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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  April 4, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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snow. the warm air is hanging on for the moment south and east of town. clearing skies the cold air is rushing in. freeze warning in effect from midnight to 10:00 a.m. why a freeze warning? look at the overnight lows. with the clear skies and the gusty winds we drop from 28 to 33 degrees. look ahead for the weekend. back inside. leon: the freezing temperatures heading this way will have farmers burning the midnight oil to keep crops protected. that includes those running the area orchards. kevin lewis is live at butler orchard in germantown. with the temperature swings like these have to have folks nervous tonight. kevin: no kidding, leon. if the temps are in 70's and the 80's the crops start to blow. if the temps get
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degrees tonight the blossoms will freeze and it will cause them to turn black and die. >> here is the next bud here. just starting to come up out of the crown. kevin: mild concern at butler's orchard in germantown due to forecasted april freeze. >> here is one odd ball bloom here that is out too early. kevin: orchard co-owner wade butler says the strawberry plant and the cherry trees are the most vulnerable. the good news is less than 1% of the strawberry and the tart cherry yields blossomed. the bad news is freezals have been known to happen may 15. >> 27 degrees on this one tighter. even this one. kevin: sporadic weather is why he plants a wide variety of crops. from berry to corn and squ
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will get by unscathed by it. kevin: it is interesting to note that butler orchard have installed alarms in one of the strawberry farms. the concept is simple. the temperature dip below freezing or a frost level, the alarms send an alert to the farmer's cell phone so they will get the word as quickly as possible. live in germantown, kevin lewis, abc7 news. kellye: around the area it has been two days of clean-up after the strong winds on tuesday night. in arlington the clean-up includes a massive tree that barely missed a home. in northeast washington, they worked delicately to remove a tree held up by power lines. neighbors notified of the tree uprooted on 42nd street.
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new at 5:00, we are learning that fema rejected request for federal assistance following february tornado in virginia. four people were killed in three communities seriously damaged in the storms that ripped across the commonwealth. fema said it did not rise to level of needing federal aid. they will appeal. leon: transformer fire at the i.r.s. building downtown. jeff goldberg arrived there on the scene. he checks in live with the latest. what is going on? jeff: the good news is the fire is knocked down. the emergency response is wrapping up soon. i want to show you what is going on. a dramatic response from d.c. fire and the e.m.s. firefighters are a big response here downtown. joined by tim wilson from d.c. fire and e.m.s. where do things stand now? >> after 3:30 the units responded to the 1100 block of constitution for report of transformer neir basement of
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and said the fire has been knocked down. fortunately it was contained to a specific area. right now the members are trying to ventilate the area so that all the smoke can dissipate from the billing. jeff: good news is the fire is out. tim, thank you. want to show you this way. this the real issue beyond the fire. traffic. constitution is closed between 11 and 12. part of constitution heading eastbound are closed. 11th street where i'm standing right now in washington is closed because of the dramatic response of d.c. fire and e.m.s. the building was evacuated at 3:30. at any given point 2,000 people work inside the building. so dramatic evacuation of people working in the buildings but no injuries. you heard the fire is out. now the investigation begins into exactly what happened here.
