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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  April 4, 2016 7:00am-8:59am EDT

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good morning, america. wicked weather slams the country. a powerful spring storm tears through the midwest and northeast. winds up to 60 miles an hour downing trees and buildings. more than 100,000 without power. as snow showers lead to nasty road conditions in major pileups. now a big freeze, too, temperatures in the teens. heading east. power play. donald trump bringing out his wife melania and ex-wife ivana as he battles for women's votes and hillary clinton prepares for a big showdown with a surging bernie sanders. >> i'm confident i'll be the nominee. >> our candid interview with the democratic front-runner right here on "good morning america." soccer star abby wambach's heartfelt apology after being arrested for du
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the brewing feud this morning. ♪ 9 to 5 katy perry goes country and love is in air at two huge awards show. blake shelton bringing down the house with a song believed to be about gwen stefani and taylor swift stealing the show, what she's saying about her boyfriend for the first time. and good morning, america. good to be back from spring break. happy monday to everyone. big night in the music world. >> it sure was. taylor swift winning big, she took home four awards and maybe the bigger headline, she opened up about her boyfriend calvin harris. >> apparently love was in the air at the academy of country music awards. blake shelton performing a song believed to be about his love, gwente
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about turning pain into pleasure later this morning. first, that powerful spring storm hitting from the midwest to the northeast, strong winds have damaged homes and look at what happened in indiana. a chipotle sign blown over, the driver in the car was able to get out safely and rob marciano is in boston tracking it all. >> reporter: good morning, george. what a wild april weekend of snow and wind and the snow already falling here in boston, round two now under way. overnight, commuter chaos in upstate new york. this car rolling over in rochester and whiteout conditions leaving to a massive pile-up on i-88. injuring more than 30 people. in boston a fallen tree crashing on this car, killing both people inside. >> the ground is so saturated with all the rain, the
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uprooted. >> reporter: in indiana, wind gusts knocking this chipotle sign on the ground. winds tearing down power lines throughout the northeast. this one igniting in foxborough, massachusetts. 60 mile per hour winds responsible for collapsing this building in baltimore. and in pittsburgh, grounds crew clearing ice and slush off the baseball field for the pirates' opening day game against the cardinals. the rest of the major league will open today including the boston red sox visiting cleveland, they have their own snow issue. check out the radar. we'll see several inches fall here and a long duration, all-day event for the most part. 2 to 4 inches. widespread. maybe 4 to 6 pockets of that. what sticks tonight is going to stick around through tomorrow. look at these wind chills, even colder than what we saw over
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weekend. 12 in pittsburgh and 11 degrees in new york city. 13 degrees where the cherry blossoms are in full bloom in washington, d.c. amy. >> all right, rob, thanks so much. we appreciate it. now to the investigation into that fatal amtrak derailment in philadelphia. a train colliding with a backhoe on the track. from these dramatic photos you can see inside that mangled car. david kerley has the latest. >> reporter: good morning, amy. the train has been removed. those tents behind me that's where the investigators are working this morning. still the question how does a train and a heavy piece of equipment end up on the same rail lines. >> all, ms units working the train accident. >> reporter: left two dead and amtrak's engines off the rails. >> the whole train was shaking like it was going t
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>> reporter: parts of the cars did. debris from the collision ripping through the front cars of train 89. >> all you could see was dirt and debris flying past the train and there was fire flashes. >> reporter: passengers who could scrambled to safety. but more than 30 were injured. a doctor in the first car, sprung into action. >> take a deep breath, you mutter a little prayer and you say, hope to god i can handle whatever it is that comes my way and you dig right in. >> train 89 just hit a backhoe. >> reporter: the mystery this morning, how could this happen? a backhoe like this used for track maintenance on the same tracks as the southbound train. the amtrak operator of that machinery and his supervisor were the two who were killed. >> we'll be looking at the track structure. >> reporter: more than
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passengers and the engineer were taken to the hospital. passengers were able to walk away from it. george, one of the questions is, you remember after the derailment last may, north of philadelphia, they put in positive train control, why didn't stop this accident from happening yesterday? >> just one of many questions david, thanks very much. the largest leak of secret documents in history, p publication of what's being called the panama papers, a worldwide corruption scandal. abc's chief foreign correspondent terry moran has the latest from london. good morning, terry. >> reporter: this scandal is exploding on a global scale right now, burning up social media. trending on twitter. edward snowden tweeting, this is the biggest leak in the history of data journalism. it all centers on a secretive law f
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helping the world's richest and powerful to launder their money and dodge sanctions. russian president vladimir putin is not named specifically in these documents but they reveal a telltale trail, set up by his closest inner circle and worth $2 billion. other world leaders involved. . king of saudi arabia. even the president of ukraine. this scandal is just exploding as i say right now. and russia has already responded. putin's spokesman saying this is a putinophobia and an attack on the country. >> the consequences could really ripple. now to the race for the white house. voters in wisconsin getting ready to head to the polls tomorrow where republican front-runner donald trump is facing a strong challenge from ted cruz. april shaping up to be a huge month. another huge month, we should say n the
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with at least 255 delegates at stake for the republicans. abc's tom llamas is here tracking it all. >> reporter: senator ted cruz feeling confident about wisconsin. he knows if he wins there, this race could be decided on the convention floor. this, as donald trump is calling for governor john kasich to get out of the race because he's taking away potential votes. this morning, donald trump trying to bounce back after a rough stretch. from drama with his campaign. to fumbling on abortion. and a war of words over with wives. >> was this my best week? i guess not. i could have done without the retweet, et cetera. >> reporter: in a rare move, trump admitting he's made mistakes and regrets initially suggesting that women should be punished for having an illegal abortion. >> as a hypothetical question, i'd rather answer it in a different way. >> reporter: today, wife melania returns to
