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tv   ABC7 News at 630  ABC  April 10, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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>> coming up next at 6:30 -- if our legislators cannot seem to get the job done money -- monday, it seems they have contributed to killing noah. >> one candidate possibly tore out of new york to maryland and virginia. the lesson in learning, as "jeopardy" pays tribute to teachers. abc 7 news starts right now. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] is ticking for lawmakers to pass a law cracking down on drunk drivers. it is named for an officer who died during a traffic stop last december. a last-minute adjustment
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unanimous support in the house, unanimous support in the senate, is now in jeopardy. with little more than 24 hours to go in this general -- general assembly session, the police chief and noah's father demanded the bill made for his son be passed. in officer was killed december by a suspected drunk driver. >> not just for me, but the citizens of maryland have had enough and recognize noah's law is a righteous law and save lives. reporter: the bill was held up because of different versions in the house and senate. the senate bill calls for a dui interlocking device in all cars owned by dui offenders. the house bill is stricter, adding punitive damages and more. these were an 11th hour add-on. the house bill does not have full support and likely won't pass, effectively killing the legislation. >> don't add provisions of were
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pass know was law as the senate passed it originally. family sayriends and that the law would save more lives and could easily pass tomorrow. whohis law is for those don't make the right choices. it is to protect them and everybody else. drunk drivers don't discriminate. reporter: the general assembly will meet tomorrow in annapolis for the last time of this session. they have until midnight to get this bill passed and to the governor's desk. if it does pass, the family says this law will be one of the most effective dui laws in the country. i'm sam sweeney, abc 7 news. anchor: maryland lawmakers still have bills on the table to reform the state correctional system and reform police departments across the state. there is also a tax plan under consideration. brad bell will be in annapolis tomorrow for the last day of the legislative session. look for live reports on abc 7 news
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hillary clinton is in virginia right now. the former secretary of state is at an event with terry mcauliffe. earlier in the day clinton appeared at a rally in baltimore . clinton's appearances came after a morning in new york, the most recent poll by fox news gives clinton a double-digit lead over vermont senator bernie sanders in the state. inders' streak continued wyoming yesterday, winning his eighth contest in a row. about thegood upcoming contest and i expect to be the nominee. >> i have my doubts about what kind of president she would make. anchor: sanders held a rally on the boardwalk in coney island today. he and clinton will have a debate in brooklyn on tuesday. poll showedx news it donald trump with a big lead in new york among the republican candidates. today the republican front runner woke up to this satirical front page of "the boston globe."
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edition with headlines about deportation and work on a wall in mexico's border. >> they made it up. i mean, the whole thing is made up. anchor: the real paper's editorial board calls it an exercise at taking a man at his word. american airlines flight bound for reagan national airport landed safely after hitting a bird during takeoff. flight 4680 had just taken off from key west when the strike occurred. according to the airline, the pilot shut off one of the engines as a precaution and return to the airport. none of the 18 people on board was hurt. u.s.'s ambassador to the was among those at the annual lighting of the japanese stone lantern. the ceremony is an important part of the national cherry ftisom
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the stone lantern symbolizes friendship and peace. a bit of a chilly weekend for april. what will the work week bring? meteorologist devon lucie has the first look at the forecast. looks like we will have that rain can find to at least part of that monday. sunshine making a return of warmer weather. we have a few clouds out there. the warmest it has been all day, after a frigid start, 31 below freezing. it 12. west virginia was the high is 51. right now we are actually above that, we are 52. very close to the 503i was anticipating. turned these winds have to the south about 10 miles per hour. a chilly weather patterns stuck right now, but there is a front west of here. a week system should bring warmer wea
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will beg the warmer air weather coming in. by afternoon we are looking at 66 and some sunshine. the main round of rain, i'll tell you when that arrives on tuesday. our complete forecast in a few minutes. anchor: a chris of town and is in jail tonight, charged with killing his infant daughter. police say that avery poindexter died from head injuries caused by her father, kyle poindexter. new orleans this morning, the loss of one of its favorite sons tonight. , saints defensive, was shot and killed last night. suspectedested the shooter. investigators say he rear-ended smith's car before the shooting.
