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tv   ABC7 News at Noon  ABC  April 5, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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as we look outside this new, do not let the sun full you. and the four you had outside today. -- bundle
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of before you head outside today. chief meteorologist doug is here. doug: we warm up. we take a couple steps forward and then a couple steps back when it gets colder. tonight, we're going to take a lot of steps back. it's going to get really cold with temperatures in the 20's in most areas. look at the freeze warning from the mountains all the way eastward to the bay and the atlantic ocean. a very cold night today. temperatures this morning in the 20's to 30 at reagan national. for the noontime temperature. it is unseasonably cold. that is an understatement. at no extra charge, the bonus of these winds kills. feels like 30 in washington. through the afternoon, tons of sunshine, but it will be mighty cold with gusty breezes, highs only in the mid 40's, and with that, it will feel like 30's all day. warning in effect tonight. 27 degrees to 30 and most of the area. you
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, especially the shore. because of a little bit of a breeze off the day, you will be slightly below freezing. it will be a really cold, wintry night. police investigating yet another report of will it's hitting a home in prince william county. suzanne kennedy explains it is just the latest in a string of more than half a dozen similar incidents in woodbridge and manassas. suzanne: this is the latest in which -- the latest neighborhood in which the latest shooting is being investigated. take a look behind me. you can see the bullet holes in the siting of this home. prince william county police say they have had a string of incidents like this one. back in february, five townhouses were hit and a community that sits right next to a school. aredents here
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this violence has spread to their community. >> it's too close to home. it is scary. it is way too close to home. this is a very quiet neighborhood, excellent neighbors all around me. people want to look out for each other. people help each other. -- i hope theyh catch the people doing this. authorities say they do not believe -- suzanne: authorities say they do not believe these incidents are related. jumy: thousands of police officers are gathering or the funeral of a virginia state trooper who was shot last thursday at a bus station while taking part in a training exercise. sam sweeney has more on the final respects being paid today. enforcement officers from as far away as michigan are here to pay their final respects. the service, as you said, is happening in hampton, va,
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out of newport news. in the past, members of the virginia state police spoke of the trooper's accomplishments. his former partner gave a touching eulogy, and describing and thebreakable bond officer's affection for his children. the superintendent of virginia state police described the former marine as someone so intelligent he made it to the counterterrorism team with the virginia state police in less than tito of years, something few ever accomplished. years, than two something few ever accomplished. >> he is a natural. his personality and his experience made him a perfect fit for cci. day on and off duty that he was a true professional. he had exactly what it takes to be a law enforcement professional, to be a virginia
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state police trooper. he had integrity. he had fortitude, character. he was fair-minded, and lord knows he had compassion. sam: the trooper leaves behind two children and his wife. he will be buried later on this afternoon. jummy: such a tough and sad story. thank you. one person had to be cold from an overturned car in arlington on route 50 and north fillmore street -- one person had to be an overturned car. no word on the extent of injuries or what caused the crash. for drivers backup during morning rush hour. the question now is how the rest of the roadway is looking noon. jamie sullivan checks traffic. jamie: we are setting off with traffic not too bad. not bad at all if you are goin
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closer to 270. the issue is getting to that stretch on the outer loop through prince george's county. that is where we have the heaviest stretch of traffic. of course, midday construct week -- midday construction we are seeing. quiet right now on the gw parkway. happeningidday work on that rant heading southbound to exit and get to the airport. there will be a detour posted, but the north entrance is not affected at all. 395 looks good. we have a little bit of slowing on the outer loop with a truck and oil spill involved before st. barnabas road. the right lane is blocked because of this. you drop down to about 11 miles an hour. thank you. we switch gears now and bc lawmakers are considering a proposal to eliminate the so-called tampon tax as part of a growing movement around the country that some say on rarely punishes
