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tv   World News Now  ABC  March 3, 2016 3:00am-3:31am EST

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this morning on "world news now," show of force. >> overnight, north korea launches missiles an apparent response to tough new sanctions. how the international community is reacting to this latest threat of violence. >> tightening race as donald trump and hillary clinton gain steam off of super tuesday. remaining candidates forced to do some soul searching. some campaigns say they can survive but for how long? the latest just ahead. new developments in the hunts for the thieves receive in a brazen smash and grab operation. busting open the door and hauling off a huge cache of firearms. authorities getting the public's help overnight. >> fighting waste by eating it. the growing movement to prevent food from being tossed by getting together with friends and cooking what's left. so open your
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your hearts on this thursday, march 3rd. >> announcer: from abc news, this is is "world news now." >> oh, good morning. i'm kendis gibson. >> i'm reena ninan. let's get started this half hour with the breaking news from the korean peninsula. north korea lashing out this morning. >> the communist country firing at least six short range missiles from a town along its east coast an official in south korea says those missiles flew up to 90 miles into the sea of japan. >> apparently the missiles were fired just hours after the u.n. security council approved the toughest sanctions against north korea in two decades. those new sanctions in response to the north's recent nuclear test and a long range rocket launch. the state department says it's monitoring the situation. mouth to politics and donald trump releasing details of his health care plan after a runaway victory on super tuesday. >> trump and hillary clinton remerged as virtually uncatchable. but thei
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down and the gop establishment is scrambling 0 block trump before he clinches the nomination. it's your voice, your vote. abc's stephanie ramos has the latest on both sides. >> super tuesday is over with the front-runners see thing their leads. >> boy, am i glad it worked out so well yesterday was one for the history books. >> reporter: hillary clinton celebrating her big super tuesday win with a big rally in new york. she took seven of the 11 states. bernie sanders took the other four. and says despite the overall loss, he can still win the democratic nomination. >> quote all the pundits are calling the race for clinton. that means we're probably going to win in a land slide. >> reporter: after his big night, donald trump promising he is the candidate to bring the republican party together. >> i am a unifier. once we get all of this finished, i'm going to go after one person. that's hillary clinton. >> reporter: trump also claiming victories in seven super tuesday
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states. making it much harder for his rivals to catch up. >> we are picking up delegates. we continue to gain did hes throughout the day. >> marco rubio winning his first and only state minnesota and ted cruz grabbing the most votes in oklahoma, alaska and his home state of texas. cruz calling on the remaining candidates to back him up. so far that doesn't appear to be happening. > if you've been supporting another candidate, we welcome you on our team. >> the one-time front-runner dr. ben carson telling supporters he no longer sees a path forward in his campaign. some republicans are banding to the to try and stop trump. first in line, former gop nominee mitt romney is set to lay out a case against the billionaire. kendis, back to you. >> thank you. the republican candidates will face off again tonight in detroit. fox news anchor megyn kelly will be one of the moderators. despite her past clashes with trump, his campaign says he is looking forward to
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flare-up. trump boycotted the fox doobt lady of the iowa caucuses after demanding she be ousted from the line-up. new details in the fbi investigation into hillary clinton's use of a private e-mail beer. the justice department has granted immunity to the former state department staffer who set up the beer according to the washington post. the fbi is looking into the possible mishandling of classifiedings in. a probe expected to take several more months. protesters clashed outside the supreme court as the justices debated a most significant abortion case in nearly 25 years. at issue is a texas law strictly regulating apportion clinics. forcing providers to have admitting privileges at nearby hospitals. and making clinics meet standards for surgical centers. the death of justice antonin scalia leaves the court evenly split with justice anthony kennedy holding the swing vote. half the states abortion clinics have closed.
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if the law would be allowed to take full effect. >> a man accuses of abductinging and killing two virginia college students plead guilty in order to escape the death penalty. jesse matthew junior agreed to a sentence of four consecutive life terms with no chance of parole. matthew murdered virginia virginia tech junior morgan harrington in 2009 and uva sophomore hannah graham two years ago. he's already serving life for a separate rape case. a manhunt is under way in mississippi for a murder suspect who escaped jail in vicksburg. rafael mccloud briefly took a jail employee hostage using a shank yesterday morning, stole the employee's clothes and left the jail. he's accused of kidnapping and killing a 69-year-old woman. a conviction could bring the death penalty. also in the south, they're picking up pieces after several damaging tornadoes tore through. abc's steve osunsami reports from alabama.
