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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  April 6, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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suzanne kennedy is there with the story. what our police saying about this? they have to be concerned these can be connected. are,ter: they certainly but right now, they have no concrete evidence that ties the shootings together. days over the weekend, with no end insight, bullets have pierced windows and bedrooms. five incidents since mid february. many of them in the eastern portion of the county. margaret lives a few doors down from a house that was hit on lindendale road saturday morning. >> we are not safe today anywhere. i do not care what neighborhood you live in. you are not safe. reporter: the most recent incident was on stockholm way in woodbridge. the homeowners thought they
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the next day their home was hit. their neighbor is nervous. >> the home is a safe place for you and your family. but you have somebody running around recklessly. it is concerning. reporter: police have increased presence in the woodbridge area. right now, they say they have little evidence to find the shooter. >> the only thing we are finding a shell casings. we do not have any independent witnesses who have seen a vehicle or an individual running away. that would perhaps lead to identifying a suspect. in some cases, shell casing's from more than one weapon have been found at the scene, leaving authorities to believe they have more than one shooter. suzanne kennedy, abc 7 news. leon: a woodbridge woman faces criminal charges for what police are calling a case of road rage. we told you about this ca
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is facing charges of malicious wounding and hit and run. police say she repeatedly hit a vehicle during the morning rush. when the man pulled over for help, she got out of her car and accused him of following her and working for isis. investigators said they thought aryell was suffering breakdown, but prosecutors will move forward with the case. more than two years after release arrived was last seen rudd wasnew -- relisha last seen alive, a new search is underway. why now? the chief is not saying. the national arboretum is within blocks of the holiday inn where rudd was seen entering a room with suspect kahlil taylor. po
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his wife before committing suicide. berry'sbetween marion widow a kidney donor will go to court. suit the woman that ran the kidney foundation. berry contends she has control over his publicity rights and did not want his name used for the foundation. in a pretrial ruling, a judge agreed with her in the exception of the foundation. that chief ofort staff of the current longest-serving member of congress has pleaded guilty to receiving stolen property. chris papst is working the story for us. what are you learning? reporter: john connors of michigan has been in congress since 1965. his chief of staff, cynthia
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receiving stolen property and agreed to pay $13,000 in restitution. martin was charged on march 9. this is her linked in page. to her social media accounts, she is an attorney and for conyers for 10 years . the first time he has had problem with staffers. he took responsibility for possible house violations after staffers said he made them babysit his son. he blamed that on a lack of clarity. we reached out to the congressman's office who said is disappointed and martin has been placed on unpaid leave. according to internet documents, she made $165,000 a year. leon: the head of the
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tsa is opening up about the moment bombs exploded at the brussels airport. he had just arrived that morning for a meeting. >> seeing the devastation, seeing the chaos of the airport a starkent, was reminder of the importance of the work we do everyday to protect travelers. senate committee there were no specific credible threats against the u.s. right now. the march attack killed 16 people. 16 more died at a nearby subway station. r days after flights resumed at the brussels airport, the first dulles flight took off today. flight 515 landed safely with more than 200 on board. for the employees of belgium's official airline, it is a small sign things are returning to normal. still ahead, the purple line gets the green light.
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million will buy from aaron -- for maryland. and what did a student eat that landed him in the hospital? first, three women attacked in montgomery county. why wasn't there a warning? and what to expect for the nats home opener tomorrow is still to come.
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>> you are watching abc 7 news at 6:00, on your side. leon: police arrest a man investigators believe is responsible for three sexual assaults in silver spring. lured say demarco knight a panhandler into an ap artment and raped her. mini one to know why the community was not warned. >> it is disgusting. i did not know before that such a person was living near me. night was previously arrested for carjacking.
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probation. a towson university student is in a hospital and a fraternity suspended after alleged hating -- hazing. a student was told to eat cat food and vinegar. the student from it at blood and was hospitalized with damage to his intestinal lining and stomach. citing privacy laws, the school says it is limited in the information it can release. >> we are trying to find out exactly what happened. there are a lot of allegations and information out there. police department is working with the baltimore county police department to find out what really happened. the university and baltimore county police are working together to investigate the incident. cappawson charter of phi epsilon has been suspended.
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everyone is happy with a decision to rename a law school after justice antonin scalia a. and they want the council of education to reject the name change. lawmakers say the decision should have been made in public. agreed to change the name in connection with an anonymous $20 million donation. coming up -- years, thesea few will be replaced by a new rail system. the purple line gets the green light coming up. leon: we have a wet commute on the way. when the rain will arrive and if it will have an impact on the home opener. reporter: potential bad news on the injury front for the wizards. is still the same.