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transformer fire in the basement. more details to come. alison: thank you. the services for troop -- kellye: the services for trooper chad dermyer will be held in hampton where he lived with his wife and two children. second round ofvationation is at 2:00 folded by a funeral tomorrow. he died thursday when james brown iii opened fire on him in a training exercise. two year troopers returnedded fire killing brown. a blood drive was held today in prince william county where three officers were shot in february. one died and the two other were hurt. jeff goldberg found that they were not the only officers on donors' minds. jeff: every day they serve the community. since one of the darkest days in the department history. >> this past month has been difficult on the police department. >> the community has given the prince william county police
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>> the community has been outstanding with the support. >> lieutenant patrick agner organized the community blood drive in honor of officer ashley guindon shot and killed on a domestic call in february and two other officers shot and injured in the incident. since that time, prince george's county officer jacai colson and virginia state police trooper chad dermyer have also been shot and killed in the line of duty. police everywhere want to honor each of them in the only way they know how. the goal of the blood drive is collect 100 units of blood. one unit per person. organizers are confident they will get there. >> we are getting people on the machine. it's good. >> brenda heard
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responded. >> it's the least we can do. >> edward young is here to donate. his young chris was a prince william county officer who died in a traffic crash on new year's eve 2012. >> i thought my son would be the last one for a while and i was hoping it would never happen again. so soon. shock to us. >> young says he is here for the law enforcement family. and always will be. >> they show support to me in my son's thing and i do my part if i can. >> manassas, jeff goldberg, abc7 news. leon: three people stabbed inside a popular fort washington nightclub. and tonight an arrest is made. maryland bureau chief brad bell outside of martini's restaurant and lounge. how did all of this start? brad: you know what? it apparently started with a couple of guys pushing each other on the dance floor. that was as you said inside martini's restaurant and lounge. very quiet now. but last night it was a
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chaotic scene. ploys arrive and there was a short foot pursuit. in the hustle and the bustle they didn't see what appears to be the weapon. that turned up right before our eyes this afternoon. a customer found it. what appears to be a blood trail and the investigators saying it could be crucial evidence. >> if we can place the knife found on the scene later to the suspect, additional charges as well. brad: additional charges for jerry hairston who stabbed a patron and two bouncers at the martini's restaurant and lounge in fort washington. >> the crowd that goes there are trying to have a good time. jealousy and the tetchers get going and mix of -- jealousy and tempers get going and mix of alcohol.
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harrington got in a fight. >> security guard attempted to intervene and he was cut as a result of the actions. >> that guard suffering a serious puncture wound. another slashed as well. the crowd scattered. police officer on patrol appears. he explained how he chased the suspect. >> the crowd is nice. ladies got heels on, guys have collars. a good demean nowhere and all of that -- demeanor and all of that. after hours stuff does happen. brad: now if that knife turns out to be the knife it is possible that there will be weapons charges added and potential attempted murder charges added to the assault already filed. brad bell, abc7 news.
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kellye: freddie gray murder chase they want another officer to stake the stand. a motion is file told have garrett miller to testify against edward nero whose trial is beginning may 10. the maryland court of appeals ruled officer porter must testify against the officers. all three are among six officers charged in the death of 25-year-old freddie gray who died while being transported in a police van. leon: passengers on the amtrak train that derailed over the weekend made it to georgia today. autopsies are done on the two people killed in the accident. backhoe operator and an amtrak supervisor. national transportation safety board was in philadelphia today and trying to figure out why the backhoe was on the track to begin with. they are sending data recorders and camera footage to washington. alison: d.c. voters have the final say on whether d.c. minimum wage worers get a big raise. kellye: a judge signed off on a measure to put $15 minimum wage proposal on the
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d.c. bureau chief is live with reaction. sam: this is a decision who could have a big impact on people working in d.c. the judge rejected claims that the board of elections here was not legitimate. and with that being rejected, the measure can move ahead. lawyers for the board of elections left d.c. interior court after judge maurice ross rejected technical challenges to putting a $15 min mull wage on the november ballot. >> i will see if we can schedule this on the agenda to the next board meeting this wednesday. >> the proposal for the ballot would raise the current minimum wage of $10.50 to $15 over the next four years. proponents say it's about the cost of living. >> you have to have a living wage to survive in the capital. some people think that the old wage, exploding the low wage workers and working people to
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>> i hear from residents across the city. sam: mayor bowser that once proposed it no longer does. >> we have to make sure washingtonians can participate in the prosperity. >> if people don't have a good-paying job we won't be successful. sam: in the street we heard both support, opposition and questions. >> i don't think it's realistic. >> people should be thankful for job and raise it 50 cents. >> $15. i don't know if it is fully livable. but it's a step in right direction. sam: d.c. workers, this decision could have a big impact on them. petition will be released and 22,000 valid signatures are required to get this on the november ballot. coming up on "abc7 news at 6:00". we will hear from a business owner who asks whether this decision today will put him out of business. reporting live fr
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washington, sam ford. leon: see how it plays out. thank you, sam. as d.c. debates raising the minimum wage two other state sign the pay increase there. with the people visiting california and fork can expect now. and which state could be the next one to make the change. >> plus a car explodes into flames in maryland. critically injuring an m.t.a. worker and what the worker was doing moments ago. >> new information on the cholesterol drugs and your heart health. what you need to know in a "7 on your side" health matters report. >> teachers, power players and teens. what are contestants in a popular game show? i'm suzanne kennedy. that story is coming up
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narrator: all that political mail mlet's simplify.lming. only one candidate has been endorsed by the washington post: kathleen matthews. as a journalist and progressive leader at marriott, she has a broad and deep facility with policy. emily's list praises matthews as pro-choice and the post says on gun control, clean energy, education and health research kathleen matthews "has greater potential, following the van hollen model, to move the ball forward." kathleen: i'm kathleen matthews and i approve this message.
