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tv   America This Morning  ABC  March 28, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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making news in america this morning -- terror threat. a suicide bomber attacking a crowd during an easter gathering and violence erupting at a memorial during the attacks in brussels. political fight. donald trump and ted cruz trading jabs and stepping up the personal attacks. plus, bernie's big weekend. sweeping hillary clinton. demolition disaster. crews bulldozing the wrong house. and final four. another amazing night for march madness. the last spots filled with only one number one seed. good monday morning, everyone. the week begins with a
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sense of anger against the deadly terror attacks at brussels. loud demonstration in same space where the attack victims have been mental realized. blaming muslims for the bombings. police eventually broke them up using water cannons. >> the death toll's expected to rise. thousands of miles from brussels. lana zak joining us with the details. >> reporter: good morning. this is the third bombing this month alone in pakistan and this one counted among its targeted victims -- children on easter. bloody sunday. terrorist striking again this time in pakistan, the target christians gathering to celebrate easter. >> we're feeling so upset because it's day of our worship. >> reporter: the suicide bomber believed to target easter revelers
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at a park in lahore. while pope preached a message of hope the taliban faction claimed responsibility for the late nest a grim, global death toll. even as belgians continue to mourn the dead and injured from last tuesday's terror attacks. violence erupted at the memorial site. police in brussels breaking up a protest. angry at muslim and if you don't want to live like us, go. >> reporter: they're still trying to root out the people involved in those deadly attacks. arresting one man in italy and another arrest in holland and nine more people detained in belgi belgium. still a mystery, who's the attacker in the hat at the airport and the man at the train station who fled. as easter sunday was celebrated amid heightened security.
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dame to st. peter's square. the u.s. state department now confirms among those killed in the brussels attacks, four americans. reena, kendis. >> lana, thank you so much. a major blow to isis. the ancient city of palmyra is back in government hands. isis fighters destroyed many of the ruins in recent months. . the syrian troops supported by militia from lebanon and russian air power. bernie sanders is celebrating a three-state blowout as donald trump threatens to sue the gop. trump won louisiana but ted cruz may end up with more of the state's delegates. word that the state will give rubio's delegates to cruz. trump and cruz also embroiled in a bitter fight over a tabloid report. more now from abc's devin dwyer.
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tv. >> the press likes to make me the bad guy. >> it's garbage. it's tabloid smear. >> reporter: ted cruz and donald trump trading accusations over a national enquirer story which claims political operatives are looking into rumors that cruz had multimillion marriage infidelities. trump said his wife was a victim first. when an anti-trump super pac posted an ad with trump's wife melaina in the nude. >> he's used as an excuse. >> this should be off-limits. do you condemn this story? >> i don't care. >> reporter: gop challenger john kasich disagrees, saying he may not back trump if he's the nominee. >> families have to be off-limit. i don't think he'll be the
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nominee. if he is -- i review it every day. >> reporter: meanwhile, bernie sanders is basicing in his blowout victories in three caucus and we won six out of the seven contests. and we have cut clinton's lead by a third. >> reporter: a long-shot campaign, but he said he's building momentum to win. >> i won't deny that we still remain the underdogs. >> reporter: the next big showdown is in wisconsin. devin dwyer, abc news, washington. >> some voters near tulsa, oklahoma, have plenty of reason to be angry this morning. because their boats went up in flames at a dock last night, the fire started onboard one boat. several people had to be rescued. the cause of the fire is inunder investigation. meanwhile authorities in oklahoma and texas, wildfires are half contained. one
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biggest in state history. strong winds today could reignite hot spots or push the flames in a new direction. some severe weather across parts of indiana. strong winds brought down trees and power lines. in indianapolis, hail was also reported. in other parts, some the size of dp golf ball. more storms could roll through midweek. another area we're watching on the radar today. the south getting pummelled with wet weather overnight. savannah, georgia, receiving 4 inches of rain on easter. saturday's final four in houston all set. cinderella syracuse cutting down the nets last night after a stunning come from behind. then the tar heels celebrated, after their win over north dakota. it will be villanova against
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oklahoma. last night's highlights later in sports. still ahead -- donald trump, a grandpa yet again. first look at ivanka's new baby. a mixup. google maps being blamed for the wrong house being demolished.
