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tv   World News Now  ABC  March 17, 2016 3:30am-4:01am EDT

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this morning on "world news now," donald trump's warning. why he fears violence at the gop convention. and why he's skipping a debate as hillary clinton's attention takes a new turn. supreme court controversy. the president's nominee for supreme court with a prominent background. why top republicans insist there will be no hearings for this judge. and new this half hour, the footwear invention taking us back to the future. >> the athletic shoe that laces itself is one step closer to the marketplace. you're in for a kick. and later, the first lady's big announcement made at one of the hippest festivals in the country. what michelle obama refuses to do. that's in "the skinny" on this thursday, march 17th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now."
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>> good morning, everyone. it's thursday. st. paddy's day. i'm kendis gibson. >> i'm reena ninan. happy st. patrick's day. >> happy start of march madness to you. >> it is a big day. >>, as well. >> i think 90% of american men will be off today. >> yes, or they will call off tomorrow. it seems like we've been dealing with november madness with this election race. it's been going on for several months. and will for several more. the race for the white house, there's angst donald trump is causing inside the republican party. >> a small group of conservatives opposed to trump are meeting today to consider supporting a third party candidate. trump is the only republican with a path to clinching the party's nomination before the gop convention. he says it's time for republicans to rally around him or face the consequences. abc's tom llamas reports. >> reporter: donald trump warning, if the republican establishment tries to block his nomination, there will be chaos at the convention. >> i think you'd have riots. i think you'd have riots. you know, we have -- i
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representing a tremendous, many, many millions of people. i think you would have problems like you've never seen before. i think bad things would happen. i really do. i believe that. i wouldn't lead it, but i think bad things would happen. >> reporter: trump's words coming with these images still fresh in american minds. anger and violence at his campaign rallies. trump now saying it's time for, quote, a natural healing process. >> we have a great opportunity, and the people that are voting are democrats that are coming in, independents are coming in, and very, very importantly, people that never voted before. in, independents are coming in, and very, very importantly, people that never voted beforar in, independents are coming in, and very, very importantly, i want to remind you again t e tonight that i wilno
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low road to the highest office in the land. >> reporter: one place we won't see the candidates clash -- a debate stage. trump pulling out of monday's showdown on fox. kasich then dropping out, too. >> i think we've had enough how many times can the same people ask you the same question? >> reporter: senator ted cruz who thrives on debates, mocking trump as ducking donald. with senator marco rubio now out of the race, establishment leaders have thrown around the name of house speaker paul ryan. but speaker ryan said that if you want to be president, you should run for president, and there is no situation this year in which he will be the party's nominee, including at the convention in cleveland. tom llamas, abc news had, coral gables, florida. five north carolina deputies suspended for their actions at a trump rally. the deputies had been escorting a protester from the event when video shows him being lit. investigators said the deputies had their eyes on the stairs when the m w
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the suspect has been charged with assault and disorderly conduct. in the democratic campaign battle, hillary clinton gets back to fund-raising today with events in georgia and tennessee. after this week's primary victories clinton is increasingly turning her attention to a potential general election showdown against donald trump. clinton now has nearly two-thirds of the convention delegates needed to claim the democratic nomination. despite her advantage, bernie sanders isn't going away. he has a rally scheduled tonight in flagstaff, arizona. democrats in that state along with utah and idaho hold their nominating contests next tuesday. sanders needs to win every remaining primary state by nearly 40 points in order to clinch the nomination. so you're saying there's a chance. even so, he says he intends to stay in the race till the democratic convention. president obama's nominee for the supreme court will get a warm reception on capitol hill today as he meets with the democratic senators. 63-year-old merrick garland was introduced by the president