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in northwest this noon to explain what this means to us. john: good afternoon and you are right -- it is a growing movement. the argument is that all women around the world have no choice but to buy products like these. this afternoon, lawmakers in the district are making the argument -- why are they charged a sales tax as if they are buying a soda? the wilson building, the d.c. council has taken up a number of issues including what is known as the tampon tax. at least five states including maryland, california, and new york have already made modifications, if you will, to the long-standing sales tax. today, at-large councilmember a need a bond is introducing legislation that would no longer tax product considered essential such as and children tampons and diapers. now on average a woman spends about $70 a year on
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feminine products. the sales tax in d.c. is currently 5.75%. it's part of mother nature. we should not have to pay taxes on him thing that god intended something for a woman to do. it just really don't make sense. i know they are not that pressed for money. is not taxed. there are some natural functions that women and the bees, in particular, have, and we has been taxing the utilization of their materials, it seems, forever. john: right now in the district, prescription drugs and medical products like wheelchairs and pacemakers are currently exempt from a sales tax. councilmember a need a bond and at least three others today say this should be no different. jummy:
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also today, a maryland house hearing will be held on noah's law, named after a montgomery county police officer who was killed by a suspected drunk driver. it would require drivers convicted of a dui with a .08 or higher alcohol -- blood-alcohol ve and ignition lock installed on their cars. meantime, the irs headquarters building where the fire started in the basement is closed today. the building was evacuated monday afternoon. the irs says employees who can work a work -- who can tele should plan to work from home today. baltimore prosecutors want to force officers charged in the death of freddie gray to testify against one another. prosecutors filed one another asking officer miller to testify against
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before facing his own trial. under the maryland immunity law, miller can be compelled to testify, but the law stops the state from using what he says at his own trial. investigators say the engineer of the amtrak train that crashed just outside philadelphia over the weekend applied the brakes five seconds before striking the backhoe that was sitting on the track. the train was going 106 miles per hour in a 110 mile per hour zone. the backhoe operator and track supervisor were both killed in the incident. 30 passengers were also killed in the incident. the ntsb is still investigating why the construction equipment was on the same track as the train. coming up, a terrifying explosion at a school in california. the bizarre object sparked that deadly incident. plus, the ballot at the -- the battle at the ballot box.
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did you see it? the electrifying end to the ncaa championship? we have highlights from that game. plus, doug will be back with his final forecast when we return after the break.
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jummy: an investigation is under way right now into a helicopter crash in the smoky mountains in tennessee. the chopper was on a sightseeing tour when it went down.
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killed. the chopper appears to have come down about a mountain and crashed right at the foot of it. still no word on what caused the crash. authorities say an 18-year-old was killed and a 17-year-old injured after a model rocket exploded at a southern california high school after school let out on the basketball elementary school. officials say the boys were apparently using a small propane cylinder to make a model rocket inn that cylinder exploded someone's hands. it was so loud, some thought it was a sonic boom. >> nobody could really discern what it was because it was a huge explosion. officials are still investigating the incident. the school is closed for the day. vote 2016 ando another big day in the race for the white house. voters head to the polls in wisconsin for pivotal primaries. ted cruz
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nomination for donald trump, and bernie sanders is hoping to pick up momentum. onan hughes has the latest the high stakes for both parties. megan: voters in the badger state cast their ballots today with a lot on the line. trump: you're going to have a big voter turnout, a big surprise today. megan: donald trump sounding optimistic to leave behind ted cruz. trump hoping his wife is his secret weapon to help him will women voters. a: no matter who you are -- a man or a woman -- he treats everyone equal. trump: they run an ad attacking you. is that painful? i have a tough skin. i think it's not fair that they are attacking family, wives, children. megan: cruz
