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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  April 5, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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your hands around my throat." and davenport responded, "i tried to." police responded to the incident last thursday. yesterday a judge issued arrest warrant for davenport who lives in baltimore. early this morning she turned herself in to the d.c. police and arraigned this afternoon. talking the people who knew both women the word is they had bad blood between them. six weeks ago goodie became davenport's supervisor and that made things even worse. in the court papers, at one point they asked davenport if she wanted -- sorry, they asked goodie if she wanted davenport prosecute and she said she wanted to proceed with the criminal charges and wanted the suspect arrested so she would receive mental health treatment. we'll have more coming up at "abc7 news at 6:00". reporting live, sam ford, northwes
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back to you. alison: thank you very much. see you soon. well, just when you thought winter was finished the region is feeling the coldest temperatures in a month now. chief meteorologist doug hill is here with a look rat how low it will go tonight. it feels like february. doug: it does! when you go back to the temperatures, 45 in reagan national. that is the average high for december. average high for january and february starts to creep up. this is a winter temperature. northerly winds at 12. that will put the wind chill to 39 degrees. told you about the freeze warning. it stretches from the appalachians to the atlantic ocean. a widespread freeze anticipated tonight. check the current temperatures. 43 in frederick. 45 in washington and manassas. 43 in baltimore. 42 in hagerstown. and through the overnight the temperatures will drop in the 20's to 30 downtown. 33 in brentenwood. everybody will be below freezing for enough hours to have a widespread freeze around the area. the reason high pressure overhead pushed the clouds
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off. it will be clear and cold. wake up april 6 to a winter's morning. at least there will be sunshine, though. we will talk about the warmer days, maybe. we have some. we tell you when coming up. jonathan: thank you. stay connected connected with te stormwatch7 team through the and the facebook and the twitter feeds. you can download the stormwatch7 app for your smartphone or tablet to get the latest on the forecast at your fingertips. alison: new information now in the last two hours. in the investigation into a deadly house fire in gaithersburg. police say they have identified the man whose body was found inside. theyed a his death is suspicious. montgomery county bureau chief kevin lewis is live near windjammer lane with the latest on the story. kevin? kevin: alison, investigators including the a.t.f. have been processing the charred remains of this town home for the last seven days. i was last wednesday around 10:00 p.m. when flames were seen coming from the home. firefighters
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men from a second floor window. but they could not reach 63-year-old teach salabrun who rented a room in basement. police say he was so badly burned that his fingerprints had to be used to identify him. according to a close friend, he was a divorced father of two. he made a living as a jeweler but because disabled following an accident that required -- injured his two legs that required him to use a cane. so, that friend often drove him to doctor appointments and church at the mormon temple in kensington. he described the 63-year-old as quiet but friendly. >> got along with everybody i ever met. that i ever saw him around. not argumentative at all. he was always positive. asked to do everything he gave it everything he had. >> a lot of effort to figure out what happened to tell his family what
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>> now investigators will not say if they have a person or people of interest. they will also not divulge a presumed timeline, which of course leads to the question was he killed before the fire or did he die as a result of it? more to come at 5:00, live in gaithersburg. i'm kevin lewis, abc7 news. jonathan: thanks. now to woodbridge where police are investigating after someone opened fire on a house. suzanne kennedy reports it happened really just a few weeks after another string of shootings in prince william county. >> this is the neighborhood in which the latest shooting is being investigated. it happened around 1:00. saturday morning in 13600 of lyndondale. there was a bullet hole.
