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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  April 8, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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north and west of washington will be at or below freezing. a freeze warning in effect for the overnight as well. at we get through the day tomorrow, advancing cloudiness. we will keep this in the future. show you early in the morning 5:00, the area of the rain or snowshowers. break for a couple of hours as we get through the mid-to-the late morning. more showers of rain/or snow mixed in. unseasonably cold temperatures as a cold front, upper level storm system passes north. as a result, it will be uncomfortable outdoor weather. forecast, temperatures low to the mid-40's for highs. that is it. blustery cold winds gust to 40 miles per hour. rain or snowshowers. there could be grassy area accumulations north and west of the washington area. when the whole system clears out tomorrow night, the entire region will be under a freeze watch. we will talk about seven days and warmer days in that forecast. we'll find out in a few. kimberly: hopefully
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stay connected with the stormwatch7 weather team through or the facebook and the twitter feeds. our download the stormwatch7 app to get it at your fingertips. >> i'll be overwhelmed. i have to start my life over again. i had a life. i got locked up. i had this life. now i have to start another life all over again. leon: today, keith harward starts rebuilding his life after 33 years in prison for a crime he didn't commit. suzanne kennedy in the newsroom now with a look at what led to his exoneration. suzanne: admit head committed the crime would have helped keith avoid the death penalty but he refused to do that. he knew he was innocent. he held out hope all the years he would be exonerated. >> i knew i was right.
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the 60-year-old former navy sailor was wrongfully committed of a newport news rape and murder in 1982. he has been locked up ever since. at one point facing the death penalty. this week after d.n.a. evidence exonerated him the virginia supreme court threw out his conviction. today he walked out of prison knowing his name had been cleared. >> the detectives all through the whole situation tried their best to convince me to admit to something i didn't do. i said i would not do it. he was convicted using bite mark evidence some that say is flawed. >> how many more do we have to find to eliminate the unreliable evidence to be used where the life and liberty are at stake. suzanne: harward spent much of his adult life incarcerated. he left overwhelmed and joyful but with o
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>> what hurts the most is my parents aren't here for that. they knew. it killed him. it broke their hearts. kimberly: the d.n.a. from a crime scene was determined to match another sailor on the same ship at the same time of the crimes and who died in 2006 in an ohio prison. harward left southside virginia early this afternoon. bound for the hometown of greensboro, north carolina. live in the newsroom, suzanne kennedy, abc7 news. leon: no doubt have a great night sleep tonight. in another murder case closely and much more closely watched, they are waiting to see if he will get a new trial. this is the focus of the first season of the serial podcast. the lawyers argued for a new trial. 17 years after the murder of his ex-girlfriend near baltimore. kimberly? kimberly: we are keeping a close eye on
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prince george's county where an in-home daycare worker is being charged with killing a little girl in her care. maryland bureau chief is live with the latest. >> court documents i reviewed say the medical examiner determined that the little girl died of blunt force trauma to the brain. sources tell me the injuries were consistent with a violent shaking of the child. beatrice manning called the unlicensed day care center she ran in her home little giggles. for 14 years she cared for children and the neighbors say she has a great reputation. >> my thoughts are this. she has been a good neighbor. it appears she has been an excellent day care provider. >> tonight, beatrice manning stands chargedded with first-degree murder and child abuse. accused of killing a child left in her care.