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>> he'll be the best president. >> reporter: this as senator ted cruz says trump's misstatements on issues like abortion happen because he's not a real republican. >> donald trump's answers are the answers of someone who's a liberal, trying to say what he thinks conservatives want to hear. >> reporter: cruz not the only one taking shots at trump. >> donald trump doesn't not personally condone violence. >> right. let's see what's randomly happening at his rally right now. >> i'm voting for you! >> reporter: for the democrats a new fight is brewing. hillary clinton said she's ready to debate bernie sanders on "good morning america" before the new york primary in two weeks. sanders, not ready to commit. >> people of new york deserve to hear us discussing the important issues facing that state and facing the country. i suspect it will work out. >> this morning, lot of people in the political
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talking about new story in new york magazines, about donald trump and in this story, two interesting nuggets, one, ivanka trump wanted donald trump to apologize after his comments about mexican immigrants when he announced and that donald trump has been wearing a bullet proof vest out on the campaign trail. >> tom, thanks very much. my interview now with hillary clinton, she's under pressure from bernie sanders before tomorrow's big vote in wisconsin. thank you for joining us. >> glad to be here with you. >> bernie sanders is on a winning streak, won five out of the last six. wisconsin, he's ahead right now. why can't you put him away? >> i'm happy where i'm at. two important indicators the number of pledged delegates i'm significantly ahead. after all, that's what determines the outcome. the popular vote, i have close
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to 9 million votes that's a million more than donald trump and 2.5 million than senator sanders 37 i feel like we're on a good path. it's an exciting time in american politics, because i think people are really tuning in and trying to figure out what we're going to do and i think what i have said is we need to elect somebody based on three tests. can you do things that are going to improve people's lives? can you be the commander in chief and keep us safe at home and around the world? can you unify us? we're desperately in need of given some of the rhetoric in this campaign. >> that has been your message so far. but he's on this winning streak. don't you have to win your home state here in new york in two weeks sf. >> i'm going to do everything i can to win in as many places as possible. but i have been through this before. we were laughing before we started, i can remember how hard it was
7:12 am
1992. i ran a tough campaign against then-senator obama. so, we have a system and i'm very confident that i'll be the nominee. i'm not taking anything for granted. >> even if you don't win new york? >> i'm confident that i'll get the nominee. i'm proud of the work that i did with so many thousands of new yorkers. so, of course, i'm going to work incredibly hard. >> you know, in milwaukee on saturday night, you talked, you're a loyal, true democrat, clearly a shot at bernie sanders. when i asked him about that, the fact that he's an independent is a strength in the campaign. in a lot of the polls right now, he does better than you in the general election. >> well there are a lot of polls that say just the
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but polls this far out don't mean anything. what's important is not what somebody's theory is but how many votes have you gotten. that's what we determine elections based on. i also believe it's important that we elect more democrats. i would love to see the senate go back to being democratic instead of having republicans who won't do their constitutional obligation. well, there's no indication that there's any interest there. i'm committed to electing democrats. i'm helping to fund democratic campaigns. attend of the day a president can do a lot and i have a very robust agenda with big goals for our country. i think i got a track record of proven results. i think it will be better for the country if we move away from the obstructionism, the extreme partisan ship that we're seeing today. follow the constitution, which right now doesn't seem to be
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case. >> you're hitting donald trump pretty hard. your first ad here against donald trump. are you worried at all this goes to a contested convention on the republican side and they pick somebody else, a fresh face, who might be a more difficult challenge. >> i had that experience, too. i started running out in the new york senate, rudy giuliani, he dropped out and then i had a fresher face to run against. i have no control over what the republicans do. even though i'm working hard to win the nomination and compete with senator sanders everywhere, it's important not to let the kind of comments we're hearing not just from donald trump but the other republican contenders go unanswered because the world hearse those. lot of people in our country hear insulting comments about immigrants being called rapists and criminals. profiling muslim
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and they wonder what is happening in our country. while i'm focused on the primary and getting the number of delegates necessary to be the nominee i'm going to keep standing up to donald trump, ted cruz or anybody else who are saying things that are so contrary to who we are. that gets me to the last test, do you want to unify the country? >> you and bernie sanders are going to debate in new york. >> i'm hoping to, we offered dates which they refused. you offered -- "good morning america" offered a debate during "good morning america" on friday the 15th. i'll be there. i think it's great opportunity to reach an audience that may not be able to because of other obligations to tune in to debates. i understand there's a debate in the works for the night of the 14th. i'll be there. i want to debate and i'm confident that we can work out a time to do that. >> thank
7:16 am
>> excited if we get the debate. let's move on to march madness, the final matchup turning into a sibling showdown. two friends, turned brothers, facing off tonight in the big championship game. jesse palmer is here with all of the details. good morning, jesse. >> that's right, nate britt and his adopted brother kris jenkins. nate plays for north carolina. kris is a forward for villanova. they're extremely close, right now, allegedly, they're giving each other the silent treatment until they meet on the court. this is it. villanova versus unc. the wildcats versus the tar heels and brother versus brother? that's right, when villanova faces north carolina tonight, two brothers will be going toe to toe against each other. fighting for the national championship as well as a lifetime of bragging
7:17 am
super competitive. >> reporter: nate britt is a junior at unc. kris jenkins, a junior at' nova. they played aau basketball together when they were 11. that's when jenkins' mother decided her son would have an opportunity for a more stable life with the britt family. >> for them to take a total stranger in the house was a blessing. >> reporter: the britts adopted them. tonight, they'll square off against each other. think peyton manning and eli manning. or venus and serena williams. how will it feel for them? >> there's no one i want to beat more than my brother. >> reporter: it looks like brotherly love will have to wait. of course while this may cause a bit of family feud, this i
7:18 am
for the britt family, either way, they're going to be celebrating a championship. let's not forget the women's basketball championship is also going to be a good one. uconn facing off syracuse tuesday night. if uconn wins, it will be an unprecedented fourth straight championship. a dynasty. >> amazing. all right, let's go back up to rob in boston, lot more on that cold. >> yes, snowing here in boston. likely snowing in storrs, connecticut, where they're awaiting another championship. the snow will continue here. look at these freeze warnings. cold air behind this. the one-two punch. less wind thankfully and winds chills from tomorrow morning. your select cities now. here they are, brought to you by carmax.
