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tv   World News Now  ABC  March 18, 2016 2:37am-3:01am EDT

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the suit did not match dalton's. bizarre extreme weather across a number of states. >> we had an ice storm amid 60 degree temperatures in the south. lightning striking, a plane en route to new york and snow head together east coast just in time for spring. >> to wrap it up lauren lyster joins us now. >> good morning. i'm not excited for na possible winter storm. let's start with that american airlines flight. shall we? so here's what happened. it was struck by lightning thursday evening. it was forced to make an emergency landing on the way from north carolina to new york. did i verred to jfk airport. it was supposed to land at laguardia. it was damaged on the rear wing. passengers on the ground still shaken. >> there was a flash of light. and big explosion. the plane dipped about 100 feet. i don't know. it just felt like i was on a roller coaster. >> i never had this kind of experience. it's the first time for
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>> it was pretty intense but i'm glad we made it safe, you know? >> meanwhile severe weather also striking texas on thursday. look at that, hail the size of peas, golf balls even baseballs. the ice storm blasted holes through car windshields. it snarled the morning commute. the hail was coming down so hard, it actually killed several flamingos at the fort worth zoo. and in mississippi, there were creepy foreboding clouds. they were warning of potential tornadoes thursday night and next, there is that storm that is headed for the northeast this weekend. maybe getting one to three inches of snow. >> wow. >> just in time for the first day of spring is sunday. >> it's unbelievable at this point we're still having to deal with it. talk about the lightning strike, it would seem that would be a common thing on planes. >> i think it seems uncommon. the surprising thing is the statistic which we found which is that the average airliner gets struck by lightning once a year. i think that seems
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>> i'm just shocked that -- >> you're a big traveler, too. you travel all the time. >> that it doesn't happen more often. >> i think once a year seems like a lot. >> it is. obviously it was a roller coaster ride. that was the first and last plane flight for that woman. >> i know. >> lauren needs to head back to california at some point. scare her away from that. >> thanks, lauren. >> appreciate it. as lauren mentioned that storm that dumped hail on texas is expected to get stronger. >> the radar shows it's over the deep south and when it turns north, it will turn into snow, causing travel delays. accuweather's justin povick has more. good morning. >> reena, kendis, thanks and good morning to you. we're following another storm system that will eventually will place a cold enough air mass in the northeast to produce some heavier snows later on this weekend. in some areas. for today, it's not all that heavy. there will be snow showers falling. could see a grassy coating around albany. all rain from pittsburgh to new york.
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could be heavy enough to produce some delays. gulf coast watching this area closely for additional flooding. and a storm will develop here and then lift north and east back into the northeast later on this weekend and now we have plenty of cold air in place so the concern is all snow here and for some, it could be several inches. we'll be watching this very, very closely. reena, kendis, back to you. >> thank you. the weather inside all the arenas when march madness was playing out was beautiful because they were all ip doors. as for the basketball,some busting upsets. >> not happy with this one. yale and baylor in those horrible neon uniforms. what the heck. baylor had a chance to pull it out with just seconds to go. but couldn't get it done. yale wins its first ever march madness game. he had play duke tomorrow. >> i told kendis to go with baylor. next purdue against the university of arkansas little rock. the trojans sendsing it to overtime with a steph curry-li
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three-pointer. the second overtime, arkansas, little rock did just enough to pull off the upset. they play iowa state tomorrow. >> finally 11th seed gonzaga against sixth seed seton hall. it seems the zags might be getting hot at the right time leading by ten at halftime. gonzaga faces utah tomorrow. there are 16 more games today starting just after noon eastern time. from when syracuse faces dayton. this is what happens when you give reen fla, you have reena advise you on your bracket. yeah. not a good idea. >> i made my case. >> all of these marks all over the place. go with bailer. >> it's not a reena thing. there are a lot of people across america today who also rooted for baylor over yale. >> that's it. both the brackets are ruined. thanks. >> i made my case to you during a commercial break why i thought baylor over yale. how many bracks did
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out? >> i did two. >> went with her advice for both of this em. >> once it's over, it's over. they don't get a do over. >> best of three. >> i did just shred my script. i don't know where the second bracket was. thanks, brian, for calling me out on that. all right. >> a runner from buffalo has found a unique way to train for an upcoming marathon. >> and jim has decided to run every street in the city. he started january 1st and by the buffalo marathon during memorial day weekend, he'll have run about 700 miles. >> he says it all started by chance when he set out from his house for a run and now it's turned into a challenge. whenever he finds something that interests him, he stops and takes a picture for his instagram account. >> keep on running. i finally found my second bracket. that will go. coming up in "insomniac theater," a movie about faith and hope and a science fiction drama. we have the reviews. >> also ahead it, stop that
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every touch, gently intensified. a little touch is all it takes. k-y touch. well, that's not how it's supposed to go. a professional fire breather accidentally erupted in flames during a pep rally at a south florida high school. the stuntman was badly burned and hospitalized in serious condition. semp other people including some students were also treated by doctors after inhaling fire extinguisher dust. scary there. >> incredible scene there. we it urn now to a big announcement from seaworld. after years of controversy, the company is ending its or ca breeding program. >> seaworld's killer whale shows are also coming to an end. abc's brandi hitt has more from l.a. >> reporter: these killer whales will be the last to live in captiv
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parks. >> the company will end or ca breeding this year, to that end, we also reconfirmed our commitment to end theatrical shows. >> the entertainment company announced thursday it's been listening to growing criticism. after years of mounting protests, the 2010 death of down brancheau and the release of cnn's scathing documentary "blackfish". >> when you look into their eyes you know somebody is home. >> reporter: seaworld is changing with the tide and even teaming up with its long-time critic, the humane society. >> this is something that every animal advocate in the nation can celebrate as progress. >> i applaud seaworld's forward looking humane and market responsive leadership. >> reporter: as for the 29 killer what is now in captivity, that's where they'll say. for their own safety. the company is now building them larger more natural orca encolorings
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observe with a message of conservation. >> the best place for them is at seaworld. no whale born urnd human care has been released successfully. >> reporter: the current shows will end here in california next year. its parks in texas and florida will follow suit in 2019. reena and kendis? >> brandi, thank you so much. coming up, technology putting the brakes on dangerous traffic accidents. >> we're riding along in cars that stop all by themselves. you're watching "world news now."