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9-month-old savannah wright. we knock on manning's door. a voice on the other side asks us to leave. the police tell us their version of events. >> december 2 is when savannah wright was dropped off to her daycare provider. 7:00 in the morning. brad: by 11:00 a.m. it's alleged beatrice manning is calling 911. savannah she says is unresponsive. by 5:00 p.m. the hospital calls police to report the child has brain damage. she dies two days later. when the medical examiner rules death a homicide, manning is arrested >> it happened in the hands of someone entrusted with her. someone supposed to take care of her. the last one to harm the children. >> the mother's facebook page a tribute to the child. manning's neighbors sticking by their friends. >> she is a great person. and i don't have anything negative to say about her. brad: the warrant
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this week. she was booked and tonight she has been bailed out of jail. she is free. pending her trial. brad bell, abc7 news. kimberly: in arlington they are looking for a man who tried to lure two kids in a pickup truck. the boy and the girl say it happened in the $2,500 of eighth road south. that is north of busy columbia pike. little girl says she has seen this same man three times. police only have a vague description but the man was in a blue or a black pickup truck. leon: surprising development today in a case against a teenage charged in a deadly crash. two people died when samuel ellis got behind the wheel after a high school house party. kevin lewis is live on the story. what is the development here? kevin: samuel ellis was scheduled to begin a five-day jury trial on monday but out of the blue he walked into
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court today with the attorney and the loved ones. once inside he admitted to a judge that he drove drunk and in the process killed two friends. >> ellis pleaded guilty to vel lar manslaughter and -- vehicular manslaughter. prosecutors dropped three lesser charges. >> it's not uncommon to know goshate a plea -- negotiate a plea. kevin: ellis and three friends left a high school drinking party driving down a windy road, ellis crashed. 18-year-old alexander merck and calvin lee died in the wreckage. at the plea today, prosecutors said mr. ellis was driving the vehicle at a bare bones minimum of 65
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that speed caused the car to dip in a culvert and go airborne for 110 feet. all the while ripped aid part by trees. that vehicle landed on the hood. and then slid across a residential driveway. >> this is a troubling and a difficult case all the way around. it's a tragedy. >> by pleading guilty ellis faces 20 years in prison. both parties acknowledge the teen's sentence will likely be between three months and eight years. today's plea deal barely lasted 15 minute. they will expose new information in samuel ellis' sentencing that is set for june 3. we are live in rockville. i'm kevin lewis, abc7 news. kimberly: on the heels of massive inspections on metro, drivers for the district circulated buses are sounding an alarm of safety. sam ford is live on a circulator bus. we trust your bus is a safe one, sam.
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i hope so. we are at nailor road and good hope road in southeast washington. for sure it is a concern. the public and the d.c. council learn this week that the city commissioned an audit on the safety of the circulator buses. this audit here. they found that the circulator bus flunked. you see the circulator buses mainly in and around downtown. the city commission audit from last august showed the buses so poorly maintained and the counsel hearing today. the committee chairman called them -- >> dirty and dangerous buses. >> members learn that the city kept the report secret from the union and the council until this week. >> i'm happy for you to get it. i'm appalled from my end of it that we didn't get it. sam: the audit shows there were 8.2 defects on average per bus including
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critical defects. unacceptable from my standard the audit wrote. >> dangerous! sam: at a news conference before the hearing the drivers complained about the maintenance. >> you don't know if the brakes will work, whether the door will catch somebody. sam: drivers say the doors often pop open. >> if you have people standing up and the doors pop open on their own you have an opportunity to lose people on the bus. >> the city ddot inspector. >> we are obviously alarmed by the result of the audit. it confirmed our suspicions. >> he says there has been a turn-around. we have seen a dramatic decrease for the defect rate. for a councilmember it's simple. that is the determining question for all of us. this isn't an abstract discussion. would you put your child on that circulator bus knowing what you know? >> no. sam: ddot issued another statement this everything saying it is monitoring the situation with these
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and monitoring the safety. on the question of pay, councilmembers seem to be stunned that the circulator drivers were get something much less than metro drivers. in some case, as much as $8 an hour less. they say they want to fix that because they figure a lot of the circulators will get trained and then move somewhere else. reporting live in southeast washington, i'm sam ford, abc7 news. kimberly: stay safe, sam. late today two congressional sub committees announced they will hold hearings next week on metro decision to shut down the entire system for a day. remember that? it happened last month for emergency inspections. metro general manager paul wiedefeld and two federal transportation officials are scheduled to testify. leon: coming up on "abc7 news at 5:00" -- a happy, happy ending. how things are working out for violet the mastiff after being found so close to death. kimberly: plus the man in the hat. today's big day for police
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terror attack. leon: later the pope's plea. what he is calling for in the joy of love. brianne: the only local show to go one-on-one with alex trebek. what is "abc7 news at 5:00"? the story is coming up. kimberly: but first, take a moment to take in this lovely picture of the morning's sunrise. of course, really freezing this morning but jennifer e-mailed a pic at we are always happy to have you send in your pics as you see them.