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with lows in the upper 20s to low 30s. tomorrow, breezy and chilly. highs in the 40s. staying below average the rest of the week. >> and coming up -- women soccer legend
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i felt like i could trust him. narrator: glenn ivey. as state's attorney, a proven leader. in congress, he'll combat domestic violence, and protect president obama's legacy. glenn: i'm glenn ivey and i approve this message, because i'm on your side. >> chilly morning, lots of sunshine. here is jacqui jeras with your forecast. >> reporter: grab the sun glasses and umbrella today. this is the last warm day this week. increasing cloudy skies, breezy today and spotty showers, especially this afternoon. overnight tonight skies will clear out,
7:27 am
in effect across the metro area, and advisory in effect for southern maryland. tomorrow is going to be well below the average with highs only near the 50 degrees mark. temperatures will stay cool through the rest of the week. >> reporter: back to work for the monday morning ride, all lanes open on the capital beltway, had earlier crash in silver spring, outer loop just past university boulevard. this is a live look at the entrepreneur loop from springfield, interloop delays into tyson's corner. also dealing with a crash in leadburg approaching the troll road, a truck on its side. a live look at interested state 95, northbound ride through virginia, of and on slowing, especially closer to the beltway and continuing northbound on 395 delays toward king street. melanie, back to you. >> anchor: thank you. breaking in prince georges county, a night out in fort washington ends in what police
7:28 am
3 people were stabbed just after 2:00 a.m. during a fight at martini's lounge. one of those victims was an on duty security guard there. all 3 people are in the hospital right now with non life threatening injuries. and developing now, ntsb investigators are getting back to work outside of philadelphia after a deadly amtrak derailment. the train slammed into a backhoe killing 2 amtrak workers, that equipment was dragged nearly a mile before the lead car jumped the tracks, amtrak service is back to normal today.
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welcome back to "good morning america." you can see it right there, big storm heading east bringing freezing temperatures and snow, as millions from the midwest to the northeast recover from the wicked weather creating dangerous commutes. tracking the latest this morning. also right now, wisconsin voters getting ready to head to the polls tomorrow as donald trump faces some stiff competition from ted cruz the gop front-runner's wife melania also hitting the campaign trail today to support her husband. then, the smoke clearing now at newark airport, new jersey, after a fire in a boiler room, the fire flared up for a second time, delaying flights. thankfully no one was injured. we also have more on a big night in music, blake shelton's performance, stealing the show at the academy
7:31 am
awards. >> that's right. what his song said and who it may be about that's making all the head lines this morning. but we do begin with abby wambach the olympic medalist, is apologizing this morning and facing new fallout after her dui arrest this weekend. abc's ryan smith here with the story. good morning, ryan. >> reporter: one of the greatest soccer players of all time. the world record holder for goals among women and men. after months after retiring, a dui leading her in cuffs and controversy. >> wambach! >> reporter: this morning, a fall from grace for one of usa soccer's biggest stars. >> her final game from the united states women's national team. >> reporter: just four months after hanging up jersey number 20, captain abby wambach, arrested for driving under the influence saturday night. stopped for running a red light, failing a field sobriety test. th
7:32 am
releasing a statement on her facebook account, taking responsibility for her actions. this is all on me, i promise that i'll do whatever it takes to ensure that my horrible mistake is never repeated. i'm so sorry to my family, friends, fans and those that look to follow a better example. the fallout rolling in this morning. >> everything that you do is a statement about who you are. >> reporter: mini cooper who has featured wambach in their ads has pulled its commercials. >> i want to leave a legacy where the ball keeps rolling forward. >> reporter: she's also dealing with fallout from the u.s. men's soccer team. one tweeting must have been a foreign american player's fault. from her criticism in december. >> the way he's changed and bunch in a bunch
7:33 am
foreign guys. not something that i believe in. >> reporter: jozy altidore chiming in, too, should have used one of the team's van. referring to hope solo stopped last january while driving an official soccer van. this twitter spat not the first sign of tension between the men's and women's u.s. soccer teams recently. just last week, five soccer stars filing a suit, alleging they're paid four times less than the men's team. portland police describing her polite and they released the star on her own recognizance. >> reporter: the mortician whose life and crimes are portrayed in the jack black film "bernie." heading back to court nearly after 20 yea
7:34 am
of murdering a wealthy widow. the new evidence the jury will continue. >> reporter: what's the appropriate sentence for murder? that's the question bernie's peers will attempt to answer. it's the 2011 dark comedy ripped right from the headlines. >> she's very lonely person. >> reporter: in the star-studded movie "bernie" jack black plays bernie tiede. >> it's like he cast a spell over the entire area. >> reporter: made a shocking confession for the 1996 murder of his 81-year-old friend and former employee marjorie nugent. the widow is played by shirley mac lain. he hit her in the back four
7:35 am
times. while he spempbt her millions on various projects. telling investigators nugent had become very hateful, very possessive over my life. she was now evil and wicked. sentenced to life in prison, he talked about the murder in this 2012 jailhouse interview with longview news journal. >> i'll put her in the freezing. you keep the body cool. tend to it later on. that's what i did. >> reporter: now this morning, his fate is set to be decided once again. >> i have to do what the court has asked me to do which is -- >> reporter: his recent sentencing trial starts this week. after winning an appeal. his attorney argued that the jury never heard evidence that he was abused as a child. in a twist made for hollywood, tiede was released on $10,000 bond into the custody of the
7:36 am
>> became a friend. i felt sorry for him. no more likely to commit a violent act than me or you. >> reporter: now he waits to see if he'll remain free or return to prison for the rest of his life. jury selection continues today. opening arguments are scheduled to start on wednesday. tiede has been living in austin where he's once again singing in a choir. moving on to a different kind of courtroom scene, this one is shocking, literally, a judge ordered a deputy to use a taser on a defendant. abc's eva pilgrim has the story. >> reporter: it's literally a shocking moment in court. >> aagh! >> reporter: a married judge caught on camera ordering a deputy to stun a defendant in his courtroom. that's king screaming on the floor, he was in c
7:37 am
representing himself on a gun charge. at some point, the judge appears to run out of patience. >> i didn't ask you what your name was. >> reporter: in this newly released video, king tries to make a legal argument, but the judge orders him to zip it up. >> stop. stop! >> reporter: but king keeps talking, that's when the judge takes action. >> use it. >> reporter: using a stun cuff on king the electronic ankle bracelet sending a shock through his body. >> it felt like fire went through my back. >> reporter: the judge taking a permanent break after the incident maryland's highest court banning him from the bench for life. pleading guilty to a misdeknee wror civil rights violation. he was sentenced to one year probation, $5,000 fine. for "good morning america," eva pilgrim, abc news, new york. >> wow. >> the cameras
7:38 am
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back now with donald trump's former wife ivana seen stepping out this weekend for a ceremony celebrating her daughter ivanka's brand-new baby son. she's been advising the gop front-runner on his campaign. abc's david wright has details. >> reporter: trump's wife for 13 years and she's the mother of three of his children. >> donald always had a great head on his shoulder. >> she's a very nice person. she's a friend. she's lot of things. >> reporter:va
7:43 am
she was the midwife of his political campaign. telling the new york post as far back as the 1980s, donald trump was considering a run. reagan or somebody brought him a letter and said, you should run for president. >> there's no cease-fire in trump versus trump. >> reporter: the couple's messy divorce made that impossible. as ivana told barbara walters, the woman who became the second mrs. trump approached her out of the blue. >> i'm marl ya, i love your husband, do you? what did you say? >> get lost. i love my husband very much. >> reporter: she sued for half the country but settled for $14 million after discovering trump's balance sheet wasn't as big as she thought. >> is donald broke? >> you know, i don't think anybody really knows. >> reporter: she and her ex have long since mended fences.
