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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  April 6, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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there are three bullet holes visible in the side of this townhouse. reported to what they thought was fireworks sunday night. the home had been shot at. some of the bullets made their way to the interior of the home. >> it is definitely frightening. the major concern is injury to the property owners. thankfully, nothing at this point. it is also various times this is occurring. we are having a hard time determining if they are related or not. also say theyce have
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descriptions, making things more difficult. they do not know what is going on and whether or not the cases are related. , we will talk to people who live in the area and another neighborhood where the shooting has occurred. suzanne kennedy, abc 7 news. springs,n silver police say they have arrested a man behind three sexual assaults. the community was not warned they are on the loose. reporter: one attack happened in the middle of the day. police say the man responsible is only 19 years old and had a felony rap sheet. he approached a panhandler and told money in his
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apartment, but then he took her inside and raped the woman. in another case, he tackled a lady walking home from the metro. in one case, he assaulted a woman so brutally hurt during was ripped out. >> i do not think anybody in their right mind would want to do those things. reporter: court records show night was previously arrested for carjacking but was only sentenced to 18 months of probation. >> it is shocking. reporter: this woman lives directly behind his apartment he shares with his mother. >> it is really scary. i never knew before that such things happen here. reporter: some women say downtown silver springs can be an unpredictable place, especially after sunset. at night, you have to be ca
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qualms. reporter: detectives tell us knight confessed to attacking all three women, in one case doing it because he said he was "hungry." leon: from d.c. general to kenilworth garden and now the policel arboretum, d.c. have started a new search for any sign of relisha rudd, the little girl who disappeared two years ago. we are live at the arboretum. sam? reporter: we all remember the story. an eight-year-old girl living with her story at the d.c. general homeless shelter when the janitor takes an interest in her and she is never seen again. news conference, the police began a search at the national arboretum for relisha rudd. >> this
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reporter: police recruits were among 60 people outside the arboretum. were out said they searching once again for any sign of relisha rudd. the arboretum is near places police have searched before. as to why now, the chief was not answering the question directly. for peoplet uncommon to provide information that they have had for a long time that they provide at some later time. --orter: the arboretum is is within blocks of the holiday in where relation was last seen entering with kahlil tatum, suspected of later murdering his wife. he was later found dead, possibly of suicide. aunt is glad police have not given up. >> i am glad they are continui
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alive and let it be known that she is still missing. reporter: the search continues. the chief says they are losing dogs and will eventually use divers. >> it is not uncommon to find missing children months or years after they have gone missing. reporter: the chief says this will be a two-day operation. leave,the command bus but police say it will be back tomorrow. coincidentally, yesterday, d.c. councilmember ruby may introduce a bill that would make it a crime not to report a missing child in 24 hours. it would apply to anyone with custody of a child under the age of 14. new developments tonight after a deadly explosion at a west virginia mine. the former ceo of
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massey energy was sentenced for his role in the blast that killed 29 men. don blankenship was convicted of conspiracy at the upper big branch mine. he was acquitted of felonies that could have stretched the sentence to 30 years. his attorneys say they will appeal. leon: no break in the race for the white house. after victory in wisconsin, ted cruz is campaigning in the bronx. donald trump has events tonight in long island. on the democratic side, bernie sanders is speaking in philadelphia tonight. hillary clinton has a rally in pittsburgh. the pennsylvania primary is set for april 26. governor said he respects the bible but could not sign a bill letting the book be used for reference in subjects like history and world geography.
