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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  April 2, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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kellye: right now, the winds of change are in the air. the big shift coming in the weather that has already caused action for the cherry blossom events. >> oh, my gosh. kellye: left in the dark, what is being done for an entire apartment building after a transformer blew.
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car on a busy freeway. the bizarre coincidence just uncovered about the deadly crash. >> now abc 7 news at 11:00, on your side. kellye: whether were alerts are in place as temperatures plunge and the wind picks up speed, and the drastic shift is prompting change. first, we begin with devon lucie. big changese, underway right now. just a moment ago at reagan national, nearly 60 mile-per-hour wind gust, that is severe thunderstorm criteria. highatest updates to the wind warning, fairfax city, arlington, alexandria, falls church, d.c., prince george's, montgomery county have been added to the high wind warnings, wind gusts up to 50 and above.
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speeds, these are wind averages over two minutes, 30 miles per hour sustained wind d.c., leesburg 38. nearly 60 mile-per-hour wind gust at reagan national. that is severe weather criteria. degrees.7 that is really cold air driving in, and these are not the strongest winds. a look at steady showers towards the metro, columbia, savage, howard county, anne arundel d.c., arlington, prince george's and fairfax counties. that is a severe thunderstorm to the eastern shore. this is the arctic cold front. we can be thankful it did not happen next to an 83 degree day like we had yesterday. exactly how long the wind will last and where they will stay in the cold. th
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dramatic shift outside has prompted organizers of the cherry blossom run to make changes in theame of safety. cheryl conner is live on the national mall with the preparations. it looks pretty bad out there. cheryl: oh, my goodness, kellye, i cannot believe the changes in the past hour, it feels like hurricane-force wind, the rain coming down. the temperatures right now, pretty miserable. some people were just running bias trying to get home. that youhe only fence will see out here for the cherry wereom 10-miler, 25 tents taken down today in preparation for the conditions and the kids run was canceled. the sought after porta potty's are in place. what is missing is the 50 mile per gusts expected overnight and through the morning.
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that potentially could be a tents.ile, signs, we realized all of them have to come down. cheryl: we popped into the prerace dinner after the race director announced changes. the kids run is canceled, and 16,000 runners will only see a few tents and no signage along the course. >> wind is a runner's worst enemy. cheryl: tomorrow, this person will be the only person to have run all 44 cherry blossom races. >> we have been on a relatively calm day. get the when we seven-mile, eight mile mark, it will be a real experience. cheryl: the race director has never made adjustments like this. this olympian is here to help a group of runners
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six-minute pace, but that may lower the chances. he offered advice. who is tallerdy than you and try to draft them. runner andyou are a you know these conditions out here, trying to push your way with the wind would be ok. against it is a different story. it is fierce, just trying to stay still, let alone run. the race to rector said there would be water spots tomorrow, although they will spread them up. they will add more tables and spread out the water cups so they do not blow over. live at the washington monument, cheryl conner, abc 7 news. cheryl.thanks, stay connected with the storm watch weather team, the updated forecast always available and social media or the stormwatch weather app.
