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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  March 24, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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this is the national cherry blossom festival's website. on one of the pages there is a link you can click to reserve parking. so you go further on the website and it shows you parking options. you can see right at the tidal basin nothing is listed. all the garages and the places to reserve are a few blocks away. let's try to reserve this one that is the cheapest one right here. $15. all right. so now it says our parking is confirmed. let's see if there is actually a space waiting for us at the garage. i'll told you can show the attendant the e-mail receipt or use the park now app but we printed out the receipt to show this to him. we did have to drive a number of levels down but eventually we got to some open spots and there was one waiting for us. i will say we did have a few technical difficulties trying to sign on but once we got it to work it did work well. we found another family in the
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easy to use. we are testing out other ways to get down here and park. one a total fail we found out. we will have it coming up at 5:00. right now i'm live along the tidal basin. tom roussey, abc7 news. scott: all right. helpful information. thank you, tom. this might be the best day to head out and participate in national cherry blossom festival events. there is a change in the weather coming. meteorologist steve rudin is here with the forecast. steve: a cold front on the way but it will hold off until late tonight and early tomorrow morning. if you have plans to head to the tidal basin this everything go for it. it will be beautiful. 77 degrees right now at reagan national airport. 79 in leesburg. a little cooler to the south and west of us. luray in the lower 70's. satellite and radar. a lot of sunshine. clouds building to the north and the west. that is part of the could front that is eventually going to move through early tomorrow morning. wouldn't you know it, bringing shower activity in sometime for the rush
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through the everything and the overnight the slowly falling in the 60's. chief meteorologist doug hill will join us in a few minutes from the tidal basin and have a look at the seven-day forecast. scott? scott: a man has been rescued from an empty water tower in gainesville, virginia. this is video of the scene from news chopper 7. we are told that a worker fell from the top into the tower. he is now at the hospital. his condition is not known yet. michelle: news chopper 7 was also in woodbridge, virginia, as the crews put out the hot spots. the dry spell and the wind taking a toll. see how much was scorched. someone called in after seeing power line and a lot of smoke. no one was hurt but a good reminder to be careful if you're cooking out tonight. investigation is underway in prince george's county after a huge fire destroyed town homes. it happened on the 7,000 block of
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brandywine. several families are displace and the cost of the damage is estimated at $1 million. brianne carter has been following the story and has the latest. >> it was way up in the sky. you could see it spreading to other homes. brianne: soaring several feet above the roof, flames ripped through the row of town houses. >> everything happened so fast. brianne: forcing people to flee the homes in the early morning hours. >> they found fire from the ground level to the roof level in four units. well advanced fire. which is unusual. brianne: people living here say the fire was so intense on the front of their home they went to look outside and all they saw was flames forcing them to run out the back. >> i immediately saw i need to get out and everybody is safe. >> a resident who didn't want to be on camera tells abc7 she can see the fire outside her twin's bedroom. >> the cribs are up above window so i grabbed them as quickly a
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but the firefighters had an issue when the first hydrant they tried didn't work. >> they have to lay back to another hydrant and charge from that. connect to the hoses. they train for it and ty do it all the time but there was a delay. >> brian: six -- brianne: in brandywine, maryland, abc7 news. michelle: outpouring of support for prince george's county officer jacai colson who was killed while responding to a shooting outside headquarters. scott: today's colson's family opening the viewing to his public and his father opening up about his son. maryland bureau chief brad bell is in capital beltsville. brad? brad: amazing that he has come out to talk to us. there is a lull in the funeral home at beltsville but earlier today was a big line. snaking its way through the parking lot. the line bu