7:44 am
appearances. >> it's not a surprise to me that he would rely on her. >> no one has known donald as ivan has. she's perhaps his oldest, dearest friend. >> reporter: she also said that he's not a misogynist. and she claims he's not antiimmigrant either. quote, as long as you come here legally, we need immigrants. who's going to vacuum our living rooms and clean up after us? ivana had good things to say about the potential first lady. she told the post that melania is going to adopt just fine. david wright. coming up -- love is in the air at the music awards. what taylor swift is public saying about her boyfriend for the first time. >> and more from our series about your kids and what they do
7:45 am
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♪ ♪ 9 to 5 yep, katy perry and dolly parton bringing down the house at the acma awards last night. their first live performance together. the audience on their feet and two other famous music duos are making news. jesse, tell us about that. >> two of the biggest superstars in music, last night taylor swift won four awards at the ihea iheartradio and thanked her boyfriend calvin harris for the first time and she called him by his real name, which is adam. >> first time i have had the most amazing person to come home to, when the crowds were all gone. i want to thank my boyfriend adam for that. i love you guys so much. >> learn something new for the first time every day, i guess. huge calvin
7:50 am
she also added it was probably her last awards show for a while. is she taking a break? only she knows for sure. meanwhile at over at the acm awards, blake shelton got rave reviews for his new number, reportedly about a new woman in his life, gwen stefani. take a listen. ♪ it looks like it's just you and me falling in love ♪ ♪ keep playing the songs >> just a good performance. we'll hear what his new love gwen stefani has to say. >> i sat down with her on friday. she's so open and honest. like robin who says make your mess mess your message. she's done the same thing. coming up next, wayna morris going from
7:51 am
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7:55 am
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>> anchor: good monday morning. let's get an update on the weather right now. here is jacqui jeras. >> reporter: grab the sun glasses and umbrella today. this is the last warm day this week. temperatures reaching near the 70 degree mark, increasing cloudy skies, breezy today and spotty showers, especially this afternoon. overnight tonight skies will clear out, temperatures really take a tumble, a freeze warning in effect across the metro area, and advisory in effect for southern maryland. tomorrow is going to be well below the average with highs only near the 50 degrees mark. temperatures will stay cool through the rest of the week. >> reporter: we cleared most of those pesky accidents we had for the monday morning ride. capital beltway lanes are open in silver spring, outer loop delay all the way back to the green belt metr
7:57 am
it's heavy and slow. volume delays coming in per centreville headed toward the capital beltway. district this morning, off and on delays especially on the southeast southwest freeway, in street crossing the key bridge you have minimal delay between roselyne and georgetown. back to you. >> anchor: right now, dominion power crews are getting the lights back on in northern virginia after a windy weekend at the height of saturday's storm, thousands were without power after trees were up rooted and thrown into power lines and houses. this morning there are only about 66 customers who don't have electricity. and it's opening day for the washington nationals taking on the braves down in atlanta. but all morning long we have been looking ahead to the rough weather coming up this week. this could impact the nats home opener on thursday. there is potential for rain in the mix as well as frigid temperatures. we'll be on
7:58 am
week lock. you can get more news, weather and traffic on good morning washington on news channel 8. hope you have a great monday.