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democratic senators. 63-year-old merrick garland was introduced by the presiden democratic senators. 63-year-old merrick garland was troduced by the president troduced by the president was has to be.sed to be above e o and it should stay that way. >> senate majority leader mitch mcconnell has spoken with garland on the phone. mcconnell says there will be no confirmation hearing for garland scheduled. at least republican senators are open to meeting with garland in the coming weeks. >> the michigan uber driver accused of killing six people is now suing uber. in the handwritten lawsuit, jason dalton accuses uber of ripping him off and failing to pay back wage boston he's suing for $10 million. according to police, he said a devil figure on uber's app was controlling him when he allegedly killed the six people. uber responded saying it's hard
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someone who refuses to take responsibility for his own actions. and this case in d.c. just keeps getting weirder by the day. disturbing details about the death of a police detective in maryland. the officer was deliberately shot by a fellow officer during a chaotic scene at the police station. abc's pierre thomas has the details. >> reporter: the tragic death of detective jacai colson has shaken the prince george's county police department to its core. the fears that a fellow officer was responsible were confirmed. police say one of colson's colleagues shot him because he perceived a threat apparently thinking colson was one of the suspects. >> the shot that struck and killed detective colson was deliberately aimed at him by another police officer. there's no intention, as i've seen the facts, to indicate any malice. >> reporter: colson, in plain clothes and an unmarked car, was killed during an exchange of gunfire when police responded to the attack. on
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about the pain of knowing that one of his own officers may have mistakenly shot another. >> you struck another defender down -- that's particularly devastating. >> reporter: pierre thomas, abc news, washington. >> well, to keep airline fees in chicago, attempts have failed in the senate. democrats on the senate commerce committee tried to prohibit airlines from setting is unreasonable fee prices. they also wanted the transportation department to establish what is reasonable. the effort failed along party lines. well, on this st. patrick's day, everyone is irish, of course. which means we can all celebrate especially with some special deals. guests as the ihop who wear green can get one short stack of buttermilk pancakes for just $1. and at sonic all shakes are half off. >> speaking of shakes, mcdonald's and burger king have their seasonal selections. you can also plan some summer fun at six flags with up to half off passes today
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the glasses shop if you order green, gold or orange glasses. you got to use st. pat, st. pat's 25 code. st. pat's 25 code. >> beer deals as part of that? >> i bet there are. check your local irish pub. >> okay, i will research it. >> i bet you will. the self-lacing shoes are finally here nearly 30 years after they were worn by marty mcfly in "back to the future 2." >> quiet. nike has unveiled the first adaptive lacing shoe. hyper adapt 1.0. once you step into the shoe, your heel hits a sensor that causes it to tighten. >> and, of course, in the movie, mcfly travels to the year 2015 and discovers the sneakers. the shoes will be out at the end of the year, but you must be a member of nike plus to buy them. >> good idea. i like it. coming up in "the skinny," a big change for the golden-haired male model fabio. it has nothing to do with his appearance.
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>> also ahead, she's presided over her tv courtroom courtroom for years. now judge judy faces legal challenges of her own. >> and a consumer alert about automated banking. the identity theft scheme that could fool you when you least expect it. it is after our forecast map. 88 degrees in orlando, 49 degrees today in belfast, ireland, of course. >> very good. >> we celebrate. >> announcer: "world news now" weather, brought to you by finish quantum. . narrator: breakfast. dishes. dinner. dishes. marriage. dishes. divorce. dishes. sleeping. (snoring) (sputtering) dishes. not sleeping. dishes. life. dishes. death. dishes. existence. dishes. dishes, dishes, dishes... every dish, every time. only finish has the power ball to take on anything.