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despite overwhelming support in the state house and senate. he called the measure unconstitutional, saying it would have led to a loss of funding and litigation. theirseveral bills making way through state legislators and drawing new battle lines in the fight for lgbt writes. carolinasippi in north , bills in the name of religious freedom are sparking protest. jonathan has the latest. reporter: north carolina and mississippi have gotten all the attention on this one, but lawmakers in tennessee are debating a similar measure. after the so-called religious objection, the bill became law in mississippi. rallies are still calling for an appeal. >> it protects religious freedom deeplyle he -- who have held beliefs. reporter:
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businesses and government workers to deny services to gays if it violates religious beliefs. critics, including employers like nissan at tyson, say it allows discrimination against the lgbt community. laworth carolina, a similar cost the state 400 jobs after paypal canceled an expansion in charlotte. >> it was predictable. companies have no interest in appearing to side with discrimination. reporter: mounting pressure from businesses has led georgia's governor to reject a similar bill. georgia, more than two dozen corporations threatened to leave the state if the bill became law , costing the state billions in tax revenue. tennessee lawmakers are weighing whether that is worth it. .onathan elias, abc 7 news alison:
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terry mcauliffe signed a bill te the official rock of the old dominion. a group of students from community college led the push. mined neard rock was piny river in the last century and used for pain alloys. it is a beautiful rock. leon: i had never heard of it. i have seen it everywhere. alison: it is the state rock. leon: the folks at nelson county should be proud. let's talk about the weather. temperatures felt like a rock. but they did shoot up into the mile area. looking atg hill is what to expect tonight. doug:
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warmer tomorrow and drop at the beginning of the weekend. 57 in leesburg. 52 at baltimore. 56 in the nation's capital. we will see increasing cloudiness tonight. notice the temperatures do not drop off much in the metro washington area. by sunrise, good chance of dealing with rain. it will look like this, with rain showers beginning early in the morning. an area of steady rain around 10:00 in the morning, then moving out of the area. by 4:00 tomorrow afternoon, more possibilities of scattered showers. so rain could be an issue. take slickers. it will be mild. alison: sunset news to share with you. country legend
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haggard died today after fighting pneumonia from the last few months. prison from poverty and to international fame with songs like "sing me back home." >> people all across the country, even casual fans, can appreciate. ♪ says hepresident obama is sending prayers to haggard's family. longtime friend willie nelson says he will miss his friend. today was his 79th birthday. leon: his life was a country music song. alison: definitely. , 15 daysing up at 5:00 after the suicide bombings, the first brussels flight arrives. the story on the emotional return coming up. >>
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when this is constructed and completed and opened for service, people will understand why transit is so important. alison: getting on track. find out how the purple line is getting a boost. reporter: this story involves a popular bar in northeast washington and one woman's breast milk. details next. leon: and we take a look at the annual pony swim. today, the postal service announced it will be offering a .tamp featuring the ponies it goes on
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wall street. the nra. they're powerful. they usually get their way. but not with democrat donna edwards. she won't take cash from wall street banks. and when washington insiders wrote a loophole to let the nra spend dark money to kill gun safety laws, donna edwards said 'no' she's fighting to ban assault weapons and putting the safety of our communities first. because to democrat donna edwards, the special interests aren't special. we are. working for us pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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he was flicking matches on me... for my life. my ex-husband's intentions were to murder me. glenn: i made sure yvette's abuser went away for good, and put in place tougher sentences, because domestic violence can never be tolerated. yvette: mr. ivey showed compassion. i felt like i could trust him. narrator: glenn ivey. as state's attorney, a proven leader. in congress, he'll combat domestic violence, and protect president obama's legacy. glenn: i'm glenn ivey and i approve this message, because i'm on your side.
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leon: breaking news from northwest washington, where a police officer shot a dog. richard revis is on the scene. what are you hearing? what happened? reporter: this was about 2:50 this afternoon. we have to see what is happening. an officer responded to a dog bite call. he arrived. we are told a pitbull charged the officer. the officer used his service weapon and shot and killed the dog. this can be a somewhat interesting conundrum in the city. in d.c., pitbulls are legal dogs. in prince george's county, it is illegal. there has been some dispute about what you do when a dog attacks a person. in a lot of cases in the city, the dog is returned to stay in the owner's property, almost like a house arrest, until authorities can investigate to figure out what went on. in this case, it appears the officer arrived. dog chargedus the at the officer and the officer shot the dog. richard reeve, abc 7 news. alison: any mother will tell
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you the first few months of nursing can be difficult. you have to find the time every few hours, especially if you have twins. lookinggton mother is for answers after she was told to have to abandon the milk she pumped before going into a d.c. bar. we spoke with her today about what happened. reporter: if anyone deserved a fun night out last weekend, it was whitney. >> this was my first time going out since the birth of my twins. reporter: she lives in arlington and works for d.c. public schools. she was out with friends saturday night when they decided to go dancing at little miss whiskey's. bocci had bottles and a pump inside her bag. the bouncer took a look and said she could not bring it inside. >> i thought he was joking. he said, no disrespect, but why would you bring it in here? reporter:
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beverage regulation prohibits patrons from bringing outside drinks into the bar. the milk contained no alcohol, but the bouncer and manager did not budge. she and her friends came to the rock 'n roll hotel a few months away -- blocks away. the bouncer told her, no problem. generated 400has comments online. a spokesperson for little miss whiskey's says the bouncer was only doing his job and the owner will revisit company policy. >> i apologize if she felt uncomfortable. knowing him, i do not think he meant anything. me is not pleased it happened, but can't find a silver lining. >> it touched a nerve. there are people that care.