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leon: update the breaking news from a fire in the basement of the i.r.s. building. constitution avenue is closed between 10 and 12th street northwest. jamie sullivan will update the traffic situation for you in a few minute. kellye: happening right now, crews are hard at work to put together what would be the set for "jeopardy" at the d.a.r. constitution hall in northwest washington. that includes installing the iconic anxious bo
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you can watch the live feed on the game show will begin taping episodes this week for series of tournaments. leon: suzanne kennedy now gives us an inside look at what it takes to put the popular show on the road. suzanne: it will take seven days to set up to shoot "jeopardy" show at d.a.r. constitution hall. take a look behind me. you can see the crews are working around the clock to turn the facility to a massive television studio. a dozen tractor trailers are unloaded on d street and the lighting grid hung over the stage. this is what it takes to produce a wildly popular game show on the road. >> we shoot the show with eight cameras. steady cams, two gyps, handheld and studio camera. it all comes together. it's a massive undertaking. >> this is "jeopardy"'s fourth time in d.c. in two decades. one of the favorite away games for the show. >> when alex is introduced and comes out on stage there is a ro
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that shakes the rafters. people love seeing him and love being part of the experience. >> 20 shows will be taped in four days. power players will feature celebrities including politicians and journalists. the teacher tournament includes nine semi-finalists competing for $100,000. the teen shows will have 15 of nation's smartest high school students. the show executive producer says the variety keeps viewers interested in the program. since around since 1964. >> in the 61 drews we offer in every show there is bound to be something for everybody. you can feel engaged with the show interacttivety in the most simple form. suzanne: the power player and the teachers tournament will both air in may. however the two teen weeks are saved for "jeopardy"'s next season which begins in september. d.a.r. constitution
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leon: that is a long time to keep a secret. see how it goes. now the "jeopardy" set construction and taping means the road closures around d.a.r. constitution hall may complicate things for travelers in the area. c and d treat are off-limit for ten days between 17 and 18th street. now you have been warned. kellye: okay. i am wondering when we will see an end to the roller coaster weather we're having. doug: not in the foreseeable future. two or three weeks when we have the frequent passages of cold front. we hope none will be strong as saturday night. each may bring slightly less than cold air. that is how we will hopscotch to real springtime weather here. wait until you see the numbers. whiplash! give you a time lapse. we can't show you the nats and braves came. but we have a weather bug camera. give you a time lapse. the day got going and the early arrivers at the ballpark.
