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tv   ABC7 News at Noon  ABC  March 24, 2016 12:00pm-12:10pm EDT

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maryland. are 14 candidates. appearing on our stage today, joseph hooe
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washington dc partnered with the in which the candidates are standing is the order in which they will deliver their closing remarks. they were determined earlier by the drawn cards. the candidates agreed upon today's format. asking questions will be guy jackson and
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our corre 30 second rebuttals that they can a few undecided voters. i would ask the audience to refrain from any reaction throughout the debate as this takes time away from the candidates. at the conclusion of the debate and right now, when we welcome , that is thes exception. [applause]
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cdi the world was reminded this week that the threat of terror e sufficient legal authority to wage war on isis? : thank you for the question. the we saw in belgium is future, unfortunately. it is the beginning. these terror operating organizations are moving their efforts beyond full-scale operations like 9/11 to the
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on anywhere. san. it is going to require american leadership tanduty. require an intelligence gathering response in the united states to work with our community and partners to ensure we are thwarting the attacks. it is going to require companies like apple and others to provide encrypted technology so we can be proactive. >> mr. douglas, the same question. mr. douglas: thank you. this is more than an academic question for me. i'm the only up here who has served in iraq. i think about the americans and
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2006. what we need to do is to stop weakeningusstenemies and attackr friends. the key to defeating isis is to reach ouwh trelationship and i x that. for me, this is the end of the beginning, not the future. if we do the right thing, we can change it. liga?legate sze del.
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washington. as far as committing troops to and two in korea. i would not commit troops to the ground with this current leader in washington dc. hooe: we have known this has been coming for a long time. in 2014, we ignored
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,country like turkey isps outeag purchasing stolen oil which bruce: candidates, it is good to be here. donald trump has been criticized for the rhetoric he has used at rallies.
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statements lacked depth. policy positions he holds are at all with traditional party orthodoxy. do you welcome do you think he will have if he is the nominee on down ballot candidates this fall? a republican because of abraham lincoln, not donald trump. our party's values are universal. abraham lincoln was our first republican president and he died for those principles. donald trump, i can't speak for him. , maryland you this has been badly served in the united states senate for many years. if donald trump is on the ballot or someone else, i will make it my business to make sure that democrats, independents, and republicans will understand what i will do to fill those gaps in the senate.
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individuals who know the rules and you have the moxie to do it needs if you send people to mar, you are going there -- they are est system ever. i trust the voters. they will work this out. america cannot take four more years of the last seven years. ballot will do a betwe have had. insiders career politicians. it is time for us to change
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getting rid of regulations. the world customers who live overseas. i'm going to use my rebuttal time. we have to get sound money in place. if we get these four elements in place, we have growth in our economy. we can give the middle class a seat at our table. that is why donald trump succeeds. that is why rs succeeds. people are looking for a solution and an answer. that is why i am running for the senate, to deliver those answers. question number three. >>the dow
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but here. we have maryland, where we have elected governor larry h the got
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regulation, businesses cannot succeed. we need people that know how to woing with larry hogan, w areaww how to get government out of our way. they have forgotten that we get up every day, go to work, pay our taxes, and we expect the somenment to deliver services and get out of the way. i think that the economy is doing great for some, it is not doing great for others.
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we need to make sure we promote and support small businesses. , i think they wouldand i have a business person and we need to make sure we develop those things. , far
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weerson with a l of business experience, that is exactly what i will be working on. there has to be a transformation in washington and i will lead it. >>
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the same question was asked previously. the economy question? certainly. what should our and corporation? how about getting regulation off -- the average small
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$35,000 and regulatory cost every year. november to advance conservative
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bruce: have a productive immigration policy. should the house, which did not vote on the measure, have voted once it came out of the senate and how would you have voted if you had been a member of the senate? had i been a member of the senate at the time, i would have submte
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and a physical address and if theabove all,
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immigration system, let's dys that iscurrent laws on bron going to help secure the borders, it is not just6d about immigration, it is about security and the drug trade.
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kate steinle was murdered by someone deported five times. country, and murders kate steinle. we needgt washington and help ms happen. no one is disputing this issue. one of the reasons donald j trump is doing well is because he wants to build a wall, whether it is a wall or increased security, we all know we have to secure the border. what are we going to do about the 12 million people already here? 12 million
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hiring. y through speed cameras. minus three guest worker program. y. you've used up all of your rebuttals. mr. douglas, you have three rebuttals remaining.
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questionpresident's call for ano th
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are not allowed to own property in
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korea. that will be done before he leaves office. the cuban people are still voting with their feet. 15 of them across the river. you can repeat what richard said and that is my answer. the question is who can take that answer and deliver an election victory in november? it is someone like me. who, like larry hogan, served in the ehrlich administration. it is someone like me who succeeded in business, now working my way up to the national association of business.
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who crossed the partisan divide and worked for theitand speak with


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