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leon: this just in. fifth time is the charge for space-x. take a look at this. in the last half hour the company successfully landed a booster rocket on a barge in the atlantic ocean. four previous attempts failed. the landing came a few minutes after the rocket blasted off up to go to space. cargo for the international space station. it's up the, delivered the mission. now on the way to the station is that inflatable pop-up room we told you about yesterday. the goal is to see if the expandable modules like that will work in space. they will need them if we go to mars. kimberly: i think of a bounce house in space. leon: it works if you keep the air in it. kimberly:
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cue the music. after a week of work the stage is up and ready to go for "jeopardy" in d.c. what a production. leon: it has been. speaking of which, take a look at the time lapse of the construction at d.a.r. constitution. this is the last seven days all wrapped up in 15, 20 seconds. amazing stuff. get this. today the man himself arrived. he is here now. >> brianne carter is live at the theater after speaking with the one and only alex trebek. brianne: we know that he is intellectual. quite a sense of humor that alex trebek has as well. look where he is calling home for the next five days. fine stage getting set. we want to ask the host what it's like to be back if d.c. >> i'm just out there doing a job, trying to have fun and keep the audience entertained and informed. and you know, i have always
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reality television. brianne: he says taping in the capital brings added level of excitement and nerves. >> i try to get up more for the shows. because i know the audience is going to be on the edge of its seat. brianne: the audience in the next week in washington will be ten times the size of the audience in the show's los angeles studios. sitting down one-on-one we ask if trebek has pre-show rituals? >> i try to drink a lot. i'm a 2% milkman. brianne: he says he researches the clues and have pre-show meeting but often doesn't prepare his show opening remarks until right before he walks on set. >> i say okay, what am i going to say today? maybe this is a good point. brianne: i got to take a turn on the "jeopardy" set to write my name on the consistent screen get set to the perfect height. then the questions started rolling in.
5:18 pm
d.c. hosted the power players tournament? what is four times? maybe one of the only questions i could answer on the "jeopardy" game board. how would alex trebek do as a contestant? >> i know very little about the current entertainment scene. particularly pop music. i know who some of the stars are. but i don't know their music. i'm fairly well versed in movie trivia. american history. geography. those would be my favorite categories if they came up. brianne: one of the other interesting facts we learned today, one thing that alex trebek says can do to clear his mind, ironing. yes, get the wrinkle out of shirts. the taping begin tomorrow. first up are the power players. reporting live, brianne carter, abc7 news. leon: that place will be packed. part of c and d street will be closed f
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next week or so for the taping. make sure you get the specific timing for the closures. and also that time lapse we showed you of the stage being built. we have it available for you now at kimberly: throughout the hour we'll play "jeopardy" with jonathan elias. jonathan: play the game at home. he won 74 matches, walking away with more than $2.5 million of "jeopardy" money in his pocket but not included the extra $2,000 he made for coming in second in his 75th episode. the music is full. the answer is -- leon: tan jennings. thank you for picking the only one i knew. kimberly: good job! jonathan: two more coming. leon: he lost to watson, too. didn't he? put up against watson the ibm computer? jonathan: yes. kimberly: well done! two men who knows almost as
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doug hill. doug: worry about playing against watson. i'm playing against a groundhog in pennsylvania. he promised it would look like this. i'd take today's weather in a heartbeat over what is coming this way tomorrow. enjoy this, folks. it will change. 53 at the reagan national airport. temperatures below average. the average high is 64 degrees. if you see the numbers in the 40's. low 50's. well below average. that's the beginning of the story because of a cold front headed this way. the first effect felt overnight west and north. actually southwest of metro washington where a freeze warning is in effect from midnight tonight. until 9:00 tomorrow morning. the forecast is pretty straightforward. it will be cold with the increasing cloudiness before sunrise. freeze warning west. 32 to 38 degrees by morning. early in the morning 4:00, 5:00, 5:30. part of the area may see a rain shower or a snowshower.