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cold night without power after this, a transformer fire right outside of their building. roz plater joins us from that apartment complex inclined to place northwest. how are the residents coping tonight? roz: a lot of folks said they would spend the night with friends, so they had been gathering belongings. it will be a long process. s are in place and will work all night long. according to the website, this is a seven-story apartment building with 161 apartments, so a lot of folks tonight are inconvenienced. this is video of the transformer fire one of the residents of the apartment building posted to twitter, thick, black smoke fueled by bright red flames. it happened about 6:30 p.m. saturday. the fire was quickly put out, but left damage. >> oh, my gosh, look at my car, what happened to my ar
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appeared to be badly damaged by the fire along with a bicycle. it also sparked a power outage, leaving the residence of the apartment building in the dark. >> figuring out what to do tonight and the next few days. roz: stephanie learned about the fire via social media and raced home. >> it was crazy. and then walking up and the ground being so hot and the melted bicycle, yeah. pco works to repair the damage into the power run it, she will spend the night with friends. >> i just grabbed what i think i might need. it is a hard situation to prepare for when you cannot see and you cannot really, like, take a shower. i guess there is not hot water right now. roz: the latest estimate from pepco's they expect the power to be back by about noon tomorrow. that will probably
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because of the rain, whether they can work in the rainfall stop otherwise, there are outages across adams morgan they are hoping to have back on tonight. roz plater, abc 7 news. kellye: thank you, roz. leesburg police say that a woman is dead in what is believed to be a case of domestic violence. christina fischer was shot several times in the upper body and died at the scene at about 6 p.m. the father of the couple's children is in custody. services are set for the virginia state trooper shot to death during what was supposed to be a training drill thursday. visitation for trooper chad dermyer will be monday and hampton. wife andived with his two children. the funeral will be tuesday. james brown iii shot dermyer after the officer began talking to him during a drill at the greyhound station in richmond.
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brown hated the police. two state troopers killed brown after he opened fire on trooper dermyer. toopular local race paused remember a followed officer, family ashley guindon's participating. she was shot on the first day on the job as a prince william county police officer. >> i cannot express in words the gratitude we have to the humanity and police. it has been outstanding. it has made this loss a lot easier. [bagpipes play] one of several local officers killed in the line of duty remembered in a ceremony at the national law enforcement officers memorial. people gathered from across the country, some carrying signs reading " blue lives matter."
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nationally, 16 officers have died in shootings this year, more than double the number from the same time last year. is behind bars come accused in arlington's first murder of the year. the teenager, according to neighbors, is the son of the murder victim, dennis adams. he was stabbed last night on south glebe road. the police say the teenager's story did not add up. his name has not been released. ahead, monumental steps, the technology and determination that allowed a paralyzed man to run one of the most popular 10k races. plus, when the washington monument will reopen to visitors. first, a bizarre coincidence and a deadly crash.
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kathleen: i'm kathleen matthews and i approve this message. kellye: a bizarre twist in a deadly plane crash in southern california. the same airplane that crashed today, hitting a car on interstate 15, made an emergency landing on the same highway 16 years ago. this time it slammed into the back of a car, killing a pass
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five others were injured. witnesses say the airplane was not making a sound. >> it was pretty nerve-racking seeing the airplane hitting the road and then the car. kellye: the same pilot safely landed the plane on the same highway in 2000. outhat case, the engine cut because of a bad oil filter. riot police had to respond to multiple locations in brussels. the police remove dozens of protesters for denouncing it was him a -- islamic phobia. preventedts have been because of security concerns. limited passenger service resumes in a few hours at brussels airport for the first time since the deadly terror attacks. three
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brussels airlines flights will take off in a mostly symbolic move. monday the airport expect to be at 20% capacity with expanded security. and smokedt up marijuana outside of the white house, sending a message the drug should not be considered dangerous. by theple were cited police, but there were no arrests. possession of up to two ounces of pot is legal in the district, but smoking in public is not. washington monument will reopen tomorrow morning at 9 a.m. technicians finished repairs to the elevator after he got stuck friday. no passengers were onboard. the national park service is a faulty power supply caused elevated electrical current levels, causing the system to shut down. some wild tenhave just got information that a woman was hit by a
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tree. devon: in northern virginia, dominion power says there are close to 10,000 customers out. that is just northern virginia. in southern smeco maryland, the wind is severe weather criteria, 58 to 60 miles per hour. the camera jumping up and down behind us from the national harbor, the driving wind a big part. plummeting temperatures, already into the 30's luray. the wind is impressive, sustained wind averages over two to 40 miles per hour across the entire washington metro. wind gusts nearly 60 miles per hour. that is severe thunderstorm criteria. tropical storm-fours like wind.
