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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  April 1, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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simpson's former estate. ♪ he's begun forgetting words. forgetting where he lives. but when the day comes when he forgets who i am, i'll still know who he is. the first time we said i love you we didn't use words. we simply held each other's hands. we still are. i lost my dad to alzheimer's. preventing alzheimer's is within our grasp. let's double the budget of nih and get it done. i'm david trone and i approve this message. jonathan: first, breaking news from south arlington, where one of two people stabbed to death is now dead. there is a manhunt for the person who did this. tom roussey is on the scene. where did this happen? tom: the police say that it happened near the intersection of south glebe road
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street in arlington. according to a woman who lives nearby, one of the victims ran ,hile bleeding up the street went to her home and said, my father has been stabbed. the older man, who was 46 years old, has died. this is video from after we arrived on the scene, a little after 8 p.m. the younger man, who the police say is in his late teens, they say his injuries are not life-threatening. however, his father's death becomes arlington's first homicide of the year. the police do not have a description of a suspect. as far as we know, nobody is in custody. tom roussey, abc 7 news. jonathan: the other story we are watching tonight is the weather, pop-up storms moving through tonight, some very strong. meteorologist your britain has what we can expect in the next
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what we can expect. tomorrow, 8 a.m., grabbed the umbrella because you will needed at least early on. by 11 a.m., most of the showers should be out of here. -- temperatures today saturday only in the lower 60's, about a 20 degree temperature change compared with today. an changes on the way and intense cold front on the way later tonight with wind gusts upwards of 50 miles per hour. the timing and what to expect sunday coming up. jonathan: a strong burst of storms in montgomery county downed power lines and led to a brush fire. the fire department says the downed power lines were caused by a lightning strike. no damage was reported. get up-to-the-minute information about the weather in your neighborhood by downloading our app. it is free at
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newsroom, new information about a knife that was found in the former home of o.j. simpson. it has been a month since the knife was turned in, test it. the police say the knife was not used in the murders of nicole brown simpson and ronald goldman in 1994. in march the police announced they had discovered the knife was in the possession of a retired lapd officer for about 12 years, a captain. he said that he got it from a construction worker who helped tear down the old estate. investigators tested a bunch of knives over the years, but have not found one they can connect with the killings. hundreds gathering to remember the life of chad dermyer, the virginia state trooper killed in the line of duty. richard reeve joins us live in richmond. a lot of people there in mourning. richard: a lotta folks tonight. outside of the state troopers barracks in richmond,
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flowers. we often talk about the stoicism of police officers, how they don't show emotions. that was not true tonight. >> ♪ our father richard: it was an emotional gathering coming uniforms of every color. the senselessor tragedy. richard: mourning the loss of state trooper chad dermyer. >> it is so close to home. , 37 years old,r it has been in father of two young children, was fatally wounded at this greyhound bus terminal during a training exercise. >> i cannot imagine the pain. richard: investigators say that dermyer spoke only briefly with 39-year-old james brown before he pulled out a 45 caliber handgun and fired. two other officers shot
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brown. both the trooper and brown died at the hospital. had a gunroubling he with the history he had, able to travel on the bus. richard: there are still so many questions, the bus terminal still scarred by the shooting. >> we never know what tomorrow holds in the job that we do. richard: this was a time to grieve come a time to honor and remember. [bagpipes play] >> we pray for this family that is left without a father and husband. investigators say at the time of the shooting, brown had 143 rounds of ammunition on him. funeral plans for the fallen trooper are still in the works. this is a time of mourning. live from richmond, richard reeve, abc 7 news. jonathan:
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happening now in alexandria, police are investigating the first murder of 2016. the victim was attacked a monday evening, just blocks from busy king street and died of his injuries today. roz plater is joining us live from old town. do they have any idea who the suspect is? they arehey do, keeping that information close to their vest. what a shocking about all of this is it happened in a neighborhood were people feel safe and walk the streets day and night. the crime happened just a half block from this historic church, where the obamas spent easter sunday services. this quiet old town neighborhood is on edge after a 69-year-old grandfather was robbed in brutally beaten. >> it is unexpected and it's not right. one block from where we live. it's scary. >> it's very sad. roz:
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it happened on the 200 block of south albert street monday night. family friend said the man had walked to a nearby atm and they believe his attacker or attackers watched him take out money. >> then they followed him. then they pinned him down. he lost a lot of blood. so badly hebeaten was almost unrecognizable when she saw him at the hospital. >> when we got there, it was hopeless. we cried. very sad. roz: friday he died from his head injuries. >> i don't know who did this to him. us shovely who helped during the snowfall step you will be missed. a very nice guy. roz: the police have not released any suspect information, but if you know anything about this crime, they want to hear from you. live in old town alexandria, roz
