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tv   ABC7 News at 630  ABC  March 20, 2016 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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now, we areght tracking three stories. right now, president obama is making history in cuba. and just heartbreaking -- there were hugs and cheers -- one week after a police officer was shot to death outside his lease station, the special tribute under way now. and another newborn for the district, a look at the new for a laste embrace blast of winter on this first day of spring. the news starts now. announcer: now, abc seven news at 6:30 on your side. kimberly: good evening. is it winters
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will the january temperatures ring wintry problems to the roadways? we begin with devon lucie. devon: we are going to give it plenty of time overnight where if you drops as we had rain move through national harbor. with a little time and enough traffic on the road, we should be ok. close to is this winters last gasp? if i look ahead to the long-term forecast, it may not be quite the end of it. there is a look at national harbor and what is going on. a high temperature today only reaching up to 44 officially toward washington. i will mention coming into our complete forecast, it gets
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knoway, i will let you about the big warm-up and when the nicest days are set to be in our complete forecast just minutes away. the picture there tells the full leather story right there. we are a few days away from the peak of the cherry blossoms in d.c. we will see how they will weather the cold snap. history in havana as president obama became the first sitting u.s. president to visit cuba since 1928. put that in perspective -- it's the first time air force one has ever touched down there because that visit 88 years ago by then president herbert hoover was by boat. you are taking a live look at the president's arrival in havana at this hour. shortly, the first family is expected to continue touring the old streets of havana and we will show you that as it happens.
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embassy of cuba. we got caught up in the motorcade. i don't know if that happened to you. it is hard to hear you with the traffic but the first family arrived about two hours ago. president and first lady are expected to take a walking tour part of anna as effort to restore ties to the country. president castro is expected to take heart in an event about entrepreneurship. several companies will be joining the president on this trip just hours before the president's arrival. police roque up and antigovernment protest in havana which has been taking ever -- taking place every sunday for the last year. it will actually have a positive impact on the cuban peop
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think this step -- this is a step in the right direction. it can only help the relationship and understanding between the two countries. reporter: the president is expected to wrap up his trip by attending a baseball game between the tampa bay rays and the cuban national team. kimberly: of course not all are supportive of the president's decision. many like the former chief of the u.s. intersection in cuba says we are ignoring cuba's human rights violations. but he says the trip can be for good if the president can speak directly to the cuban people and call for change. tothey have to allow them done innd it has to be front of the people, but if it is done in private, it is a st
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follow this historic visit in the days to come. now --ng right heartbreak. a police department and a community are mourning the death of the prince george's county police officer who was killed in a shootout outside the district three station one week ago. markrt time ago, a vigil that somber moment. i can't even imagine how sad this afternoon has in in that community. it was a very sad, very emotional time. there were some members of the officers family, whose grandmother was sitting beside the chief. was an opportunity to join the officers in this police and to grieve for this young officer. it was held outside the district
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the chief spoke to the crowd at 4:30 and at the time the shooting began, he asked for a moment of silence. that is when the suspect walked into the third district station and opened fire. investigators say it was an attempted suicide by police officer. the police chief says when detect lives, wearing plainclothes arrived, another officer shot and killed him, somehow thinking he was a suspect. the incident is still under investigation and the police chief described him as a hero. brother drew fire onto himself and made it possible that hisis actions brothers and sisters and this community remain safe as tragic events unfolded.