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go to the source of the cloudiness. in chicago land. upper level storm system pulling in cold air. i check the chicago airports. all of them are reporting rain now. 42 degrees. but shortly snowshowers will mix in and the whole kit and kaboodle is headed to our directions. we have time and showers of snow mixed in. it's not raining all day long. the future cast shows that by 7:30 in the morning, we will have had a band of rain and/or snowshowers moving through. the cold air is mixed in. if you wake up at 8:00 or 9:00 it may not be doing anything. cloudy and chilly. as the cold air is worked in the system, more chances for the rain chances and now isers every now and then through the afternoon. what is consistent is increasing winds and the chilly temperatures holding in the 40's. gusty winds over 30, to 35 miles per hour. wind chills tomorrow afternoon and the everything will be in the
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not a great outdoor weather day. but it will of it out of here late on saturday night through the overnight. we will wake up to sunshine on sunday. we will get clouds coming in. it won't be as chilly getting through sunday afternoon. as far as the individual wake-up temperatures. tomorrow we have a few areas near 40. the locations will be closer to freezing in the valley. we get through the afternoon to see 30's for the highs. 30's to 40's. mid-40's at best around the metro area tomorrow. by the time we look south, not much different. everyone in 40's. we are locked in the cold flow of winds anywhere we look. anything to that, if you are headed to the nationals, tomorrow at 4 zerd, be breezy, cold, rain or snowshowers possible. only in the 40's. if you go to the united game the same story for tomorrow afternoon. by the way, watch it here on abc7. looking through the next seven days you will see the warmup finally. one day in the 60's. rain monday and tuesday turning cooler and not colder thereafter. kimberly: if this is a bad
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florida for a few days? sorry. leon: good friends don't rub things like that in. thank you, kimberly. kimberly: you're welcome. leon: thanks, doug. a new poll showing how much animosity is brewing in the presidential race. kimberly: we are going to have that plus good news before you mail your next letter. that is still to come. leon: a look at what is coming up tonight on abc7 -- yvette: i was running for my life. he was flicking matches on me... my ex-husband's intentions were to murder me. glenn: i made sure yvette's abuser went away for good, and put in place tougher sentences, because domestic violence can never be tolerated. yvette: mr. ivey showed compassion. i felt like i could trust him. narrator: glenn ivey. as state's attorney, a proven leader. in congress, he'll combat domestic violence, and protect president obama's legacy. glenn: i'm glenn ivey and i approve this message, because i'm on your side.
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leon: back now with news on the war on terror. authorities in brussels made another round of arrests today. all in connection with last month's attack in belgium. the names of the suspect picked up this time around have not been released but as dianne gallagher reports a name that officials are monitoring is that of mohamed abrini who is also linked to november's paris attacks. reporter: a breakthrough in belgium. several terror-related arrests including the prosecutor's office, mohamed abrini. a known suspect from the paris terror attack that killed 130 people in november. these are pictures from a gas station surveillance video of abrini taking two days before the attacks. police say that he drove there with salah abdeslam. the other paris attack suspect who was arrested this belgium last month. just days before the brussels attacks. the timing of abdeslam's arrest and the bombings just one reason security experts say police there should be on high alert. >> every one of their intelligence,
5:27 pm
human intelligence agencies should not be sleeping at night. that's the way they will find more attack. >> they are releasing this sur sur surveillance footage of man in the white coat. the public broadcaster is reporting that abrini is more than likely that man in the white coat. another man was arrest friday and he is believed to have connections to the brussels bombing. preventing future attacks stopping isis was the subject of u.s. secretary of state john kerry's surprise trip to iraq on friday. >> the united states is determined that together with the friends and allies in iraq and the coalition, we will succeed. reporter: isis claimed responsibility for the brussel and the paris attacks. in washington, dianne gallagher, abc7 news. leon: coming up on "abc7 news at 5:00" -- weighed more than 56 pounds w
5:28 pm
that is way under where she should have been. we will tell you what is best for violet the mastiff on the road to recovery. kimberly: she looks so much better than that. days before the key primary, the invitation a candidate may not be able to refuse. >> pope francis delivers his message on family values and how all people should be treated. i'm cheryl conner. coming up, we will take you inside a mass and tell you how local parishioners are receiving his word.