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official viewing starting at 2:00 p.m. many people here to say they wanted to thank the colson family for their support. i paused for a moment because as i'm speaking here there are a group of officers. i read their badges. they are from the city of new york, nypd sending a contingent of five or six officers down here today. all of them want to pay their respects. as we said, jacai colson's father coming out and telling us what he wants the community, how he wants the community to remember his son. >> this is a hero inside here. ever since he was born, never any trouble to us. he was the kind of kid and young man and any parent would be proud of. brad: back live now you can see the nypd officers greeting their colleague from prince george's county before they move to the funeral home to pay their respects to
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jacai colson. there will be a funeral tomorrow. that will be attended by thousands of people held in upper marlboro. we'll be back at 5:00 with some more from james colson and included heart-felt words he has for the officer who fired the friendly fire shot that took his son's life. words of support for that officer. in beltsville, brad bell, abc7 news. michelle: okay, brad. thank you. all three brothers involved including michael ford who police say opened fire outside the station remain in jail. no bond while awaiting their trials. michael ford faces 25 charges including second-degree murder. scott: new developments in the investigation into the brussels terror attacks. the manhunt is now expanding. belgian authorities say another person involved the bombings may be on the run. marci gonzalez has the latest on the search for answers. marci: across belgium, a moment of silence
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people kill and 300 others injured in tuesday's terror attacks. >> i remember seeing explosions. the whole time i was just trying to tell myself i'm going to make it, i'm going to make it, i'm going to make it. >> the manhunt expanding. police looking for one of the airport bombers and searching for a suspect shown in surveillance images with the suicide bomber just before the subway station before the attack. new questions of a failure of intelligence involving el bakraoui's brother ibrahim. he was detained at the border and flagged by the turkey authorities as a terrorist fighter but not by the belgian officials and police saying he left a suicide note on discarded laptop saying he was in a rush, no longer knowing what to do and if he did not act immediately he
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a prison cell like him. they believe it's a reference to salah abdeslam one of the suspects in the paris attacks who was captured last week. police believe that the abdeslam arrest may have called the terror cell to panic and accelerate the plan. police are looking into the possibility that the terror cell may have had other targets. revealing that el bakraoui brothers used hidden cameras to record one of the top scientists. marci gonzalez, abc7 news. scott: joe biden is no stranger to supreme court nominations considering his time on the senate judiciary committee. he wants the senate now to hold confirmation hearings for merrick garland. republicans vow it won't happen in an election year. pointing that biden did it this in 1992 and addressing what they are calling the "biden rule." >> there is no biden r
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it doesn't exist. only one rule i ver followed on the judiciary committee. the constitution's clear rule of advice and concept. scott: merrick garland is president obama's pick to replace antonin scalia. michelle: police say a teacher allowed students to smoke pot in shop class. domonic leuzzi was with academy of virginia randolph. leuzzi faces three charges of contributing to the delinquency of a minor. at least three teens smoked marijuana under his supervision. the school immediately contacted police after a student reported the incident. montgomery county executive ike leggett is ordering the police department to review the use of stun guns. specifically for investigation in which people died after being shocked by officers. according to the "baltimore
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gun-related deaths happened in montgomery county. in three instances the devices were activated longer than the 15-second recommendations. coming up on "abc7 news at 4:00" -- president obama performs the tango. he is worthy of "dancing with the stars"? the review from our crew ahead. >> an empty bar during thursday and march madness. i'm cheryl conner live in rockville and we'll tell you about the hard times that hit hard times cafe. scott: rgiii on his feet. the team that is willing to take a chance on the former skins q.b. ahead. michelle: today at 4:45. a local bomb squad makes special easter eggs for visually impaired children. what makes it hard for those
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we need women in congress. if we want to be heard, it was the women who forced republicans to include women's health and contraceptive coverage in the affordable care act. in congress, i'll fight for pay equity, family leave and tougher gun safety laws. and, as an environmentalist, i'll work combat climate change. i know as a journalist and as a senior executive in business that when women are at the table, we get things done. i'm kathleen mathews and i approve this message.
