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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  April 3, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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kellye: coming up -- >> i woke up to being thrown into the seat in front of me. kellye: passengers tossed as an air track -- amtrak train the rails. two people are dead. an investigation that a piece of construction equipment was on
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what he is saying about his controversial abortion statement. and one of the most recognizable bridges in the world. we begin tonight with breaking news of a serious accident on northbound i 270 in montgomery county. this is an image from montgomery bashy a spokesperson with a spokesperson with montgomery county fire and rescue. the accident is in clarksburg. one of the injuries is life-threatening. now the developing story outside of philadelphia. going tois pennsylvania to investigate what happened when an amtrak train struck a backhoe on a track, killing two amtrak workers and injuring dozens of passengers. part
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its way from new york to savannah, georgia. roz plater has what investigators are saying. roz: i'm a bit down track from the derailment. kevin is going to hand up so that you can see what's going on. to get the derailed engine car back on the track, securing it in preparation for telling off-track. all of this is being done while investigators are on site, trying to answer major questions, including whether this was the result of a major communications breakdown. teams of investigators working into the night, looking for answers as to how the deadly crash could have happened. multiple agencies are part of the search for clues, but the ntsb will take the lead role. >> we will be looking at mechanical operations, signal, , human performance, and survival factors. roz: the palmetto
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number 89 train left new york heading for savannah, georgia, sunday morning. it crashed into a piece of construction equipment on the tracks in pennsylvania. backhoe, multiple injuries reported. roz: a continued for nearly a mile before it came to a stop, the lead engine derailed. the crash sent debris flying into the first few cars. dozens were injured, at least 30 taken hospital. >> we have a second doa. roz: two amtrak workers on the ground were killed. outstigators have to figure why the backhoe was on an active track and why there was no warning. the track looking at structure and the work being performed at the time of the accident. roz: for now, they are getting services back up and running. amtrak expects, to have regular train service, t
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wilmington, there could be some residual delays. live in chester county, pennsylvania, roz plater, abc 7 news. the train makes travels up and down the east coast, including ndc it was supposed to stop at union station, so the were a number of local residents on board. with one ofspoke the passengers and has with a man from springfield experienced. day for theifying passengers on board the amtrak train. we caught up with one of those passengers tonight back home in springfield. >> we hit something. was heading home from a weekend visiting family in new york city. he was reading a book in the window seat, near the front of relaxing when suddenly weekend came to an abrupt end. >> felt a jolt. felt the train trying to slow down. saw
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fire, felt the heat, it was that close. train, threely the minutes, i don't know how much time, eventually it stopped. base of the at the pentagon when it was attacked september 11. for the most part, his fellow passengers were called during the ordeal. >> i was waiting for the train to derail. a lot of kids were screaming. matt: it took a few minutes before the seriousness of the crash finally hit him. >> it was not until i got off the car and was speaking to my wife. was notrtunately, don injured, getting home just in time at six p.m. to watch his beloved new york mets play their first game of the season. kellye: at seven 30 p.m. another amtrak train outside of philadelphia struck a pedestrian near cornwell high station on the trenton line, more than 30 miles north of this
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passed derailment. service on the trenton line has been suspended, no word on the pedestrian's. about 1600 dominion customers are without power after heavy wind brought down trees and power lines. huge trees were uprooted. in college park, cars were no match for falling trees. jury's have been reported, but several events -- no injuries were reported, but several events were canceled. the wind is calmer, but the temperatures are better. devon lucie has a look at how low the temperatures will go tonight. devon: we will go below freezing not it cases, and if will feel like what below freezing when you combine the air temperature with the wind. clear skies national harbor, the temperatures falling quickly. areas to the west could see frost in the morning. in the catoctin
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second of three arctic fronts to come through. even colder air means a widespread freeze tuesday morning. 53 was the high today. that is closer to the average low this time of year. frederick, 39 manassas, potomac and reagan national at 50. lower 40's in many towns and neighborhoods. clear night come a cold pattern. for the bus stop tomorrow, coats, hats, gloves, it will feel like 28 with the windchill factor. 62 in the afternoon. it will be warm, mild, mid 60's. afternoon rain coming in with the arctic cold front. in the complete forecast come the exact timing of when that the tuesdayg with morning lows and monday morning lows. all of the specifics in the co
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mother of three murdered, and now the police say the father of two of her children and responsible. shortly after the murder in leesburg, the police took 30-year-old derek lewis into custody, charged with murder and violating a protective order. killedy that he shot and 34-year-old christina fischer during a domestic dispute. a 15-year-old girl was there at the time of the shooting. their fax county police release new details about what happened when one of their officers struck and killed a pedestrian last night -- fairfax county. they say that jeffrey agholor of alexandria stepped onto the road. the police chief had the green light and was not able to avoid hitting the man. the man was dressed in dark colors and there was heavy rain at the time of the accident. speed and alcohol do not appeared to have been a factor. coming up --check your freezer.