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kimberly: less judgment and more acceptance was the message from pope francis today in a 256-page document called "the story of love." in it he urges catholics to be more accepting of gay men and lesbians and divorced parents and what the church calls "irregular situations." locally many catholics tell us the words written by pope francis are what the church needs. cheryl conner picks up the story from the cathedral of st. matthew in northwest. >> the lord be with you. cheryl: in afternoon mass, father sean michaelson at the cathedral of sat matthew in northwest referred to a new paper by pope francis. >> pope francis this morning reminds us a special way about the thatly, the importance of family.
5:32 pm
elaborate on the calling to be more tolerant of gays and lesbians, divorced catholics and what the church consider irregular situations. >> the pope is allowing people to be who they are. >> the pope is not changing official doctrine but urges more common sense thinking. >> they believe pope francis will need to continue to state his family values for the churches to make a change. >> the church want to be right. >> anders helps the priest celebrate mass with communion. he gives to all people. in the paper the pope says priests should use the own discretion whether the divorced catholics should take communion. >> it will take a long time to change. it has to change. the world is changing so fast. >> andrews says st. matthews who are not catholic and who take communion to learn more about the church.
5:33 pm
cheryl conner, abc7 news. kimberly: let us know what you think of the plea on the wjla facebook page. leon: we turn to the race for the white house. and a trip to the vatican for bernie sanders set for next week. it is sparking controversy. he will speak on conference of environmental issues. however it's reported now that the sanders campaign lobbied for the invitation to come. organizers say they are upset that the event will be seen as political. meantime, a new poll finds that sanders' opponent has a big hill to climb. 55% of americans have unfavorable impression of secretary hillary clinton. pollsters say the findings show that the election is less about who the voters support and more who they dislike the least. that same poll puts donald trump's unfavorably at nearly 70%. another day off them cap pain trail for trump. the republican front
5:34 pm
amid report of a shakeup inside the campaign. trump is expected to be campaigning in the home state of new york over the weekend. senator ted cruz and john kasich plan to do the same. kimberly: "7 on your side" with a consumer alert right now that will keep more money in your pocket. the u.s. postal service is dropping the cost of stamps. how often do you hear that? forever stamps will go down from 49 to 47 cents. each this sunday. this is third time the postal service lowered the price since the civil war. the last time was in 1919. the postal service ez it will cost the agency $2 billion. it's looking to change the rate setting process in the future. so take a look at one of the newest stamp joining the arsenal. it features carlsbad caverns in virginia. this is the fifth of 16 stamps being issued to commemorate the national parks services centennial. it will
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june 2. you have to buy them up. leon: while you can. jonathan: we're back with another "jeopardy" answer on friday as we get ready for taping that are taking place in d.a.r. constitution hall in next week. we are excited. for the daily double, here we go. this gonzaga basketball star is being honored with a banner outside of his alma mater after nailing the game-winning three-pointer in monday night's ncaa championship. the answer is -- kimberly: go ahead, leon. leon: you know i know this. kimberly: i know you know this one. you are crushing me. leon: who is kris jenkins? jonathan: you are right. nickname. kimberly: c.j. jonathan: "the big smooth." leon: that is what he was. thanks. kimberly: coming up at "abc7 news at 5:00" -- the local clinic reaching out to those in need whether they have insurance to pay for it or not.
5:36 pm
coming up, how you can help curators learn what americans knew about the nazi persecution before and during the holocaust. leon: then coming up new at 6:00, a frightening close encounter with a shark. surfers say it's not the first time it has happened either. information to keep in mind if you are planning a beach vacation coming up ahead at 6:00 tonight.