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scott: robert griffin iii is now a cleveland brown. the browns tweeting out "welcome to the dog pound." and griffin on twitter said, "excited to join the dog pound. let's go." adam schefter wi
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it's $2.5 million and two-year contract. the browns will visit the skins this year. here is something you don't see every day. president obama pulled in the tango at last night's state dinner. michelle: he rejected the first couple of offers to dance but eventually he got out there and he was pretty good at it. the "good morning washington" assumed the judges' role in their edition of "dancing with the stars." >> good job this week. eight! >> you get a seven. >> seven. >> all right. >> i just loved. i thought you looked amazing. think you have so much passion. i give you a nine! a nine! >> break the tank! michelle: well, the first family is now in -- leaving buenos aires and the tango behind. catch "good morning
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4:25 a.m. there is no other way to put it. it's hard time for hard times cafe. they were forced to close. scott: crazy story here. the computer system hacked and being held hostage by cyber criminals somehow what is called ransomware got on the computers. cheryl conner is at the rock pel location explaining -- rockwell location explaining what the demands are. cherry blossom the criminals wanted -- cheryl: the criminals wanted $10,000. empty bar and thursday in march madness. the terps as you know made it to the sweet 16. but there is nothing tweet about the empty bar. hard times cafe in rockville would typically be serving up their signature wings but they were hit with what is called " ransomware" and had to shut down think. show us the computer that is dark. the message came up as the i.t. expert tried to fix the problem. criminals are able to put information stored on a
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one can access it. the owners of hard times cafe decided to close and start fresh. >> over 790% of the -- 90% of the sales are credit cards different make sense for me to open up that, where all the other issues might come up. let's bite the bullet. shut down. we'll get all new equipment. the computer experts are here and they are installing new computer equipment and they hope to open back up tomorrow. the old equipment was only three years old and they were vulnerable to ransomware. coming up at 6:00 we ask an expert how to keep your computer safe. live in rockville, cheryl conner, abc7 news. scott: the marine corps marathon is a sign of the fall. but today the lottery to register opened. you have until noon o
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marathon. go to after it closes you will get confirmation that you registered. there are no fees until and unless you are selected to run. michelle: jamie sullivan with the traffic details. how is it looking? jamie: we are starting off in prince george's county. if you head southbound on route 301, crane high school, look here. this is a waze map and one of our wazers checking in with an action. this is closing down the road at brandywine road. dyson will get you around it to hook you up with branch accident. but you get an idea of the solid line of heavy traffic once you head up with branch avenue and continue south. we are still only at 15 miles per hour. i want to move to the maps. focus in on maryland but we'll switch gears to move to montgomery county. getting there from 66 to the american legion bridge is 20 minutes as an average no
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teens. on the baltimore washington parkway the same thing. d.c. is heavy. you can see red lines now. southbound 295. we are almost in the single digits. the freeway is heavy as well. northbound kenilworth avenue we are seeing the same thing but on a day like today you can roll the windows down. a live look shows the traffic from george town. you can see rosslyn here. once you cross the key bridge no problems to report. of course m street will be a little congested. to be expected. that is a look at traffic. back to you. scott: all right, jamie. thank you. we want to take a live look at breaking news coming in from news chopper 7. this is a brush fire near boyd's maryland in montgomery county. and we will get more information to bring it to you as we can. brush fire that looks like it needs to be put under control by authority in boyds, maryland. and something that our weather team is warning about last night.