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and questioned. he was booked with second-degree murder. drafted by thes saints in 2004 and spent nine seasons with the team before he was retired. he was voted into the team's hall of fame. it started around 10:30 on leawood forest drive and the incident ended around 1:00 when police found a man inside a house had apparently shot and killed himself. at 6:30, on abc 7 news a celebration up in smoke. what sparked a deadly fire at this temple.
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but jamie raskin is the only abdemocrat for congress who led the fight for tougher gun laws. only raskin took on the nra to ban military-style assault weapons. raskin: i'm jamie raskin, and i approve this message.
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kellye: more than 100 people are dead, nearly 400 injured after what should have been a celebration in southern india. it was all part of a firework display at a temple capping off a weeklong festival honoring a hindu goddess. set offfrom one display another batch of fireworks and this led to a massive explosion. huge chunks of concrete were sent flying as far as a half-mile away. in time for tax day, internal revenue service employees are expected to report to work on time tomorrow morning . it is the first time the building has opened since the transformer fire in the basement last monday. no one was hurt. you have a few extra days to file your taxes this year. taxes are not due until monday the 18th this year. the launch itself made history, as spacex
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landed a booster rocket on a barge in the atlantic ocean. today more history as the first inflatable room for astronauts arrived at the international space station. the pod, which will be attached to the exterior of the station next weekend, and filled with air in may. the goal is to test the viability of the inflatable modules in space and potentially on mars. at the same time, nasa is scrabbling to save the kepler spacecraft, credited with detecting nearly 500 planets outside our space station. kepler is currently 75 million miles from earth. 6:30 --p at >> the taping for the jeopardy teacher tournament is underway. i will take you behind the scenes.
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he was flicking matches on me... for my life. my ex-husband's intentions were to murder me. glenn: i made sure yvette's abuser went away for good, and put in place tougher sentences, because domestic violence can never be tolerated. yvette: mr. ivey showed compassion.
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narrator: glenn ivey. as state's attorney, a proven leader. in congress, he'll combat domestic violence, and protect president obama's legacy. glenn: i'm glenn ivey and i approve this message, because i'm on your side.
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kellye: after nearly a week of building the stage, "jeopardy" started taping shows in d.c. this weekend. today it was all about the teachers. the tapings started this morning and just inside these doors, this offense episode of the "jeopardy" teachers tournament is underway. teachers now in front of an audience. >> it's thrilling, and it's wonderfully weird. reporter: the thrill of putting their knowledge to the ultimate test. >> this is a dream come true just to be invited to be part of the tournament. when we found out it
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d.c.,ton,, -- washington, that was even better. reporter: giving these educators firsthand experiences to take back to the classroom. >> we got to tour the white house on friday. that was great. reporter: for some teachers, just being here a teaching moment. >> for me to be able to tell them, look, i have auditioned 6, 7 times -- i never gave up on my dream. reporter: for these teachers, one hundred thousand dollars on the line. each contestant gets to head home with a $2500 educational grant. >> we had the desire and motivation to do what we are doing, but we need the resources. reporter: resources earned through knowledge and a good time. >> i really want to have this be a story that my kids can take and use to draw inspiration from if they need it. reporter:
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the jeopardy in d.c. episodes will air from a 9 through the 13th. amy aubert, abc 7 news. week, onoming up this tuesday and wednesday the teams will be competing against one another. lots of excitement in d.c. >> the category is going to be science for 200. the answer is, better stuff coming our way. kellye: what is our weather? devon: south wind, sunshine in the mix. temperatures the highest they have been all day. right now we moved from 52 to 53. some of that sunshine filtering through those clouds there. clearly, you can see those high altitude clouds first coming back, when we got is a warm front first coming our way. it is tied to an area of low pressure. chilly
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temperatures well under the average for that time of the year. let's see what is in store for us monday into tuesday. effectively the next warm front, clouds and rain above it. in next cold front to come will throw us right back down. we have an active first couple of days this week. everything thereafter looks great. getting close to where you are, rain coming in overnight tonight for tomorrow morning. it could affect the morning hour. our best forecast has cloud cover building in an rain as 'in the possible, up to 2 morning hours. for the bus stop forecast, have the rain gear out tomorrow. the hope is that it comes earlier and leaves a little bit of water in place. will be held steady, about 40 degrees tomorrow morning. it looks to be cloud covers and scattered showers, mainly