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jeff tells us he contacted the d.c. abra office, and a spokesperson confirmed a settlement agreement exists that ensures that no patron can bring outside alcohol into the bar. the office had no comment on the situation. leon: the conversation is started for sure. these frequent changes in the weather can make you irritable. some people ask if there is a change in attitude or mood. what do you mean by that? leon: nothing at all. doug: first you feel the sun, and then you are shivering. the trend will continue for another week, maybe more. we will gain and lose ground. this is not for the faint of heart. just kind of watch if this drives you crazy. we are taking you to the science center. 56 degrees
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in that portion of the county. look at the high level jets passing overhead. the clouds rolling in will be the story through the rest of the night. there will be increasing cloudiness and rain. 55 in columbia heights and silver springs. 55 in aspen hill. 56 in college park. other temperatures across the eastern u.s., look where 43. 40 degrees in boston. charleston, 68. get pulled air will into the area by southwesterly wind ahead of the rain on its way here, already pushing across ohio and even heavier rain back to the west. all this is pushing in our direction. all the while, southwesterly wind will continue to aim moisture into the area. 5:30 in the morning, showers breaking out.
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over the mountains. there may be isolated thunderstorms in the metro area. the second front is the problem tomorrow afternoon. when this crosses through the so, the skiesr will be bright, but by 4:30, start of the game, more areas of showers in the forecast. wind will turn to the west. we do not clear out until late at night. when it clears out, it will be chilly. the home opener tomorrow afternoon, looks like it will be cloudy. temperatures about 62. let's take our futurecast further into time. friday evening, a lot of sunshine. gusty northwesterly wind. saturday, the next system comes in. it will probably be in the upper 30's early saturday morning.
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above freezing. will be rainere showers, maybe all rain or snow for a brief period of time. the afternoon will turn windy and cold. next seven days, look at this. tomorrow, 62. rain and thunderstorms. fingers crossed we get the game in. saturday, cold. 45 for the high. rain showers, windy. chilly on sunday. maybe a little bit of a warm-up for a few days next week. alison: ok. thank you. there is a new rule that could add upto more fares the next time you fly. if there is any chance for a miracle, it would be there. leon
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family still ahead. alison: and a progress report for you. we check in on preparations to bring jeopardy to d.c. leon:
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stroand restoring aing a newbfather's faith. it's standing tall after one surgery... not six. stronger is being a typical kid... despite a rare disorder. stronger is finding it earlier... and coming home sooner. stronger is seeking answers... and not giving up, until you find them. because we don't just want your kids to grow up, we want them to grow up stronger. leon: the world health organization says diabetes
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are on the rise worldwide. 422 million people in 2014, up from 108 million in 1980. the agency blames food and beverages high in sugar. it has called for stepped up measures to increase treatment and care. an alert about medications used to treat type two diabetes. a safety review found algogliptin and can increase the risk of heart failure. the fda is adding new warnings to the drug labels. alison: still to come, the push for purple. a look at today's boost for maryland's purple line. reporter: in maryland, rapists can seek custody rights. a bill could close thlo
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lapsecheck out this time of a volcano in mexico. erupted several times tuesday. thank you for dining with us.
