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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  March 10, 2016 6:30pm-7:01pm EST

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tonight, the assault at a trump event. new images of a trump supporter going after a protester. the punch caught on video. and what that trump supporter said right afterward about what he'll do next. as ted cruz, marco rubio and john kasich prepare to take on trump tonight. breaking news. the deadly storms hitting right now. the flooding now
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while hillary clinton made her pitch, too, visiting hotel workers. all part of the master plan. voters in five states go to the polls on tuesday, but the biggest pool of delegateses right here in florida. where latinos make up nearly a quarter of the population. front and center on that miami debate stage, immigration and one man on the other side of the aisle. neither candidate directly answering the question, is donald trump a racist? >> when he was engaging in rhetoric that i found deeply offensive, i said, basta. >> trump was in the middle of the so-called birther movement, trying to delegitimize the president of the united states of america. >> reporter: so, today, i asked clinton again. do you want to answer the question about whether donald trump is a racist. is he a racist? >> i'm not running against him right now. i think what he stands for, what
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of american values. but it's going to be up to the republicans to pick their nominee. >> reporter: but still bracing for a possible faceoff with trump as the nominee. >> i've gotten more votes than he has. i think he has a pretty narrow base. we'll find out. if he gets nominated, we're going to have a very vigorous general election if i'm the nominee. >> reporter: and david, more harsh words tonight from hillary clinton on donald trump. she is weighing in on what's happening inside his rallies, too, saying in an interview that as the campaign goes on, quote, more americans are going to be really disturbed by the kind of campaign he's running. david? >> cecilia vega in florida for us tonight. we turn now to the states of emergency, historic flooding across several states tonight. ten states now under flood watches, thousands forced from their homes. the system reaching all the way up to boston at this hour. new images coming in of the national guard, the black hawk helicopters being used to rescue families. neighborhoods in bossier parrish, loui
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almost two feet of rain falling so far. more on the way. that system tonight now moving all the way into the northeast at this hour, and abc's phillip mena in the middle of the devastation for us >> reporter: tonight, the never-ending rain sending a warning. get out while you can. over a foot and a half of rain in louisiana already. many roads, even interstates overtaken by flood waters. fish swimming in the streets. subdivisions blocked off. the levee is already overflowing in this bossier city subdivision. officials worry, if it breaks, it could be catastrophic. more than 3,000 families here under mandatory evacuations. sara and her father, jim, taking her 5-year-old son, tucker, to safety. he has special needs. >> we have to have access to an ambulance and they can't get an ambulance back there. >> reporter: bossier city fire chief stacy mad don says he's never seen anything like this. >> the water comes up
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power, you're in the dark, your house is wet, you'd rather be somewhere else. >> reporter: the national guard here, too, using trucks that can drive in high water, rescuing nearly 400 people in the last 24 hours. tonight, a warning. flash floods can swamp your car in seconds. just 18 inches of water is enough to lift an suv. of the three people who have died, two were in their vehicles. the flooding stretches for hundreds of miles. from texas to arkansas and beyond. david, this is far from over they're expecting another foot of rain in the coming days. and officials expect the flooding to continue into next week. david? >> phillip mena on the scene for us again tonight. phillip, thank you. let's get wright to rob marciano, tracking the storm tonight. >> reporter: david, this is dense tropical moisture, extending to the eastern pacific where the record el nino water is adding fuel to the fire. this is stretching from new orleans, all the way up into the northeast. but that recor
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deflecting most of that rain. we are looking for flooding and plaid floo flash flooding. five to eight inches just north of new orleans, in through southern mississippi. horrible flooding there. watching heavy rain out west. pineapple express bringing heavy rain into california. they need the rain. in new york, we took a 79 degree day. >> all right, rob marciano with us tonight. rob, gthank you. now, to pennsylvania. the urgent manhunt at this hour. six people killed in a deadly ambush outside pittsburgh. police say two gunmen opened fire during a backyard cookout. at least one with an ak-47. their attack appeared well-planned. one of the victims, 8 months pregnant. the fbi tonight is assisting in the investigation. >> y now to mississippi. the escaped murder suspect who held a family hostage. that family coming up with a plan to kill the suspect. the fugitive on the run for more than a week, breaking into that house today, holding the family capt