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recall. >> such a crazy thing to happen. trump opens up about the controversy surrounding his recent comments on abortion. and how a chihuahua
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kellye: 7 on your side with a consumer alert about a broccoli recall. they are recalling 1800 cases of frozen broccoli cuts over concerns of listeria contamination. was in 11li sold states including virginia and west virginia. if you purchase this product, the company says throw it away. no illnesses have been reported. house, afor the white debate about debating is the latest rom a from the democratic side. they were trying to come to an agreement on a time and place ahead of the new york primary, which is a big state for the candidates
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from new york and hillary clinton was the senator there. partake in agreed to a debate on "good morning america," but sanders has not committed. meanwhile sanders has agreed to another debate that clinton has not agreed to. is ahead of donald trump ahead of tuesday's primary. ohio governor in gop presidential hopeful john kasich madison campaigning. he pledged to stop criticizing his opponents and instead offer solutions and hope. donald trump faces one of the most challenging stretches in his campaign, dealing with statements that he made this week about abortion and criminal charges for his campaign manager. he sat down with cheryl akin atkinson for an exclusive interview. cheryl: the abortion question,
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you wish that you had answer the question regarding punishment of women who get abortions? a lot of people said my answer was a beautiful lancer. cheryl: you have got good feedback? original, i'mthe thinking in terms of the torment and the punishment that women give themselves. they give themselves tremendous punishment, but the question was asked by a guy with not good ratings. actually, i've always like this person, but lousy ratings. ,he show was a favorite of mine never thought a crazy thing would happen, but it was not a very important show come has not been, won't we, but he asked me a question and asked me hypothetically. he said hypothetically should this happen. cheryl: it has been a controversy. donald trump: but still it's a hypothetical question.
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illegal abortions. many scholars said it's an absolutely correct answer. hard answer, but correct. and i did not even mean it that way. i met it from the turmoil and anger and the hard time that women have with that situation. that is a hard situation, a very tough situation. i could have left that answer, but i really did not want to because it may be would have been misunderstood. remember, it was a hypothetical illegal and the word was used, and so many people said that was the right answer. but i do not want to leave the answer. i know the feeling that a person would go through, a woman would go through. so i'm glad i changed it, but again, it was done as a hypothetical question. when you look at the question and response, again, i
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some people will disagree, a lot of people, a lot of scholars said that was actually a very -- very good thing to say. spike that, i wanted to change it. kellye: see more of that interview with donald trump on our website, measure at 9:30 a.m., right here on abc 7. my next sunday, will it feel like spring? devon: this should be the time of year when we are getting longer, nicer weather, but the next week or so, we still have colder air. a live look outside, national harbor, clear skies, allowing temperatures almost freezing in some cases. is the second of three arctic fronts that will be coming our way. last night, the one that slam through with the wind gust, 59 at reagan national. clear
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, also a cold night coming in. there is precipitation north and northwest. weold morning tomorrow, but warm up before more rain and possible thunderstorms and the septic arctic front. the afternoon timing of the rain and colder air coming. let's start with going on overnight towards the morning, much more high resolution forecast. we have the frosty areas to continue with north and west, 32 frederick maybe him the upper 20's, but you have to factor in the warmer win. the wind at 10 to 20, gusts may go to 35, but it will feel like 19. heavy coat, gloves. it will be mild in the afternoon. midday cloud cover, the rain to 5 p.m.until 1 p.m. north and