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nice weather there. they had delays at camden yard. for the capital, the rain drops on the lens of the camera now. we continue to see the cloudy sky and the area of the light rain. that will continue. the front is moving through at a good clip. temperatures have been falling. close to 70 at 42:00. 6 o at reagan national. 57 in hagerstown. milder air will continue south. that make sense. cold front hasn't arrived yet. 75 in lexington park. later tonight the skies clear. gusty winds from the north/northwest to bring us colder, drier air. with that we expect the temperatures to be at or below freezing over most of the area tomorrow. we have a noticeable drop between 10:00 and 1:00 a.m. when the cold air
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30 in the early morning. 31 in the city. upper 20's for suburban areas. tomorrow night could be colder. every now and then we get a lightning flash. this is moving at a good clip at southeast. at this moment the showers are located over gaithersburg, northeast and western howard county. the big picture shows how wide the front is. cold air, snowing all day in new england. five inches on the ground. boston more in the suburbs and the lake effect snowshowers developing, too, even though we are in to april. the story is this. cold air and the gusty winds through the day tomorrow. bright sunshine start to finish. you see northern flow of air in the mid-to-the upper 40's for the highs but with the wind it will feel colder than that. if you get in a bright sunshine you might feel
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the sun angle is getting higher and higher. radiant warm, "the cold air. 30 degrees is an average temperature at 7:00 a.m. 45 in lunchtime. 49 in some areas. breezy and chilly. check the numbers. down, up, down, up. you know the drill. thursday looks as though we see temperatures rise a little bit. as we get to friday, we have a couple of more cold fronts headed this way. 62 on thursday. 53 on friday with more showers. a stronger cold front will knock us to mid-40's saturday. 67 by monday. d.c. united is hosting von couver for a game -- vancouver for a game saturday at 5:30. chilly. bunding up. cheer on united. leon: is it more fun to go to a soccer game when it's cold or a baseball game when it's cold? doug: i don't know. kellye: which moves faster. doug soccer is a faster game. kellye: that is my choice. leon: combining the google street view with a video game to protect a
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ahead on 7. new technology the t.s.a. is using to increase safety at airports and beyond. kellye: first, though, the new evidence linking the cholesterol drug to a risk
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the only democrat for congress who led the fight for tougher gun laws. only raskin took on the nra to ban military-style assault weapons. raskin: i'm jamie raskin, and i approve this message. stroand restoring aing a newbfather's faith. it's standing tall after one surgery... not six. stronger is being a typical kid... despite a rare disorder. stronger is finding it earlier... and coming home sooner. stronger is seeking answers... and not giving up, until you find them. because we don't just want your kids to grow up, we want them to grow up stronger. kellye: "7 on your side." taking statins may be
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at high risk for high cholesterol. statins lowered the risk of heart attack and stroke in those at moderate risk. the study does not say everyone should be taking the cholesterol reducing drug. this is something your doctor should decide. new bush in district to end the so-called tampon tax. councilmember anita bonds will introduce legislation to exempt diapers and feminine hygiene products to be excluded from the tax. leon: still ahead, big dream for the land where r.f.k. stadium is sitting. they don't necessarily include a football team. idea is discussed ahead.
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announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 5:00". on your side. kellye: we are continuing to follow that breaking news. ten and 12th street are closed on const
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at the i.r.s. no one was hurt and the fire is out. we are told that the roads should reopen in the half hour. we will go there live when they do. leon: a maryland transit worker is seriously hurt after a vehicle explosion this morning in pikesville. we are told the m.t.a. employee was working when it exploded setting it and two other vehicles on fire. it's not clear what caused the explosion. the state fire marshal is investigating. kellye: the t.s.a. has a new high-tech tool aimed squarely to respond to an emergency and it works to allow first responders to train for worst case scenario in a digital world. brianne carter has a story you will only see on 7. brianne: it looks like a virtual reality video game. >> as you move to each one, it shows where the position is. brianne: but a high-tech training and response tool that the local police are using to keep you safe in a terror situation. >> the number one priority is the protection of the traveling public. escape routes can be mapped
5:31 pm