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jonathan: in springfield, the police are looking for a man who attacked a woman near the springfield plaza shopping center. somebody dragged the woman into this trash dumpster and sexually assault her 6:00 a.m. wednesday. a local restaurant owner talk to the victim after it happened. >> apparently out of nowhere, some guy jumped out of a red car . she said she did not have much chance to say anything. jonathan: the woman was very shaken. they are hoping the attacker will be caught, but it's lucky, you are looking at surveillance camera video capturing the attackers car with specific features. see the square on the side door, looks like bondo, with a sunroof? that, see anything like fairfax police would like to hear from you. strong words from d.c. mayor muriel bowser, d.c. employees banned from
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to north carolina after the north carolina governor signed a bill that many consider discriminatory towards the lgbt community. mayor bowser: it's important to stand up. we feel that good meaning people who value the district of columbia requires us to stand up to injustice. jonathan: they join a growing list of cities and states banning people from traveling to north carolina, including new york and connecticut. for the second time in a week, the elevator inside the washington monument broke down. it stopped at about 2:30 p.m. today at the top deck. you know what that means -- top had tot the walk down the narrow stairs. tom roussey reports. tom: if you live here and family or friends come to town come usually one of the top things they want to do? >> take the elevator up there. tom: a lot of disappointed folks right now. >> this was the main thing that we came to see. it is
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we get up here and the girls cannot even get in. tom: how much longer are you in town? >> leaving in the morning. tom: this is the second time this week the elevators broke down. tuesday nearly 20 people were trapped after an electrical problem. it reopened wednesday, but now it is expected to stay close longer. you cannot get up there. tom: the elevator had issues last summer, breaking down a number of times two years ago after the monument reopened following several years of earthquake repairs. this time the issues come when thousands are here on spring break. >> it seems like this is the busiest week of the year, and there are so many things that are not working correctly. tom: tom roussey, abc 7 news. jonathan: the national park service says the washiton monument will be closed through saturday, at least. hopefully they get it reopened sunday. a huge step forward in the fight against the zika virus.
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and how it could lead to a vaccine. and would you put a deposit on a car sight unseen? turns out a lot of people did just that. carr, the price tag,
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time magazine called chris van hollen "a hero to environmentalists, education groups, and gun control advocates" for his accomplishments as a young legislator. now a respected leader in congress and key ally of president obama, protecting planned parenthood and social security... chris van hollen is the only candidate who fought the wall street banks and the nra...and won. that's why he's endorsed by the post as the "talented successor" to senator mikulski who will "deliver results." i'm chris van hollen, and i approve this message.
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jonathan: perhaps no issue dominated the just-concluded nuclear security summit more a dirtylear material or bomb falling into the hands of terrorists. president obama called isis' nuclear ambitions one of the greatest threats to global security. president obama there is no doubt if these madmen ever got their hands on nuclear material, they would use it to kill as many innocent people as possible. jonathan: counterterrorism experts say as isis loses territory in iraq and syria, there is a greater chance they will try to get nuclear material for some type of weapon. outside the summit, protesters rallied for the total elimination of all nuclear weapons. there are about 15,000 warheads worldwide.
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that many nuclear warheads are vulnerable to theft or cyber attack. nine nations have nuclear weapons, but arsenals held by the u.s. and russia account for 93%. hillary clinton and bernie sanders focusing their efforts on the delegate-rich state of new york, clinton accusing the sanders campaign of lying on their attack of clinton over fossil fuel donations ahead of the april 19 primary. that is when nearly 300 democratic delegates are up for grabs. morninganders on "good america" doubling down on accusations that hillary clinton takes big donations from big oil. she has taken: significant sums of money from the fossil fuel industry. jonathan: repeating the attack from the campaign trail, just days after clinton said this to a greenpeace activist. clinton: the sanders campaign is lying. jonathan:
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that clinton's campaign is siding, employees of oil and gas companies have contributed just over $300,000 to her campaign, but also $54,000 to sanders. is siding acampaign greenpeace report focusing on lobbyist. according to the report, oil, coal, and gas lobbyists have given $126,000 to the clinton campaign. they also cite 3.2 million dollars of donations to a super pac supporting hillary clinton. both sides are vying for votes in new york area clinton in her adopted home state talking about taking manufacturing jobs more attractive. hillary clinton: i agree with that. jonathan: the vermont center packing in a crowd of more than 20,000 people in the bronx. bernie sanders: if we win in new york, we will make it to the white house. jonathan:
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new tonight, the state department is announcing that it release of the sensitive e-mails from hillary clinton until the fbi investigation is wrapped up. 7 on your side with a health alert and a discovery that can lead to a vaccine of the zika virus. researchers at purdue university mapped out the structure of the virus and also identified areas within the zika where it differs from other viruses. both of these are keys to creating a vaccine. and check this out -- it's beautiful, but it will not be on the road for a couple years or longer and it will cost $35,000. still, hundreds of people lined up to be the first to own tesla's new model three sedan, the all electric car selling for about half of the other vehicles from the company. he started taking orders yesterday and already more than 200,000 people have put down a deposit on a car, again, that will not be rolling for a couple of years.
