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tv   ABC7 News at Noon  ABC  April 11, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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>> from abc 7 news this is a breaking news alert. >> that breaking news happening right now at the deanwood met low station -- metro station. trains are bypassing the station because of a alleged stabbing. we'll check in at the scene momentarily for an update on this quickly developing story. but in the meantime we're also
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arrest of anne arundel county sheriff ron bailtman. -- ron bateman. he's accused in a domestic assault. we have new information from -- etectives psms detectives. reporter: the press conference wrapping up not too long ago with the chief saying it's unchartered territory. the county sheriff ronald bateman under investigation this afternoon for allegedly beating his wife. the call came in around 7:30 yesterday evening from the couple's pasadena home and arrived to find abrasions and swelling to her face and damage .o a door their children were home at the time and the sheriff arrested without incident. they say it's a difficult case. we're talking about a sheriff 30 plus years serving the community, many times dealing with victims of domestic violence.
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put in the words we're going through. from the moment the first officers got there, we're making sure we're doing the right thing. >> investigators have a lot of home work to do. his wife posted a lengthy statement on her personal facebook account defending bateman saying, quote, ron is a wonderful man and an amazing sheriff. so if you are that perfect, perfect person that never raised your voice or had an argument, then by all means go live your perfect life and stay out of ours. in maryland the victim does not have to press charges, the state did. in other words, this case moves forward whether or not the victim decides they're changing their mind about pressing charges. bateman is free on his own recognizance and is facing a second degree assault charge. the investigation is ongoing. i'm jeanette reyes, back inside to you. jummy:
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statement saying in part because of the unique relationship between the state's attorney's office and the anne arundel county sheriff's office, i've given to to a special prosecutor outside of the county. the maryland state's attorney agreed to serve as special counsel in this case and chosen this route to ensure no one is above the law in my office and to ensure both mr. and mrs. bateman are each treated fairly. we return now to one of our top stories at the deanwood metro station and trains are bypassing the station because of an alleged stabbing. we're on the scene now with what we know right now. brian. reporter: take a look behind me. you see it happening beyond those blue boxes at the deanwood metro station after reports of a stabbing. the victim in all of this, an adult man. at this point no word on what led up to this or
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around the station. police have been focusing just beyond that blue repair box there in the entrance. as you mentioned, trains are bypassing the station. we've seen several trains come through within the last 15 minutes. buses are showing up here at the station to get people around this station to others at the moment. now, just reaching out to metro, transit police and metropolitan police and d.c. police on the scene, they say the victim, an adult man, the metro police now handing this off to d.c. police who will take the lead in this investigation. now, the severity of the injuries to that man is still not known at this point. still a very active situation happening at the deanwood metro station and will continue to follow developments. eporting live, brianne carter. jummy: a suspect in a supermarket burglary shot by a police officer. happening at the international
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market. the police say a 20-year-old suspect and 15-year-old boy were caught in the middle of a burglary. and sam sweeney explains it's
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he'd get the bad guys. >> i asked him a final alarm? and i said why? because i want to catch these bad guys. sam: right now it remains unclear if that 20-year-old suspect was armed but the officer who fired that shot is on administrative leave which is standard operating procedure after an officer fires his or her weapon. this is the first time there's been a police involved shooting here since 2003. reporting in prince george's county, i'm sam sweeney, abc 7 news. jummy: new at noon, police releasing new information on a shooting that sent a 7-year-old girl to the hospital. this happened friday night in the 2900 block of knox place, about two blocks away from garfield elementary school. d.c. police say the little girl is doing better and is stable. right now the focus is keeping the community safe and finding whoever did this. >> we've been in the area knocking on doors and recanvasing for additional in
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visibility in the area and we want to thank the community so far that's come forward with tips and information on this case. jummy: police are asking anyone with information to please give them a call. a reward of up to $10,000 is being offered in this case. maryland lawmakers are meeting today to reconcile two versions of the bill known as noah aps law before the legislative session ends tomorrow and it is because of a man killed. the senate bill is tougher and requires any driver arrested for drunk driving have an enter lock device even before trial. lawmakers are considering amendeding the bill allowing punitive damages in civil lawsuits involving drunk drivers. the i.r.s. headquarters back open today one week after a fire damaged the building. the building that's on constitution avenue was evacuated last monday after a fire started in the basement. the agency was
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its doors last week and employees were told to work from home. again, it did reopen this morning. well, after a chilly weekend it will be a much warmer start to the workweek and we even could see some sun this afternoon. that's exciting. chief meteorologist doug hill is here. doug: we have the showers this morning as we look live across the potomac river across virginia. a break in the overcast. the good news is the breaks in the overcast will continue to expand and become partly sunny. already 59 degrees and gusty southwesterly winds at 21 miles per hour. a warm front has moved through the area and temperatures well in the 60's with a little more sunshine but won't last long because after the warm front comes a cold front and brings us a high likelihood of rain. 64 in fredericksburg and 54 in frederick at the moment. we're watching the wind speeds out of the south and southwest start to accelerate. 25 miles per hour sustained