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>> she saw, it is too close to home. way too close to home. this is a quiet neighborhood. excellent neighbors around me. >> authorities don't believe they're related. in prince william county, suzanne kennedy, abc7 news. jonathan: hundreds of people turned out in hampton today to pay respects to trooper chad dermyer. he was killed last thursday in a training exercise at the richmond grayhound station. we have a look at the funeral. a very emotional day. leon: absolutely. some of the mourners for today's memorial came as far away as
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that was the scene. dermyer's partner of four years gave a touching eulogy describing the unbreakable bond and his love for his season. >> chad was a natural leader. it has been comforting to hear from the coworkers. who were motivated to work harder watching dermyer work. he brought out the best in you. >> he had integrity, character, fortitude. fair-minded. reported knows he had compassion. leon: he leaves behind a wife and two children. he was
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the man accused of killing him was shot and killed at the bus station. they are trying to find out why he opened fire. back to you. alison: thank you. winchester man on a mission to return sol dog tags -- some dog tags. charlie says he was exploring with a metal detector saturday night in teachesson when he found a set of navy dog tags and they belong to tellfair horton bowls in 18956 at 30 years old. so he did research to find out that bowls lived in winchester and is buried at arlington national cemetery. so trying to get them back or place them at the head stone at arlington. jonathan: best of luck. >> a developing story out of
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being challenged. muslim civil rights group filed federal court. some changes have been made. lawyers in the new case say the class action is a tim approximatelyer way to address the wrongs that the clients suffered. alison: in thelag hour new information about the hacking of medstar health computers we told you about. the "associated press" says medstar had been warned about the flaw that the hackers exploited for years and said no patient information was compromised in the hack. jonathan: d.c. lawmakers are lookinto eliminate the so-called tampon tax. it would make those items that were essential exempt from the sales tax. five states already changed
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to include feminine hygiene products. >> we should haven't to pay taxes on something that god intended for a woman to do. viagra is not taxed. yet there are natural functions that women and babies in particular have. we have been taxing the utilization of their materials forever. jonathan: on average women spend $70 a year on fall products. sales tax in d.c. is 5.75%. alison: first, north carolina. now two other states are seeing the protests about the religious based decisions. jonathan: we will explain it to you. plus -- >> i wasn't prepare to come out and have to take the snow off the car. jonathan: spring snowstorm. alison: later -- >> i remember from boy scouts.
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alison: find out what jogged his memory to a life-saving maneuver. >> six-month shut down on rail line or not. what the general manager is now saying about the possibility. coming up.
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narrator: all that political mail mlet's simplify.lming. only one candidate has been endorsed by the washington post: kathleen matthews. as a journalist and progressive leader at marriott, she has a broad and deep facility with policy. emily's list praises matthews as pro-choice and the post says on gun control, clean energy, education and health research kathleen matthews "has greater potential, following the van hollen model, to move the ball forward." kathleen: i'm kathleen matthews and i approve this message.
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jonathan: breaking news out of ashburn. a jury just sentenced nguyen to prison. northern virginia bureau chief jeff goldberg was in the courtroom for the sentencing. we will have a live report and a reaction it 5:00. alison: firefighters in oklahoma are trying to figure out what caused a school bus filled with teenagers to go up in flames. you can see the video right there. two adults on the bus heard a large pop shortly after pulling over. they saw the fire. the 23 ninth graders were escorted off the bus. when the firefighters arrived the entire bus was engulfed. fortunately no one was hurt. jonathan? jonathan: metro new general manager went to montgomery county for lunch with the county board. this is paul wiedefeld's first meeting with the full board. our brianne carter was there as well. joins us from the
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bethesda. is he serious for closing it down for six months when he talked about the blue line going down for repairs? brianne: jack evans mentioned that last weekend. today the general manager addressing it head on. he said from this point from what he sees, he does not think there will need to be six-month closure to address on maintenance and the safety issues as well. paul wiedefeld was meeting with the montgomery county uncil today in a meeting scheduled to happen during the blizzard. when there was a shut down of the rail system. he said changes are likely to happen moving forward how they address safety issue and maintenance in the system. mr. wiedefeld addressing one thing. there may need to be track closures between the stations and the bus bridges between the two to get into the system and realize get the
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what is going on in terms of maintenance isn't working. a lot of riders are feeling pain for not a lot of gain in terms of the frac work. wiedefeld says it is time to move from a crisis to a crisis approach to a more encompassing approach to look at the areas that need to be addressed and doing it at once. >> not just looking at the fasteners or the boots or the rain. but doing something that we take care of it all at one time. >> he is expected to lay out the plans of what he intends to do. it could mean morning and evening single tracking and it could mean track closures between one or two stations. that is expected to be laid out in the coming weeks. coming up tonight at 5:00, one of the other issues many riders have been talking about in 2014. red line station they talked about water getting into the tunnel. shut down on the weekend. that is still an issue to this day.