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oa, whoa, i got this. just gotta get the check. almost there. i can't reach it. if you have alligator arms, you avoid picking up the check. what? it's what you do. i got this. thanks, dennis! if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. growwwlph. it's what you do. oh that is good crispy duck. narrator: all that political mail mlet's simplify.lming. only one candidate has been endorsed by the washington post: kathleen matthews. as a journalist and progressive leader at marriott, she has a broad and deep facility with policy. emily's list praises matthews as pro-choice and the post says on gun control, clean energy, education and health research kathleen matthews "has greater potential, following the van hollen model, to move the ball forward." kathleen: i'm kathleen matthews and i approve this message.
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alison: a battle over a custody law in maryland is turning into a discussion over rapists' rights. josie brought us this story last year and joins us from the satellite center. reporter: if a woman is raped in maryland and ends up pregnant, there is nothing preventing her attacker from seeking custody. there is a delay to close the loophole moments from the finish line. in annapolis, every moment counts. >> it is past time. reporter: lisa jordan is advocating for a bill to cut parental rights for accused rapists when the attack results in a pregnancy. does it outrage you that someone involved in a rape can seek custody?
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reporter: so is the process of closing the loophole. the bill has been pitched seven times with roadblocks blamed on delegate jova larios. can we talk about your concerns? >> he would not answer questions about concerns, but the proposal has finally cleared the house and was supposed to go up for a vote today. >> i do not think they should have paternal rights. once to: bobby zerkin make sure the language is just right. it is also for those accused of the crime. we have to make it clear how the trial would work. reporter: the bill would set up a court process that requires convincing evidence of rape and proof the child would be best served. survivors can be left with tough choices. >> we should do somhi
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choose between abortion or risking that a rapist will try to stop and adoption. reporter: the bill is opposed right now by families advocating registering,nt those affected by the sexual offender registry. we asked for comment but have not heard back. the bill has been delayed over paperwork. dying again in committee on the opposite side of the capital. leon: thank you. let's turn to the war on terror. flights resumed at the brussels airport this past sunday. there is plenty of extra security for passengers. today was the first time one of the flights left from here, the dulles airport. , it isr: on the surface just another flight coming into the nation's capital.
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passengers, from the first like to dulles to belgium, it means a sense of normalcy. >> it is a nice perception for the people in washington. reporter: the airport partially reopened in brussels sunday for the first time since the bombing that left 30 today. -- 32 dead. >> everyone is shocked. it is nice when you feel other people's affection. reporter: even though it could be weeks or months before the airport is back at full strength, 400 flights a day, for the staff working at dulles, opening today was an important step. there were temporary arrangements. we had to go through the parking garage. reporter:
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weeks before the attacks, brussels airlines announced a plan to add a sixth flight here to dulles. >> they did a remarkable job of keeping us away from areas that were seen in the news. reporter: john gonzalez, abc 7 news. alison: delta, american, and united airlines changed pricing for multi city stops on a single trip. as a result, some travelers could pay seven times the normal price. bookt the lowest fares, tickets individually instead of using the multi-city option on a website. consumer advocates say this is an example of collusion an want the justice department to investigate. leon: new developments in the push to build the purple line. aryland public works approved $5.6 million contract for the project that
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connect counties north of the beltway. the money will come from federal and local government. ell will have reaction to the vote coming up at 6:00. alison: a five-year-old girl from ohio got to do what millions of people only dream of -- meet the pope. to rome to getew a glimpse of the catholic church and actually got a meeting. it was a once-in-a-lifetime chance. lizzie is slowly going blind due to a rare genetic disease. >> there will come a time when we have to tell her. i dread that day. right now, we do not feel it is necessary for her to know. was parteeing the pope of a visual bucket list her parents created. the pope
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her and said he would pray for the family. her parents hope to show her the wonders of the world before she loses her sight. she is also losing her hearing. leon: goes along with that disease. nice to see the family get ahead of this and have those experiences and memories. alison: a special thing they just did. leon: coming up -- >> hit me like this. ♪ this week's hero. thw a nonprofit is helping you find their voice through music. reporter: a walkout in preserving. what all 1500 students have in common. reporter:
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time magazine called chris van hollen "a hero to environmentalists, education groups, and gun control advocates" for his accomplishments as a young legislator. now a respected leader in congress and key ally of president obama, protecting planned parenthood and social security... chris van hollen is the only candidate who fought the wall street banks and the nra...and won. that's why he's endorsed by the post as the "talented successor" to senator mikulski who will "deliver results." i'm chris van hollen, and i approve this message.