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earlier along the mason-dixon line, possibly a thunderstorm. mid 60's, near 70 washington and south. after that, the cold air rushes in. don't worry about what is going to happen with the immediacy of the strongest wind. nothing like what we had last night. the cold air rushes in monday into tuesday morning, widespread freeze regionwide. we could have low temperatures in the upper 20's, just below thezing, but the wind, direction this time will make it feel like teens and 20's. two really cold mornings with the windchill monday and tuesday full stop tuesday afternoon, the wind goes a way little bit. only in the 40's, 50 degrees. enjoy tomorrow if you can, it will be nice. sunrise, hardly a cloud in the sky. nails this, look at the rain coming down. a chce
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strike him a thunderstorm with clouds directly overhead. mild. once the rain starts, could be as late as 4 p.m., 5 p.m., the temperatures could immediately drop. the next arctic front thursday, cold or rain. -- colder rain. coldest aire the coming in, settling in by the end of the week, next week. reagan national, a chance of a cold and freezing 31, which means that we could be well into the 20's across the region. another free saturday morning. just cannot get past it. but like we have more arctic cold fronts following. old man winter has us in a bear hug right now. kellye: i don't want a bear hug from him. robert: i will pass on the bear hug, and the rain thursday, too, that's not good for baseball. devon:
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time frame, it will be better in the afternoon. robert: that's good. highlights from the wizards and clippers. an opening day in baseball.
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o's authored landmark ogressive laws -- marriage equality, equal pay for women, green maryland act, assault weapons ban, and more. raskin: i'm jamie raskin, and i approve this message. >> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. robert: the was its finishing up their west coast road trip, only five games left in the season. today facing the l.a. clippers. first game back for blake griffin after an injury and suspension. just like old times. in the second, chris paul to jordan. watch your head, please. the wizards strop this, 114-109. not a good shooting night, but john wall finish with a double-double. the nats open up their
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season in atlanta against the braves, but today opening day action. pirates-cards. intoh-inning, mercer right-center over everybody's head. 4-0. the pirates hold on for the first win of the season. the baseball season. sunny tampa. troy tulowitzki showing off, to run homer. the first home run of the season. jays win 5-3. startss' season tomorrow, but before that an mission game with the twins friday and saturday. tomorrow, the real deal, two-game series with atlanta. >> i think it's one of the best days. when that starts to get old or you don't get excited to come out opening day.
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to reconsider. weonce we get it going, start seeing lights, camera, action, i think it will be fun to watch. as far as the season getting ready to go, we will be in atlanta and hopefully healthy and ready to go. forrt: the finaltwo teams the national title, unc and villanova. there are players on both teams that played at gonzaga. who is going to win? he talked about his former dynamic duo. >> that's a hard one. i think both teams are playing at a high level right now. they are both being contributors and helping their teams be successful. we are all winners because of the brotherhood. i know they will be proud of each other. robert: after this, abc seven "sports sunday."
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opening day for the nats and we break down the ncaa title game. kellye: so whoever wins the tournament, we as a city win. robert: exactly. this group of up, kids forms a human aero in a field. what were they pointing at?
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narrator: all that political mail mlet's simplify.lming. only one candidate has been endorsed by the washington post: kathleen matthews. as a journalist and progressive leader at marriott, she has a broad and deep facility with policy. emily's list praises matthews as pro-choice
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education and health research kathleen matthews "has greater potential, following the van hollen model, to move the ball forward." kathleen: i'm kathleen matthews and i approve this message.
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kellye: an afternoon spent hunting for easter eggs turned into a thrilling hut for burglars in london. en racingsaw two m across a field and saw a police had color copter -- saw a police helicopter. the kids dropped to the ground, forming an arrow. be a high-speed chase, but it was tough across the bay bridge in san francisco. was the chihuahua culprit. he is now in custody. some drivers actually reported the pooch running in and out of traffic. when cops showed up, that is when he ran over the bridge. the eventually he caught the little fellow in turn him over to animal control officers.
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