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blames the trunk campaign for a tabloid story accusing him of infidelity. >> have you committed adultery? i have not. that attack is complete and utter garbage. s: do not tell her this, wini think we win here, we in new york state, we are on our way to the white house. is on her way to new york. that new york primary is the next big one for both primaries. another big day of races is a week after that. another big story we are following -- the weather, of course. if you stepped outside today, you know it's cold out there. we only got up to the 30's. doug: we will have an even colder night tonight
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for many areas. maybe some parts of the area might see snow showers. thanks for the good news. doug: let's get started with what we are watching across the area. time lapse from spotsylvania, virginia. day this time of april with sunshine in the sky, we would be pretty much cruising our way through the mid-50's now, but we are lagging behind. int you will not see here -- fact, we had a couple of snow showers early in the morning with the frontal passage not far from spotsylvania. a number of reports from that. abc 7's richard reeves took this picture off his death this morning. we are kind of stuck in this pattern. as i mentioned a few minutes ago, a couple of steps toward spring weather and back to the weather pattern and this is what we have now. these are temperatures we see mid day, usually in the middle of december,
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not the middle of april. 38 in annapolis and 40 -- that's warm -- at reagan national. we will climb through the mid-orders for the afternoon, it with persistent wind, will feel a lot colder. plenty of sunshine. the sun is high enough and intense enough now that you feel the radiant warmth very clearly. even a day like this, you leave your car parked outside in the sunshine, you will be cold and when you get in, it is really warm. nature is fighting in a losing battle. another big setback coming saturday with cold air. wind out of the north right now with clouds moving out of the area. futurecast shows the northerly wind flow will change a little bit. away from the water influence, it's going to be cold again with temperatures in the 20's. get through the day tomorrow mo
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through thursday, thursday morning with more rain. then cooler temperatures. here is the big area under the freeze warning tonight. it's widespread from the mountains all the way to the atlantic ocean. everybody has to watch out for a freeze overnight. might wind up near 32 at reagan national. we still have this up and down stuff going on. 80% chance of rain. into the 60's thursday. friday, morning showers. the weekend, 40's on saturday, 52 sunday. will that be the beginning of a long-term warm up? i would not bet on it. jummy: and i thought you were coming to say that after that 65, we will just be on the up and up. doug: i would like to, but that would just be wishcasting. jummy: the buzzer beater ev
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-- the villanova wildcats bringing home the championship trophy. game.a: what a what a finish. villanova delivering an electrifying and to march madness, clinching their first title in 31 years -- an electrifying end to march madness. they defeated number one seed with unc tying it up in this incredible off-balance shot with just five seconds to go. the villanova senior taking play heand executing a has been practicing all season. >> i was going to shoot it, but i heard someone screaming in the back of my head. melissa: with confidence and faith, chris jenkins thinking that buzzer beater
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with his own brother playing for unc, watching from the sidelines stunned. wished that they would have denied me and not left me open, but, you know, i'm happy that they forgot about me or a little bit. melissa: giving jenkins a shot at what he calls a storybook ending. cats win it all. 31 years later, villanova is the king of college basketball once again! melissa: according to, more people picked villanova to lose against asheville. jummy: congratulations, chris jenkins. coming up, a new study may shine light on fertility problems in men
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jummy: 7 is on your side with a health matters for art, and a new study raises questions about sunscreen and facility. chemicals were found in some sunscreen that may alter how it works. a study out of denmark look at what he 331 ultraviolet filters u.s.ed in sunscreen in the and european union and found that they disrupted sperm function -- a study out of denmark looks at 23 out of 31 allowed in filters sunscreen in the u.s. and european
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but jamie raskin is the only abdemocrat for congress who led the fight for tougher gun laws. only raskin took on the nra to ban military-style assault weapons. raskin: i'm jamie raskin, and i approve this message.
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so the cold is sticking around through the weekend, you said? doug: a little warm up before then, but then it will be cold again. a very cold night with a tree's warning in effect across the entire region. by morning, 27 to 34. a brief warming in the next couple of days with showers cooling off on friday. jummy: thank you. thanks for joining us. we will see you tomorrow.
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