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warning day. meanwhile, bloom peaking right now at the tidal basin today. i might be the best day to get down there. michelle: yeah. the weather is great. we sent chief meteorologist doug hill down there. it is looking fantastic out there. doug: absolutely. the definition of peak bloom is 70% or more to the blooms in full blossom. looking here, i'm not a horticulturist but we're good for 80-90% in most trees. pollen count, i don't know anybody who is allergic to cherry tree blossoms but there are other trees to drive the pollen count up. it is in the high range now. low range for grass pollen and mold spores. and weeds are absent. the crowds are what you expect. imagine this. a thursday afternoon. the weather is perfect. temperatures are ideal. and people have taken days off from work or maybe just didn't show up at work or have taken vacation
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everybody wants to be on tv. you can say hello. c'mon. you can do it. all at once. let's do a group hello. group hello. all right. that's enough. so listen, a couple of weeks ago my friend steve rudin was down here and i was in the studio. he was standing along the tidal basin shivering giving us a report on the cold winds and the blossoms. too bad you're not here today, steve. stephen: i know. look at you in short sleeves and sunshine. breezy out there. scott: good end of that deal, didn't he? steve: lucky dog. lucky to be out there. we have trivia for you. it's trivia thursday. we'll start this off for you to mull over the we're. for some of you it may be easy and others more difficult. michelle: i know the answer. steve: what year did japan -- don't tell us yet -- send the first cherry trees to washington, d.c.? 18910, 1912, 1915? we'll have the answer in a few minutes. michelle says she knows. michelle: i have been studying up on the cherly blossoms --
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steve: she is an expert. we are in the mid-to-upper 70's. beautiful afternoon. 77 in manassas. 79 in leesburg. 77 in winchester. hagerstown at 76 degrees. a bit breezy. we saw a brush fire in boyds in montgomery county. that's because we have sustained winds at 20 miles per hour with stronger wind gusts and a red flag warning until 8:00 tonight. be careful careful if you have n flames, cigarette butts, barbecuing, be careful. but it will improve for the day tomorrow when the cold front moves on through. the satellite and the radar, if you have plans to check out the cherry blossoms perfect for this evening. maybe if you are not going to cherry blossoms and you are just going fora walk or eating outside go for it. it will be spectacular. cold front is on the way to the west of us. central ohio to kentucky. that moves overnight. after midnight the first showers will arrive across western maryland. most of the
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tomorrow. 68 to 63 for overnight low. we will see the future cast. the clouds begin to increase. 7:00 tomorrow morning. here are the showers. widespread. nothing terribly heavy. but it should clear pollen out of the air. this will move out of here by the noontime hour. outdoor recess for the kids. cooler, drier air. slightly cooler for the end of the week. of course we had easter sunday. here are the showers. 8:00 tomorrow morning. 64. 11:00, showers wind down. day time highs will be in the upper 60's. 70 to 72 degrees. 60 degrees on saturday. cooler. middle 60's on easter sunday. back in the middle on monday. and then temperatures begin to well cool down a little bit more. but the cherry blossoms i would say go tonight. go tomorrow. saturday looks good. easter sunday looks fine. but monday we could look at a electronicer cold front and the blossom -- a stronger cold front and the blossoms get
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delicates moving through the coming days. winds and rain. scott: they come off quickly. steve: poof. no more live shots. michelle: thank you. we want to circle back to the breaking news we have been monitoring for you. again, this is in boyd, maryland. this is a live picture from news chopper 7. the flames are still going. a short while ago there is a long stretch of the dry conditions. it's a bit windy out there. this is something that they are going to want to get a handle on. we got new details. this is at black hills regional park. as news chopper 7 pulls out you get a better sense of how much is burning and the smoke pillowing to what looks like the west. it may be of coursing the brush fire. my mistake. so there are two. this really speaks to what steve rudin was mentioning in terms of it being prime condition for just something simple as a cigarette. if you were to drop one out there.
4:24 pm
is. this is in boyd, maryland. one location we are told is black hills regional park. it looks like near a business district. there is a waterway nearby. we will keep a close eye on the situation for you. as soon as we get more details we will bring them to you. still ahead on "abc7 news at 4:00". brand new episode of "scandal" tonight. is the former first lady in trouble? kidd o'shea is back with his "scandal" scoop. scott: as we reach the peak bloom a look at the tidal basin. you can never see it enough. we'll be visiting throughout the evening news on abc7. we'll be right
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glenn:threateningicans: gofederal workers;ns over 60 votes to repeal obamacare. now they're refusing to even consider president obama's nominee for the supreme court. it disrespects the president and all of us -- and we won't put up with it. in congress, i'll protect president obama's legacy, defend obamacare, and stand up for social security and medicare. i'm glenn ivey and i approve this message. i'll take on republicans - for all of us.
