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tv   World News Now  ABC  April 5, 2016 3:00am-3:30am EDT

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this morning on "world news now," primary push. >> wisconsin voters head to the polls today as hillary clinton hopes to stop bernie sanders from winning yet another state. as ted cruz and donald trump look for the help of female voters in their narrowing republican race. >> a strange start to the spring season. temperatures overnight dipping well below freezing, dangerous conditions for commuters from the midwest to new england. we'll have the latest. a major price hike for popular prescriptions, the shocking study showing increases of over 100%. why pharmaceutical companies are getting away with it. and -- >> to jenkins for the championship! >> it was a super nova finish in houston. villanova beating north carolina in one of the most exciting games ever played. the overni
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the battle of the brothers comes to an epic conclusion on this tuesday, april 5th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> that was a good line. >> super nova, villanova, i like that. >> they lived up to it. >> wow, the final seconds. four seconds left on the clock. they're calling it probably one of the best nba moments in history. that's a pretty big,n caa. >> it absolutely was. it lived up to the hype. take a look at the celebrations. this is outside the pavilion there in philadelphia near bryn mar. a lot of people just out there. thousands celebrating. into the wie morning hours. >> i love my cinderella stories. they're great teams. don't get me wrong. but unc was really ahead. dipped down a little bit. i always like it when the underdog kind of wins. >> the fourth seed coming there and winning, first time in some 30 years.
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some full coverage of it. >> almost as exciting at women's basketball. >> that's tonight. >> that's tonight. >> that will be fun. almost as exciting. well, okay. thank you. but yeah, of course we're going to get to the other big competition taking place tonight. >> also tonight. >> critical contest in the race for the white house with the front-runners on both sides facing an uphill bat. >> they sure are. hillary clinton locked in a tight match-up with bernie sanders in wisconsin. they're both looking ahead to the next big state, agreeing to debate in brooklyn next week before the new york primary. >> donald trump hoping to bounce back from a difficult week enlisting his wife to deliver a rare scripted speech on his behalf. it's your voice, your vote. we get the latest from abc's megan hughs. >> reporter: donald trump didn't sound like his usual confident self on the stump monday in wisconsin. >> if i think area going to have the delegates but who knows. who knows. >> reporter: polls show the republican front run ser
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to lose the badger state to senator ted cruz. already sounding like the victor. >> donald trump's angry screaming cursing yelling attacks, people are tuning it out. >> reporter: trump floundering in recent days after his campaign manager was charged with battery of a female reporter and after trump's incoherent answers on abortion. >> melania, come. >> reporter: on election eve trump called on his wife melania hoping to close his gaping gender gap with women. >> no matter who you are, a man or a woman, he treats everyone equal. >> reporter: a cruz win in wisconsin will make a contested gop convention far more likely. >> i don't want to get hillary clinton more nervous than she already is. >> reporter: even though hillary clinton has what she now calls a nearly insurmountable lead nationally, bernie sanders is pressing her hard in wisconsin and in her home state of new york. >> i'm absolutely confident i will be the nominee. >> reporter: even with a wisconsin win to beat clinton, sanders would need
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nearly 3/4 of the remaining delegates. the latest wisconsin polls so bernie sanders with a slight edge. it's within the margin of error so it's a virtual tie. reena, kendis. >> thanks to megan there. the other major story we're following this morning is the crash of a sight seeing helicopter in tennessee, all five people on board were killed when the chopper went down near the great smoky mountains park. abc's diane macedo is joining us now from the newsroom. >> good morning to you. the faa is launching an investigation into what made this helicopter go down. time lapse videos shows the moment of impact. you can see clear blue skies, then suddenly thick black smoke emerging from the trees. he investigators found no sign of life. >> there's not much life. the helicopter's pretty well consumed in the fire. >> reporter: the victims were on a sight seeing tour, an activity tuft popular are tourists. this isn't the first time it's ended badly. in