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tonight at 5:00. alison: thank you. traffiwas a mess this morning on u.s. 50 year north philmore street in arlington. a car flipped over and all lanes were blocked. the person was tabbed but the crews were able to get the get the person out. traffic is back to normal. jonathan: hopefully it is rolling smoother for the afternoon commute. jamie sullivan is keeping an eye on it. there is red behind you. jamie: there is. the normal an commute is bumper-to-bumper traffic. this is outbound kenilworth avenue. this is a waze map. a wazer checking in and saying it's a complete standstill. it is. this is outbound kenilworth avenue. d.c. 295 from the 11th street bridge continuing toward route 50. that is where we have an accident being reported. of course, you see this solid red line. as soon as you get to 50 everything clears out. you don't have a delay. let's move to the maps. i want to show you the area.
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bridge to route 50 will take you 22 minutes. we have other delays, too. nothing involving the accidents. if you head north toward baltimore in the 20's now, on the b.w. parkway. 95 mainly the heavy traffic heading southbound. northbound we are in the clear. we had an earlier accident cleared away from maryland to virginia. still at 9 miles per hour. show you how thick the traffic is. it's very heavy now. we don't have to deal with the rain or the wet roads now. that is a look at traffic. back to you. >> 7 is on storm watch. look at this. talking about weather. the weather is screaming winter. buffalo to boston they were hit with dangerous
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they are investigating whether the snow played an accident in rochester that killed one person and injured 13 others. other accidents blamed on the weather as drivers try to adjust to the change in the weather. >> it's nuts. last week it's 68 degrees. this week it's 30 some degrees with snow. knee deep in snow. alison: forecasters don't expect the weather to change anytime soon. it is going to feel more like january. well to next week. maybe even longer. so we have the expert here to guide us through all of this. jonathan: i was checking with buddies in boston. they said it's not just the snow. today it's freezing so iced over. doug: remember february 2, with a little rodent up in punxsutawney, they grabbed him and read a proclamation. therefore -- early spring, right? jonathan: he doesn't get
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doug: i am wrong so often i don't get the red face anymore. let's get started. we will have a lot of setback temperature wise for two weeks at least. maybe longer. but spring will arrive. the birds will sing. the flowers will bloom. it will be fine. but not tonight. freeze warming. but the milder days. milder, not warmer. a wet nats home opener. we talk about that in a minute. tonight, it will be cold with the freeze warnings. widespread. the viewing area. dark purple. but southwest and all the way to the atlantic ocean up to new jersey and delaware and beyond. a freeze warning tonight. widespread. as the temperatures across most of the area will drop from the low to mid-40's now in the 20's by tomorrow morning. the temperatures are running about 18 to degrees. almost 20 degrees in spot below arch for this time of april. through the evening, the winds will diminish. good ne
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gusty. around 7 out of the forth at 10 to 15. but they will diminish. with the cold weather overhead, it will have the winds turn south in the morning to warm us up a bit. high pressure, winds from the north will go northeasterly, easterly and southeasterly. sunshine in the morning. clouds in the afternoon. another front bringing rain late tonight, through the day on thursday. if nats' home opener had 1:00 first pitch. feeling bad. the models indicate the steady rain should be out of here by be:00 or 4:00. quick take on the next seven, the regular up and down. but it has a happy ending. if you look it at the numbers and a chance of rain to get through thursday. chance of showers on saturday. temperatures in the 40's. sund
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chill. alison: back down. doug: that is the way it is working. jonathan: coming up for us at 4:00 -- >> three seconds. for the championship! jonathan: the shot heard around the world. find out the local connection to last night's big ncaa championship game. it was huge! alison: plus, well, it has been a few weeks since the eaglets were born at the national arboretum. what's next for mom, dad and the babies? still ahead at "abc7 news at 4:00".