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michelle: t.g.i.t. means an all-new episode of "scandal" that is dubbedded o.m.g. stampede. kidd o'shea has the "scandal" scoop. kidd: it's all new tonight and we find out what a focus group thinks of her and her run for president. >> i don't like her. >> smug. >> smug. >> arrogant. >> i hated the way she said -- >> divisive. >> melly turned to olivia pope for advice on the campaign. things get real as they hear what the focus group thinks. >> i can give you the average price in every state if you like, regular or diesel. i can tell you if we keep the gas tax at absurdly low rate of 18
4:28 pm
fund will run out of money. >> that's the problem. you are a know-it-all. >> so? >> the people watching the debate will go to the polls and they will be electing the next president. they won't vote for you if they think you are smarter than everybody else. kidd: i asked them what it was like to play the president and the first lady. >> people get in heated discussions with us as if the show is real. >> they believe we shoot in d.c. i wish we did but all of our stuff is impeccably green screened. so i get asked a lot where should i go or what should i do? i don't know. kidd: i gave her suggestions. after "scandal" keep on abc7. is there another tv hit on their hand? we find out when "the catch" premiers on abc7. from the producer of "scandal" and "how to get away
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it's a one-hour drama. here we go. i'm "good morning washington"'s kidd o'shea. michelle: it's a big night here. "the catch" joining "scandal "on abc7. get the latest information on your favorite shows by signing up for fan blast at scott: coming up -- trying to serve warrants spurred a bizarre sequence of events events that has fairfax police happening on two shooting victims. the investigation is now open while one community looks on. wondering what is going on in one home. michelle: after the brussels attacks, backlash for the muslim community across the world including right here in the washington area. the message from local community leaders still ahead. scott: here is one last look at the weather
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question. steve is back with the answer and his forecast after this.
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it's about taking a stand. for too long, wall street banks had their way. they crashed our economy. but democrat donna edwards won't take their money because she stands up for us. as a single mom, she knows the challenges our families face. she'll be our voice. tightening regulations on the big banks and fighting to keep dark money out of politics. democrat donna edwards, maryland's next senator. michelle: back to our breaking news. this is germantown in montgomery county where firefighters are battling a brush fire at black hills
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you are looking at live pictures from news chopper 7. we knew the conditions would be ripe for brush fires. a couple already have been popping up today in virginia and maryland. and we are seeing this, you know, intensify right before our eyes. we have been monitoring this all hour long. now we see it is getting close to what looks like a barn there. it is very close to consuming it. firefighters are on the scene but they have yet to really get a good handle on it. scott: a home also just closer to your screen here in the forefront there. you can see a fire truck pulling up to the back as we speak here. the concern is real as michelle pointed out. our weather team pointed out last night this was going to be an issue today that the high winds and the dry conditions were going to be a problem. right now this is the second brush fire that news chopper 7 spotted in the past 15 minutes here. michelle: as we keep the picture up, let's pull steve rudin in the conversation to talk about what the conditions are like out there. steve: we have a red flag warnin
4:34 pm
conditions are perfect. breezy conditions, gusty winds. it has been dry. we haven't had rain for a while. rain on the way later tonight. but not heavy rain. i want to show you the map right now. this is the rid flag warning that extends until 8:00 tonight. all the areas shaded in pink. those are the areas that are likely or could see the potential for pop-up fires just like this. another reason or what is helping to fuel the fire not only the dry grounds but the gusty winds. wind gusts up to 30 miles per hour. leesburg as wind gusts at 28 miles per hour. satellite and radar no problems out there for the evening. if you are checking out the cherry blossoms it will stay dry. clouds will be on the increase a bit. early this evening, going outside, going for a walk, fantastic. pull things out a little bit for you. this is a cold front that will track east as we move through the overnight. it arrives here tomorrow morning. just in time for the rush
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a little wet pavement around here can go a long way in causing delays. 58 to 63 for overnight low. tracking the cold front through the overnight morning hours. but by noontime when the kids go outside for lunch and you may have your lunch break, skies will begin to clear. it stays mild with cooler air on the way for the end of the week. temperatures tomorrow will make it up to just around 70 degrees. the answer for the quiz. 1912 is when the first cherry trees were sent to washington from japan. scott: thank you, steve. headaches for metro riders after a teenage girl intentionally jumped onto the track in front of a train. this happened around 8:30 at the eastern market stas. the train was able to stop. the teen was not hurt. it forced the orange, blue, silver line to single track from eastern market to federal center. back to normal in an hour.