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field. six years before that, another into a nearby mountain leaving the pilot with critical injuries. a aviation expert is warning people to be careful as their safrt record isn't great. a number of things can go wrong. we'll have to wait to see what the faa say about what it go wrong in this case. >> thank you. we're going to get another update in our next half hour. >> new details this morning from the investigation into sunday's deadly train accident south of philadelphia. officials say the train was going 106 miles per hour when it you can have a backhoe that was on the same track. the speed limit in the area is 110 miles an hour. the train's engineer applied the emergency brake five seconds before the backhoe was struck killing two workers. today, investigators will be interviewing work crew members who witnessed the accident. from the great lakes to the northeast, it looks and feels as if winter is back. not only are the temperatures
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know and siice. more now from abc's rob marciano. >> reporter: spring storms giving millions another taste of winter. heavy snow wreaking havoc in upstate new york. a bus carrying three dozen college students flipping upside down north of albany -- luckily, no life-threatening injuries. but south of rochester, one person killed and 13 taken to the hospital in this wreck. -- in this accident. >> my heart is broken. i don't know who they are. i'm -- it's just sad. >> reporter: investigators trying to determine if the van driver was distracted. this blast, the second in two days. a massive pileup on i-88 sunday amid whiteout conditions. no fatalities here, but south of boston, two people inside this bmw killed after a rotted tree cracked in the wind. brian easton watched it all happen. >> i ran out to the car and i screamed a couple times, "are you okay? are you ok
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>> reporter: wind gusts over 60 miles an hour in spots. more than 100,000 losing power. even hardy new englanders have had enough. >> i don't want any more of at's where i'm at right now, nestly. >> reporter: and mother nature messing up baseball's opening day. home openers in cleveland and new york, postponed. >> behind this cold air even out of the snow zone, brutal windchills and here in the snow zone, some of these slushy roads will be slick. rob marciano, abc news, framingham, massachusetts. >> californians are you the canning back on water use coming close to meeting goals set by the state. residents used nearly 24% less water between last you know and past february compared to the same months. 2013. governor jerry brown ordered a 25% reduction. this was met in part by watering yards less and taking shorter showers. the state is now in the fifth year of drought despite heavy rain and snow from el nino. in southern california, two homes destroyed by a fire that quickly spread from a recycling home. one additional home and
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attached garages were partially damages. smoke filled the air as crews battled the blaze. >> a rescue from a burning apartment in chattanooga caught on a police officer's body cam. now, police were at the apartment complex on another call when a resident reported smoke inside an apartment. they found a burning pot on stove and a man lying unconscious on a couch who had fallen asleep while cooking. one of the officers pulled that man to safety. >> another milestone stemming from the worst oil disaster in u.s. history six years after the bp oil spill. a judge granted final approval for $20 billion settlement. the money will be paid to the u.s. five states and local governments. but environmental groups are angry that much of it will be tax deductible for bp. the company had already reached a similar settlement with businesses and residents. the offshore explosion killed 11 workers and caused 134 in illon gallons of oil to spill into the gulf of mexico. parts are of th
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oil pipeline shut down. there may be a leak in south dakota. a farmer reported finding oil on the ground. crews are digging down to the pipeline to find the source that have oil. residents wonder why the hi-tech detection systems didn't report the problem. that part of the pipeline will remain shutdown for the rest of the week. all right. as we mentioned at the start of the show, villanova is the new champion of men's college basketball. the wildcats were facing north carolina last night in houston and fell behind trailing by five at halftime. >> but in the second half, villanova got hot. building a lead over their own. the tar heels clawed back into down into the stretch. marcus tied the game at 74. on an incredible three-point shot less than five seconds to play. on the final possession of the play, chris jenkins nailed the championship winning three-pointer as time expired. >> that was a big shot. that's one i'll remember forever,
