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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  April 2, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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kellye: first-come old the weather warnings going up across the area as we prepare to trades sunshine for frigidaire. the nicest might be part of the weekend right now. compared with how we finished friday, it feels cooler. live look at the national harbor, looking good. it will go downhill quickly after a strong arctic front charges through. in southern maryland, northern neck, with high wind warnings from the east to the west. we also have a freeze warning north and west, towards the catoctin mountains, the blue ridge, the shenandoah valley, the allegheny.
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extreme strong wind coming in. the wind is picking up right now, 15 miles per hour, sustained at 25. the arctic front is charging our way. the ohio valley right now, centered over ohio, the wind really ramps up, driving in the cold. 53 does not look bad but the strong wind will make it feel colder. another arctic front monday along with rain chances. there are rain chances tonight. when the front comes in how strong the winds are in the complete forecast. kellye: thank you. limited passenger service will resume tomorrow at brussels airport for the first time since the deadly terror attacks. three brussels airlines flights will take off in a mostly symbolic move. monday the airport expect to be at 20% capacity. passengers will go through heightened security that shift security outside the airport.
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of america, that is the message today from thousands who attended the ceremony to the largest muslim committee center in the nation. part of its mission is overcoming prejudice. richard reeve joins us from the center. a big event today. richard: it certainly was, and high-security. the police behind me, large numbers here. parts of the roadway were closed because thousands have been here not only to open the center but to welcome a head of state. foras a euphoric welcome the president. >> he is the pride of our country, in a great experience. richard: the visit, attended by 3000 people, for the inauguration of the center in lanham. >> this is a team unity center for muslims
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humidity center for muslims. richard: it is the largest in the united states, a gift from the turkish government. >> for people to be together and not feel pressure. richard: there is high-security, a major focus to tear down walls. >> all religions can live together. we want to show the world we are not terrorists. richard: many are well aware that some would not agree. some of them have never met. we have muslims in the armed forces. richard: still, they hope the center will help change minds, expand tolerance, and acceptance. >> i think prejudice is everywhere. when you educate people and treat everyone normal and treat everyone with understanding of where they come from -- richard: people from all across the country have been here.
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crawl for a time as the muslim center becomes part of the community. richard reeve, abc 7 news. kellye: a hot foreign accused killer in severn, the police found him shot in a suburb north of fort meade. anne arundel county police are looking for another man, charged with murder. the police do not believe the shooting was random. arlington police made a quick arrest in the county's first murder of the year, and it's the first person who reported it. they charged a 17-year-old with killing dennis adams. the teenager who said he was adam son ran to them for help after the attack on south glebe road. they say the story was full of holes. the suspect's name has not been released yet. information about the man accused of gunning down a virginia state trooper at a richmond bus depot.
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hated the police and once nearly choked her to death. they say that brown shot trooper yrmeyer without warning. the is the fifth police officer shot to death in the past six weeks. today service to honor his sacrifice. auber [bagpipes play] amy: a memorial honoring lives lost. >> when i see what happens to the families and the community, it makes me want to cry. amy: a message of support for officers across the country. >> we have to realize the police officers are the good guys. amy: he says that
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nationally, 16 offers have been shot and killed so far this year. that is compared with seven at this time last year. >> it's scary. it hits home when it happens in your community, and we are seeing it loud and clear. this year, five officers from maryland and virginia killed in the line of duty, most recently just two days ago. just earlierer this week, shot and killed by a man he was having a conversation with. amy: organizers call the numbers disheartening and say now is important to show support. >> it seems like every day there is another one that we are learning about. amy: a national trend of officer deaths on the rise. a trend that this group says needs to stop. >> this year at has hit home and it has hit hard and has caused a lot of tragedy. amy:
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memorial, etched in once per year and honored at a vigil typically happening in may. a funeral be held for or trooper chad dermyer tuesday morning and hampton, va. visitation will be monday afternoon and evening. a popular local race also paul's to remember the family of officer ashley guindon at the marine corps 17.5l. she was killed on her first day on the job as a prince william county police officer. >> i cannot express in words the gratitude we have for the community and the police department. it has made this loss a lot easier. charged in her murder, ronald hamilton, is also accused of killing his wife crystal. he is due in court again later this month.
