes on the international space station after nearly a year of floating around in space. kellye: i'm kellye lynn at friendship collegiate academy in northeast. achieving academic excellence has become a family affair. that story coming up in spotlight on education. michelle: on this first day of meteorological spri
4:36 pm
of changes at yosemite national park. the hotel is the majestic yosemite hotel. the badger pass ski resort is the yosemite ski and snowboard area. iconic locations are being renamed because of angoing legal battle over trademarks.
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the truth is this. if you don't believe in climate change you don't believe in modern science or empirical truth and you will be on the wrong side of history. jonathan: strong words from oscar winner leonardo dicaprio sunday night about climate change. the best actor recipient called it a main issue in this year's election. michelle: in 20 minutes former vice president al gore will be at the university of maryland to talk about the same topic. the center for global sustainability is hosting the talk called the future of climate action at the school of public policy. jonathan: right now scott kelly is saying goodbyes to the international space station. are these live? they are live pictures. saying adios.
4:40 pm
on a soyuz capsule to make his ride back to earth. they will close it any minute and the capsule will undock from the space station at 8:00 p.m. he and the russian cosmonaut should land in kazakhstan tonight around 11:30. he can stand on real ground for the first anytime a year. that is a long time. michelle: his muscles will feel like mush. what an exciting time for his family. they missed him. jonathan: live pictures of international space station. debriefing before they take a trip back. the cool part is his identical twin, part of the experiment. they look at the two of them to see what the bodies have done in the last 340 days. hugs and the handshakes. michelle: it will determine if in the future we make a trip to mars. jonathan: five years to get to mars. michelle: very cool. we have shown you some amazing photographs from scott kelly in his 340 days
4:41 pm
we control pimed them to a -- compiled them to a web gallery. jonathan: the northern lights from space. you don't often see that. michelle: gorgeous. jonathan: he did a good job. he has a second career. he can be a photographer. coming up for us at 4:00 -- pandemonium. early bird may get the worm. but the early celebrator is another story. wait until you see this one coming up. michelle: but first, the battle between apple and the f.b.i. heads to the hill. jonathan: as we head to break treat yourself to a touch of peanut butter today. it is national peanut butter lover's day unless you are allergic peanut butter. it takes 540 peanuts to make a 12-ounce jar of peanut butter.
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michelle: new developments between the dispute between apple and f.b.i. arguments made on capitol hill. director james comey and apple testified in front of a house committee. elizabeth hur has more on each party commission. >>
4:45 pm
>> you are expecting somebody to obey an order to do something they don't want to do and you don't know if you can do it yourself. reporter: the case took center stage in washington. >> we are acting apple to took the guard dog away and let us try to pick the lock. >> they insist they are not asking for a so-called magic key. they want access to one iphone belonging to one of the san bernardino shooters for clues. >> is there somebody else? are there clues to what else might have gone on here? that is our job. >> apple has asked the court to have the case thrown out arguing unlocking that one phone compromises the security of millions of others. >> the other way we know would be to write a piece of software that we view as sort of the software equivalent of cancer. >> in a similar unrelated case a judge ruled monday that apple cannot be compelled to help the department of justice unlock an iphone.
4:46 pm
this case but experts call it a legal victory for apple that could help the tech giant move forward. weighing in is loretta lynch from a cyber security conference saying for the victims and the public the government must do everything under the law to fully investigate terrorist attacks. in new york i'm elizabeth hur for abc7 news. jonathan: more emotional testimony from sportscaster and tv personality erin andrews today. she is back on the stand for the second day in the civil trial against the national marriott hotel and the man convicted of stalking her. she blames both for a secret video recording of her nude that went viral in 2008. tearful andrews says she is anxious, depressed and gets reminded about it constantly. >> i think the thing really hit home for me and hurts me the worst is when girls, high school, college tweet me and say i want to beer reason andrews except for the marriott stalker thing. i can't
4:47 pm
>> if hotel maintains that michael barrett is a criminal who tricked them into gaining access to the room next to andrews. andrews is seeking $75 million if her lawsuit. e-cigarette may seem like a good alternative if you are trying to kick the habit. explosive danger may have you change your mind on this one. joce sterman is here to explain why. we have seen crazy video of it going off in people's pockets. joce: the vap-pens that have potential to explode while using them or carrying them. is it a rare thing but if it happens it does have impact. the injuries that some people end up with are hard to look at. we want to show you a man put in a coma for days after an e-cigarette blew up as he was using it. he is not the only one that has lived through this. tonight at 11:00, with te yol how often it is happening across the country. leaving some callg
4:48 pm
left with stunning injuries. >> blood but it was just black. pure black. joce: tonight at 11:00 we hear the steps that man you heard from is trying to take to get e-cigarette injuries tracked and get products regulated. we will explain why vaping supporters say there is no need to panic. joce sterman, abc7 news. jonathan: one of those stories where people trying to kick the habit because cigarettes are dangerous for your health and then these things. michelle: you don't know about the particular danger. joce: we are talking about dozens of cases. we will show you picture and the impact at 11:00. jonathan: see you then. a story about a dog that might leave you smiling. check out the 6-month-old golden retrieverer. he has braces on. the dog named wesley stopped eating after the tooth pain. they should come off this week. the veterinarian spokesperson with people doggie dental problems
4:49 pm
serious health issues. the cool part of this. when the braces come off all the little golden retriever females will run around him. michelle: think about how much that is costing the owners. jonathan: if it costs nick like your kids -- michelle: exactly. jonathan: my dogs will have crooked teeth. michelle: for sure. jonathan: winning a high school championship is something that you will remember forever. but one team will probably remember how they lost it more. michelle: the broncos were up by a point at the end of the game. a player throws the ball in the air to run out the clock and pandemonium ensues, right? but the other team caught the ball and called a time-out with one second on the clock. then this happened. inbound pass. jonathan: oh! michelle: a quick layup. they win 60-59. it ain't over till it's over. jonathan: good point. didn't it just -- don't -- michelle: that is crushing. jonathan: as a coach don't you teach your kids listen, remember the football players that drop the ball before they get in t
4:50 pm
be smart. steve: i like they had the backboard that lit up when the shot was staken. jonathan: it. end of the game. michelle: that hurts. steve: we have an awesome couple of hours left and then -- michelle: the bottom falls out. jonathan: comes the snow. steve: it will get colder here. look at the national harbor. that is the place to be. looking at a few clouds out there. the temperature is 61 degrees at reagan national airport. the clouds will continue to increase moving through the overnight hours. look at the temperatures. would have! i love it. 68 degrees in culpeper. 70 in charlottesville. 66 in luray. 64 in winchester. the cold front will sweep across the mid-at lan tick tonight.