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reporter: i am live in the southwest waterfront with phoenix behind me. i am getting ready for the home opener tomorrow. it will not be a pretty day. rain in the forecast tomorrow. highs eventually make it into the lower 60's. cooler for the day on friday. let's talk about the weekend. nationals baseball, windy on saturday. 45 degrees. upper 40's, around 50, on sunday.
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leon: unity, love, and having fun. a d.c. nonprofit says that is the foundation of hip-hop. they are trying to use it to transform lives and communities. ♪
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nesbitt wants to be a dj and is learning new techniques. >> there you go. getting the scratches to work the way you want is very satisfying. wallace is one of the professional artists teaching the craft to a younger generation. >> being able to build connections with people through music is my favorite thing about dj'ing. to graffitij'ing and breakdancing, words, beats, and life uses hip-hop to promote positive change. >> hip-hop is deeply rooted in being a voice for young people. >> let's take a detour. leon: in the spoken word
5:42 pm
students use their voices to pick stress themselves -- express themselves. >> it is almost like instinct to present in front of people. >> they will not look down on you. >> this gives them an opportunity to express and say, you know what, that was dope. leon: that sends an important message. >> the whole point is that they can be whatever they want as long as they work at it. , words, beats,2 and life has grown to six locations throughout the district. youthsprofit serves 150 each year through various programs. these are all free. --son: coming up reporter: he was our nations 16th president, represented in this
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the stage of jeopardy. an update on the construction progress. a woman talks about a chance encounter with a nascar star.
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alison: when you get a chance to theo, check out live stream of what is nearly nonstop -- this effort to build a temporary set for jeopardy. and 72 hours, the popular game show will start taping at constitution hall. in the spirit of jeopardy -- here is the clue. leon: if you look closely, you might spot a reporter with a hyphenated last name that spent several hours behind the scenes. who is mike carter-conneen? he is the guy waving in the lower portion of the screen. repo
5:47 pm
on the stage,nt but they are assembling the statue of lincoln center stage. to the right, they have just started assembling the contestant podiums. this weekend, several players will be standing there. likeicians, comedians louis ck. we have some buzzer advice from the show's electronic guru. at constitution hall, crews have assembled the backdrop and custom-built gameboard. besides alex trebek, it is the star of the show. >> it looked a little diminished. it did not have the presence it needed. reporter: seven trucks transported this equipment from california. every piece must be placed precisely. >>
5:48 pm
we have things down to 1/64 of an inch. reporter: teachers will be sunday with teen tournaments tuesday and wednesday. there is a reason they keep coming back to washington. >> we have great contestants from the d.c. area. they are obviously well-informed, well-educated. that is a great fit for us. reporter: to win, contestants must master the buzzer. >> before they see the "enable" 200t, they are docked milliseconds. electroniche show's system engineer offered simple advice. >> one very firm fast push. reporter: tickets for these tapings are all gone. fans
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for a chancel week to win free vip tickets. mike carter-conneen, abc 7 news. alison: here is an update on a story we brought you monday. we showed you this video of kyle busch stuck in traffic with everyone else, ironically leaving the race he just won in virginia on sunday. he rolled down the window, and a fan was wearing one of his hats. up signing it and having it back. the woman is talking about this now. , for a while, i thought you was a crazy person. i realized it was him and my mind went lank. if i had not been wearing my hat, he would never have known i was a fan. leon:
5:50 pm
like that in a car around here, it is usually not because of kyle busch. it is because the guy in front of you is not moving. alison: we know all about being stuck in traffic. reporter: it is a little loud right now on 270 because of a crash. an accident on the northbound local lane, a major accident. that is what we have near 370. we will show you the backup. some spots are in the single digits. 270 is heavier than what we are used to. you can see the solid red line heading north. , butccident is near 370 the backup starts near the divide. get ready on 270. we have a live look outside along the beltway near connecticut avenue. heavier in the outer loop.