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jonathan: "7 on your side" to answer your questions. joce sterman in the abc7 help center where you can "ask the mechanic." a handy resource. joce: absolutely. these guys are from a.a.a. midatlantic, some as far as pennsylvania and delaware to answer your questions. we will open up the hotline at 4:30. they will be open for two hours. they are prepared to answer any car care question you can throw at them. if you want a second opinion on a mechanic visit you went to, that said it will be a couple of thousand dollars to fix something they can tell you whether or not it's realistic. they can talk to you about the change in weather and what it means for your car. you request questions. they are totally prepared. here to answer your questions. open up the phone lines
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two hours. "7 on your side" here to help you answer your questions. the number to call, 703-236-9220. the phones will start ringing. the phones will be busy for the next two hours. feel free to call in with any car care questions you have. they are here to help. back to you. alison: we hear the phones ringing already. thank you. coming up on "abc7 news at 4:00" -- going to the polls. where voters are casting ballots today. whether senator bernie sanders will make it on the ballot in d.c. >> loudoun county pastor recovering at an area hospital after authorities say his
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jonathan: breaking news from silver spring now where police are on the scene of a home invasion. this happened on whispering pines driver. we are a crew on the way to the scene. we will get you more information when they arrive. alison: a pastor is recovering today after being stabbed in loudoun county. police say it was the man's own son who used the nice. diane cho has the story from purcellville. drivedryion: the victim --
4:29 pm
here and his son johnathan janney is held at the loudoun county detention center after authorities say he stabbed his father. investigators say they received a call from another family member at the pastor's home on monday afternoon in purcellville when it happened. when they got there they found pastor david janney had been stabbed multiple times. deputies say his son took off and was later caught but an off-duty officer nearby. we are told the pastor was air lited to area hospital and is expected to recover. neighbors were shock when they learned what happened. >> i can't imagine dealing with that. the parent, the physical stars will heal but the emotional scars will, you know, take a lot longer to heal. diane: johnathan janney is being held without a bond. we have more on what happened in the moments before the stab took place at 5:00. in loudoun, diane cho, abc7 news.
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alison: turning to the weather, grab a coat if you are going out. there is a chill in the air. jonathan: it's chilly, doug! doug: it is. bring back some of the great pictures of the cherry blossoms, though most of them are gone now. austin bond was on vacation from north carolina. shared beautiful pictures that refound that are gorgeous. who would think going in the fifth day of april we look back a week to think it was warm back then. you kind of crazy. we had snow yesterday. we reported four to five inches in boston. we take a look to make out this is northern new jersey. this is satellite image today with the clear skies help us get it. so it's all snow-covered here. fresh snow cover from the coast to canada. we stay south. but this is crazy stuff for early in the month of april.
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we have a freeze warning. the numbers are mid-20's by morning. hagerstown is 28. 26 in hancock. chilly. we get warmer tomorrow. sunshine in the morning. clouds in the afternoon. 58 for a high. for the nats home opener a period of rain. most steady rain should be finished. that's all i have to say. jonathan: they are going to try to put bernie sanders back on the ballot. mayor bowser says she will sign it. today talking about politics all eyes on a chilly spot of the country. wisconsin. democrat and republicans have primaries today. stephanie ramos joining us. talk about the candidates. for those
4:32 pm
with the campaign trail, they shake a lot of hands to win votes. >> they do. to say it is cold here, it's an understatement. it's freezing here. it has not stopped. really on the ground, trying to get voters' attention. hillary clinton was here this past weekend. she is in new york. trying to get voter support of the new york primary in two weeks. for the g.o.p., if donald trump doesn't win tonight he will have a heard time to clinch the nomination. jonathan: nobody knew that wisconsin would be a prize. wisconsin seriously is in play right now. what is the voter turn-out like in the state? do we have any idea?
4:33 pm
expected to be high. 1.75 million people expected to turn out. since they have a tough voter i.d. law thousands of people have had a difficult time to get in the polls. a lot of them is minority and the college students, which is the core of the bernie sanders supports. jonathan: get back inside. alison: we thought it was cold here. new developments in the mississippi. this is where governor phil bryant signed controversial religious objections law. the measure lets public and private businesses refuse services to gay couples. the deciding factor is the business owner religious beliefs. she is calling it discrimination. protection for members of the lgbt.