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steve: i'm steve rudin. the weekend is here. let me tell you, it will feel more than winter rather than april. looking at the temperatures tomorrow for the nationals baseball game. only in the 40's. windy with scattered rain and snowshowers. stepping out, show you the d.c. united game on abc7. temperatures fall through the lower 40's. stay with us. you're watching "abc7 news at 5:00
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narrator: all that political mail mlet's simplify.lming. only one candidate has been endorsed by the washington post: kathleen matthews. as a journalist and progressive leader at marriott, she has a broad and deep facility with policy. emily's list praises matthews as pro-choice and the post says on gun control, clean energy,
5:39 pm
health research kathleen matthews "has greater potential, following the van hollen model, to move the ball forward." kathleen: i'm kathleen matthews and i approve this message. kimberly: as the topic of health continues to be controversy initial the election season there is a local clinic set up to help people in the community who do not have health insurance. the number of people it helps is growing every day. founder of the clinic terry alreadyavoy is tonight's working wom
5:40 pm
>> thank you for coming. alison: today the columbia baptist church in arlington is being transformed by an army of volunteers. they come from goodwin house retirement community along with doctors, nurses and more. the church is once a week a health clinic. >> it needed to be done. i mean, healthcare is so important. if you are not healthy, you can't go to work. if you're not healthy, you can't concentrate. alison: terry lavoy is the director of the clinic named for arlington neighborhood it served. she realized a large percentage of adults in the community did not have healthcare. and she started this free clinic. >> basic conditions like diabetes or hypertension start to get out of control. so people arrive at the clinic with two, three, four serious conditions that specialty care is needed. alison: now the clinic and the volunteer staff serve 325 uninsured patients at a time. some 1,400 patient visits a year. they come from
5:41 pm
mosques and synagogues. >> there is so much goodness out there. people really do want to say yes when they have been asked. so when i can make it happen or clinic can make it happen, it's overwhelming how beautiful it is. alison: she had history of helping other as the director of the the survivors fund for availabilities of 9 -- for survivors of 9/11. now the clinic is thriving. doubling enrollment in the last year and increasing volunteer doctors, nurses and counselors. >> we have a need, can you help us in the answer has been yes. it is overwhelming. i get emotional. it's overwhelming. when you see the goodness. sorry. it's absolutely overwhelming. alison: it's open one day a week but lavoy says the goal is to be open twice a week by 2017. alison starling, abc7 news. leon: coming
5:42 pm
at 5:00" -- watching the weather. we have a lot to keep an eye out for. we will check in with the chief meteorologist doug hill about a chance for snow tomorrow. >> coming up next at "abc7 news at 5:00" -- a dog once on death's doorstep. makes a remarkable recovery. the story c
5:43 pm
5:44 pm
5:45 pm
leon: new developments tonight for violet the mastiff. we have been chronicling the saga of the abandoned dog since she was found in february. as jay korff reports now, today she found a new home. jay: shelly castle is a professional pet photographer who has seen a lot of animals in crisis. >> i think this is the worst case i have ever seen. i really just questioned whether she would make it or not. jay: she started violet violet's plight two months ago from the organization that saved violet and placed her with debbie of hay market, virginia. normally muscular mastiff found on a roadside in maryland, abused, abandon and near death and weighed only 56 of pounds. violet's recovery expected to take several months only took several weeks. they bonded quickly. giving the
5:46 pm
she needed to fight for a second chance. she gained enough strength to go upstairs, to go outside, an eventually to frolic with housemates who were always curious and concerned. letters of support came in to allow her to get the help she need to heal her wounds. violet likes people, especially the woman who nursedded her back to life. >> she is one of the worst cases i have seen. it is incebled rewarding to see them recover from that and know you were a part of that. jay: this is a bitter-sweet day for debbie. she handing violet over to a new permanent owner. the family has their own story of heartache. their beloved mastift succumb to a sudden illness in january. >> destated when we lost her -- devastated when we lost her unexpectedly. i
5:47 pm
us. i believe she had a hand in it. jay: reminding us all that kindness and compassion are powerful friends indeed. jay korff, abc7 news. leon: how about that? how about that? kimberly: i am so glad to see that result. leon: yeah. story of healing all the way around, too. the family getting her is also getting healed. lesson for us as well. that dog learned how to trust again. kimberly: true. leon: special one deep down inside there. kimberly: that is deep, leon. leon: way to go violet. dog stories another one here. the hunt is on for a black and white pooch named sam. a stuffed animal launched to the hedge of space on a helium balloon as a school science experiment. after reaching a height of 15 miles the balloon popped fell back to earth. at some point sam broke free. >> we were
5:48 pm
yesterday when i brought the news in the assembly that sam was missing and the children came up with many ideas. one of which is to make moistures. you got a poster there, haven't you? showing sam missing. leon: now they have volunteers searching a 50-square mile area north of manchester, england. they are offering a reward for anyone probrings sam home -- who brings sam home. kimberly: the boy said, "why don't we all look on the roof?" precious. leon: all right. good luck with that. jonathan: this is "jeopardy." i don't know how i follow the dog stories but another question for you. we are doing this all afternoon and playing "jeopardy" because we're excited. this time is a video daily double. watch. here is the answer.