brianne: for the first time the t.s.a. is letting camera in to see the program they have developed as i-view. >> this is a mock scenario of potential incident at a station. brianne: t.s.a. uses 360-degree cameras to capture every corner of a transportation facility like an airport or a train situation. then turns it into a virtual walk-through for local police to make a plan before they walk in a dangerous situation. >> we could train for metro shooter. brianne: law enforcement can see first half what a facility looks like in metro station. >> they have filmed 800 transportation facilities across the co
5:32 pm
all metro station. union station and the both reagan and the dulles airports. the interactive tool was recently used to map out security plans for the transportation surrounding the area. >> into that venue and inside and outside while driving to the scene of an incident. technology working to stay ahead of the time we live in. in arlington, virginia, brianne carter, abc7 news. kellye: high resolution scans of the b.w.i. and thurgood marshal airport. leon: the airport is brussels is back open for business for the first time since a deadly terror attack there three weeks ago. three largely symbolic flight yesterday today the airport is running at 20% capacity. that includes the new security
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inside the airport. 16 people were killed in an explosion and 16 others died when a subway station was bombed minute later. alison: handgun designed to look like a cell phone is drawing the ire of a powerful -- ire of a powerful senator. >> the latest great idea for concealed gun should come with 911 on speed dial because this iphone is a disaster waiting to happen. kellye: senator chuck schumer is calling on the bureau of tobacco, alcohol and firearms to investigate the gun made by ideal conceal. the twin barrel .380 pistol will cost under $400. thousands ordered one. schumer believe it violates the existing law. the company website urges the would-be customers to check the local concealed carry law. leon: i wonder what apple thinks of that. police arrested a suspect in
5:34 pm
stabbing at a fort washington nightclub. they were hurt at martini's restaurant and lounge. philip harrington chargedded with first and second-degree assault. voters will get to decide if d.c. gets a $is a minimum wage. kellye: today a superior court judge cleared the way for the initiative to appear on the ballot. leon: workers that are busy inside constitution hall. set the stage for "jeopardy" taping in d.c. it means street closures. c and d between 17 and 18. they are off and on between now and april 14. alison: 200 my -- kellye: 200 migrants shipped from greece to turkey today. anyone who now crosses into greece illegally will be
5:35 pm
a surrian refugee already vetted in turkey will be moved somewhere else in europe. >> this is a compromise that could work. >> this is expected to reduce those in greece. aid workers are concerned some will be sent to syria. ahead at 5:00, the big dream for the land where r.f.k. stadium sits. the sneak peek of those plans that do and don't include football stadium. >> he showed up on the wall of justice last time. police said he call and said i'm turning myself in. why is he back? next. >> just ahead at 6:00 -- might not be the audubon, but the drivers in maryland can pick up the pace on i-70. we will tell you where drivers can go 70 on 70. that is
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steve: i'm steve rudin. we have rain on the way and a cold front. cooler temperatures temperature. tomorrow we are at 49 degrees. rebound to the upper 50's on wednesday. lower 60 on thursday. the end of the work and the school week another stronger cold front. we look for the day on saturday. we have soccer game, d.c. united versus vancouver. you can watch it here on abc7. the temperatures will be in the 40's. by sunday they will rebound. temperatures for detail highs in the middle 50's. stay with us. "abc7 news at 5:00" continues after t
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narrator: all that political mail mlet's simplify.lming. only one candidate has been endorsed by the washington post: kathleen matthews. as a journalist and progressive leader at marriott, she has a broad and deep facility with policy. emily's list praises matthews as pro-choice and the post says on gun control, clean energy, education and health research kathleen matthews "has greater potential, following the van hollen model, to move the ball forward." kathleen: i'm kathleen matthews and i approve this message.
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jennifer: hello. i'm jennifer donelan. this is the "7 on your side" fighting back wall of justice. tonight we have a repeat appearance. a man called police and said he is turning himself in. police tell us they are still waiting. >> after 26-year-old jesse kim appeared on the wall last summer arlington county police say he called from overseas and said he would be back. but he never showed up. so he is back on for assault and battery. staying in arlington, detectives there are looking for
5:40 pm
and rivera for multiple nighttime break-ins. and they need your help to find mack on a felony probation violation. in the district the search is on for maurice cesar wanted for theft and burglary cases in the city. set the wall of justice in motion. tonight it's on torlau. they are looking for you. now detectives are turning to the public for help. the 43-year-old man accused of attacking his wife. police say torloo hit her in the face and used a scarf to strangle her. police say she survived the attack. >> he has yet to return back to the residence. he is trying to elude capture. if you have information on him reach out to the police department. jennifer: torloo is 5'5", black hair, brown eyes and police want him off the wall of justice and put h