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$3.6 million expansion. brought 400 jobs to the state. several protest held in d.c. in the last few weeks. paypal said all people had the right to be treated equally with dignity and respect. tennessee lawmakers sending a bill to governor's desk to make the bible the state's official book. the book is significant in the state's history but critics say it's unconstitutional to sacrilegious. governor has not said if he plans to sign the bell but said he opposes it. jonathan: a shocker. in an election year, americans say they are not satisfied with their government. a new poll find three out of four american voters don't think the public officials care much about what they think.
4:35 pm
think their believes are being attacked. i was a decent size sampling. alison: 13-year-old baseball player getting attention for the biggest save of his career. his coach's life. he said he thought isaac was joking when he fell over but he realized it was no joke when the coach wouldn't respond. nathan called 911 and then he remembered he knew c.p.r. >> i remembered it from boy scouts from years ago. lock your hand and push on his chest. >> without the c.p.r. he would be gone, he would be dead now. alison: his heart was 100% blocked. he was suffering a massive heart attack. if it wasn't for his 13-year-old boy scout, he probably wouldn't be al
4:36 pm
>> two things come to mind. he will make eagle scout like that. and never going to miss a game. get a lot of playing time. any position he wants. alison: young age to be so clear headed. jonathan: the boy scouts learn these things and it comes back to them. life saving tool. coming up for us at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- a fine feathered family. find out what is next for the eagles at the national arboretum. alison: the phone lines are open for you if you want to ask the mechanic today. we have the phone bank set up. give them a call. 703-236-9220. get your answers to all of your car questions. jonathan: but first -- >> you will prove anyone can do anything if they want to. the stars play tribute to the best and the worst years of their lives through dance. alison: a live look for you at the progress on the "jeopardy"
4:37 pm
hall. you can watch the live stream as the stage begins to take shape. you can watch it anytime on your website. by the way, c and d street between 17 and 18 will be closed at various points the next week. week and a half for the "jeopardy" taping. you can find specifics on the road closures at
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jonathan: the largest oval blue diamond ever to appear at auction sold for whopping $32 million. look at that. the rare 10.10 carat rock. it's the target of an attempted jewelry heist in 2000. but police were tipped off so they switched it with a fake and caught the thieves in action. a beautiful stone. alison: so much of the costume jewelry is so good you can see how they could switch it out and you wouldn't know the difference. jonathan: you can get costume for $20. i'll get it for you. "dancing with the stars" took a trip down memory lane. alison: but for a couple the trip is over. ki
4:41 pm
from week three. kidd: week three of the "dancing with the stars" gave us the good and bad. the star danced the memorable moments. let's start with the good. kim took us back to the days on "facts of life. " super bowl champ von miller shows us more than dancing. nfl great antonio brown stole the night when the son joined him on the das floor. and proved again that he is the one to beat this year. and nyle had the crowd on their feet. now for the bad. neesha looked like she didn't show up to dance. her memorable moment when she walked away from the o.c. last night she walked away from "dancing with the stars." >> the couple leaving now -- kidd: the second elimination of the season.
4:42 pm
life. this is something i have no clue about. it will be interesting training and i can try something new. was it way harder than i thought it was going to be? sure. kidd: i'm kidd o'shea. abc7 news. alison: coming up here on "abc7 news at 4:00" -- taking root. the local students taking part of last year of obama white house tradition. >> chris jenkins delivered the shot around around the world and he is a graduate of gonzaga high school in d.c. what the high school coach said about the shining moment.
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alison: "7 on your side" to get answers to your car question. we have a team standing by in the abc7 help center so you can "ask the mechanic." they will anxious your calls until 6:30.