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wind. goinge the steadier rain on for the east metro, towards baltimore, howard county, savage, college park with the rain coming through. 29, we have some rain right now in the heart of the washington metro, through the district, northeast, galyon debt -- gallaudet, trinidad. showers coming in at the mixing bowl. past three radar the hours, severe thunderstorms going on towards the eastern shore and driving rain coming in. this is probably the worst of the storm coming in. we still have some very strong wind, the arctic cold front that is right upon us right now, back into the forecast. a very impressive system coming in. the next twocture
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and really strong the next several hours. they finally go down toward sunday night, monday. the second of three arctic fronts coming in. the last of the rain, clear skies. we have high wind warnings coming up. even more counties have been added with the high wind warnings, prince william, spotsylvania, charles county, southern st. mary's county. those are the high wind warnings covering the entire washington metro now. we have wind advisory criteria elsewhere. when gusts over 50. this is the peak of the storm now, through 2:30 a.m., when gus possibly near 40 driving in the cold. coming.a freeze warning that m
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when you factor in the wind. tomorrow afternoon, the temperatures in the 50's, but only feeling like 30's and 40's because of the strong wind. forecast, the day freeze warnings north and west, the high wind warning just updated live for the immediate metro, when advisories further south, northern neck, over the eastern shore. that is strong wind past about 3 over 50.sible when gus this is probably the worst of it right now, but we could have multiple power outages through the early morning. if you are in a prone area, maybe get prepared now. kellye: an update about the person who was trapped in a car in college park, they have been pulled from the car and taken to a trauma center, so hopefully they will be ok.
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the weather for the home opener. erin: yeah, that's thursday, and the weather will be nasty. devon: more rain in the forecast. erin: today marked the end of th
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the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. braden holtby is one point away from tying an nhl record season but hein a will have to wait another game. the other goalie got the start tonight. he had one save, then another on the rebound. they are scoreless right now in the second. as if this year's ncaa tournament was not exciting enough, villanova had to towards oklahoma in a reco-b
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josh hart had 23 points. kris jenkins had 18. the wildcats dismantle oklahoma 95-51. the 44-point margin is the most ever in a national semi final game. >> that was just one of those games that could happen to anybody. i feel bad for oklahoma that it happened to them in the final four. i'm happy we had one of those games were we just made every shot. went up and in. >> it made it tough on me. we cannot get it going. they made shots and we were trying to find ways to make shots. they played terrific tonight. erin: in a game that just finished, marcus paige
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carolina beat syracuse 83-66 to advanced to the national title game. the tar heels will play villanova in the championship game monday night. hello, opening, day. the good news for the nationals this season, as opposed to last, all eight projected starters are healthy. natsinal exhibition game, playing home run derby today. ryan zimmerman gets it started. daniel murphy goes deep, michael taylor nearly hits it onto the street. chris heisey hits it out into the twins bullpen. game ends in a tie. the nationals are ready for the season to begin. start, especially coming in with the new management. it's a good sign. it is pointing in the right direction. hopefully we keep the momentum going into the season and we continue to have fun and be loose. >>
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training and i think we were looking pretty well. i think it is just holding off the momentum -- just building off the momentum and keeping the throttle down. stumbled. united has out of the gate and still searching for their first win of the season. it did not get any easier tonight in san jose against the earthquakes. patrick gets united on the board. right now it is 1-0 united in the first half. this game is on our sister station, news channel 8. "d in case you missed it, countdown to first page" will air again tomorrow night. -- humanoming up determination and technology overcome the odds.
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kellye: his motto is "i got legs," and today he took an historic want. historic
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kellye: adam was paralyzed in a car crash 10 years ago. doctors said he would never walk again. today he battled wind in a steep hill to cross the finish line after seven grueling hours. >> wow, man. man, it feels really good. it feels really good. it feels really good. i don't -- i'm speechless, man. kellye: he said that his wrists were aching. he said the walk would not have happened without the love and support of his hometown.
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