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♪ stop in the name of love, before you break my heart ♪ ♪ stop in the name of love >> millions of new cars in america are going to stop on their own soon. automatic brake systems will be standard in nearly all cars within the next several years. >> abc's david kerley who covers transportation shows us the technology that can stop accidents. >> it's called automatic emergency braking. > i'm getting really close to this abstackal. >> reporter: on a test track. >> it takes over everything. >> i keep my foot off the brake. amazing. if auto braking cameras and sensors were in all cars today, it's estimated 700,000 crashes and 300,000 injuries could be prevented. some carmakers advertise the system but as of today, it's
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just an option. on only 5% of all new cars. >> there are lives at stake. >> reporter: the government and 20 automakers announcing a historic deal. in just six years, nearly every car and within eight years every pickup and large suv will have automatic braking as standard equipment. >> have they realized that safety sells? >> what they're founding out it's not only good for safety but good for business for them to focus in this way on saving lives. >> reporter: the deal by passing drawnout regulation coz put more safety in your new car sooner. david kerley, abc news, washington. good move. >> would that help make you a good driver. >> well, that's kind of a presumptive question. >> oh, man. you look so stern. >> yeah. >> i'm just like, it's okay. >> there's a reason why you take the subway most of the day. >> exactly. >> coming up,
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that music says it's time for "insomniac theater." two new movies hitting the box office this weekend. >> first up miracles from heaven" starring jennifer garner based on the true story of the beam family. their daughter facing seemingly insurmountable health issues and a freak accident that inspires a community, especially her parents. >> this isn't acid reflux. she's been flowing up for weeks. >> mom, i'm the diagnosis. and i'm the doctor. >> there is not acid reflux. she's not lactose intolerance. there's something wrong with our little girl. >> you calm down. >> you find me another doct
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you find me more tests. i'm not leaving this hospital till i know what's wrong with my daughter. >> the reviews fairly mixed for anyone looking for a touching story about faith and love, this is for you. kyle smith of the "new york post" notes the sweet sincerity makes it hard to dislike. mary car estrella of the fort worth star telegram warns a box of tissues may not be enough to keep up with the water work. >> good to know. next a movie that ames to push the boundaries of the genre called "midnight special" written and directed by the young filmmaker jeff nickles. michael shan on is the father of an unusual 8-year-old after discovering that the boy possesses mysterious powers, the father and son duo go on the run. >> you cannot leave the band. you hear me? >> i'm sorry. >> it's okay. i shouldn't have left you. >> no, i'm sorry.
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>> oh, and kyle loren. the reviews for "midnight special" have been very good with comparisons to spielberg's close encounters of a third kind. david sexton says the movie makes a gripping journey beyond belief. and mark ryan of uprox dp calls it intancy from start to finish. >> two interesting movies. >> i might go check it out. >> like your kind of movie. >> what, dark depressing? >> that wasn't what i was hinting at. >> that's the news for this half hour. >> remember to follow us on facebook at make it a great weekend.
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this morning on "world news now," powerful storms impacting millions of americans. >> from pea sized hail stones killing flamingos at a texas zoo to a bolt of lightning forcing a jet to make an emergency landing in new york. plus a major snowstorm predicted for the first day of spring. your voice, your vote. the uproar over donald trump's comments about republican convention riots and who wants to bring unity to the democratic party before tuesday's vote. the prayer prophets. are judgment day for a website that cashed in on anyone going online looking for faith. who got into trouble and who is forced to pay. >> and later swift kick. who is helping women even celebrities in high heels defend themselves when their lives depend on it's friday, march 18th.


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