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dearly, as do i. funeral arrangements have been announced. there will be a memorial service on friday morning in upper marlboro. the first baptist church of glenarden, we will have all of those details on our website. the burial will take place in his home state on monday. also at this hour, a restaurant is dishing up meals to help to prince william county police officers. the restaurant is holding a fundraiser for the officers wounded last month in a shooting that left one officer dead. save -- --rk out coming up
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family grows again. the so-called baby pictures ahead. plus the effect of this cold snap on the prize jerry blossoms -- cherry blossoms just before the big bloom. in a surprise conference
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kimberly: the race for the white house comes close to the white house -- hillary clinton, ted cruz, donald trump and john kasich will speak at the d.c. convention center. bernie sanders is not planning to attend. there are concerns about anti-trump rallies and we will of course keep you posted. holy week is underway around the world. pope francis
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mass at the vatican to mark palm sunday, marking the entrance of jesus into jerusalem prior to his crucifixion. the pontiff's message focused on doing more to help refugees flooding into europe from war-torn syria and iraq. in washington, holy week began traditionalwith the blessing of all branches. up, cherry blossom time is here. how those blossoms are dealing with the sudden blast of winter even though it is the first day of spring. announcer: countdown to
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kimberly: we wanted to give you a quick correction -- 88 years ago, it was president coolidge presidentd cuba, not hoover. thank you to the gentleman who that.d out about mr. president and first lady welcoming a second eaglet into those -- into their nest. the first hatched on friday. we have all been glued to the live web camera. live picture on the left -- we have posted a link on one week from easter. so cool. that eaglet might have appreciated a little warmer weather on this first day of spring. and with the cherry blossoms expected to hit peak bloom this week, there is a concern for their well being. theis live at
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with how they are faring. take a look at these buds. this is what we are seeing a lot of out here today. the national park service does the cooler the temperatures, the slower the bloom process but they don't expect this weekend cold-weather to have an effect on the peak loom days. through -- aing sign of spring on a day festival goers say doesn't quite feel like it. >> we are surprised there are this many people here. we are happy everyone came out. she's not the only one traveling from out of town. to check out the blossom and festivities. >> i'm shot that -- i'm shocked at how many people it brings to d.c. reporter: the parks services the peak
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they are beautiful. a little there was more wind out but it is beautiful anyway. he works the event every year and says he is used to seeing up and down temperatures. a rite of passage to get snow and then 70 or 80 degrees. this is d.c. reporter: for his crew, it just means busier times. days on the stage all sunday. festivalgoers came out bundled up and cameras ready to catch the blooms and take in the event. >> i came for everything. i knew it would he funny. reporter: the national park service says there biggest worry was the possibility of freezing temperatures and snow. but they say this area
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they say the last time they adjusted peak bloom days, they factored in the chilly temperatures this weekend. it is so pretty. what about those freezing temperatures? at 35 we are only looking or 36. we will give you the best days when i think there will be a big burst in the blossoms coming. you should never restart your computer just minutes before your broadcast. everything is working all right. it is chilly with a little light rain. heat you have to take the to malvo snowflakes and bring those temperatures down. the rain pushing through the east metro. maybe toward upper marlboro around clinton -- annapolis, there might be a couple of lakes. heading toward
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getting some near leonardtown, that is the last of the rain right there. st. george island getting some sprinkles coming back. you can see the north northeastward movement. low pressure out to the ground, we have this upper-level system adding some energy to develop this system and we should get more rain developing tonight and could be a few flakes east. tuesday and turn our wins around. that is when things are really feeling fantastic. let's go to our highly detailed forecast starting with precipitation. the likeliest chance to get some rain with snow mixing in and temperatures above freezing. however, it is going to be cold north and west. watch what happens in the northwest suburbs.
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we get the wins to push way to clouds at 50 degrees that it doesn't feel anything like it. two minute wind average with sustained winds gusting to 35. only feels like 40 tomorrow. 60 degrees and that is when we should see a big first and some of those blossoms coming first tuesday, then wednesday and thursday. abc 7 sky cast -- we will start with clear clouds and freezing outside. there's a look at afternoon sunshine but the breeze will be there. some of the bursts coming in and the blossoms tuesday. it will most likely be peak days coming in around 75 with southwest winds and then friday is the next chance of rain. the last few wednesdays and
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announcer: and now the toyota sports desk on to you by your local toyota dealer. >> we are less than 30 minutes away from an intense battle between maryland and hawaii. the terps advanced to the sweet 16 for the first time in 13 years. scott abraham is live. have you seen more terps fans or hawaii fans out there in spokane? scott: there's actually a lot more red in the stands compared to friday, so a good sign so far. i know terps fans are probably
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it's their first sweet 16 appearance since 2003. 20 minutes now, maryland will be -- don't letourt that number 13 seed full you. this is a pretty good basketball team and maryland better be ready to play. >> we have nothing to lose. they are a dangerous team because they are playing just like we are. , 28 and at their record five, they are a very good basketball team. it will be a competition with two good teams going head-to-head. >> they play like they've got nothing to lose and that's how we want to play for the rest of this tournament as well. they are going to choose every shot. scott: the rainbow warriors certainly trying to play the role
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is for 7:10 eastern time and we will have a complete report after the game right here on abc seven on abc seven sports sunday. >> good stuff. thank you so much. tournament and maryland won its first game saturday. the terps held off number 15 iona. it was a spirited practice with the head coach getting in on the action. look at her moves. having some fun with the players. the next game is tomorrow night against washington -- it's a game the seniors will cherish in front of their home crowd. >> anytime you get to play on your home kurt -- on your home turf, it is an advantage. we have the best fans in the country and they are very supportive of us, so it is great once we get them into the game. >> it is
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last game at home. just going out there and performing how we perform and showcasing what maryland is about in front of our fans. chance toone more play in front of our home crowd is going to be awesome. tournament time is so much fun and just making memories throughout the turn in. they caps on are down a
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devon: heavy coat and has tomorrow. almost more winter like then spring and a busy, chilly day. and in the blossoms happening
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kimberly: thanks for joining us.
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