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tv   World News Now  ABC  March 4, 2016 2:37am-3:01am EST

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green guard pants that he took from the jail guard. shaven than he was. >> and they also warn that mccloud is armed and dangerous. he was awaiting trial on charges of raping and killing a 69-year-old woman last year. a roman catholic bishop in in central pennsylvania is promising action after a scathing report about priests sexual abuse against children. that report says two former bishops either covered up or didn't do enough to respond to hundreds of abuse allegations over several decades. the current bishop says he's taking steps including putting a list of all priest who's are the subject of credible allegations online. >> worse things have happened throughout the century inside the history of our church. that's not to excuse what we're dealing with at the present moment. not at all. >> he's also promising a full review of child protection policies. a hot line that's been set up to receive information
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more than 100 calls in just the last cpl deadly bacterial outbreak in the southern part of the state. it has made 44 people sick. it may be linked to 18 deaths. investigators can't find the source right now. most of the victims have been elderly people with underlying health issues. we're getting new clues in the battle against zika. scientists in brazil say a second more common mosquito may also carry the virus that would complicate efforts to wipe out zooep. two people on the island of martinique have suffered paralysis. >> a man who survived a brutal beating outside dodger stadium in l.a. is starting to deliver a message of hope. ryan stow suffered brain damage at the hands of two money have since been sentenced to prison. now stow is it visit
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students, telling them they shouldn't stand for bullying. . i'm on a mission to tell my story of survival. i want to stop bullies from hurting anyone else. >> stow ended his visit to the asking students to take a pledge against bullying. >> very highly will he trained canines showed their stuff yesterday on capitol hill. lawmakers got a chance to see what the dogs do every day on the job including detecting guns and explosives at ashts nationwide. they want to expand the training program. it's all part of a homeland security hearing. we know the super bowl is the biggest deal for the football season and the oscar the mack daddy an event of award season. >> next week another big deal is a world championship cheese contest. seriously. >> cheese. >>
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brenda jensen makes h weaybren. send us a little case over here. like to try sheep's cheese. >> please cut a piece of cheese. >> i could sense that that was going to come out of your mouth. >> you saw it clurning in my brain, the toilet humor. sorry. cut the cheese, brenda. coming up from "insomniac theater," tina fey's new movie and a thriller of a sequel that we're checking the reviews. >> the magical voice heard in the new movie zoo taupia, why shakira was attracted to the flud disney story. >> it's almost wedding season and brides and grooms are going hi-tech. that after our forecast map. it is mild in great falls. by the way,
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its advanced formula releases powerful medicine that acts fast try delsym®. a silicon valley jail is under lock down after maximum security inmates erupted into a brawl. it was all caught on but therely installed security cameras paid for personally by santa clara county lori smith. after being told it would take two years and $20 million if she went through normal channels. so spring is right around the corner which means many things for many people. for lots of couples, it means wedding season. >> whether you're planning for your big day or nobody somebody who is, there are hi-tech ways to make the occasion rise above the rest. kristin thornton has more. >> reporter: why have
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when you can have them from the air? >> you're atest trends happening in weddings. photographer brian of park avenue studios on long island says he's done more than 100 weddings like this one using drones. >> i literally have the drones play with the guests. island it on a table as they're sitting there and they'll wave and the thing will take off and fly away. there's all new things happening at weddings. this is one of them. >> reporter: there's people like samantha roberts who you can hire to live tweet facebook instagram and even periscope your wedding. her company is called made of social. >> brides usually spend about 14 months planning their wedding. this is the day they feel like the star of the show. and so this really makes them not only the star of their wedding but now of the social media of bridal world that day. >> reporter: wedding
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too. you know how it is when you buy >> reporter: the website is called tender. brides and grooms create a profile. guests pick a card design, write a personal note and give money using their credit card. >> our users get a chance to communicate to their guests about their financial goals, their dreams, things they want to do with their money and it enables guests to feel invested in the couple's future. >> reporter: it does make you wonder what's next. kristin thorn, channel 7, eyewitness news. >> how do you top that in. >> i had i it's a little much. a little social thing. do you really somebody? >> if you follow me on instagram @reena ninan, i went to a wedding in tampa last weekend for my high school teacher's son. it was awesome.
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.e had sweet iced tea. india. we had a big princess fairy tale
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a chimp ♪ >> do you like that one? >> musicians making the leap into acting don't often have to worry about leaping into a different species. shakira is showing she's ready for anything. >> part of the cast of zoo taupia" and sat down with abc's rachel smith revealing what really motivated her to be part of the animated film. ♪ i won't give up >> the anthem zoo taupia's biggest pop star gi sell sung by one of the biggest international pop stars shakira. >> welcome to zu taupia. >> my son is 3 years old. i caught him singing the lyrics and i was so
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>> oh, my gosh. >> he absorbedsh and spanish. he really, really it. >> good evening, zu the latest animated feature sees all different kinds of animals living in harmony in a place where anyone can be anything. >> this movie is about diversity. it's about avoiding prejudice. it's about friendship and the value of fru friendship but also with yourself in having the will and commitment and discipline and determination to make sure that you accomplish your dreams. i really feel that this movie will resonate with many audiences not only kids but also adults. it has a great powerful message and many, many morals. >> how are you like gazelle? >> she's very opinionated like
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>> oh, very much. and she directors and producers showed me gazelle, i thought she was too fit.
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with every flush. lysol. start healthing. ♪ yeah, click ♪ "insomniac theater" time. two new movies, of course, opening today. >> and first up a movie with a title who is a knack crow nim is wtf,whiskey tango foxtrot" stars tina fey as an afghanistan based news correspondent. adaptation of the taliban shuf. >> people to fill the void in afghanistan and you folks here are all the unmarried childless personnel in this bureau. for those of you who are behind the scenes, there are opportunities to be on camera. kim, are you going to be joining in? >> the travel or the
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time asks, shouldws have been a movie about reporting from such a deeply troubled country alfonso of the rap says the movie pushes fay towards a film career that's as unpredictable and intelligent as her tv work. >> sounds like smart work. next to the sequel to elimp pass is falling. this time london has fallen. the president is under siege by terrorists but this time it's on a global scale as the funeral for the british prime minister turns into a major catastrophe. aaron eckert andyer regard butler return as the president and his head of secret service. >> hell of a presidential race, sir. >> every day the
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out of? >> bourbon and poor can choices. >> oh, that was funny. >> you like that? >> not really. apparently it's a poor choice to see this one, as well. not so good. the ab club says it's one of those rare films that is good at absolutely nothing. ouch. but a glimmer of hope perhaps in our next review. norman wilner says it's as dopey as its predecessor but it's dopey in an entirely different way. >> okay. but it made a lot of money the first one. so enough for them to say let's do it again. >> do it again. >> yeah. >> all righty. that's the news for this half hour. >> remember to follow us on facebook,
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now," politics getting personal. >> really and his rivals at last night's debate. stay tuned for highlights and the low lights and analysis. daring heist. the suspected thieves caught on camera, smashing their way through a gunshop. the powerful firearms missing and the search for several suspects considered dangerous. fighting back. the school teacher who says a student stole personal photos of 0 her phone and shared them. the uproar after she lost her job. and later, who are you going to call? all the anticipation for the new ghostbusters movie. the newly revealed hints about the remake featuring an all female


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