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shooting him. abc's linsey davis on the terrifying hours inside that home. >> reporter: relief tonight in a mississippi community, after police say this man, a fugitive, was killed during a terrifying home invasion. police say rafael mccloud, facing rain and murder charges, broke out of jail last week after holding an officer at knifepoint. >> we consider this man dangerous. he was armed with a homemade shank when he left the jail. >> reporter: his escape sparking an intense manhunt. this morning, less than a mile away from that jail, police say mccloud forced his way into a home, taking a man, his wife and their 5-year-old child, held hostage for hours. >> 30-year-old male stabbed in the back is in the bath tub. >> we believe there was a struggle ensued inside the home with the homeowner. >> reporter: that man was tied up, then stabbed in the shoulder. his wife was able to grab a gun. once her husband could get free, he shot and killed mcclo
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the scene. while the husband was hospitalized, police say his injuries were not life threatening and his wife and son were not harmed. david? >> linsey, thank you. we turn now to an abc news investigation tonight. the heroin epidemic in america. 129 people die every day in this country from a drug overdose. the vast majority related to pain pills or heroin. that's more deaths than from car accidents and guns. tonight, the senate just passing legislation that would create grants that would help local communities. it comes a day just before our year-long investigation. breaking point, heroin in america. families sounding the alarm. tonight here, your first look. in suburban neighborhoods across america, the calls are coming in. >> overdose. >> reporter: all of them, heroin overdoses. >> 21-year-old male in cardiac arrest. 69-year-old female. possible overdose. >> reporter: in new hampshire, we're there, when a panicked driver calls 911 wit
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finds at a busy intersection. >> i got a white male, approximately 25 years old. he's blue in the face. so, i need help, no. >> reporter: you can hear him trying to revive the young man. >> one, two, three. >> reporter: across town, veteran medic chris hick key ey the call. how quickly do you have to get there? >> within the first five minutes. he arrived to find the young man who authorities believe couldn't wait to get home from work, shooting up in his car. the panicked driver, a father on his way home from work. he tells us he gave that man mouth to mouth because he knew what he was witnessing. it is everywhere, even in his own home. >> i lost my son to a drug overdose. thank god i didn't have to do what i did for him. i miss him dearly. we need to do something. we have a problem in our country. we have to do something about it. period. >> reporter: over the course of a year, we've met so many parents who never thought it would be their child.
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sabrina. >> spencer's world was football. the boy loved to play. >> reporter: doug griffin. >> courtney was a lot of fun. she would bring a smile to everybody's face. >> reporter: 4 out of 5 new heroin users begin with prescription pain pills. >> spencer got hurt in a game. >> oxycontin. >> reporter: we see, there are no boundaries. rich, poor, the middle class. pills, then heroin. >> spencer switched over to heroin. >> the police came to my door at 1:00 in the morning and said my son was gone. >> reporter: and the children who see it in their own neighborhoods. some, in their own home. how many of you have seen the needles? the emergency so great, 11 and 12-year-olds are now being taught how to administer to bring someone back from a heroin overdose. incredibly eye-opening and brave families allowing us into their homes for more than a year. and you will see what it's like for parents, trying to help their children break free
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night for our "20/20" special, breaking point, heroin in america. 10:00 p.m. eastern. set your dvr. we'll see you tomorrow night. in the meantime, the other news this evening, and to california. america paying its final respects to nancy reagan. the former first lady, lying in repose today at the reagan presidential library. her funeral will be held here tomorrow. first lady michelle obama attending. mrs. reagan will be laid to rest beside her husband. abc news will have special coverage, celebrating nancy reagan, tomorrow at 2:00 p.m. eastern, right here on abc. and, the diplomatic moment today at the white house seen across america. president obama hosting canadian prime minister justin trudeau. but it was that baby in the crowd stopping both world leaders in their tracks. mom handing baby to the president. the two rubbing heads for a moment. tonight, the president hosting an official state dinner at the white house. the baby, today, feeling the moment. and there is still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this thursday. and your money this evening. billions of dollars in