4:51 pm
you will feel it moving through the day tomorrow. the morning highs are in the 50's. it will drop through the day. 45 for a high on thursday. on friday looking at the temperatures that are around 42 degrees. we could be looking at snow mixing in with the rain come thursday night to friday. a look at the weekend outlook. better days ahead. chilly on saturday. middle 40's. we will rebound until 50 degrees on sunday. if you have plans set for the end of the weekend, it looks a whole lot better. let's get a check of the afternoon rush hour commute. how do things look? jamie: 270 is where i want to start in maryland. if you head northbound get ready for the volume. you can see near 124 through gaithersburg, germantown yes. a lot of volume. move to the
4:52 pm
this is about 30 minutes. we are seeing the volume as well traveling on the beltway. some spots in the teens. some areas you are lower than that, almost in the single digits for montgomery county. outbound 395. no problems as far as the crashes. it's the volume. 13 miles per hour. you won't see the school buses. it may help traffic a little bit. we wrap on our waze map i want to talk about d.c. we have the wazers reporting heavy traffic. if you are heading northbound getting closer to eastern avenue yes, we have the slowing. but heading southbound then passing by malcolm-x to continue closer to national harbor we are seeing volume. no delays to report now. if you live in the d.c. area and travel on the freeway, third street tunnel. we look pretty good. that is a look at traffic. back to you. jonathan: all right. thanks. coming up for us at 4:00, tonight's spotlight on education meet a family with three really bright
4:53 pm
have all full rides to college. the secret to their success we have it coming up. michelle: all new at 5:00, shoes to die for. the killer stilettos that set off alarms at a local airport. jonathan: then at 6:00, a local patient escapes a mental health facility. coming up why he is considered dangerous.
4:54 pm
you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates, answer the call already.
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
jonathan: achieving a scholarship is a big deal but all of the children. michelle: kellye lynn sits down with a student who is the third to receive the
4:57 pm
kellye: mentoring students in the free time is something that she prioritizes. >> it's about impacting somebody's life in a positive way. >> she participates in the school activities. kellye: attributes that help the friendship academy senior achieve a $150,000 leadership merit scholarship. >> it's a combination of you being dynamic leader in your school and the community. and being an excellent student. kellye: she maintains a 4.2 grade point average but she is not the only one who is a high achiever. her 21-year-old brother and 22-year-old sister were also scholars to her parent's delight. >> they were excited for my brother and sister. it happened to me and it's like wow, overwhelming. >> to have three members come through the process and end up with a scholarship speaks to
4:58 pm
kellye: your future is up to you reads a sign that hangs in the computer lab at the school. they are words she lives by. >> never for a second was there a moment she wasn't talking about college. >> any obstacle i am going to do great. that is my destiny because i chose it. >> a choice anyone can make. >> in northeast, kellye lynn, abc7 news. leon: tonight -- >> we stand here to celebrate a brilliant life. >> a day to say goodbye. family, friends, officers and total strangers take part in display of respect for officer ashley guindon. time is running out to get in on super tuesday. we have full analysis of the voter turn-out that could prove critical. crime doesn't pay but staying out of trouble might. >> no way. no way.
4:59 pm
fighting tactic gets a thumbs up. but who is footing the bill? >> now "abc7 news at 5:00". on your side. leon: a community in mourning as they gather to honor a officer killed in duty. alison: sea of blue outside memorial chapel where inside a funeral was held for officer ashley guindon. she was killed saturday in her first day on the job. stephen tschida leading the coverage from woodbridge today. stephen: her body is en route to new england where she grew up. here today at the chapel overflow crowd and thousands more watching it live stream. remembering a young woman who was killed on the job. not just any day on the job but her first day. an army of law enforcement
5:00 pm
officers from varied and in particular-flung departments united in grief. >> it's out of respect. that is what we do. >> thousands who did not know the young woman gunned down while responding to a domestic dispute in woodbridge saturday came to her funeral. they mourned with those who knew ashley guindon. >> we stand here today to celebrate an amazing life. a life all too short but amazing nonetheless. stephen: guindon was remember ed for her drive and enthusiasm to help others. she was died responding to a call of a fatal shot to a woman. but a boy survived. >> she had a willingness for a an 11-year-old boy at home. >> among the crowd was the governor who consoled ashley's mother.


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