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a sinkhole from getting bigger, but someone has to claim ownership. anne arundel county and the owner of an apartment complex each say it is not there is. people living on the edge say they are determined to hold someone accountable. the next big thing for public transit in maryland is closer to reality. public works has given a green light to the purple line. brad bell shows us what it will look like. reporter: for the first time, we can show you what maryland's long debated purple line will look like. just released images from purple line transit partners, the group which one final approval for a $5.6 billion contract to run the line. one councilmember described her emotions as governor larry hogan
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the deal. >> we have people who desperately need jobs. governor hogan hopes the project will start construction this year. >> it will connect residents to jobs and transportation centers across the counties. reporter: the purple line will , including thes university of maryland, silver spring, bethesda, and four spo kes of the metro system. >> getting home faster will be better. reporter: a typical reaction for people today waiting for buses. >> i am all for it. reporter: while there has been opposition, many others say this is a promise that people can get on the light rail system just about where these cabs are. it is expected tbe
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brad bell, abc 7 news. leon: metro's general manager is not backing away from tough conversations. he is meeting with a riders advisory council tonight in northwest washington. setening now, that jeopardy is being constructed at constitution hall. today is probably the first time it really looks like the set of jeopardy. you can watch the progress yourself on while you are online, find a list of road closures and details on how to win tickets on good morning washington if you want to see the show. this weekend, you will get a toure to take a garden of the white house
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and 16. to get tickets, you have to be there when they are handed out at 9:00. take a look at this smoke. winery inw the trump charlottesville protected its grape crop. fires were set at the vineyards lowest spots, where temperatures were in the 20's. they are expecting more frost tonight. workers will be out there burning the midnight oil or hay or whatever there is out there. doug: they will not get any frost tonight. it will be in the 40's. but we have another freeze coming saturday night. leon: i thought we were done with this. we got to the cherry blossoms. it was supposed to be easy street. doug: this up and down pattern will continue for a couple more weeks. let's get started.
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live shot from montgomery county, rockville campus. 53 degrees. wind out of the south. that is why we warmed up today over yesterday. that is why temperatures stay above freezing tonight. 54 in hagerstown. 55 in frederick. the evening will feature increasing cloudiness. 53 in the metro morning tomorrow. we will have some rain in the area. with the cloudiness moving in now, you can see the low-level and mid-level wind. now we have the rain on the move. heavier downpours as this system moves through towards our area tomorrow. we expect to see a few scattered showers around 8:00. heavy rain orome isolated thunderstorms moved through at around 11:00 generally.
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short-term forecasting like this as far as timing goes. over the ridge, there is indicating of clearing up the skies, but that will be temporary. there will be more showers and isolated thunderstorms. what does that mean for the nats home opener? there will be a chance during the game of scattered showers and thunderstorms. would i still go? absolutely. just be prepared that the weather could disrupt the game or worse. in any case, we turn colder tomorrow night. friday, in the 50's. then it gets really cold over the weekend. 60's tomorrow. chance of showers throughout the game. cooler in the seven day outlook as we head through the day friday. saturday, check this out. it will be cold and windy. highs, 40 or 45 degrees.
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scattered showers or snowflakes. maybe even snow showers. upper 40's on sunday. 65 on monday. 67 on tuesday. cooling off again on wednesday. the up-and-down pattern continues. leon: hard to get used to anything. you have to get used to seeing rj iii wearing different colors. reporter: orange and brown. leon: close to my heart. reporter: flashbacks of redskins robert. and the wizards are down an all-star. details n
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>> now, the toyota sports desk. reporter: some things never change. ,ou can say that about rj iii who had an introductory presser as the cleveland browns quarterback. >> why not be happy? game foraying a king's a king's ransom. it is really exciting. we are all hungry. we have not been here in a long time and we are going to
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reporter: the wizards are on life support, trying to get the last playoff spot in the east. chances are slim. this will not help. john wall is out tonight for a sore right knee. there are only five games left in the season. tipoff at 8:00. d.c. united is still winless this season. they will go for the first against vancouver. next six matches are at home. it is too early to panic, but there is urgency. >> we like our group. there is confidence about who we are and what we are about. there is a little urgency to get results, especially with the home stretch over the next five weeks. we have to start picking up three points in these games. reporter:
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wjla is the official broadcast home for d.c. united. see saturday's match right here at abc 7 at 5:00. the nats will go for the sweep over atlanta without ben revere. he is out with an oblique injury. starting already. leon: do not want to see the -- that this year. doug: let's start with satellite radar. 100% chance of rain tomorrow morning. afternoon, wehe may get some brief sunshine. scattered showers are a likelihood through the afternoon and evening. we will be tracking the rain tonight. possible snowflakes on saturday. leon: that is it for us tonight. world news is coming up
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tonight, donald trump's stinging loss. and what it now means. will there be a contested convention? and tonight, trump lashing out at ted cruz, calling him worse than a puppet. this, as ted cruz now looks to new york next. but cruz is suddenly confronted in the bronx. >> has no business being in the bronx. this is an immigrant community. breaking news. the middle school takedown. the student is 12, thrown to the ground by this officer. tonight, the investigation just launched, accused of excessive force. fears over fuel tonight. the passenger jet flying to california suddenly turned around. did they not have enough fuel? and how does this happen? homicide on campus. a community on high alert. students told not to walk alone, not to wear headphones, after a young woman is discovered.


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