5:41 pm
bars. torloo if you are watching the arlington county detectives urge you to turn yourself in. i'm jennifer donelan. see you next week with a fighting back wall of justice. leon: still ahead at 5:00 -- building after building collapsing in baltimore. what they have done after four empty buildings collapsedded in one weekend. >> i'm mike carter-conneen with details on new proposals for the future of the site. how you can we
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5:43 pm
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leon: billed as a city wide community meeting. as mike carter-conneen reports, event d.c. will unveil several conceptual designs for the 190-acre cam muss that do and don't include plans for a new football stadium. mike: d.c. deppers long dreamed how to transform the area. to take advantage of the access and maybe luring back a washington football team. >> it's the home team. might as well put it back. >> event d.c. declined the
5:45 pm
request for an on-camera interview but a spokes penn confirmed that the organization is seeking input from the community on six proposal including the above ground and the below ground parking design, plan for a football stadium and other option. >> we're watching the redskins. not the maryland redskins. >> some feel strongly that r.f.k. should host nfl games another concept getting attention is the idea of a new arena for the wizard and the capitals. >> it's a good site. >> wizard and the hockey team. i could go with that. >> sports and entertainment they said they are interested to learn more about the plan and the possibility. but many washingtonians think there is no need to move out of the verizon center. >> i like it downtown. i like redskins over here. i'm not changing my mind about none of that. mike: another possibility a number of neighbors support is no professional sports team here, and perhaps replacing the stadium with a culture center or concert hall. no matter what goes on here neighbors want more access. >> no reason to close it d
5:46 pm
>> parks, a dog park. build up the riverside there. mike: any long-term redevelopment of r.f.k. would require federal approval. the district's lease expires in 2018. leon: it will be hosted at the convention center from 6:30 to 8:30 with presentation by events d.c. and the architectural firm. we will keep you tested. kellye: orders for tesla new electric car surged to an 96,000 increase over the weekend. tesla c.e.o. posted the new total on the twitter page last night. the new model 3 starts at $35,000. and has a range of 215 miles per charge. customers must put down $1,000 to order the cars which will not be available until late 2017. jamie, do you have your money
5:47 pm
i would not be spending it on a tesla. i would spend it in other places. take a look at the traffic here. bumper to buncher. we are seeing it on the inner loop and the outer loop of the capital beltway. you see the sheen on the roads? it is wet. we are seeing that all over the d.c. area. you will see heavier volume than what we are typically used to. let's talk about the beltway as far as how slow we are. tysons corner to 270. single digit. continuing to slow as you wrap around to montgomery county. big picture we are okay to pass by branch avenue. getting there on the outer loop from the mixing bowl to alexandria. we have a heavy traffic. d.c. bumper to bumper on the freeway as well as 295 heading outbound on kenilworth avenue. move to the waze map to talk about the closure in place. this red and the white line you see is constitution avenue. tenth street to 12th street blocked because of the fire department activity. this stretch on 12th street
5:48 pm
hopefully that is a good sign they will reopen constitution avenue shortly. even when they reopen it you still have heavy traffic in the d.c. area. that is a look at the delays. back to you. leon: thanks. north carolina could lose a variety of federal funding due to controversial law curbing antidiscrimination protection in the state. agencies and the departments review the potential implications. the white house is saying it's not getting involved. the law bans people from using the bathroom that don't match the biological sex and outlaws the local antidiscrimination policies. north carolina facing massive pressure and lawsuits from businesses and civil rights groups to change the law. we'll see what happens there. kellye: we will. right now we are going to get a check of the weather with doug. doug: the temperatures continue to drop. the cold front through the area. still area of rain. get started with the way it looks on the campus of montgomery county in rockville. it's raining. the rain
5:49 pm
heavy. but steady. the good news is the rain is moving through at a good clip. over the next few howers that is south and east of the metro washington area. numbers are dropping. 55 in frederick. 54 in cumberland. 76 in charlottesville. 70 in fredericksburg. 75 at naval air station. there is the back edge of rain. heavier downpours north of baltimore. most of the action. that area there had lightning strikes earlier. right now mostly rain. you see the back edge. winds increase steadily and surely out of the northwest tonight. rain moves out. cold air by morning. we are under a freeze warning from tonight through the morning. the temperatures could be in the range of 28 to 33. tomorrow night could be colder. we will keep cold air and the clear skies. light winds around the area as well. the weather stor