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. and one-on-one with gwen stefani, the superstar on her painful year. her family's breakup and how she's healing. >> i was literally trying to get up in the morning. >> revealing how music saved her and the inspiration behind her blockbuster new song. >> it was magic. there was magic in the room. health alert for millions of americans with high cholesterol, brand-new research reveals a new kind of drug that could lower it without painful side effects. cyberer mean girls. our teen focus group revealing what really happens on their phones when you're not looking. the new tool that c
8:01 am
stop the bullying. ♪ >> from boyz ii men to "dancing with the stars." wayna morris. behind the scenes at rehearsals before tonight's show. all that, and a have special performance from gwen herself, as we say -- >> good morning, america. and gwen stefani just saw her. good morning, america. happy monday. lot more gwen coming up. >> indeed, she's so fantastic. we'll talk about that. and then, we've got that performance in times square. the superstar so open, honest, hopeful about the future. also, a huge hit on "snl" over the weekend. she did a sketch with peter dinklage from "game of thrones." and her
8:02 am
tweeting. we'll have that interview with gwen coming up. a big snack alert this morning. before you pick up frozen yogurt do you know what's really in it? becky worley will have a lot more on that coming up. amy makes her way over the desk. they gave her an obstacle course. >> they don't make it easy. good morning, guys. the big story this morning, lot of people have it worst than us, the winterlike weather blasting the midwest and the northeast. overnight. snow falling in upstate new york before the morning rush. some cars were no match for the icy roads. winds up to 60 miles an hour sent a tree falling on to a passing car in massachusetts, killing the couple inside. and the wind also partially collapsed some vacant buildings in baltimore. to politics now and the scramble for votes ahead of tomorrow's primary in wisconsin,
8:03 am
while struggling to recover from a rough week. trump acknowledges he should not have made that comment about punishing women if abortions are ever made illegal. he regrets retweeting an unflattering picture of ted cruz's wife. he's now calling for john kasich to drop out of the race. meanwhile the democrats have agreed to a debate before the new york primary, but they're disagreeing on the details. hillary clinton wants to face off right here on "good morning america." bernie sanders wants a primetime debate. breaking news, alaska airlines has announced plans to buy virgin american. investigators are poring over information looking into the amtrak derailment on sunday. two rail workers were killed. when that train hit a backhoe used for maintenance. the first wave of
8:04 am
sent back from greece have arrived in turkey this morning, as part of a controversial new deal, europe offered turkey financial incentives to take back thousands of migrants from syria iraq and other countries. in canada, take a look at this. a woman survived a wild crash, her car plunged 300 feet down this cliff and left dangling. she drove think a parking lot gate and was then from the car. incredibly, she's alive. revisiting a star, involving a recent lawsuit that alleges tom gi regardi and his law firm misappropriated funds from a client settlement in a case dating back to 1990s. a nearly identical lawsuit filed by the same lawyer in '08 was dismissed and girardi expects this lawsuit to also be dismissed. a
8:05 am
and robbers. playing in a field in london. disrupted by two men who were being chased by police in a helicopter, the kids quickly dropped to the ground making a human arrow, pointing the chopper in the proper direction. they arrested the two men who were arrested. really smart. >> that's great, look at that. >> isn't that awesome? and very effective. >> deputies. that was fantastic. health headline now for the 70 million americans with high cholesterol. a new kind of drug may help lower the cholesterols of those who can't take statins because of the side effects. >> as many as 1 in 5 people who take statins will stop because of mussel pain or weakness. they took people who had very high, bad cholesterol and they failed at least two statins. what they did, they gave t
8:06 am
they found cholesterol levels dropped dramatically. >> people who have these side effects should be talking about to their about this. >> tolerate a different statin or a statin at a lower dose or less frequency. this drug is very expensive. it costs $14,000 a year. it's injectable. we'll still waiting for studies to see if it prevent heart attacks and save lives? >> $14,000 a year that's pretty high. but if you have relatively high cholesterol but not bad enough to need, what are other ways to lower it. >> exercise will bring down cholesterol. healthy diet in fiber. if you don't smoke, don't start and if you do smoke, try to stop. at least every five years, you're checking your cholesterol
8:07 am
>> this affects so many. you'll be on twitter. >> definitely. >> rich, thanks very much. here's what's coming up on "good morning america" morning menu. i'm going one-on-one with gwen stefani, she's opening up art her family, her new love, her new album. and an important parenting alert, how some popular smartphone apps could expose your kid to cyberbullying. and becky worley is with us with your snack rescue the scoop on just how healthy your frozen yogurt really is. it's chilly out here. all coming up live on "good morning america," here in times square. we'll be right back. this is my sister, annie. she goes with the flow. gracie's always trying to get me to eat green things. annie's always trying to get me to try new things. we've both been on weight watchers... and now they've totally changed it up. i like that this new plan
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8:12 am
♪ ♪ i'm getting over her ♪ blake shelton last night performing his new song "came here to forget." at the acm awards. lot of people that song is about his relationship with gwen stefani. >> a pretty good guess. george, they are a couple that appears to find inspiration in each other. gwen stefani admitting her new song make me like you is about blake. stefani's 13-year marriage to single gavin rossdale ended in a very public this past fall but she found love with a recent co-worker. you can hear it almost happen when you listen to her new album. you've gone through a lot. >> i have.
8:13 am
haven't this. you have to be grateful for all of it. >> taking the pain and turning it into such creativity, how did you channel that? >> i think that i -- i felt like i was so -- i was so kind of -- i felt like -- i can't even find the words. oh, my god. i was embarrassed. like i can't go down. this is not who i am. i'm not going to fail. i had to make something good out of it. i'm going to make this into music. >> was that with the music? some of these songs are hot off the presses. >> it was magic. there was magic in the room. i was in the studio by my label. i didn't care about anything. i was literally trying to get up in the morning. i just want to write a record and i don't care about anything else except for getting this
8:14 am
or being on the radio or charts, anything, why would that matter to me at this point. nothing matters except trying not to die. >> can i ask you about the first song, it's titled "red flag"? what does that mean. >> red flags we ignore in our lives. >> how pain was it putting your heart on paper? >> it's still painful. i'm looking at the pieces and going, what is happening? so many great things. it's superhard to have your family break up. what do you do after that? here we are, we're doing >> it do you think the music saved you? >> if sure, like 100%. 100%. >> "make me like you" is inspired by a certain co-worker, is it a happy song? how quickly did you write that? >> that song was one of my
8:15 am
it came out. i was feeling that way. it's what i felt that day. i miss you right now, here it is. everybody in the room was kind of, like, whoa, this is happening right now. it was written fast. 10, 15 minutes the whole thing just done. >> i want to talk to you about the live video you did during a grammy commercial break. >> first of all, i can't believe they asked me to do that. you can imagine, there was never a chance to really run the whole thing. it was crazy. do live art like that, every single on that set counted. pretty magical. >> it seems like putting yourself out there feels pretty natural out there. >> it feels like i'm supposed to be doing this right now, sharing my story and i really hope that this record brings pleasure and i don't know, documents peoples' lives in this moment and i'm so happy to share >> it thanks for sharing
8:16 am
us. >> thank you. >> gwen stefani and this is what the truth feels like is available now. get it. ♪ >> the truth heard in some of the songs. interesting the record label, as she's sending these songs they're pouring out of her, they're like, a little raw, a little angry, cut to album released and number one on the billboard 200. >> it's a relatable thing. >> that's what i said to her. i could relate. i feel like, obviously so can -- >> the openness helps. >> blake shelton opens up. it's contagious her happiness and well deserved. we wish you the best, gwen. thank you. her performance is coming up. first our series what your kids don't want you
8:17 am
t.j. holmes is sharing a candid conversation between a group of tween girls and their parents about what really happens on their phones and also revealing the anonymous messaging apps. this morning, t.j. has the latest on cyberbullying. >> reporter: rolling eyes. stick and stones may back your break. it can go viral. a whole different monster. now, no reason for us to believe that kids these days are any meaner than they have ever been. new technology that allows them to spread that meanness around. school bullies don't have to corner their victims anymore. >> no. >> never have one like bully. everyone talking behind everyone else's backs. >> reporter: these 14-year-old.