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of the white house come an act of defiance that drew a big crowd. also, the new world record set at national harbor. how many peeps can you eat in five minutes? we will tell you. and the weather forecast. but jamie raskin is the only democrat for congress o's authored landmark ogressive laws -- marriage equality, equal pay for women, green maryland act, assault weapons ban, and more. raskin: i'm jamie raskin, and i approve this message. fios is not cable. we're wired differently.
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kellye: a bizarre and frightening scene near adams morgan overnight. that happened at 4 a.m., the victim had severe cuts, attacked by a hatchet. no arrest so far. a man in a wheelchair has been injured after a hit and run in waldorf. a silver suv struck the man as he crossed smallwood drive yesterday afternoon. the driver took off. the silver or gray suv will have damage to the passenger side.
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an attack on the metropolitan branch trail. it 15-year-old is facing charges of robbery for the tuesday attack. a dozen teenagers on bikes jump to the victim and robbed him. victim had broken bones but will survive. he told us earlier this week he would like to talk to the boys to tell them violent salts nothing. up next, what happens when hundreds rallied outside the white house, lighting up marijuana joints? and the weather forecast.
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he was flicking matches on me... for my life. my ex-husband's intentions were to murder me. glenn: i made sure yvette's abuser went away for good, and put in place tougher sentences, because domestic violence can never be tolerated. yvette: mr. ivey showed compassion. i felt like i could trust him. narrator: glenn ivey. as state's attorney, a proven leader. in congress, he'll combat domestic violence, and protect president obama's legacy. glenn: i'm glenn ivey and i approve this message, because i'm on your side.
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a man is in custody after the secret service says he jumped the white house fence, happening just after midday. he tossed a bag over first, nothing dangerous inside. inside theternoon, white house, dozens rallied in favor of the legalize marijuana. reports, forner many that meant lighting up in protest. crowd has dispersed but at 4:20 p.m. there was a mass consumption of cannabis, a few hundred people smoking, and also eating. we can smell it as well. d.c.m.j. is calling on president obama to d schedule marijuana nationwide. at lafayette park. i man who admits to being a legal grower in d.c. who goes by the name perr
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think? >> i think we sent a message, not only to the d.c. residents, but also the tourists. there were a lot of people looking in awe at what we were doing. the ability for us to vote and have president obama recognize us as a formidable force, we are good. : do you plan on more protests? >> we do. we want to show support for this. we chose this national stage for cannabis. it is also. cheryl: thank you for joining us. we checked in with park police and also d.c. police. there were two citations issued for the public consumption of marijuana. back to you. kellye: the sunny end windy at
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fly a kite today, the sixth annual kite festival drawing a big crowd to the national mall. eileen whelan helped kick things off. it is part of the cherry blossom festival, of which abc 7 is a sponsor. it was perfect weather. .evon: the wind was up enough it was the right combination. you cannot have the wind so strong. it would not be great kite flying weather. sunset, harbor, a nice the sun coming through. extremely strong wind, tropical storm force winds. real-time temperatures, 50's and 60's. it will be all about the wind and the cold assuring along with it. the bigger view, we are watching the extremely cold -- extremely strong cold front coming in,
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arctic system, the first of three coming through this week. thewider view, there is first front, strong wind assuring in. then the wind will start to subside, fairly mild. then the second and third front will come through monday with rain as well. with tracking the rain tonight as the front goes through, drives through 10:30 p.m., a brief shower. it will be cold. these are low temperatures, lower 30's, touching freezing, top wind at their peak tonight 20 230. east, north, and west, could be 40,o 30, when gusts near maybe even 50 and beyond. north and west is where we have high wind warning in place. through the immediate washington metro, south and et,
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to 30. the high wind, wind gusts near 40. that drives in the cold. freeze warnings along the allegheny, catoctin mountains, the blue ridge, shenandoah valley, the windchill making it feel even colder. highs tomorrow will feel like 30's and 40's because the wind is strong, 15 to 25, when gusts near 45. the windchill factor makes it feels like upper 30's and 40's. the cold front comes through with shower activity monday. high temperature, 66 before the then we go back down. theabc 7 sky cast shows brief shower activity, the front driving through tonight, then we clear out. a beautiful sunrise, a sunny day, but
