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tv   ABC7 News Weekly  ABC  March 12, 2016 11:30pm-12:01am EST

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kimberly: there is a button that you can click on on facebook that says "report post." according to facebook, they receive more than a million reports every single day. hate speech and inciting violence are among the top issues. there is a team of trained employees that reviews each report. facebook would not say, and questionable posts are taken down every day.
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kimberly: we have to get through the yucky stuff first on sunday. steve: it's not too bad. and we only have to deal
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can be a low cost option. kimberly: the d.c. gop presidential convention was held today. and normally overlooked afterwards a clear winner heading into the summer convention. his second won contest here. richard reeve is at the hotel where the voting last it will be on the 4:00 p.m. deadline. richard: the line stretched all the way the block -- down the block and then some.
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thousands attending this first-ever d.c. republican convti the first time in a long time in presidential politics. richard: voters can pick their preference for the gop presidential nominee. >> you definitely have more choices. richard: but also 160 people are convening for -- competing for 19 delegate spots. , voterst contest jamming the hallways, takes the place of the june 14 d.c. primary. was expecting to walk in, go through the hotel, cast my vote, and walk out. richard: then there is the truck factor. >> it will be trump versus hillary, and i think hillary will win. >> if donald trump gets the 1200 he needs, we need to respect
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the will of the voters. >> he does not have a al even organizers say they were surprised at the sheer number of people here. we have people waiting in line for two hours. like a lot of these gatherings, there were trump supporters and but safe to say that gop political history was made in d.c. this weekend. richard reeve, abc 7 news. kimberly: the metro transit agency has a new plan to help you pay your way. therianne carter explains, idea is to give you flexibility while still boosting the bottom line. brianne: in less than a week, a new option in terms of the kind of flare pass to load onto your smartrip card. the drug officials had more details of this new fare metro officials had more details of this new fare structure.
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you pay upfront for what would cost about roundtrips. then you get the rest of the trips on metro bus and metrorail for free during that month. options, one two for long-distance, the other for short trip commuters. if you commute 4, 5 times a week on metro, the new fare options will save you money. metro to predict revenue and is also part of a renewed push by metro to focus on the customer. >> this tells our customers we want you on the system. we would like to make it very easy for you to choose to take a trip on metro. you will save money on your monthly travel costs and you will enjoy the freedom of access to the system at all times of price.paying one fare
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can sign up starting march 16 and begin using it in the system april 1. couple months, then officials will analyze how the program is doing and bring it before the board to decide whether to expand it. brianne carter, abc 7 news. kimberly: metro also approved a grace period, meaning if you leave the same sa station that you entered within 15 minutes come you will not be charged. 1.t grace period starts july up next, texting and walking. you have probably seen somebody trip by accident. find out what we are missing when we are looking down at our screens and it could be a danger. to rg iii. hear what he said about his recent release from the redskins. steve: and you will need the
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umbrella for the second lf
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the forecast coming up. kimberly: we have all probably texted while we are walking.
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a new study shows how dangerous it can be. we knowhe a study finds the number of pedestrians killed in traffic accidents last year increased 10% from the year before. one possible reason for the spike, more people walking while distracted on their cell phone, something we have all likely done at some point. like this guy who barely flinches as a car turns inches in front of him. here is a barrel the loose, and this man almost walks into him. we hit the streets to see if ourselves. >> reading an e-mail. r werter: in just an hou call one after another, people talking or texting on their phones crossing a busy new york city street. was texting while carrying her three-month-old daughter when she fell. >> right as i was pressing send, i stepped off the curb and
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twisted both ankles. repo hurt, but she was on crutches for weeks. and watch what happens on this show. distracted texters did not notice the guerrilla. >> -- did not notice the gorilla. >> i was on my phone. kimberly: it seems everyone has an opinion when the residents released rg iii. sad for redskins fans when you think about how electrifying his rookie season was in 2012 and how quickly things unraveled. on his facebook page, griffin left a long message. he said, "just want to say thank you to skins nation. thank you to my team it's for all the memories and relationships over the past four years. you guys have helped roll the ups and downs and have become part of my family for life. i wish you all the best and you always have a brother to lean on.