5:49 pm
the blood flowing before you head out the door each morning. guesses? kimberly: what is dancing? jonathan: did you notice who the dancer was? leon: no, i did not. replay. kimberly: watching "good morning washington." jonathan: kimberly comes away from one! i'm promoting the good morning show as well. look at her go. kimberly: thank you, doug hill. doug is like, "that's eileen! "good morning washington"! jonathan: you're officially ready for "jeopardy" [boot-scooting. i didn't know she had it in her. time for a check of the roads. jamie sullivan on the traffic watch. are you dancing? jamie: no. i cannot compare to the line dancing. i'm in my dress. so we'll save it for the weekend. if you have plans tonight heading out the slowing we are seeing along the capital beltway along the inner loop. you will see it through bethesda to
5:50 pm
look at the mapping system to show a delay there. 14 miles per hour. if you are in the d.c. area slowing as well. on the freeway, heavy heading south and the filming of "jeopardy" of course. closures in place at d.a.r. constitution hall. on d and c street. with the closures it will be in place e street will be the best alternate for you. doug, are you shaking any, moving at all? no, no? i didn't think so. doug: may shaking days are way in the past. here is what we have. shaking for the winds and the cold tomorrow. look at the numbers. 40's and the low 50's many area now. we will see the numbers drop through the evening. chilly enough to prop the, iuance of a freeze warn -- issuance of a freeze warning. the county in purple overnight. temperatures are approaching the freezing mark or slightly below. specifically for the metro area and the generalized area, 32 to 38. the range of temperatures jeff night. winds are up to 10 to 12 miles per hour. all the weekend weather is
5:51 pm
northwest. low pressure area and the cold front over chicago land. headed here. rain ahead of it. colder air overhead. it's not going to rain or snowshower all day. periods in the morning. then a break. mid-to-late afternoon. more, you see in the future cast. 7:00, we already had a band of rain and snowshowers move through. quiet down for a while. breezy and cold and cloudy. more rain and snowshowers in the evening. it will clear out late tomorrow night. winds will diminish a tiny bit. through sunday, sunshine early afternoon clouds. one of the things we will watch looking ahead to tomorrow an is the nationals game. it could be rain or snowshowers. gusty winds and 46. then on sunday, 52 degrees. you will see the note at the bottom that shows record cold possible. record low in washington is 29 degrees. we could get very close to that record. april 9 and 10. not december 9 and 10. we will get through it. warmer days ahead. robert burton, what are you up to tonight?