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that will draw in a little drier air and definitely the warmer temperatures. for the remainder this afternoon, we'll see skies become partly sunny and highs climb to the upper 60's and spots south of washington could hit the 70 degree mark and then the front and rain probabilities tomorrow with the timing of that and throw in a no extra charge today, a seven-day outlook. you can't beat that. we'll be back in a few minutes. jummy: if you drive on georgia heavy near howard university. listen to this story. some new dedicated bus lanes debuted in a four-block stretch of northwest street. the transit lanes run from florida avenue to barry place. while it's only a third of a mile stretch it should speed up routes for 70 and 79. ddot is helping the change boosts ridership as well. let's get a check of the roadways with jamie sullivan who joins us with the traffic watch. jamie: i want to begin with roadwork heading northboun
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395 and unfortunately the shot looks like a watercolor painting. i apologize for that. they do have work they're doing over to the right-hand side. let's look to the map. because of this work they're doing we're seeing a pretty heavy stretch, mainly just from duke getting past seminary road and then you clear out approaching the 14th street bridge but 16 miles per hour now is our average. again, getting closer to the 14th street bridge we have a little bit of volume but that's it once you continue on the freeway. we do have an accident involving a pedestrian, new york avenue, right at 12th street in the district. and then some construction they put in place today and will be scheduled through friday on the arlington memorial bridge. so heading eastbound into the district between the g.w. parkway and independence avenue, throughout the midday, two lanes will be blocked. if it's not throughout the midday, they'll always have one right lane blocked and maybe a few extra minutes will be on your side. that's a look at traffic. now back to you. jummy: coming up at 7 news at
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and killed. what police say may have prompted it and the latest today on the suspect charged in his death. plus, complaints on the campaign trail and why some candidates are calling the process unfair. and three sailors stranded on a deserted island. their amazing rescue is still ahead. plus, you might want to keep that umbrella handy the first part of the week. doug is back with when we'll see those sunny skies again. that's next on abc
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but sierra club chooses jamie raskin for congress they all talk about climate change. because only raskin wrote laws to reduce our carbon footprint and is leading the fight against fracking in maryland. raskin: i'm jamie raskin, and i approve this message. jummy: right now a rally against sexual assault is underway on the main campus of howard university at the flagpole in fact. april is sexual assault awareness month and the stop sexual violence rally
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allegations the university shows lack of concern when handling alleged rapes. howard university denies that claim. in the meantime, the man accused of fatally shooting a former new orleans saints player will smith is being held on $1 million bond. police say the incident began after cardell hayes rear-ended smith's car. investigators say the two exchanged words before hayes shot smith multiple times, killing him. smith's wife was also shot in the leg but is expected to recover. right now police are trying to determine if a motive other than road rage is to blame. >> i heard pop, pop, pop. >> we come not have any information to suggest they knew one another. jummy: smith and hayes appear to share an odd connection. hayes recently settled a wrongful death lawsuit against the city over the 2005 police shooting death of his father. one of the officers named in the suit had dinner with smith the night of that shooting. now to the presidential race and the candidates are
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down to crucial primaries in new york and also counting delegates. republican donald trump calling the system unfair, while trump has won more states than his rivals he may not have enough delegates to secure the nomination. reporter: donald trump is back on the campaign trail after taking a few days off. while he was gone, ted cruz scooped up all the delegates in the state of colorado which holds a local convention instead of a primary. ted cruz believing he ultimately can beat trump to the g.o.p. nomination. ted: i believe the first ballot will be the highest vote total donald trump receives and on a subsequent ballot we'll win the nomination. reporter: trump accusing the cruz campaign of crooked shenanigans in the fight for convention delegates. this morning on fox news, trump, sounding like he was comparing bernie sanders' fight to his own. donald: every time i turn on the show, bernie wins, bernie wins and yet bernie is
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reporter: trump taking on another rival, the media, going after the "boston globe" after the paper published this is a tier cal front page. . satirical front page. donald: it's really no different from the whole paper. reporter: hillary clinton has trump starring in her latest ad airing this week. >> she's the one tough enough to stop trump. reporter: bernie sanders hoping his string of victories will help win new york and the nomination. bernie: we've won 8-9 caucuses. reporter: hillary clinton may have an edge over donald trump. a new a.p. poll shows the americans trust clinton more than trump on a wide range of issues, even when asked which of the two candidates would be best to make america great, trump's campaign slogan from the start, americans are slightly more likely to side with clinton. in northwest, stephanie ramos, abc 7 news. jummy: now to
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your forecast, of course, it was a cold weekend but things should warm up a little bit. doug: much warmer already and will be cooler tomorrow with rain but in the 60's and the rest of the week the sun comes back. it's a simple pattern for a change. we've had some really complicated weather patterns the past few weeks but this one is a little more predictable. hope it's not famous last words. a time lapse from virginia, cardinal ridge elementary school. a lot of clouds this morning but through mid morning look on the horizon what develops, blue skies. and 60 degrees in centreville and definitely warmer than saturday or sunday. 58 now in the city and 59 in chevy chase and aspen hill at 75 and 61 in ashburn and 66 in dale city and 59 degrees now in waldorf. temperatures farther southwest and fairly mild and will be the general airflow the next couple days until the cold front comes through and it's 57 in columbus and 46 in chicago.