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michelle: developing story out of fairfax county. police are investigating a double shooting. police discoverr covered the injuries trying to find jones last night. and john gonzalez has the manhunt. john: fairfax county police investigating a bizarre case. two of the officers late last night arrived at home in springfield to serve a warrant. a warrant for reckless discharge of a firearm. well, when they arrived they observed two vehicles leaving the residence. then the two vehicles crashed. one actually unintentionally striking one of the police officer's vehicles. seconds later the police discovered two of the three people inside were shot and wounded. they are expected to survive but they are not cooperating with detectives this afternoon. on tralee woods court the police tried to serve the warrant but the suspect is now missing, on the run. listen to what his neighbor had to say
4:37 pm
>> there has been a lot of shooting going around here for the last couple of months. people just shooting in the air, i think. >> what is that all about? >> i don't know what it's about. maybe this will bring it to a head and they will do something about it. john: that is why the police were out there last night. last friday neighbors in the community called 911 to report that the suspect that is now wanted was firing his gun in the backyard. john gonzalez, abc7 news. scott: right now syrian government troops are pushing toward palmyra. palmyra is an ancient town in central syria that is controlled by isis. syrian troops have been on the offensive for days in an attempt to capture the town. that is home to one of the world's most famous archaeological sites. meanwhile, backlash in the muslim community after the terror attacks in brussels. we have seen this before after the paris attacks as well. today, local community leaders are speaking out. northern virginia bureauch
4:38 pm
newsroom tonight and he has their message. jeff? jeff: scott, members of the local muslim community say after the attack on brussels, like san bernardino, paris and others it delivers two type of sadness. double sadness as one said to me this afternoon. sadness at the horror and the tragedy of the event itself and for the victims. then sadness that once again islam is directly linked to an act of unspeakable violence. cair or council on american-islamic relations says they consistently see a fight in muslim backlash across the country following an attack carried out by muslim extremists. they say the action of the attackers overshadow a desire for peace. >> this is happening again and again. people who are extreme or violent are the ones who are telling our story. that is not what we want out there. that is not the reality of
4:39 pm
>> those with an open mind and those who are willing to hear accurate and balanced information about islam and muslims get it. those with a closed mind don't get it. jeff: last night in a library in shaw neighborhood of d.c. witnesses saw a law enforcement threatening a woman wearing hijab or head scarf suggesting she would be handcuffed if she did not remove it. we will have more on that case and reaction to it to tonight at 6:00. jeff goldberg, abc7 news. michelle: thank you. again, we are continuing to track the breaking nuclear for you in german town, maryland, brink road near blunt road. we just got a location on the scene there. that is in montgomery county where firefighters are battling this brush fire. the last few minutes we saw firefighters getting really close to the tree line with the hoses. trying to get the flames under control. we talk about the conditions being right for this situation when we have several days of
4:40 pm
also the winds picking up. what has been so troubling about the situation out there is that there is a dangerously close to a couple of homes in that neighborhood. you can imagine the folks there very nervous seeing the flames at their doorstep. again firefighters are on the scene. and this is at brink road near blunt road. you see the flames still going there. firefighters are trying to get a good handle on this. this is one of several brush fires pop up throughout the day in maryland and virginia as well. stay with abc7. we'll continue to monitor this until see the flames are
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michelle: online maps can take you to the wrong location. scott: we've been there. but in texas a mapping error is blamed for workers demolishing the wrong house. lindsey diaz was stunned as you might imagine when she returned home to find a pile of debris where her house once stood. several homes in diaz's neighborhood was damaged by a tornado in december and her home was supposed to be repaired while one a block away was set to be
4:44 pm
instead the reverse happened. >> i didn't believe he was telling me this. i was hoping for an apology. i'm sorry, my company did this. we'll make it better. but instead he is telling me how the insurance is going to handle it and telling me it will be a nasty fight. michelle: the president of the demolition company refused to speak publicly about the mixup. diaz still hopes the company will help her. otherwise she will be taking all of this to court. scott: yeah. i cannot imagine you turn the corner an your way home and you see that it is gone. unbelievable. michelle: after such tragedy already with the tornado in the area. okay. again we are following breaking news in germantown, maryland, brink road near blunt road in montgomery county where firefighters are trying to get a handle on this brush fire that is going on right now. dangerously close to some homes in the area. we have been talking about the conditions, scott, being ripe for this sort of situation. scott: yeah. dry conditions, wind