8:18 am
and 15-year-olds from san francisco love their smartphones. who's the worst out of the group? they agreed to tell us how some apps and social media can expose them to an online world of insults. how bad does it get? >> lot of issues to the point. >> what kind of stuff do they say online via social media they wouldn't say to your face. >> physical appearance. >> reporter: she quit one after harassment. >> within the first half an hour and i deleted it the day after because i was crying. >> reporter: a negative comment or two is one thing but experts define cyberbullying when someone is hurtful repeatedly and deliberately. experts caution, that cyberbullying is almost never the sole factor in suicide. >> they don't want parents to solve this problem.
8:19 am
the problem themselves. >> reporter: one tool is the new google chrome extension called, reword. it acts as a spellcheck of negative language, gives them an opportunity to change it. our group is hopeful that taken upon themselves to police it. >> it's not just you attack the bully. >> what a smart young woman there. this is such a huge topic of conversation in my house and so many homes across america. >> kids can be mean. no matter what, you can walk down the hall and say, i don't like your shoes. when someone does it over and over when you're trying to hurt your feelings, sometimes
8:20 am
one off-comment, those kids admit we would say things online that we wouldn't say to their face. repeated and intentional. >> so refreshing to hear those kids they want to get inside the minds of the bully and help them stop. >> we have been doing this series, some parents were scared. this week, glad to end on a hopeful note. these kids have taken it upon themselves to police themselves. there's a stigma attached to bullying. so it's nice to see them blitzing themselves. they don't want parents and adults to fix the problems. no, i don't bring it to my parents at least it reaches a threatening level. >> that is hopeful. great reporting. thank you. let's head outside to rob in boston. >> good morning,
8:21 am
the snow in conley square, piling up on the grassy surfaces. look, these are tulips that are just waiting to come out. not happening today. maybe another week or two. let's take a look at the maps and show you where the snow is falling and how hong long it's to last. temperatures will be cold enough here for some snow. but look at the warmup for parts of the central plains, 84 degrees in dallas. 78 degrees in los angeles. theregoes into effect with lows in the upper 20s to low 30s. tomorrow, breezy and chilly. highs in the 40s. staying below average the rest of the week.
8:22 am
all right, guys, snowing on april 4th and it keeps coming down. mild winter, i guess we're paying for it. >> in boston. >> it's coming down. >> come home soon, rob. meantime, "pop news" time. guns "n" roses fans. knocking on heaven's doors over the weekend. they'll play a last-minute gig, it's been over 23 since the original members, axl rose, slash have played together and lucky celebs and fans who got to watch say they sounded as cool as november
8:23 am
including kate hudson, chris brown was there. bradley cooper, he brought his mom. don't worry if you miss it. that was just practice for a city tour kicking off in detroit june 23rd. also in "pop news" this morning, if you have noticed our french friends across the pond possess a certain -- see a little bit happier. could be the wine, could be the cheese, more relaxed attitudes about work and that's only getting better. officials in paris on the verge of passing new legislation that i i believe we should take seriously, the right to disconnect, allowing workers to turn off cell phones and other devices when they leave the office,
8:24 am
technology have put l laissez-faire way of life. it would go into effect in 2018. >> what did you just say? >> very impressive. >> could you ever -- >> it should not be a law. >> it is shouldn't? >> no. >> what about you, jesse? >> yeah, i'm down. more wine. >> focusing on family and then you feel less guilt. you wouldn't feel like you had to look at it. finally, take a look at this, 4-month-old baby who surprised her dad with a little rhythm dance. can't even
8:25 am
watch your back. no irish ancestry according to mom. not even on dad's side. a little lord of the dance in the house. >> got some rhythm there. that's fantastic. thank you, lara. coming up -- some snack rescue. do you know what's in your yogurt. we're breaking down treats that are supposed to be healthy. behind the scenes with boyz ii men wayna morris and joey fatone is here breaking down the action in the ballroom.
8:26 am
8:27 am
>> anchor: a chilly morning, but loss of sunshine. here is jacqui jeras with your forecast. >> reporter: grab the sun glasses and umbrella today. this is the last warm day this week. temperatures reaching near the 70 degree mark, increasing cloudy skies, breezy today and spotty showers, especially this afternoon. overnight tonight skies will clear out, temperatures really take a tumble, a freeze warning in effect across the metro area, and advisory in effect for southern maryland. tomorrow is going to be well below the average with highs only near the 50 degree mark. temperatures will stay cool through the rest of the week. >> reporter: on the roads right now, look at this. this is the capital beltway at new hampshire avenue. we have a problem just before you gets to this point,
8:28 am
after interstate 95. for the latest collision. interstate 66, the crash before you get to the beltway. no such activity on southbound i270, costing you some time, though, from german town, about 25 minute ride to the 270 spur. melanie, back to you. >> anchor: thank you. dc police are investigating 2 armed robberies that appear to be linked. the first happened yesterday around 4' 0:00 p.m. on chillem place northeast. the other happens around 6:00 p.m., 5th street northwest t victims responded to an online ad for a vehicle for sale. police are looking for 3 armed men. a visitation held for the state trooper shot and killed thursday. he was shot at point blank range. today's visitation will be held from 3-5:00 p.m. and from 6-8:0t church in hampton. his funeral will be held
8:29 am
you can get more news, weather and traffic on good morning washington on news channel 8.