5:51 pm
seeing in virginia. pretty much clear right now. 395 and 95 looks good. have chilly temperatures, but warmer than yesterday. not as warm as tomorrow. confused? i am. 56 in the nation's capital. clouds will increase overnight. showers possible by morning. southerly wind is keeping temperatures of it higher than recent nights. the rain, an area of low pressure, advancing to the east. it will have an impact on us in the morning. futurecast shows scattered showers at 7:00. steady rain towards 10:00. after it moves through, we may get some brief brightening skies, but in the afternoon, we have scattered showers again. friday, somewhat
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for the nats, it will be breezy. 62 tomorrow with a 100% chance of rain. wicked saturday. rain showers, snow showers. cold on sunday. warming up next week. reporter: a little rain never hurt anybody. one of our former fan favorites had an introductory press conference. robert griffin iii. some classic quotes from the first round pick. if you hear this, you might have flashbacks. >> i am excited to be here. did not have an opportunity to play football. to have that opportunity here and compete and grow, it is truly a blessing. it is one of those things. you love to do something so much.
5:53 pm
can either allow it to break you or let it build you up and show you you really love the game. it was a process last year. i come here today more excited to be with these guys. i know there is passion in that locker room that is reciprocated with what we want to do. under more pressure than a diamond. reporter: last night, the uconn women capped off a perfect season by beating syracuse. jeffersonk and moriah became the only players in history to win four titles. the coach got his 11th title. twitter. a poll on do you th
5:54 pm
's women's best ball team should be the best sports dishonestly -- dynasty right now? it is 50-50. they are playing the out with music, so we will talk later. leon: yvette: i was running for my life. he was flicking matches on me... my ex-husband's intentions were to murder me. glenn: i made sure yvette's abuser went away for good, and put in place tougher sentences, because domestic violence can never be tolerated. yvette: mr. ivey showed compassion. i felt like i could trust him. narrator: glenn ivey. as state's attorney, a proven leader. in congress, he'll combat domestic violence, and protect president obama's legacy. glenn: i'm glenn ivey and i approve this message, because i'm on your side.
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alison: we know that getting teenagersalison: to talk about their problems can be as challenging as getting them to study. for a school allowed the entire school today to walk and talk. cheryl conner explains. reporter: it is a walkout. took a lapudents around would grow high school in ille.nal bill -- purcellv >> victims of suicide, and they are young.
5:58 pm
>> i just wanted to change it. reporter: suicide is the number one cause of death among teens. more so than car crashes, in the county. >> this walk actually brings the issues to life. intoter: students walked an assembly and into more information about how mental illness can lead to suicide. one student committed suicide before he graduated, so his parents started a foundation and the walk. says her son battled depression and he was bullied. >> most of them are hiding things. they are scared to be honest with each other. reporter: a moment of silence was held. tooke are all human walk steps towards taking away the shame. >> everyone has aro
5:59 pm
lifetime. reporter: it is planned again for next year. cheryl conner, abc 7 news. alison: walking for a very good reason. , neighborhoods00 living in fear after gunshots ring out. what is being done after bullets ripped into a ninth house in prince william county? and an area student hospitalized with internal burns because of hazing. getting the green light. the future of maryland purple line as we look at what $5.6 billion can buy. abc 7 news at 6:00 starts now. >> now, abc 7 news at 6:00. on your side. leon: it has happened again. time this year, someone in prince william's county found bullet holes in their home.
6:00 pm
suzanne kennedy is there with the story. what our police saying about this? they have to be concerned these can be connected. are,ter: they certainly but right now, they have no concrete evidence that ties the shootings together. days over the weekend, with no end insight, bullets have pierced windows and bedrooms. five incidents since mid february. many of them in the eastern portion of the county. margaret lives a few doors down from a house that was hit on lindendale road saturday morning. >> we are not safe today anywhere. i do not care what neighborhood you live in. you are not safe. reporter: the most recent incident was on stockholm way in woodbridge. the homeowners thought they


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