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a major eruption, this in alaska. a volcano sent ash 20,000 feet into the air. the volcano is about 4 1/2 miles in diameter and is one of the most active in the area. officials have raised the alert warning to red. chicago teen who
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an anti-gun violence video is recovering after being shot. police say this 13-year-old was not the intended target. he was shot in the back when an argumented erupted down frthe street from him. he talked about violence in his community in a psa. >> i got to keep hearing and people keep on getting killed. a deal to raise the minimum wage in california to $1 an hour could be announced as early as today. if approved the wage would gradually increase over the next six years. small businesses could be given a small time to comply. easter holiday travelers probably noticed something different -- yeah, gas prices are rising. . the latest average price for a gallon of gas nationwide is now $2.04 a gallon. up 30 cents in
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analysts said prices are up along with the cost of crude oil and demand is also increasing because of spring break travel. despite a rash of bad reviews it was batman and soupman dominating the box office this weekend. star ben affleck and henry cavill. bringing in $170 million, which is the six biggest movie opening. zootopia came in second. my big fat greek wedding 2 came in third. >> so far behind batman. when we come back -- a deadly accident. a bounce house with a little girl inside is swept away by sudden winds. two people now facing charges. and caught on camera. smash and grab at a gun shop. the thieves using an 18-wheeler.
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wet also in florida and for most of the northeast. the friendly skies won't be friendly in the boston area. two arrests have been made in britain after a 7-year-old girl died while playing in a bouncy castle at a easter fair. >> the girl died after the inflatable castle was swept away be a gust of wind. the couple that own the bouncy castle faces charges. a pair of suspects behind a brazen crime spree the men were caught on camera ramming the cab of a semitruck into this gun store in ventura they made off with more than a dozen guns. the police said the same thieves also hit a check-cashing store earlier. another smash, a bold one, this one in cleveland. the thieves drove an suv right through the wall of a grocery store, just before dawn. when the
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they plowed through yet again. it's not clear how much money they managed to steal. demolition company in texas is blaming google maps for its mistake bulldozing the wrong house. the duplex damaged by a tornado was one block away from the house that was supposed to be torn down. after the story appeared on facebook the company apologized. >> your heart sinks first. and just -- because we felt so bad for lindsay and mr. koetter that we made this mistake. we'll make it right. we'll do right by both home owner and the company says google maps sent the crews to the wrong property when they punched in the address. >> somebody got some explaining to do. a big surprise for an army
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a police chase in arizona. brandon jenkins getting a brand-new motorcycle. we showed you the video last week. the suspect in a stolen truck tried to take his motorcycle. ran over the bike as he escaped from officers. he bought the motorcycle after serving in afghanistan. now, they're replacing the damaged bike with a new one. we promised you some basketball highlights earlier. >> time to make good on our promise. with our friends at espn. >> good morning, america, kevin connors. john anderson. final two. we need two more. because two and two is four. syracuse/virginia. kevin is in his starter collection. syracuse/virginia. the orange are heading to the final four. trailing by 16. mount a comeback. the
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syracuse led by one. the full-court pressure was something that virginia simply couldn't handle. syracuse wins. notre dame. north carolina. they trailed by one. at the free-throw line, missing. that's just a rebound opportunity. isaiah hicks puts the tar heels back up. later in the second half, fastbreak coming. theo up top. isaiah hicks. bryce johnson went for four 25. tar heels over notre dame. their 19th final four. reminder 7:00 eastern espn uconn plays texas and oregon state taking on baylor bears. both games streaming live on watch espn and the espn app. >> the warriors again win on sunday. i feel like i have said that
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times this year. >> that's right. bye, america. the cubs' jason heyward is recovering after he was stung by a swarm of bee. >> reporter: he even climbed the center field finance trying to elude the bees. he belted a two-run homer in the bottom of the third inning. led to a game delay those bees. up next in the pulse, stripped of her title. beauty queen accused of being too focused on her schoolwork. real-life superhero, hugh jackman jumps into action to save his son. i accept i'm not 22. i accept i do a shorter set these days. i even accept i have a higher risk of stroke due to afib, a type of irregular heartbeat, not caused by a heart valve problem.