4:45 pm
to talk about that. we have seen three or four homes in the vicinity close to this fire. firefighters arrived on the scene and were starting to put it out with hoses ten minutes ago. this particular one. but more than what we spotted from news chopper 7. we widen out and you can see how close is it to the roadways there. beyond are four homes all within a hundred yards of this location here. tense moments for homeowners. we'll continue to monitor this brush fire that have broken out in montgomery county and have more at "abc7 news at 4:00" continues. stay with us for the breaking news.
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we need women in congress. if we want to be heard, it was the women who forced republicans to include women's health and contraceptive coverage in the affordable care act. in congress, i'll fight for pay equity, family leave and tougher gun safety laws. and, as an environmentalist,
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i know as a journalist and as a senior executive in business that when women are at the table, we get things done. i'm kathleen mathews and i approve this message. scott: "7 on your side" consumer alert. apple is accepting preorders if for iphone s.e. it has all the features of the much larger iphone 6s. the se has a four-inch screen and sells for $400. an will start shipping the new phone on march 31. microsoft is scrapping the public experiment with artificial
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the chat bot went on a racist rant 24 hours after it was activated. the a.i. started post racist and hateful comments on twitter. most of the tweets were deleted but the last tweet she said she needed sleep and would be back. apparently so. well, soon you can enjoy your favorite sta bucs latte from home. they are launching a line of k-cups features the popular pumpkin spice. they have other flavors that will be available this summer. pumpkin spice flavor will be available in the fall. michelle: tindeer wants to hook you up with a presidential candidate. not literally but there is a swipe the vote feature. here is how it works. you you will be asked what you think about certain issues and they will tell you who you best match up with and give you a link to register to vote. if you participate in this. all right.
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york's highest court heard arguments today in a case involving what some call the right to paddle. at issue is whether someone can paddle a canoe or boat down a stream that crosses private land. courts ruled waterway is open to the public if it's navigable for commerce or recreation. scott: strong cross winds in the plains yesterday. look at this. making for white knuckle flying weather. oh. this is a united airline regional jet trying to land in oklahoma city. the pilot having trouble keeping the plane lined up with the runways you can see se. that is queasy flying there. i'm sure there was a round of applaud on that one if you're in the cabin holding on for dear life. michelle: yes! scott: the weather here is not as bad as that. michelle: no. it's beautiful here. chief meteorologist doug hill is along the tidal basin today. it doesn't get better than this. you have on
4:51 pm
shirt to cover the blossoms. doug: absolutely! everything worked out well. we have been forecasting the warming trend to coincide with the peak bloom and it worked out fine. breezy around the tidal basin but all the blossoms are on the tree. nothing is falling. but as we get through the next few days with rain tomorrow and gusty winds in the afternoon a few blooms may fall to the ground. that is what happens this time of year. if you get down here a little crowded but it will be just fine. tonight clear skies. as we get through the lead. clouds increase overnight. through the day, the afternoon sunshine and temperatures back to 72 degrees. weekend forecast is looking good. it will be cooler in the 60's for the day on saturday. but sunshine getting through the clouds. best of all for easter sunday. bright sunshine. temperatures are going to climb into the mid-60's. as we get through early next week we will see a little bit of a change. first off as we get through
4:52 pm
most chance of rain for most of the day. tuesday turns cooler and back to sunshine and back in the 60's. coming in the moment you probably won't have a huge crowd. showers in the forecast. bring an umbrella and slicker and you will be fine. leaves and the blossoms are in good shape. find out if thursday is in good shape. jamie: we have a problem in germantown with the brush fire. roads are closed off and blocked. i want to run through what we have here. we have the wazers reporting a complete standstill. yes, that is what we have. especially white man road, blunt road and brinks road. in this area the best alternate is germantown and watkinsville road. use those as an alternate. we're looking at slow traffic in d.c. solid red line. outbound to the 1th street bridge. southbound national harbor
4:53 pm
seeing the same volume kenilworth avenue. this traffic right now in the single digits. the northwest corner always heavy on the beltway. we take a live look now at seven locks road to show what we are seeing. that is both directions. live look outside will show you heavy traffic inner loop as well alaska the outer loop of the -- as well as the outer loop of the capital beltway. michelle: next at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- police say she ditched her gucci heels and 70 pounds of cocaine at l.a.x. the flight attendant on the run captured. find out the charges she now faces.