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is getting ready to welcome back the heroes. the men's basketball team is due back on campus any minute. rally is scheduled at the football stadium. that is scheduled for 5:00. 15 minutes away. this after last night's second shoot that sealed the season. the last second the clock runs out. watch. >> three seconds. mid-court. jenkins. jenkins. for the championship. jonathan: that is money. >> they call him the "big smooth" and he lives up to his title. did you know big smooth's name is kris jenkins and he from the area. alison: my favorite shot is when you saw the kids at school celebrating when they saw the shot. unbelievable. scott abraham is here now. it is fun to have local reaction to the play. scott: amazing moment. i don't think i'm alone. i let out a primal screen when he made the shot. my wife was sleeping on the couch. a great local connection as well. a true
4:47 pm
the gonzaga college basketball community. in d.c. kris jenkins proud graduate of the school to deliver the game-winning shot and a national title for villanova last night in houston. after the buzzer beater went in the entire world was in shock. except for maybe one person. kris' high school coach at gonzaga. steve turner has seen him make the shot so many different times. an emotional moment for a coach who witnessed one of hi boys making arguably the biggest shot in college basketball history. >> why do i feel like tears were shed. >> i wasn't by myself. i was in front of people in a bar. i had an opportunity not to just let it out. you feel for him in te motion came out. i cried a bunch of tears. scott: he barely got any sleep last night and hopes
4:48 pm
what an amazing moment for the kid. jonathan: his mom shot him how to play? >> his mother is a great shooter. a great moment for for whole community. alison: it was. jonathan: defines "clutch." scott: no doubt. alison: all right. see you later. one more sports note for you here. this season you can watch the entire nfl games on twitter. they obtained rights to stream the games that are on thursday night. twitter beat out facebook, amazon and verizon for the rights to this. jonathan: wow! the national arboretum famous eaglets are two and a half weeks old. plans now are being made for the future. they are saving for college. they have a college fund. alison: of course. >> chris papst is in the newsroom with the update on how it is going. hey. chris: the eaglets may not know it but the next few weeks will be busy for them. plenty f
4:49 pm
at the eaglet nest. experts at the d.c. department of energy and environment tell abc7 the eaglets are growing up fast. the feathers are coming in as they lose baby fuz. they are gaining a pound every week. this time next month they will be 12 pounds. they will likely track the birds so they can be tracked throughout their lives. it will go on their anklet to provide the information about the eagle, the age, location, where it was born and measure the wings and take blood to see how healthy they are. in addition, the eaglets currently known as dc-2 and dc-3 will get new names. that is expected by the end of april. in the newsroom, chris papst, abc7 news. alison: okay. we'll be watching for that.
4:50 pm
students from bancroft and harriet tubman elementary schools joined michelle obama for her last spring planting in the white house garden. the students helped to break ground on the garden seven years ago. we have more on today's crop at 5:00. jonathan: all right. see, tuesday and we are looking ahead to the weekend. we should do that as soon as montana -- monday starts. alison: is it as cold? steve: cold and a few flakes of no. baseball this weekend. d.c. united. a lot going on. back to the white house garden, they might want to cover it up tonight. freeze warning in effect. it includes the district. anything you may have planted. you should have waited to plant. alison: call the white house to let them know. steve: outside we go. looking out at the potomac. from the torpedo factory in old town alexandria. judging but the sunshine you would say it's a nace and warm day. not the -- nice and warm day. not the case. 45 at reagan national airport. the temperature
4:51 pm
area are holding in the middle 40's. the wind chill factor makes it feel cooler. in the upper 30 to the lower 40's for much of the area. here is our forecast for tonight. under mainly clear skies 272034 degrees. freeze warning in effect. it includes the district, arlington, fairfax, montgomery, bridge george's county. southern maryland until 9:00 tomorrow morning. if you planted anything early you will want to cover it up tonight. 58 degrees for a high tomorrow. lower 60's on thursday. talk about the upcoming weekend. a lot going on. d.c.-unit versus vancouver. temperatures fall through the 40's. we have a mix of sun and clouds. on sunday, saturday and sunday we have the nationals playing. we are going to look for blustery conditions. maybe a snowshower or two on saturday. highs will be around 50 degrees. let's get a chick of the evening rush hour commute. here is jamie sullivan. jamie: what we have now is slow traffic. i want to start off with what
4:52 pm
outbound new york avenue the traffic is from the third street tunnel continuing to 295ment inner loop through montgomery county, 270 spur to 95 in maryland, 25 minutes. averaging 30 minutes southbound 395 from the 14th street bridge continuing to the capital beltway. only about 20 miles per hour. when you hit the mixing bowl you are clear to wharton. no crashes to report right now in d.c. take a live look another 66. traffic heading out of the city is slow. then you have an accident to the side. not blocking any lanes. vomum in both directions -- volume in both directions. that is a look at traffic. back to you. jonathan: thank you. coming up at 4:00 -- >> a huge consignment sale that is happening in our backyard in hyatts
4:53 pm
maryland. find out how you can get great items for your kids at a discounted price. stay tuned. full story is coming up. alison: new at 5:00, a veteran thrown off of a flight because of her service dog. the reason the flight attendant gave that made the veteran do a double take. jonathan: comek up at 6:00, maryland goes after tax repairers for suspicious returns. still ahead, how it could affect thousands of the maryland taxpayers.