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tonight of pine valley drive, south of birmingham. the view from the alabama sky shows the roofs peeled off homes and the giant trees pushed on top of them. the tornadoes set off sirens just after supper. the weather service now says there were two of them tearing through the state, the strongest that ef-2, with wind speeds near 125 miles an hour. grant sims says he could hear the flying two by fours punch holes into his house. >> and the wind, you know, it just sounded like it was coming straight through -- straight through the house. >> reporter: it got so bad, the election precincts nearby had to stop the voting. ben allison and his wife ran for the laundry room. >> got on top of her and i heard my roof leave. >> reporter: families here in alabama say that all this happened in an instant. and much of this material came from the attics of these two homes. steve osunsami, bes sem mer, al banl ma. >> there's something of a problem for the ceremonial start of this year's
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sled dog race. there's not enough snow in anchora anchorage. this was the event last year. it usually winds its way through the streets of city along an 11 mile course. but temperatures this weekend will be in the upper 30s. and the lack of snow has forced saturday's event to be short bed to three miles. the official start of the famous sled dog race is sunday. and speaking of snow, american skier lindsey vonn won't be on it again this season. he crashed saturday during a race in europe but back racing the next day. instead of a less serious injury, she says she suffered three significant breaks where her shin bone meets her knee joint. she says instead of risking further damage, she will sit out the rest of the season. >> must have been a hard decision to make. i'm glad she's going to take care of that. >> it sounds painful. a festive mood at the white house when president obama welcomed the champions of college football. >> the alabama crimson tide were back to mark their fourth
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someone say dynasty. that point was not lost on the president during his comments. >> this is the fourth time i have hosted alabama here at the white house. so clearly i've brought you some good luck. in fact, you could call me o-bam-a. >> i love the visuals because most of the players didn't even laugh at it. baby they thought he called himself a bam marks which is a whole different thing. the tide's captains gave the president a number 16 jersey and helmet along with a football. plenty of people who know college football would say alabama has a good chance of being back at the white house next year. >> looking forward to that. i love my college football. >> who do you have going all the way to the championship? >> for next year? >> yeah. >> i would say there's a very good chance ohio state. >> wow. the ohio state. >> the ohio state. look at that, these
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underestimate me. did you say a record? >> how quickly? >> good. >> coming up, i'm shocked everywhere time. >> i know. i do have sports knowledge. >> you do. absolutely. the truth about cooking in the nude. >> and a massive heist of a gunshop caught on camera. you see these thieves. they were apprehended late last night. how the authorities hope to prevent the guns from making it to the streets. >> it's one of mos rare sights unless you're from florida. an alligator making itself at home in this family's backyard and remember to find us on facebook, and twitter @abcwnn. you're watching abc's "world news now." you may think you can put off checking out your medicare options until you're sixty-five, but now is a good time to get the ball rolling. keep in mind, medicare only covers about eighty percent
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you see that there? it's a nine i foot alligator being hauled out of that backyard pool in lakeland, florida. it went for a little dip. the homeowner pound it in the pool. it called in a trapper to deal with it. the gator was returned to its habitat before anybody got hurt. >> he stick around for the barbecue later. >> from the florida files. >> you make fun of me in florida. good stories down there. >> interesting ones. in south florida, a man is expected to appear in federal court today in connection with a high profile gold heist. a tract irtrailer carrying about 275 pounds of gold
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million was robbed on interstate 95 in north carolina last year. well, alberto perez was arrested at his home in the miami area after a raid yesterday morning, his connection to the robbery though remains unclear. a dramatic robbery in houston, texas, has been caught on surveillance video involving as many as ten suspects. >> the group robbed a gun store making off with 50 weapons. several suspects are under arrest. clayton sandell with the latest. >> reporter: with speed and precision that would impress the crew of "ocean's 11," this dangerous crew, call them the houston ten, shows up at 4:30 a.m. tuesday outside a houston gun store, heads and faces covered. within one minute, 19 seconds, using a chain and a pickup truck, tires squealing to rip the doors off the hinges. they mobilize inside. this thief jumps the counter, ignoring other guns and goes straight for an assault rifle. others take armfuls of rifles and shotguns.
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of glass cases, smashing as he goes. others follow right behind, filling bags full of handguns. >> what it potentially means is, you've got that many people now distributing firearms on the streets of houston. >> reporter: from break-in to the last man out, one minute, 11 seconds. more than 50 weaponsone. a block away, the thieves switch cars. police say several suspects have now been arrested and at least some of those stolen guns are now off the street. clayton sandell, abc news, denver. >> they're still offering a $5,000 reward if you have any information to call the police. >> dramatic scenes right there. >> coming up in our next half hour, a new uproar over an alleged racial attack. three female college students came claim to be victims of a racially motivated attack but video appears to tell a very different story. >> first, saving food to save
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the planet. average american throws away 20 pounds of food every month. so what if you shared with friends instead? well, i get to see what these scrappy meals are all about next.
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okay. leftovers. who really likes eating leftovers? know you don't like to eat leftovers, right. >> absolutely not. >> you eat fresh every day. >> now there's a growing movement to embrace the concept of eating your leftovers. all for a greater cause. >> reporter: as americans, we love our food. >> black angus beef and bacon. so tex. >> reporter: but do you really think this model is going to finish all of that or any of us for that matter? americans throw away as much as 40% of our food, an average of 20 pounds per person per month. >> you're making me mad. >> reporter: france is trying to do something about it. banning supermarkets from tossing unsold food and requiring stores to donate it to charity. and here at home, a growing movement to curb food waste. and it calls for more cooking.