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this. he led officers on a chase over busy freeways and streets. at one point the vehicle heading the wrong way. he jumped out of the vehicle and ran into the sherman oaks galleria shopping center. officers chased him on foot, eventually arresting him in the mall. now to another kind of crime. but this one a lot more discreetly committed. identity theft. >> a new warning how thieves can rob your account with a simple phone call. abc's rebecca jarvis has the details. >> thank you for calling. >> i would like to update my current telephone number. >> sure, we can definitely update your phone number. >> reporter: you're listening to a modern day bank robbery. that caller authorities say is really a thief using stolen bank account information. >> yes, i'd like to order some checks. >> reporter: ordering checks so he can get money from a stranger's account. you may not believe his accomplice. prosecutors say he got that stolen info from a bank teller. >> and what transactions did you want to go over, sir? >> reporter: it's not just one account. he calls to access several. >> i would like to know how much
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available in my accounts, please. >> you have $14,327.13. >> bank tellers have access to very confidential data. >> reporter: cyrus vance, manhattan's top attorney, says bad tellers are often part of larger identity theft rings. >> they're selling that to individuals on the outside who will then take that information, turn it into credit cards or checks. and he says he's seen an >> reporter: and he says he's seen an alarming increase in these crimes even estimating he prosecutes a case once a month. should people around the country be worried? >> i think we should all be worried. that doesn't mean we should all panic. >> reporter: this woman didn't want us to show her face because she says she continues to have her identity stolen after she became a victim. >> nobody knew that this was happening. >> reporter: she says thousands of dollars from her account stolen just weeks before the biggest day of her life. >> we had been working for about a year to save up a lot of cash to pay for our entire wedding and it was g
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>> reporter: she says she had no idea a bank teller had stolen her identity along with 28 other customers can until she received this letter from her bank. chase told her a former employee may have accessed your account information without authorization and gave it to someone outside of chase. chase says as soon as we discovered this, we immediately called the authorities. fired the employee and reimbursed the customers. we're sorry and angry this happened. but vance says not all banks aggressively fight and report these crimes. do you think the banks need to be doing more? >> i think some banks need to be doing more. if it's not reported to law enforcement, it's just an invitation for that criminal to keep the money and go onto the next account or the next bank. >> reporter: rebecca jarvis, abc news, new york. >> and rebecca also tells us that the american banker association tells abc news that banks use safeguards to prevent fraud including some sophisticated software, asel
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>> they usually protect you if there's theft of some sort. they usually reimburse you. but it's still so frightening this could happen in this day and age. still drives me nuts most places don't take the little card. i think target is the only store i've been to that actually takes it. drives me nuts. >> it's getting there though. when we come back, what first lady michelle obama says she never wants to do after leaving the white house. >> and an emotional moment on stage for britney spears and her family. the "skinny" up next.
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♪ skinny, so skinny all right. >> wear your hat? >> if it worked, it says kiss me, i'm irish but it never works for me on this day. >> oh. >> it never does. anyway, but i try. let's kick things off here on this st. paddy's day. "skinny" from austin, texas, where all the cool kids are right about now. >> we're talking about the south by southwest festival yesterday. michelle obama spoke about what she thinks life will be like this time next year when she's no longer first lady. >> mrs. obama said she wants to continue to help young people but with one exception. >> not as president. i will not run for president. no, no, not going to do it. hey, and her
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reasons why because i've got these two young people at home. and being the kids, the daughters of a president, just think about it. come on, young people. not so easy. >> she's got a great point. they deserve something special at the end of this term, i have to say, because they've handled themselves so gracefully and so wonderfully. look, they're all grown up now. she noted malia and sasha handled everything wonderfully. malia heads to college in the fall and the family plans to stay in d.c. till sasha finishes high school. you can't pull her out in the middle of high school, right? >> in her keynote address, the first lady talked about the importance of education for girls noting over 62 million girls worldwide are not in school. >> it would have been interesting to see if your daddy was president how you would have been in the white house during your high school years. >> i would have been a brat. >> you would have had some interesting stories. tmz would be all over you. once upo