8:30 am
♪ ♪ ♪ make me like you the catchy tune. >> welcome back to "good morning america." >> gwen stefani's new hit "make me like you." more of that performance coming up be that's right. also joey fatone is here live, former "dancing with the stars" star, breaking down this year's competition. first let's go to amy. now to our brand-new series, "snack rescue" helping you make smarter choices when you get hungry. this morning, we're breaking down frozen yogurt. look who's here, abc's becky worley is the real scoop and it's not what i wanted to hear, becky. >> yes, yes, the scoop i see what you're doing there with me
8:31 am
that getting frozen yogurt instead of ice cream means that you're getting less sugar, well, think again. some fro-yo. what's better than a little fro-yo. it's yogurt, right sf. >> it's different. >> reporter: this nutritionist says, no way. >> you're going to get pro teen, no added sugar, good choice. really, really healthy. >> reporter: the new trigs information from five national chains. 18 grams of sugar with some as 28 grams of added sugar. twice what a kid should eat. another problem, that 28 grams of sugar it's for a four-ounce serving. this is what four ounces of froyo looks like. it looks tiny. no surprise
8:32 am
themselves so much more than that four-ounce serving. i wouldn't to four shops. no one had cups smaller than 8 ounces. can i weigh your yogurt? 12.6 ounces. 17 ounces of yogurt. this yogurt alone before you get to toppings has at least 126 grams of sugar, equal to 30 sugar cubes, that's way over the limit. 30 cubes of sugar. is that what you would have expected? >> no. >> less than ice cream, but it's not. >> i bring my grandchildren here. >> reporter: we reached out to yogurt land who had the sugar count and they said we offer a variety of custom frozen yogurt flavors and topping tas that appeal to our guests. but sticking to that four-ounce serving size, it's not
8:33 am
and this is the only size available, consider of filling it only a third of this large cup. >> this is a good serving size right here. we're joined now by some frozen yogurt fans. becky, it's not just the yogurt we need to be concerned about, it's this. >> think about it, if you put two tablespoons of any of the candy type, your gummy bears, type of cookies and stuff like that, you're adding four extra sugar cubes' worth of sugar. >> people probably put this on because they think the yogurt is healthier so they think they can. >> you're totally right. this is a mental game. let me show you something that will change your mind. you think ice cream over fro-yo. >> you'll cheese
8:34 am
>> but look at this, on this side i have the frozen yogurt. on this side the ice cream. look at that. >> wow. >> the ice cream has more fat, sure enough, but that's only five sugar cubes' worth. but if we have the same serving size of fro-yo, plus candy, two tablespoons of candy, it goes to 12 sugar cubes for the four-ounce size. >> this is so eye-opening. sorry, kids, things are changing at the robach house. for more tips go to "good morning america."com on yahoo!. let's go to rob in boston. >> can you believe it? it's april 4th in conley square. it's continues to come down and will for
8:35 am
fire weather danger there. it's going to be warm. where spring is happening if not summerlike weather. we'll see winds and temperatures rising into the mid-80s if you can believe that, definitely breezy. we have another system that's on tap for tuesday, wednesday, this one will be a little bit warmer. some severe weather as it approaches chicago, wednesday night into thursday with a few showers later today. highs around 70 degrees. tonight skies clear and a freeze warning goes into effect with lows in the upper 20s to low 30s. tomorrow, breezy and chilly. highs in the 40s. staying below average the rest of the week. >> this weather report is brought to you by weight watchers. full on opening day. yankee game may be suspect. winter doesn't want to
8:36 am
turning now to "good morning america" real money and tax day is right around the corner. for many people, an even bigger deadline is looming. retirement. abc's rebecca jarvis has more. >> reporter: this couple of arlington, texas, soon to be empty nesters, hope to sell their home and move to greener pastures. >> our daughter is starting college in the fall. we always thought about going some place close to the mountains. >> reporter: deciding on when and where to move is a challenge. >> it's important people focus on their own priorities. >> reporter: experts say you need to consider many factors when choosing to spend your golden years. most important -- cost of living. since your income will decrease you want a city that's affordable. look for place where the economy is growing and the unemployment rate is low i
8:37 am
pick up a part-time job on the side. access to quality health care facilities and places that offer reck reexal activities. according to forbes annual list of best places to retire. abilene, texas, cost of living is 17% below the national average, average home prices are $142,000. cape coral, florida, with its warm weather, good air quality and good cost of living. and great falls, montana, if its strong economy and easy access to doctors. >> do your research and what's most important to you. >> reporter: for "good morning america," rebecca jarvis, abc news, new york. >> our sponsor voya is offering another way to prepare for
8:38 am
retirement. enter their orange house sweepstakes for a chance to win $300,000. coming up, joey fatone is breaking down all the action in the ballroom. ♪ ♪
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
♪ "dancing with the stars" is coming up tonight. the boyz ii men star scoring big numbers. abc's nick watt takes us behind the scenes with wayna morris. ♪ ♪ >> reporter: he's busting out the best moves, the biggest smile and -- >> 8. >> 8. >> reporter: and bagging the best scores so far. wayna morris, one of the boyz ii men. ♪
8:42 am
>> reporter: the unlikely front-runner. pressure? >> a little bit of pressure. >> reporter: are the other guys in the band -- >> loving it, loving it. >> reporter: oh, and i forget to mention the fashion. >> the electric blue. that looked good. >> we had matching blue shoes as well. >> it's not fat, just fat mus e muscles. >> reporter: wayna's lost 50 pounds already. >> he's disappearing. >> seriously. >> one, two, three -- good. >> reporter: training hours every day while with the band, touring the country. >> in the past ten days we have been to indiana, chicago, cincinnati, detroit, l.a., las vegas, florida. ♪ >> reporter: on the weekends they rehearse here
8:43 am
where the band is in residence at the mirage. ♪ >> have you ever done this stuff before? >> never. i'm just going to focus and follow my lead. myzpac. >> reporter: as lindsay, she makes him better. for "good morning america," nick watt, abc news, las vegas. now we'll hear with someone mon who knows a little bit about "dancing with the stars," joey fatone. you're the inspiration for him to go "dancing with the stars." . >> he saw season four. so, you know, he's like, if he can dance, yeah, so can this fat black guy. it's exciting to see him. it's been funny, believe it or
8:44 am
least one person in the actual cast. it's great with wayna, when i was with n sync no one saw your personality. >> we have to see a different side of him tonight. the waltz. >> that's what's always difficult sometimes. i had a little bit of trouble, because you're always dancing and always performing. the rate is fast. waltz is a lot slower, they're watching everything. you have to be on point. >> len is so tough. the waltz in particular, he's a stickler. >> yeah. you're pointing that toe. >> you sound just like him. [ laughter ] >> it's pretty funny the whole thing. it's weird i start to watch that now. >> you're ready to be a judge now? >> i should, yeah, come on, "dancing with the stars." >> do you dance at all by the
8:45 am
way? >> what kind of club are you talking about? basically, you know what, i haven't done it lately. they did a "dancing with the stars" tour for a while. i did it out in las vegas. there was a cruise, "dancing with the stars" at sea. i think they have "dancing with the stars" everything. even in your living room. mostly with "dancing with the stars" they always bring you back. >> we talked to the celebs that come on, they say it's incredibly hard. >> yeah, it's not that easy. you see how much work really goes into it. it's crazy with ginger and wayna, because both of them are still really working a lot. they're jumping all over the place. it takes that toll. for me, i was rehearsing four, five hours every day and it's amazing the cardio and you're dancing and you just drop a lot of weight which is amazing. maybe i should go back to dancing. i told wayna,
8:46 am
each other. so far, he's down 50 pounds. i'm down 50 pounds. >> you're in a movie right now, kind of a boy band reunion. >> yeah, on syfy. nick carter came up with this idea of zombiesen and westerns. >> zombies, westerns and boy bands? wow, i love it. >> yeah, you got eric e strad ya. chris kirk patrick is in it as well. you got davis from "idol." it's fun to watch and see all these different people. >> rico suave is in it, too. >> you can see "dancing with the stars" 8:007:00 central on abc.