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♪ time for pulse. we'll get started with a beauty queen who lost her crown for rather curious reason. she recently won a title called miss international. >> she was stripped of that title because her college studies are getting in the way of her performance. she has a double major -- legal studies and philosophy. >> the organization said garcia's schoolwork has made it difficult to schedule her evens. but an official also calls her demanding. >> she's studying legal studies. i better be careful. congrats to donald trump on becoming a grandpa yet again. his daughter has given birth to her third child. >> ivanka tweeted the name
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it was a fairly quick delivery because they were seen enjoying easter brunch only hours earlier. and boom, baby comes out. she looked stunning. it turns out hugh jackman is not just a superhero on screen. >> he was with his family at a beach in his native australia when rip currents overpowered several swimmers including his son. jackman jumped to the rescue and helped his son and others get back to shore safely. >> this looks so movielike. they are real. he put it in stride. it looks more dramaticing than it was. doesn't it look like a hollywood moment? but a very scary moment for the
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screen and off as well. nothing like a few sugary peeps to top off your easter basket. but one guy needed a more than a few to satisfy his sweet tooth. >> a competitive eat er ate 200 peeps. he struggled at times, but managed to finish off the entire bowl in 14 minutes. >> amazing. in case you were wondering that was 5,600 calories and nearly 1400 grams of sugar. >> that is a lot of sugar. >> and he's spending the rest of easter monday running a marathon somewhere, apparently w all the energy left over -- >> i thought he would be in a sugar coma. >> absolutely insane. >> we all process sugar differently, is that what you're saying? >> definitely. more news after this.
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it's monday march 28th. yes, believe it or not, we are kicking off the last week of march - and its a wet start. good morning washington. i'm larry smith.. and i'm about to get freakin married! toss to eileen today: showers and fog until 8am. becoming partly to mostly sunny and windy. highs: 63-70 winds: w 10-20 g 35+ tonight: mainly clear. cool and breezy. lows: 40-45 winds: nw 10-15 mph tuesday: mostly sunny. breezy. highs: 58-64 winds: nw 10-15 g 20+ mph
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in the day ahead.. a private burial will be held in
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officer jacai colson. earlier this month, the prince george's county detective was shot and killed by friendly fire during a shootout outside the district three headquarters. three brothers are now charged facing charges. officer colson was killed just days before his 29th birthday. meanwhile in howard county maryland-- police are looking for the man behind a double shooting at a truck stop over the weekend.
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easter sunday in jessup. police responded to the reported shooting and found one man already dead, and another seriously injured. that man is now in stable condition. police say the shooter is still at large but have not released any information about a possible motive. starting today.. if you have a 9-1-1 emergency in the district, a private ambulance company may be taking you to the hospital. d-c fire and ems will still respond, but they could move on to a more serious call, and let ambulances from the "american medical response" transport people in non-life threatening situations. the deputy fire chief says the private company will allow his department to improve training for staff and perform much-needed maintenance on their vehicles. but people we talked to had mixed reactions. this comes after the fire department's medical director stepped down,
4:29 am
resignation letter -- "people are dying needlessly because we are moving too slow." in the 20-15 fiscal year, d-c fire and ems transported more than 117-thousand people -- an all-time record. meanwhile on the hill-- president obama's pick for the supreme court will meet with congressional leaders later today. judge merrick garland will sit down with maryland senator ben cardin. cardin has said the senate should hold hearings to at least consider the chief judge of the d-c circuit court for the nation's high court. president obama nominated garland after the sudden death of justice antonin scalia last month. it's xx and we're just getting started. a firefighter is injured pulling people from a burning in the district. how it started, and the latest on the rescued residents.
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terror attack overseas-- this time targeting an easter day celebration. we'll tell you where it happened, and who is taking responsibility.. coming up. good morning washington. today: showers and fog until 8am. becoming partly to mostly sunny and windy. highs: 63-70 winds: w 10-20 g 35+ tonight: mainly clear. cool and breezy. lows: 40-45 winds: nw 10-15 mph tuesday: mostly sunny. breezy. highs: 58-64 winds: nw 10-15 g 20+ mph developing right now.


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