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cash. families across this country right now, of course, preparing their tax returns. are you leaving more than $450 in free money on the table? important tips for you to claim that money, right after the break. also, the major recall tonight, the popular frozen dinners that may be in your freezer right now. the headline coming up. and how many times have you seen this? basketball star steph curry and yet another stunning buzzer beater. unbelievable. what will he do next? we'll be right back. hey, jesse. who are you? i'm vern, the orange money retirement rabbit from voya. orange money represents the money you put away for retirement. over time, your money could multiply. hello, all of you. get organized at
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estimated $1 billion in refunds each year. $460 a person. >> okay, so, how do i get that? >> reporter: there are many little-known tax deductions. you can deduction the cost of your work uniform. >> true. >> reporter: anything you buy for work, uniforms, supplies and tools you use on the job can all be deducted. are you saving for retirement? >> i am. i'm on an ira. >> reporter: well, you can deticket it. >> reporter: depending on how much you make. you can deduct financial planning, as well. >> that's awesome i didn't actually know that. >> reporter: plus, a break for people who travel during business hours. you can't deduct the cost of going to and from work, but you can deduct the cost of transportation within the work day. >> reporter: if you are working part time with two jobs, you can deduct some of the cost of going from one job to the next. >> you were telling me, there are even more deductions we don't know about? >> reporter: that's right. the irs
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billion available to people who didn't claim their refunds in the year 2012. what you need to do to collect it, file that tax refund for 2012 by the mid-april deadline this year. you could collect as much as $718, just for doing that. >> this would be the last year for 2012. >> reporter: it expires. >> all right, rebecca, thank you. when we come back here tonight, dangerous fugitives on the run, escaping their prison van. the communities on alert tonight. also, the major recall. millions of boxes of frozen dinners being pulled from store shelves tonight, and we'll have the details. and then, look at this. the passenger brawl in midair. and you're not going to believe what started this one.
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neighbors told to lock their doors the two men, one wanted for first degree murder, escaping a van while being moved, last seen in jump suits and shackles. that search ongoing at this hour. now, to the passenger brawl on a plane. five women on board a spirit airline s flight throwing punchs and kicks there. the fight caught on cell phone video. erupting over two women blasting music inside the cabin during the flight. we have a recall tonight, involving several popular frozen foods. nestle usa recalling 3 million boxes of pizzas, stouffer's lasagna and lean kwi seen meals after customers reported glsz in their food. you can find much more at our website tonight,, click on "world news tonight." and the legend of steph curry, well, is growing tonight. the golden state warrior sharpshooting nailing that buzzer beater. curry now an astounding 4 of 11 on shots from outside 40 feet.
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tonight, we all have a favorite teacher in our lifetime, but what one family suddenly learned about that teacher, the long-lost reunion. america strong, next. huh. ♪ introducing centrum vitamints. a new multivitamin you enjoy like a mint... with a full spectrum of nutrients... new centrum vitamints.
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e leading whitening toothpaste. i'd say... ...someone's making quite an impression. crest 3d white whitestrips. the way to whiten. finally tonight, the woman who had a favorite teacher, but who had no idea that teacher was a lot closer to her than she ever knew. deborah roberts with a bond that's america strong. >> reporter: karen zempel and diane diprospero-cook catching up on a lifetime spent apart. sisters growing up never knowing the other existed. >> i was just amazed, all my life, i had wanted a sister. >> reporter: both knew they were adopted, and reached out to new york state, looking for medical information. >> when i was going to the doctor's office, i
6:58 pm
unknown when it came to family history. >> reporter: then, a welcome surprise. >> i received in the mail a letter with the name of my sister. >> reporter: turns out both women were raised in just miles apart in upstate new york. their reunion coming after years of uncanny coincidences. >> i was stunned, because i realized that she had been my teacher 30 years ago in college. >> reporter: and their husbands even bought their engagement rings from the same jeweler. karen, who recently lost her husband, says her sister came into her life at the perfect time. >> i feel, in some way, this is divine intervention. and here's my picture, look. >> reporter: long lost sisters now making up for all those years apart. >> well, we talk every day on the phone. >> for at least two hours. >> for at least two hours. >> it's a blessing. >> just incredible. we're glad they're together and we're glad you'r
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