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with theeel like 42 bright sunny day. the wind will be whipping. the seven day forecast, much colder than it looks, 53. monday, we could have regional wide freeze warnings. kellye: when will winter go away? devon: will have to be after this week. home openerilly thursday. today was the last game for the exhibition season for the n
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>> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. open theirationals
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scherzer will get the start. dusty baker announced even strasbourg would start the second game in atlanta wednesday, which means gio gonzales could likely start the home opener thursday. first, the nats had to play their final exhibition game today. this was a close one at nats park. the twins had an 8-7 lead in the ninth until this. as thed's in a tie, 8-8, nationals finished spring 19-4-4. most important like, they head into the regular season without any major injuries. scott abraham was at nats park today with the latest. all the talk, all the prognostication is finished, my friends. beginning monday, the washington nationals take the diamond for real. this group is ready to get this season started. >> once we get going and start seeing lights, camera, action, i think will be fun to watch
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the stars the season, getting ready to go, we will be in atlanta and hopefully all healthy and ready to go. it was anr: outstanding spring, probably better than most of you thought. when you win as much as we did come you start to realize how much you like that and you want to continue to do that. of the best days, and when it starts to get old, when you are not excited for opening day, i think you need to reconsider. focus, theidence and nationals have the pieces in place for a special year. it begins monday in atlanta. outside nationals park, scott abraham, abc 7 sports. erin: thank you, scott. opening day monday, and we have all the bases covered. and i, bryce harper, max scherzer, dusty baker, we have them all at 7 p.m., countdown the first pitch.
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remarkable the compliments for the caps. last night in denver they set a franchise record for most wins in a single season with their 55th win. the nhl positive leading goalscorer, alex ovechkin, his 45th goal of the season, the 520th of his career. the caps play the coyotes in arizona tonight. braden holtby could tie the nhl record for most wins in a season. the wizards kept their slim playoff hopes alive as they rally to be the sons in phoenix last night. john wall and bradley beal combined for 43. the wizards are now 2.5 games out of the last playoff spot in the east. d.c. united is in san jose to face the earthquake tonight. p.m. f is at 10:30 our coverage begins at 10 p.m. on news channel 8. kellye: a lot going on. we are on top of it.
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kellye: easter may have been last weekend, but if a missed easter treat was the center of attention at the national harbor for the world peep-eating championship. john gonzalez joined the 10 professionals and amateurs on stage. the winner was a professional eater, who put away 200. a local competitor ate 140 of the marshmallow treats. i really like peeps, but not that much. the black widow, right, the one who lives in alexandria? kellye: i don'
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kellye: a lot of sugar. devon: john ate 40, compared with 200, my goodness. that is too much sugar. when mostest winds up of us are in bed. if you are prone to power outages, prepare now. we could have wind gusts over 50. a lot of 40's at 3 a.m., the peak wind. tomorrow morning, 30's, possibly subfreezing. it feel like teens and 20's when you take into account the wind. tomorrow afternoon, the high only about 50, feeling like 30's and 40's. that is the most important part of this forecast. a very windy forecast, high wind warning east and west, winter advisory elsewhere. then we have the colder air coming in.
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enough. kellye: we sure have. iq so much for joining us.
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welcome to "world news tonight." donald trump calling in re-enforcements on the campaign trail. trump with sarah palin back at his side. tonight his newest stand on abortion. >> what i said was so good. it was so perfect. >> but can he overcome the controversy? the crucial vote days away. the arctic blasts sweeping across america. plunging temperatures. even snow. millions bracing for more to come. spring fever this is not. the shooting caught on camera. a victim wounded while posting live video on facebook. police searching for clues frame by frame. the manhunt under way right now. the deadly crash landing on a busy freeway. the pilot slamming into a car. the driver who never saw it coming. and a case of bad judgment.


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