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mason-dixon line throughout the day. there does to -- there does appear to be more sunshine south. we start of cloudy, cool tomorrow. warmer temperatures by afternoon. there is more sunshine, we could easily go mid-seventies with stronger stuff. here is a look at the main rain event coming in early through the morning hours. tuesday morning right through the rush-hour once again, another wet one making it slower. then comes the colder air. on tuesday, don't really look at these temperatures to be effective. that is a midnight high. temperatures fall by the afternoon to about 50, 2:00 to 3:00 in the afternoon. abc 7 sky cast, morning cloud cover should put some raindrops there. we've got the afternoon sunshine. we get a mild 66. starting off
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there is a midnight high. temperatures go down. morning rain, if early. by afternoon, chile. about 50 byy be at 2:00 or 3:00 in the afternoon. i'll remind you about that. don't let it fool you out there. kind of rocky up and down beginning to this week, monday-tuesday. quiet thereafter. the snow held the nats off yesterday, but not today. >> it could be a good sports weekend if the caps win tonight. narrator: all that political mail might be overwhelming. let's simplify. only one candidate has been endorsed by the washington post: kathleen matthews. as a journalist and progressive leader at marriott, she has a broad and deep facility with policy. emily's list praises matthews as pro-choice
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education and health research kathleen matthews "has greater potential, following the van hollen model, to move the ball forward." kathleen: i'm kathleen matthews and i approve this message. narrator: all that political mail mlet's simplify.lming. only one candidate has been endorsed by the washington post: kathleen matthews. as a journalist and progressive leader at marriott, she has a broad and deep facility with policy. emily's list praises matthews as pro-choice
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education and health research kathleen matthews "has greater potential, following the van hollen model, to move the ball forward." kathleen: i'm kathleen matthews and i approve this message. i think we should've taken a tarzan know where tarzan go! tarzan does not know where tarzan go. hey, excuse me, do you know where the waterfall is? waterfall? no, me tarzan, king of jungle. why don't you want to just ask somebody? if you're a couple, you fight over directions. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. oh ohhhhh it's what you do. ohhhhhh! do you have to do that right in my ear? reporter:
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marlins hitting coach barry bonds, those words concerning the national league m.v.p. bryce harper. here's what bonds had to say. beast, but he doesn't compare to me yet. he has a long way to go to be compared to me. he's not even close to me, but he is one hell of a ballplayer. that often.e ok, bryce. let's see what you've got. nats and marlins, bottom first. barry's watching. that's in the gap. anthony rendon scores. we are tied at 1-1. bottom seventh, still tied at 1-1. harvard drives one into left-center again. rendon held at third. 100 career doubles for harbor. looks good so far, barry. later, bloomberg to write. rendon with four. nats get the win.
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about barry bonds. he is somebody you i delays when you are younger. -- idolize when you are younger. the guy had 2900 and something hits, 500-500 guy. was able tong i watch when i was younger. i try to take things from him, his approach. raise and owes, bottom second. manny machado it's a fly ball to left center. this one is gone. machado's third home run of the season. the final 5-3. in hoops, it's that "p" word. the wizards had the hornets today for some noon action. second quarter, wiz up three.
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lately? foul, wiz ofd the seven at the half. big afternoon for the polish hammer. he was 10 of 11 from the field, led the way with 21 points. this layup gave the wizards a 102-86 lead. they get the win. the caps will play their final regular-season game tonight against anaheim. braden tied marty for the most wins in the regular season. 5-1 win over the blue. braden holtby will not be able to break that record. they will be missing a couple of players. full rest, that's ok because they are going into the playoffs. kellye: thank you very much,
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a slowspring is making return. we are back on tuesday. be prepared for your commute tomorrow, wet roads. shower activity from the early morning hours through about 7:00. starting to wrap up and why down as we get to 8:00, 9:00. tomorrow's high temperature depends on the amount of sunshine we get. we get sunshine out as soon as late morning. go to the 70's tomorrow. wouldn't that feel great? kellye: after snow, 70. thank you so much for joining us.
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