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in, you get over 200 miles before you recharge. steve: 200,000 cars, that is a lot of cars. jonathan: it make you wonder what will come out in the next to one half years where they say, oh, i should have done that. onve: the weather, big wind the way late tomorrow, but today what a treat, it 83 degrees. the first 80-degree plus day in washington this year. 81 culpeper, fredericksburg hit 80 degrees earlier today. national harbor, 74 at this hour, the wind out of the north .- west northwest the satellite and radar, not a lot going on around the beltway. further off to the north and east, songer showers have moved through, but really not a whole lot. widely scattered showers around bowie, moving towards annapolis, eventually across the bay. then just cloudy skies overnigh
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to 56, the coolest of the year north and west of d.c. garrett county, allegheny county. 56 inside the beltway. the futurecast moving through the day tomorrow, waking up, grabbed the umbrella come especially walking the dog or grabbing the coffee, going to the farmers market, exercise, showers, some rain southern maryland. the further north and west you go, montgomery county, cloudy skies early tomorrow morning. that is round one. the second round, and intense cold front this time tomorrow night rolling through. behind it, the wind really kicks off, along with the gusty wind. we can see when gus upwards of 45 -- wind gusts upwards of 45, 50 miles per hour for stop a high wind watch tomorrow night into early sunday. also, a freeze watch that will
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or downgraded by this time tomorrow night for northern monterey county, frederick county early sunday morning. if you planted anything already, could be subjected to temperatures below 32. the wind 8:00 tomorrow night, 22 to 25. early sunday morning, wind gusts close to 50 miles per hour. the wind eases through the midday sunday. showers possible early tomorrow, becoming partly cloudy, the wind out of the west that 10 to 20. sunday will be cold and windy. thecherry blossom 10-miler, windchill factor will be in the upper 20's, lower 30's. back near 70 on monday. jonathan: forget about the freezing temperatures and rain, we are talking baseball. robert: a big game today. a little
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nationals today, hosting the twins. so far, so good.
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>> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. robert: home opener for the nats around the corner, today exhibition action, hosting the twins on a beautiful day. let's go to south capital. bottom of the third, anthony rendon doubles to write. after that, ben revere comes around and scores. that makes it 3-0. nats win 4-3. the same teams tomorrow. scott abraham was at nats park today. game: one more exhibition to go tomorrow afternoon, and the washington nationals getting ready for the real thing to begin monday down in atlanta. i spoke with some of the players in the clubhouse and they are ready to get this thing going. >> we are just itching to get there.
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monday, everybody will be ready to go. >> a couple more innings playing together as a team, the lineup still getting figured out, but i think we are ready to get the season going. scott: baseball is back in the nation's capital. opening day for the nats is monday in atlanta. outside nationals park, scott abraham, abc 7 sports. robert: don't forget the one hour nats special "countdown to first pitch" getting ready for the season with bryce harper, ryan zimmerman, dusty baker, 7 p.m. saturday. hockey, the caps winding up the best season in the nhl this year with a road trip to denver, facing the avalanche. on the power play, alex ovechkin , the loose puck in front of the net, his 45th goal of the season. 520th of his career.
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in the third. 3-1 incaps lead this one the third. jonathan: i love the goalie come just looked at alex ovechkin and said, go ahead and celebrate. robert: they cannot get mad at him. coming up, how this cow may have dodged a date with the slaughterhouse.
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jonathan: check this outcome a cow was on his way to the slaughterhouse when he decided, not so much. he ran through the streets of queens, new york, finally stopping on the campus of your college. and will control had to use four tranquilizer dots. they also brought in a cowboy with a lasso when they caught him. not clear where he will go, either back to the slaughterhouse
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jonathan: here is an april fools' day joke that did not go over that well. google announced that it was offering a new mic drop
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in gmail, and angry minion just shutting down the conversation. this did not go so well when people using their accounts for professional reasons accidentally clicked the button. after killed the feature a couple of hours of having it out there. i'm sure there were some laughs, though. we have big changes on the way in the weather this weekend. at 83 degrees today, the warmest day so far this year. the forecast wind gusts saturday night comes 6:00 p.m., 20 to 25. as we move into early sunday morning, it will be really windy, wind gusts of 40 to 50. tomorrow just 60 degrees. temperatures warm up and cool down and then warm up. it's april, a month of transition. jonathan: jimmy kimmel is next. have a great weekend.
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and now abc's jimmy kimmel live. >> dicky: from hollywood - it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- harrison ford, elizabeth olsen, and music from cam. with cleto and the cletones. and now, moving right along, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪


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