5:52 pm
robert: talking soccer. we found out that kimberly suiters is anchoring today. d.c. united still winless on the season. they have a chance for a win on saturday. but for a goalkeeper there is a victory. a personal victory. tally hall was ready at a moment's notice. >> there is an opportunity. robert: whatever it took for the goalkeeper to save his career. >> if you look over my career, i have done well. robert: a seven-year mls veteran who was out of the league when the season began. >> you have to weather the storm. living on my parents for a while. robert: hall was home in washington state when he got the news. a try-out with united. which needed goalkeeping depth due to injury. so the father of three came to d.c. his wife and kids staying home so as not to disrupt school. >> go home and getting tackledded and that makes life better. that is a sacrifice my family and i are willing to take to get me, get me back on the
5:53 pm
week. >> hi role is to help team win however i can. playing, then it's playing. if it's not, it's not. robert: back in league he loves hoping to help d.c. united get back on top. >> it's what you play for. i makes the craziness worthwhile. that is why we are on the field. we want to win championships. robert: we hope so. d.c.-unit still trying to get a first win of the season. matched with the vancouver whitecaps whitecaps that is right here on abc7. coverage at 5:00 on saturday. college hoops villanova at the victory parade today. more than 75% fons cheered on the wildcats. jay wright said he has no intentions of leaving villanova. why would he. he said never say never. the d.m.v. own kris jenkins hit the game-winning three to beat north carolina 77-74. this will be a game they will be talking about for years to come. leon: forever. forever. robert: years to come. nuts. kimberly: awesome. leon: all right. call this one crowd sourcing history. kimberly:
5:54 pm
how you can help a local museum put all the pieces yvette: i was running for my life. he was flicking matches on me... my ex-husband's intentions were to murder me. glenn: i made sure yvette's abuser went away for good, and put in place tougher sentences, because domestic violence can never be tolerated. yvette: mr. ivey showed compassion. i felt like i could trust him. narrator: glenn ivey. as state's attorney, a proven leader. in congress, he'll combat domestic violence, and protect president obama's legacy. glenn: i'm glenn ivey and i approve this message, because i'm on your side.
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
kimberly: only on 7 tonight, think of it as a nationwide history project. the u.s. holocaust memorial museum is asking for help. as it tries to figure out exactly what american newspapers were reporting as history unfolded in europe. tonight, mike carter-conneen takes us inside the crowd sourcing effort. mike: so far, 600 contributors across the country helped the u.s. holocaust memorial museum history unfolded project digitize a data base of a thousand american newspaper articles detailing the nazi persecution and killing of jews. >> we can learn more about us as a nation and what we do in the current day. mike: they hope to involve librarians, high school and college students to fill a gap with the holocaust archives containing report from the major publications.
5:58 pm
did a small paper in st. louis have to say. mike: after the training session in d.c., andrea hoffman a retired teacher found a 1938 story in the "fredericksburg freelance star." >> i sat there and i went through articles for hours. >> the more she researches and the more parallel she sees to today's argument about the foreign policy and refugees. >> it's extraordinary to see how as much as things change, in many ways they stay the same. >> at that time, historians explain for many americans the report out of europe were beyond belief. >> it seems like it's too much. >> some was inaccurate like this article mistreatment. >> importantly this was an a.p. wire service article that means it would have appeared in other papers throughout u.s. >> organizers are seeking contributors from across the country for the history unfolded project. in two
5:59 pm
museum will open a special exbition called americans in the holocaust featuring some of the articles. mike carter-conneen, abc7 news. kimberly: interesting. here is what we are following at 6:00 -- a surprise guilty plea in a horrifying crash that spark calls for new laws in maryland. >> a teenager still in the hospital. the family farm doing all they can to fight the weekend cold. how the family is holding on to hope coming up. kimberly: the jumping shark that leads to frightening moment for the surfer and why he took it somewhat in stride. "abc7 news at 6:00" starts now. announcer: now "abc7 news at 6:00". on your side. maureen: first at 6:00, the went isn't done with us yet. we are bracing for a raw winter-like weekend that could include snow. that is far from what we normally see
6:00 pm
this is what it looked like on april 9 last year as the cherry blossoms were about to peak. i think they are gone by now. let's check with chief meteorologist doug hill. first an early bloom and now a late snow. what's next? doug: it looks like the possibility of the rain showers and the snowshowers at times tomorrow. but before we start the day, many areas west of metro washington shaded in purple are under a freeze warning tonight. they may have a hard freeze in some spots by morning. the forecast will be for the cold weather overnight. 32 to 38 by morning. clouds will be increasing. you could see first batch of mix rain and snowshowers in the morning. the future cast has it moving out at 7:30. then a break for an hour or two. later in the afternoon the gusty winds, temperatures in the 40's. more patches of the rain or snowshowers until 6:00. through tomorrow night, late tomorrow night will clear out. sunday will start with sunshine. clouds increase through the day. the cold


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