8:47 am
we'll be right back with gwen stefani. ♪ make me like you
8:48 am
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♪ finally, time to get rocking with gwen stefani. her new album debuted at number one on the billboard charts. here she is performing the hit single "make me like you." ♪ [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ ♪ i was fine before i met you ♪ i was broken but fine ♪ i was lost and uncertain ♪ but my heart was still mine ♪ i was free before i met you ♪ i was broke but free all alone in the clear view but now you are all i see ♪ ♪ hey, wait a minute ♪ no you can't do this to me ♪ hey wait a minute
8:50 am
♪ no, that's not fair ♪ hey, wait a minute ♪ your on me like jewelry ♪ i really like you but i'm so carried ♪ ♪ whooid you have to go and make me like you ♪ ♪ this is feel i'm not used to w why'd you have to go and make me like you ♪ ♪ i'm so mad at you cause now you got me missing you ♪ ♪ 'cause now you got me missing you ♪ snoetd something i can get used to ♪ ♪ i could get used to this ♪ it's getting harder to leave it ♪ ♪ hey, wait a minute ♪ no you can't do this to me ♪ hey wait a minute ♪ no, that's not
8:51 am
♪ hey, wait a minute i really like you but i'm so scared ♪ ♪ why did you have to go and make me like you ♪ ♪ this is a feeling i'm oop not used to ♪ ♪ why did you have to go and make me like you ♪ ♪ i'm so mad at you 'cause now you got me missing you ♪ ♪ why did you have to go and make me like you ♪ ♪ yeah this is a feeling i'm not used to ♪ ♪ why did you have to go and make me like you ♪ ♪ 'cause now you got me missing you ♪ ♪ oh god thank god that i found ♪ ♪ i'm so mad at you 'cause now you got me missing you ♪ ♪ thank god ♪ thank god that
8:52 am
oh ♪ ♪ now gyou got me missing you ♪ ♪ why did you have to go and make me like you ♪ ♪ e this is a feeling i'm not used to ♪ ♪ why did you have to go and make me like you ♪ ♪ i'm so mad at you 'cause now you got me missing you ♪ ♪ 'cause now you got me missing you ♪ ♪ is this is a feeling i'm not used to ♪ ♪ oh god, thank god that i found you ♪ ♪ oh god, 'cause now you got me missing you ♪ ♪ oh god ♪ ♪ you got me missing you
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progressive can save nearly 600 bucks. >> we're rooting for ginger in her most memorable year tonight on "dancing with the stars." big thanks to gwen stefani for kicking off the week. a little "gma" rewind, george, get your jig on, everyone, and have a great week. >> anchor: good monday morning. let's get an update on the weather right now. here
8:57 am
>> reporter: grab the sun glasses and umbrella today. this is the last warm day this week. temperatures reaching near the 70 degree mark, increasing cloudy skies, breezy today and spotty showers, especially this afternoon. overnight tonight skies will clear out, temperatures really take a tumble, a freeze warning in effect across the metro area, and advisory in effect for southern maryland. tomorrow is going to be well below the average with highs only near the 50 degree mark. temperatures will stay cool through the rest of the week. >> reporter: we have quite a few fender benders around the area. for folks trying to get to the capital beltway, southbound 29, crash is reported after new hampshire avenue. so we've got delays there, volume as you get closer to 495. southbound on 29. a live look here at i270, we're dealing with a northbound closure on 270. as you get closer to urbana. southbound 270 local lanes crash just after falls road. melanie, back to you. >> anchor: thank you. right
8:58 am
police are investigating a triple stabbing. someone stapped 3 people just after 2 this morning at martinis lounge in fort washington. one of the victims was a security guard on duty there. all 3 people are in the hospital in stable condition right now, injuries are not life threatening. and it's opening day for the washington nationals. taking on the braves down in atlanta. all morning long we have been looking ahead to some rough weather coming in this week. that could impact the nats home opener on thursday. there is the potential for rain in the mission as well as frigid temperatures. we'll keep you on alert all week as we learn more. you can get more news, weather and traffic on good morning washington on news channel 8. have
8:59 am
after trying brookside crunchy clusters, @carlybeyar tweeted: at this point, i should just be a brookside chocolate ambassador. well, i am sorry, carly... it's something you earn. brookside. talk about delicious.
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>> it's "live! with kelly & michael." today, one half of "the odd couple," matthew perry. and from the hit series, "scandal," darby stanchfield. and a performance from "american idol" finalist, mackenzie bourg. and anderson cooper joins kelly at the co-host desk. all next on "live." [captioning made possible by isney-abc domestic television] >> and now, here are kelly ripa and anderson cooper! [cheers and applause] ♪ kelly: thank you. thank you.


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