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thank you, thank you, thank you. i'm excited about what the future brings." there are reports rg iii met with the jets this week. ahead, what a difference a week makes. the new p bloom's the cherry blossoms. plus, steve is here with the
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forecast. -- the new peak blooms for the cherry blossoms. kimberly: a stunning signature of spring, the cherry blossoms in d.c. because of the warm temperatures , experts say that the peak bloom will happen sooner than predicted. tom roussey has the details. tom: it is hard to believe that snow happened as recently as friday morning. now it has gotten so warm, so fast, the national park service changes protection for the peak blooms. it's now expected this month between the 18th and 23rd, two weeks earlier. >> we always say when we are doing this that the projection is just that.
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we are not sure until we get about seven days away. tom: as early as next week in. >> now i'm disappointed. tom: tom roussey, abc 7 news. kimberly: steve was just talking about how warming up wednesday -- steve: it may push it even closer. they call the peak when they are puffy white. i wouldn't be surprised if they start to bloom tuesday, wednesday, thursday. then we will be in the thick of it all. i took my allergy tablet for the first time this season. i know that a lot of you have done the same thing, and get it ready because you will need it. 54 right now at reagan national, looking down pennsylvania avenue. 55 luray and winchester for stop stanton 62, charlottesville 60. lower 50's frederick and hagerstown.
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the temperatures not so bad this time of year, this time of night. we hold in the 50's as we head through the overnight, at least early on. may drop further further north and west. tomorrow, a lot of moisture moving our way come over spreading the mid-atlantic. there will be some breaks and will not be a washout. we will keep the umbrella handy for the morning and a little bit in the midday. late afternoon come into tomorrow night, heavier rain expected to cross. heading in closer, for those of you who are going out late, 53 right now. around thedry capital beltway, scattered showers near interstate 81, but not amounting to a lot right now. 48 to 53 overnight, the wind out of the north at five to10. waking up, we may see scattered
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showers. this is a computer simulation. the farmers market, walking the dog, the clouds remain with us a good part of the day. comegh the later afternoon into the overnight tomorrow, looking at more widespread rain. the best news of all, a lot of the rain will be gone by the end of the rush-hour commute. that means skies begin to clear just a little bit with showers lingering into the day tuesday. degrees, near 60 mostly cloudy skies. scattered showers become more widespread towards the later afternoon. keep the am really handy. 59 monday. -- keep the umbrella handy. low 70's tuesday, middle 70's wednesday. st. patrick's day, may have a few raindrops, middle 60's. then we fall back into the 50's friday and saturday, nighttime
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lows above freezing. the temperatures are critical for the cherry bloom steve: nothing below freezing. a spotlight on education.
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kimberly: getting accepted and into college can be challenging. in education, kellye lynn shows house us -- shows us how students are getting the support they need to make it to and through college. kellye: montgomery college freshman emanuel knew that he wanted to go to college but had no idea what it would take to get there. >> i was lost as there is so much information. kellye: his high school coach helped him find out. students get into college and we help students succeed. kellye: aces, which stands for achieving collegiate excellence and success is a partnership between montgomery college, montgomery county public schools, and the university at shady grove. they work with 10 high schools in montgomery county. >> we deal with communication
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and financial literacy, not just the college application process. kellye: students who go on what and the university at shady grove have continued support. >> she helped me with course scheduling, financial aid, scholarship, everything. withe: she credits aces helping her bring up her grade point average. 3.7. now it's nearly research shows that students hired in the program have higher gpa's, are more likely to pass their courses, and more likely to stay in college. >> having done so well and having my professors tell me i can do things, i know i will. kellye: in rockville, kellye
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