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with this group of guys, this team, i'll remember it forever. >> we should remind you it's villanova's second national title. the first in 1985. thousands of studentsed inned flooded into the quads on the campus near philadelphia. some lighting small fires. at one line a line of mounted police came through in an attempt to disperse the crowd. what's up with the bonfires after big wins. >> they were excited. everything was calm for the most part. >> they need to burn the place down? why can't you hold your iphone up? >> the funny thing is in philadelphia, they expected the students to climb the pole. so yesterday crews spent the day greasing the light poles. >> you're kidding. is that true. >> true story. >> that's a good detail. >> our powerhouse station was reporting that. still some students made it up to the poles there. >> the villanova fans do have plenty to sbras as does anyone who picked the wildcats in
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bracket poll. one girl in indiana picked nova. >> 17-year-old rebecca gentry picked all but three tournament games correctly. she had middle tennessee over michigan state. >> wow. >> and she hispaniced steven f. austin over west virginia. >> who picked them for anything. a woman. >> i just would like to remind all the men watching it was a woman. >> gentry says she's not a sports fan and only filled out her brackets as part of a class project. she also says she's unlikely to fill out a bracket for next year's tournament. >> miss gentry, come on down. you're the next host of sports with reena. >> there she is dancing all the way to the bank. jack, who won? >> congratulations to george in the back. >> george. >> he had villanova. >> we should have had a live cam on george. >> how much did he win? he didn't win because he can't bet. but george, congratulations. you win our
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gets his money. i hope all of you foreclosed up into the pool. >> there's no pool. i don't know what you're talking about. >> coming up later in the mix, a look at how the most famous tar heel is reacting to the game's outcome. >> are you really not allowed to do a pool. >> i'm going back to being a fan. >> police on a high speed chase, the dangerous highway maneuvers and how it finally ended. >> and drug prices on rise. the new numbers this morning and why the most popular prescriptions keep going up. i'm rooting for sunni oswego next year. follow us on instagram, abcwnn for our behind the scenes pics. you're watching "world news now."
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impact video, a teenager faces serious charges after leading police in oregon on a high speed chase. the end of that chase captured on this video as the stolen ford skids across the interstate before heading into the opposite direction. the 15-year-old behind the wheel was finally arrested when he put his hand in the air and got out of the truck. well, questions of financial propriety are being raised here at home over the soaring costs of america's most popular prescription drugs that treat art right, cholesterol and asthma. >> new analysis finds major drug companies have more than doubled the price of f
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nation's top ten drugs. >> reporter: new data suggests martin cell little the bad boy of pharmaceuticals who boosted the cost of a drug by 5,000% isn't the only pharmaceutical executive now accuses after hiking prices. what do you say to your critics to people who say you're just being greedy. >> i think they have a fundamental misunderstanding of the way pharmaceutical companies operate. >> reporter: four of the nation's top ten drugs have increased more than 100% since 2011 based on a new reuters analysis. the price hikes show up across a variety of commonly used medicines, even nexium is up 54%. why? >> in. the united states, there is nothing to stop a drug company from picking any price they want. >> reporter: when reuters shared its findings with the eight companies that sell the top ten drugs, some of the companies explained they set prices to recoup investments in failed drugs, support new research and pay for clinical trials. many of those
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defended their costs saying their medications help prevent much costlier hospitaldations. linsey davis, abc news, new york. that's interesting. >> coming up in our next half hour, an the hot button issue of cyberbull ying. what some kids are telling us they haven't been telling their parents what happens on their cell phones. >> coming up, a reality check for the grandparents. why choosing where you spend your golden years can make or break your plans for retirement. you're watching "world news now." >> announcer: "wor
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♪ okay. so while millions of americans cram to finish those income tax returns, many others are looking at more long-term deadline. retireme.