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behind the front but the pattern is really good. essentially what we have happening in the atmosphere is a warm front moving through already and then a cold front tomorrow and high pressure builds in and all looks good. the nats tonight, first pitch at 7:05 at the park. skies will be sunny and in the mid 60's and slowly drop to the lower 60's. that's better baseball weather for sure as the a's come to town. here's the deal. the warm front just now to the northeast. we saw the showers developing ahead of the front. they're continuing to move out and clearing skies on the radar looks good with southerly winds. the next airmaker is winds with a cold front. don't think we'll see thunder but there's a high likelihood, not a certainty, but close to it, we'll have showers all day tomorrow starting in the morning in advance of the front. the good news behind the cold front, once we get through the area, look at the timing, showers 4:00 in the morning and we get lieu the day towards midday and we start to move out and skies clear late in
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afternoon and we're good to go after that with lots of sunshine. the next few days shape up like this, becoming partly sunny and 60's today. for tomorrow, rather, and that's after the showers move out in the morning. then for the day on wednesday, plenty of sunshine and 59 and then 61 degrees on thursday as we get toward the end of the week and the weekend, take a look at this. when is the last time we saw this. five days in a row of sunshine with a warming trend. i will tell you there's one caveat and that is some computer models showing a storm developing on the east coast in the saturday-sunday time frame. as long as it stays out to sea we'll be sunny and warm but for some reason it gets close, that could change everything. rain cooler but we'll stay on the optimistic side of things for the moment. jummy: we'll try to. we want to get to breaking news this noon. a serious crash has closed both directions of route 50. take a look at this live picture here. the crash is in the westbound
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davisonville and no word on injuries but stay with abc 7 news on air and for updates on this breaking story. coming up here on abc 7 news at noon, the hunt is on to rock the red. >> before thursday's playoff game, the capitals and flyers, the team is having fun with fans. a scavenger hunt, giving away tickets. this one goes out to all the allergy muddlers. you know who you are. you've lost your game. literally. your family outing is magical for all the wrong reasons. and your sneezes are a force to be reckoned with. well, allergy muddlers, muddle no more®. try zyrtec® for powerful allergy relief. and zyrtec® is different than claritin®, because it starts working faster on the first day you take it. try zyrtec®. muddle no more. and children's zyrtec® takes care of your child's allergies with just one dose, all day and all night.
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jummy: the hunt is on for capitals fans. the team giving away a pair of tickets to see the home team take on the philadelphia flyers. as john gonzalez explains, you have to find those tickets first. john: if you haven't been paying attention and you're a
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a major scavenger hunt that's been going on today. the team has been dropping off letters at different locations throughout the whole entire d.c. area, maryland, virginia included. here we are at the wilson building city hall and while this is happening as we speak to you, this gentleman has just ran up the steps like rocky balboa and now has collected two tickets to thursday's big, huge playoff game against the fliers. let me talk to you real quick, my friend. what's your name? dave: dave christian. john: how did you know, you ran up the steps here? dave: a lot of luck. we tried to go to the first two. we live here on capitol hill. we drove out to ketler because we knew it was the first one and we went over to the verizon center. john: you're winded. a true scavenger hunt. this will be your first caps game? dave:
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john: how exciting is this? dave: cool. it's playoff hockey. i've been waiting for the playoffs to start since mid november. dave: now a snapshot literally hands you the tickets. your prediction not only thursday but the entire caps playoff season. dave: we win the cup. john: there are the tickets. take a look. he's getting the tickets right there. one happy caps fan as we get ready for capitals-fliers this thursday. it's playoff hockey here in the nation's capital.
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jummy: straight from the movies, three sailors shipwrecked and marooned on a deserted island have been rescued after making a gigantic help sign. they used palm frawns to spell out "help" in the sand and wave their bright orange jackets. a u.s. navy plane spotted the message in the sand and they were rescued. wow, like a movie. doug: that's amazing. good for them. they were thinking. here's our weather story moving forward. today, sunshine,000 the afternoon, increasing, will be in the 60's, tomorrow, showers in the morning and clearing in the afternoon. sunshine wednesday and sunshine thursday and through the weekend. we'll foamous our seven day tomorrow. jummy: thanks for joining us. have a great day.
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