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so i headed to a dinner party unlike any other where the meal is made literally from leftovers. damon of scrappy meals is getting people together to eat their leftover food. >> i'm here with damon. he's going to teach me how to make a scrappy meal. stuff that we normally would have thrown out. >> fake food waste and make it taste good. >> that sounds like a winner. i was skeptical at the idea at first. i can tell you one of my friends said we're going to have a dinner party out of leftovers, i would make other plans that night. >> hopefully you'll be able to tell your friends after this, you can get good food. you can feed a lot of people, too. it's also cost effective. >> good food on the cheap? i'm in. but for a dinner party? the idea has taken off on social media. damon posting his second hand courses on instagram. for scrappy meals it's all about connecting in person. >> you have a guest? >> yes, do
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>> hi. >> as the party arrived, the menu starred really taking shape. >> there he is. >> all right. >> it's already open. >> this is interesting. this is a thai green curry paste. >> all right. >> we've got some -- i did some coconut rice tonight. >> and that mantra apparently doesn't just apply to food. >> what other party do you go to where you bring wine that's already been opened. part of the problem can be the everyday struggle to cook healthy meals. >> i'm constantly going and buying things for two days but sometimes i can't keep up. i'm working late. and i end up having a lot of stuff that would go bad sthu just don't realize what you're throwing a little at a time. keep throwing and throwing and no one blinks an eye. >> getting together to cook with friends old and new is not only a recipe for fun but a great way to share some tips. >> the reason why greens go so
3:21 am
how to store them. when you've got them, a lot of times people wash it all at once. that will kill the life span of it. more food lasts longer than people think. >> using some well stored items and one new ingredient, our final tally was impressive. >> $6.40. >> i only bought one chicken. i'm also buying -- i'm not making a chicken recipe. i'm taking a chicken and saying whatever you've got in the fridge and use it. >> after we chopped, cooked, seasoned and served our scrappy meal, the consensus by most a positive one. >> that's great. >> sending if our stomachs rather than landfill makes it taste all the better. >> so good. >> so was it good? >> you know, i'm a picky eater. >> you are. yes. >> but i should point out for all of these segments, we always have some food for you to taste. i brought my leftover from last night for you to dig
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lysol. start healthing. ♪ yeah, click okay. so this is interesting. this delivery food meal delivery service did a survey of how people cook. >> okay. >> okay. now, forget the apron. apparently 15% of americans cook naked. >> oh, come on. >> they're slicing, dicing, deep frying. > they can't deep fril naked. >> they're deep frying naked. 36 million americans cook naked. which is how do i there i got those leftovers? obviously for this story, we don't have any visuals to go with it. >> i thought you were bringing your skillet. >> on the cutting room floor. >> it's kind of
3:26 am
that people actually cook naked. i don't understand the concept or why. >> maybe that's why you don't cook at all. >> talk about feeling the burn. it is why i don't cook at all. >> i don't believe that story. i don't know anybody who cooks naked. apparently it exists, huh? >> one way to get it on. sexy. >> i want to introduce to you 21-year-old brett phillips. apparently he's got this uncontrollable laugh. he plays for the milwaukee brewers. everyone online seems to be talking about this laugh. his teammates share corny jokes with him and post a video online. >> quack into put it on my bill. very good. i like that one. >> so do you. >> apparently they say he says phillips himself it sounds like a goose, a dying donkey and pterodactyl. >> it does sound like a donkey, doesn't it? the joke by the way is what did the duck say to the bartender in
3:27 am
but the it on my bill and he's still laughing like that as a result. hilarious. >> let's go from that to some beautiful music right now. listen to this and i'll tell you what it is. what it be. ♪ >> so this is the winter garden marble machine. it's by a swedish guy and it's actually comprised of 3,000 wooden pieces and uses some marbles. you see them sort of there? to make these sounds. he just cranks it and thousands of marshals turn through the machine, powering it with the guitar sounds. >> very cool. >> sounds kind of neat. >> i don't think i would hear this in church this. i don't think they would replace the organ with there. >> it's a pretty good sound. >> i like that.
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this morning on "world news now," targeting trump. the republican front-runner is digging in as the former nominee mitt romney gets ready for a face-off. is this the establishment's last best shot of derailing the trump train? >> a violent confrontation caught on camera. a school police officer seen slapping and kicking a young man. but what's behind the video that's now ledded to baltimore chief's suspension. >> and new this half hour, a brave store clerk taking a stand. >> the incredible surveillance video showing a would be thief getting pummeled by the clerk that he's trying to rob. how she was able to fight him off. >> and could george clooney be calling it quits. why the actor says he has no intention of aging gracefully on the big


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