4:54 pm
4:55 pm
he's begun forgetting words. forgetting where he lives. but when the day comes when he forgets who i am, i'll still know who he is. the first time we said i love you we didn't use words. we simply held each other's hands. we still are. i lost my dad to alzheimer's. preventing alzheimer's is within our grasp. let's double the budget of nih and get it done.
4:56 pm
alison: the search is over for atlanta who ditched her heels and ran from the l.a.x. screener whence they tried to check her bags. he is left behind nearly 70 pounds of cocaine an
4:57 pm
the run. michelle: this is jetblue flight attendant and former jamaican beauty queen behind bars and accused of leaving two suitcases filled with cocaine. she is caught here with the luggal in tow was attempting to smuggle 70 pound ofco tain through security. court documents show she walked in the airport friday in street clothes, no uniform. she went to the known cruise security line and flashed her back. she was flashed for random check and asked to step aside. she appeared nervous and made phone call on her cell phone and they asked to watch her closely. all the while on her cell phone. the officers prepared to search her. the former n.y.u. track stars kicks off her heels and leaves her bags and starts running down an
4:58 pm
of the terminal. the example the police union says highlights the need for 100% of passengers and employees. >> insider threat is real. we are dealing with the issue. i should be a wake-up call to everybody involved. >> she surrendered to drug agents in new york yesterday and due in a brooklyn court to face charges including intent to distribute cocaine. leon: tonight, a question of trust. >> are there any other frayed cables out there that would have the same potential? leon: metro general managers wonder if employees have been lying about fixing problems to put passengers at risk. a health alert for women. mammograms may help spot a disease that kills ten times more women than breast cancer. and a customer with a beef against a sushi restaurant leaves behind a cold-blooded tip. "abc7 news at 5:00". on
4:59 pm
leon: we will begin with breaking news out of german town. brush fire is threatening a house. as you see in the pictures trying to contain the flames. it happened on brink road. not far from blunt road for anyone familiar with the area off of 270. at this moment we don't have reports of injuries there in the area. we do know that a red flag warning was issued earlier in the day because of dry conditions in the region. that warning is in effect until 8:00 p.m. tonight. joining us now by phone is pete with the montgomery county fire and e.m.s. what is the latest right now? >> we are not surprised because of the red flag warning. we have two significant fires in the upcounty area. one after 4:00 at the black hims regional park. we still have quite a few resources still dealing with that. that is for the most part contained and under control. shortly after that, maybe for the last 45 minutes, maybe
5:00 pm
hour. we have been to brink road and blunt road. if you look at the helicopter video you have a better vantage point than i. but there were several homes and structures that the fire impinged upon. i believe one of the sheds did catch on fire. no residences, structures or homes were affected although the fire did get close. the weather is not in our favor at the moment. leon: but it won't structure other struck -- threaten other structures? >> we have the resources in pce


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