5:50 pm
clearing. gusty. a freeze warning. northerly winds 10 to 25 miles per hour with the higher gust. wake-up temperatures 28 to 33 degrees. the next seven days see the breezy weathers. highs in the 40's. partly to mostly sunny. 58 on wednesday. 62 on thursday. another front will bring a got chance of rain on thursday. more showers are possible on friday. another cold front. 53. breezy and a cold saturday. 46. slow warmup for a few days. in the pattern we won't warm up. warm up and get chilly again. that is the way it is. leon? leon: you got it. let's get back to breaking news of the transformer fire at the i.r.s. building downtown. jeff goldberg is still there on the scene. things are getting back to normal down there? >> they are. jamie talk about the closings a moment ago. the fire department cleared out of here
5:51 pm
the i.r.s. building. on 12 between constitution and pennsylvania. a big response from the d.c. fire and e.m.s. they say we are not taking chances with this. the traffic is flowing in downtown washington. back to you. leon: thanks, jeff. all right. guess what else is starting to flow? baseball. erin: that is right! baseball is back. the nationals opened up in atlanta today. bryce harper has a knack for smashing balls on opening day. this year was no different. the reigning n.l. m.v.p. c'ya! he goes yard. this is his fourth opening day home run. the game is tied at two in the fifth. there is a reason to root for villanova and
5:52 pm
championship game. two former gonzaga players brit and jenkins are both competing for the title. but on different teams. their relationship goes beyond childhood friends. gonzaga basketball coach steve turner is on cloud nine right now. >> it is a blessing to watch the guys grow together. have a unique story. erin: they are not blood brothers. they were playing a.a.u. the brit family adopted chris as one of their own in 2007 when jenkins' mother felicia took a job as a basketball coach and felt chris would have a better job in d.c. nate and chris hit it off immediately. brit remembers the long commute around the beltway to the modern day middle school in bethesda. >> the road trip to and from school every
5:53 pm
erin: now each is one game away from winning a national championship. >> it's great. great for our family. fortunate to be here. we are blessed. we don't take it for granted. erin: when the ball is tipped rest assured they will put family aside and focus on the grand prize. >> it's north carolina and villanova. not chris and nate. leon: don't forget about josh hart for villanova as well. friends. there you go. see what happens. we'll be right back. better than this weekend's games.
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alison: it's been tw
5:57 pm
baltimore. people clean up from the storm that made a mess in our area. it includes homes and cars. kellye: some homes were damaged by the branches but others were damaged from the wind. it's considered a type i property. as we discovered, hundreds of buildings in baltimore are in similar states of disrepair. >> baltimore has its share of the vacant homes. the challenge this a city as old as ours with the blight and the abandonment, while we identify them, the resources aren't there to make them structurally sound. kellye: there are thousands of properties like this one. where the door is boarded up and so are the windows. >> the braces are holding up the structure. it would land on the sidewalk if itals and on south f
5:58 pm
street. >> they tell us that 4,500 vacant homes are considered structurally deficient. a third of them need to be inspected. >> i'm sorry that we didn't see the ones that had collapsed. we are going to hunker down to look and make sure the properties are looked at. the more severe wings are looked at every ten days. >> mayor said her coordination quadrupled spending to address the vacant hope problem but in light of the recent collapses we asked if more chances were needed. >> we are always evaluating ways to be more effective and efficient. >> my record speaks for itself. >> the state allocated another $25 million to address the vacant home problem in baltimore city.
5:59 pm
kellye: that is it for "abc7 news at 5:00". here is what is coming up next at 6:00 -- >> from high winds that rip trees out of the ground to cold. a wild 24 hours. we are tracking conditions. also ahead a big day nationwide and in the district for a raise in the minimum wage to $15. "jeopardy" is in d.c. inside look at the preparation underway to get the show ready the news at 6:00 starts now. >> now, "abc7 news at 6:00". on your side. leon: we begin with the weather. the sunny skies turn to gray. 70 degree temps are long gone now. doug hill is outside in rosslyn in the cold to look at the rainmaking its way through the area. doug: the rain is the leading edge of the studios. this is mostly light rain. take a look at the doppler
6:00 pm
yellow and the orange that are north and east of washington to baltimore. a fairly moderate line of showers. check temperatures to look at what is coming. this will all change tonight. gusty cold front will come in. clearing skies under a freeze warning from midnight to 10:00 a.m. tomorrow for areas in purple. tomorrow morning the temperatures will be 28 to 33 degrees. there is nine tomorrow but won't do a lot to warm us up. we check out the wake-up forecast and seven days in a few minutes. >> you got it. folks stay connected with the stormwatch7 weather team at


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