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physical altercation with the paparazzi. now the biebs is paying off. the 22-year-old settled out of court with an la based photographer for an undisclosed amount of money. >> it stems from a 2012 incident bieber allegedly attacked the man while on a date with then girlfriend selena gomez. the lawsuit claims he delivered a flying kick to the gut. tmz is reporting the payout was peanuts. >> i wonder what a flying kick to the gut looks like. >> what does that look like, brian? >> i'll show you. here we go. >> oh, lord. >> no, no, no. >> just not too much. >> oh, got you. >> thank you. >> how about we move. >> next britney spears certainly knows how to melt hearts, especially her sister. the younger spears sister jamie lynn was scheduled to perform at the legendary grand ole' opry whether he big sister britney came out on stage with her brother brian. >> jamie lynn called her her heart and soul. before introducing her
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who was clearly moved by her sibling's appearance. jamie lynn wiped away tears before singing in front of the crowd right there in nashville. >> brittany looks great. our great tradition of musical families like the spears just one of many reasons to love this country. >> yesterday, 6,000 people became american citizens in l.a. being in l.a., there were some celebrities in the crowd. >> among them the most famous of all, fabio in the world. fabio, look at the hair. the male model on the cover of countless novels said the american dream is still alive and well. >> i believe in this country so much. and i believe in the people of this country because you know, it's like it's the only place where you can really express yourself and get rewarded for it. >> the buff fabio then swept rob schneider into his arms. rob's wife was there also to become a citizen. congratulations. >> oh, that is really sweet. coming up, a new type of courtroom drama for judge judy. no
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woolite darks. ♪ ♪ here comes the judge, here comes the judge, here comes the judge ♪ >> here comes the judge. she normally rules on them, but judge judy finds herself in the middle of a lawsuit. >> the multimillion dollar suit claims her $47 million a year salary is just too much for a talent agency. abc's linsey davis has more. >> you are about to enter the courtroom of judge judith sheindlin. >> judge judy, the no nonsense cut to the chase courtroom commander. >> you speak, i rule. then you shut up. do you understand? >> reporter: known for her sizzling shutdowns. >> don't pea on my leg and tell me it's raining. >> reporter: finds herself in the middle of a courtroom drama, a multimillion dollar lawsuit. >> please. >> reporter: talent agency rebel entertai
3:56 am
lawsuit monday suing cbs television claiming the media giant failed to pay them millions in profits and saying the show is now losing money because of the judge's $47 million annual salary. >> $47 million is quite high for a salary. and leaves nothing for any of the people that were supposed to receive profits from the show >> reporter: the lawsuit claims rebel entertainment is entitled to 5% of the show's net profits. but says they haven't received a dime since february, 2010, when the judge's salary nearly doubled. that money allegedly coming out of the production budget. it's just egregious violation of the contract and shouldn't be allowed and won't be allowed. >> reporter: rebel entertainment accuses cbs of not consulting with them when the star began producing the spinoff show "hot
3:57 am
bench," something they say cbs was obly gad to discuss with them. >> sit down. >> reporter: in a statement full of her signature sass, sheindlin who was not named as a plaintiff in the lawsuit, calls the complaint hilarious saying rebel entertainment's president has somehow received over $17 million from my program. now complaining about not getting enough money, that's real chutzpah. >> there's only one person who gets the last word in. that's me. >> cbs declined to comment and referred us to judge judy's statement. >> can you believe she's been on the air for 20 years. >> can you believe she's making $47 million a year? that would make anybody want to get into this business. >> there you go. oh, you knnoknow what? if she's stepping down, i'm ready to step right in. i have no legal or judicial background but i can make it up as we go. >> you look pretty good in that. >> guilty, guilty. >> what am i guilty of? >> too much irish. >> what am i guilty of? >> too much irish.
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making news in america this morning, supreme court showdown. a new fight in washington across all three branches. president obama announcing his nomination for supreme court. senate republicans already refusing to consider his choice. we're live with the latest. canceled. donald trump single-handedly shutting down the next republican debate warning of riots if he's denied the nomination and taking aim at hillary clinton. a amazing survival story. a dog missing at sea after falling off a boat for more than a month found alive. thrilling thursday, two great american traditions overlapping on the same day, the start of march madness and st. patrick's day.


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