4:54 pm
youthat's why you drink ensure. sidelined. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. for the strength and energy to get back to doing... ...what you love. ensure. always be you. narrator: all that political mail mlet's simplify.lming. only one candidate has been endorsed by the washington post: kathleen matthews. as a journalist and progressive leader at marriott, she has a broad and deep facility with policy. emily's list praises matthews as pro-choice and the post says on gun control, clean energy, education and health research kathleen matthews "has greater potential, following the van hollen model, to move the ball forward." kathleen: i'm kathleen matthews and i approve this message.
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alison: if you are planning a wedding, one reason you may want to elope. the average cost of a wedding more than $32,500 last year. that is an increase of $5,000 since 2010. so location, of course, makes a difference. manhattan is going to cost you $65,000 more than if you get married in alaska. the most
4:57 pm
continues to be the reception. costing an average of $15,000. leon: wow! all right. first comes love, then comes marriage and then the couple with the baby carriage and then comes the bills. we look at how to get great deals for your little ones this week. >> this is the most epic consignment sale ever. the we sale. if you haven't heard of it, now you have. you have to get here thursday through sunday. mimi shay is the founder. you have been doing this for nine years. tell us more. >> i started the we sale when i was done having kids and i wanted to sell my own items. i went to the local consignment shops. they just weren't really giving me the value i thought that the items were worth. so i started the sale in annapolis. grown from 30 consignors to 700. snowball downhill. >> this is incredible. this is half of the items they
4:58 pm
on thursday. tell us the detail. >> prince george's sports and lenning complex right next to fedex field. if you can get to a redskins game you can get to the we sale. we are here on thursday. on thursday we ask you to leave your home for safety reasons. thursday, friday, saturday and sunday. saturday and sunday are discounted days. >> wow! >> saturday is 25% and sunday is 50% off. >> if you come on wednesday you have boatload of toys. clothing, strollers, bedding, cribs. you name it. you have got it. exemptionable prices. thank you so much for everything. we will see you here in hyattsville. at the we sale. leon: tonight. a lot of effort going in to figuring out what happened. leon: a body in the ashes identified. investigators say it may not have been an accident. taxpayers
4:59 pm
a new backs of area tax forms are added to a dubious list. the names and what could happen to your return. plus, coming up big -- >> for the championship. leon: the player made it look easy. his coach at gonzaga high school said he saw it coming a long time ago. announcer: now, "abc7 news at 5:00". on your side. leon: a criminal investigation is underway in the death of a man found in a burned -- a town home burned in gaithersburg. firefighters voiced their suspension about last week's fire as the crews were still there knocking out the hot spots. montgomery county reporter kevin lewis is live at the scene. tell us, what are you hearing from the officials that are working the scene? kevin: well, investigators say they have interviewed a number of people. including the victim's two roommates that both escaped from the fire. meanwhile, one of the victim's friends spoke with us today and described the man as nonargumentive. and always
5:00 pm
>> two alarm fire along the row of townhomes turned into a homicide investigation. two escaped but 63-year-old stephen did not. his body was burned in the basement room he was renting. the death is suspicious. >> a lot of effort to figure out what happened. so we can tell the family what we learned. >> he used a cane to get around so he would often drive the divorced father of two to church and the doctor's office. >> i hope if he died it's in his sleep. not cowering from flames. >> the difficult scenes. they won't say if they have people of interest.


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