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climate and beautiful scenery to consider when it comes to choosing where you spend your golden years. abc's rebecca jarvis explains. >> reporter: debbie and john moore of arlington, texas, soon to be empty nesters hope to sell their home and move to greener pastures for retirement. >> our daughter is starting college in the fall. so always thought about going someplace close to the mountains. >> reporter: many couples, deciding when and where to move can be a challenge. >> we think it's really important people focus on their own priorities. is this new community going to offer me the things i want. >> reporter: experts say you need to consider many factors when choosing where to spend your golden years. most important, cost of living. since your income will decrease, you want a city that's affordable. look for places where the economy is growing and the unemployment rate is low. in case you want to pick up a part-time job on the side. access to quality health care facilities, and finally, a place
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activities including golf courses or lakes for fishing. > people are going to be healthier if they're involved in activities. >> reporter: according to forbes annual list of best places to retire, there's a few cities they say fit the bill. abilene, texas, where the cost of lynning is 17% below the national average and average home prices are $142,000. cape coral, florida with its its warm weather and good cost of living and great falls, months month for its strong economy and easy access to doctors. >> do your research and be very clear what's most important to you. >> for me it's balance. balance with leisure. >> reporter: rebecca jarvis, abc news, new york. >> get saving. > yeah. still looking at those tips. that's interesting. >> yeah. learned anything? >> i'd like to retire at 50. how do i make that happen. >> i hope that's rebecca's next -- >>
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we're going to start this mix" with the ncaa tournament. you remember years ago when michael jordan was put into the basketball hall of fame. there was a photo of him crying. > i remember this one. >> it has taken on a life of its own. of course, he went to the university of north carolina who got beaten last night by villanova. the internet took on that meme of that photo of michael jordan there sitting in the stands there be all weeping. here's another one. take a look. do you remember the young girl with the flute from last year crying over the loss? >> yeah. >> now it all came together. now michael jordan during the game, he was on his phone. this is what he was looking at, at himself
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it was a thriller. >> no. >> but in all the wrong way. >> oh. >> look at that jheri curl. >> look at that. coming to america jerry curl curl right there. >> a guy can't cry without being turned into a meme? >> no, it's not socially acceptable. >> it's okay, jordan. you want to cry, you can cry anytime. we want to get next to a canadian couple who have an interesting way of presenting the sex of their new baby they're expecting. take a look at this. >> three, two, one. >> they're pink! >> it's a girl. nope, they didn't have balloons or put a photo on facebook. they did it through fire works. >> if it was blue, it would have been, if the they were blue, it would have been a boy. pink is for the girl. >> yes, exactly. >> kind of cool.
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to family and friends. going to the deny kistist is frightening for many kids. a dental clinic in illinois have a beautiful golden retriever. this little therapy dog there, and the 6-year-old golden retriever serves as sort of like a comfort dog for many kids as they go through some of the more painful experiences of childhood there attending the dentist. jo jo is the dog. he was also in sandy hook to give people comfort after the mass shooting there. >> dogs can make a difference. we've seen the number of stories we've done about dogs providing comfort and relief. >> jo jo is doing great. >> you know i love my vegetables and i love my cake. >> cake, cake. >> a restaurant in japan has come up with a perfect mix of veggies and cake. it's a veggie cake. isn't this cool? so this is from business troes la part marseille. it's a restaurant in nagoya, japan. tofu blended with vegetables f
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> it
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this morning on "world news now," chopper down. breaking details of a deadly helicopter crash in tennessee. five people on a sightseeing tour are dead. we'll have a full report just ahead. front-runners fret just ahead. in wisconsin, hillary clinton and donald trump hoping that the latest polls in wisconsin are wrong. the critical contest looking to be a major turning point for ted cruz and bernie sanders. >> new this half hour, inflight meltdown. >> a flight attendant pulls an emergency chute making a surprise exit. the strange moments startling passengers once the plane landed. and the memorable years playing out on the dance floor. who walked away last night with the highest score and who got the boot on "dancing with the stars." that's ahead in "the skinny." it's friday -- actually, it's tuesday, april 5th.


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